Decorating Ideas, Games & Party Favors for a Festive Bee-Themed Party

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Each year Debbie, a BNOTP reader, hosts a “My Favorite Things” Party. In case you missed it I shared her 2017 party in this post: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Party Event.

Debbie decided to make her first Favorite Things party a “bee” themed party. A few days ago I shared the wreaths she created for her party in this post: You’re Invited To a French “Queen Bee” Themed Party.

Spring Wreath with Bee Theme


See the beautiful bee plates. and the food Debbie served for the party in this previous post: You’re Invited to a French “Queen Bee” Party!

French Bee Plates from Anthropologie


For this week’s Met Monday, I’m sharing some of the decorations and party favors Debbie created for her Bee-themed party, as well as some of the fun games enjoyed by her guests. You’ll also get a look at the beautiful porch Debbie added to her home, replacing a deck that was in rough shape.

Debbie decorated her home for her party with her “bee” theme in mind. She said, “In addition to the wreaths, I decorated my kitchen chandelier that’s set over the dessert table. I used the same fabulous butterfly and bee ribbon found at Hobby Lobby.”

Chandelier Decorated for Spring Party


“The bees are actually pot hangers I found at Michael’s along with two dogwood garlands.”

Chandelier Decorated with Flowers and Bees


Debbie found the perfect pants to wear to her party. Debbie said, “I also dressed as The Queen Deb-Bee. I don’t have a pix of me during the event, but a friend took this closeup of my bee pants. They, along with bee earrings and bracelet came from Talbots the year before. I pulled my hair back and put chenille bees in my hair too.”

Yellow Pants with Embroidered Bees


“And, what’s a Queen Bee without a drone or worker bee. That’s my Scottie boy, Fibber Magee, in that bee Halloween costume looking none too happy, like he could just sting me for the indignity of it all. I only left him in that getup for a few minutes at the end to buzz around the girls before they left.”

Cute Bee Costume for Dog


Debbie’s guests really enjoyed her beautiful, new porch for the party. Debbie said, “My party was the porch’s official debut since it wasn’t finished until the previous November, replacing a pitiful eyesore original to the house. That deck was badly weathered with no steps, roof and half the size.
The new porch has composite materials and construction, except for a wonderful washed grey headboard ceiling. It also has a paddle fan and lights on dimmers, which I love. The flooring is grey too. We had the three main posts enclosed in brick to match the house, making it look more like an addition. Landscaping really helped too.
You’ll see I outfitted it in black and white. I bought the wicker on Craig’s list and spray painted it black. And those Sunbrella stripped drapes came from Ballard’s, down your way.”

Porch with Black Wicker and Black Wrought Iron Chairs


Debbie said, “Although we started out on the porch, it was a pretty warm day, so I set up the gift exchange in the family room. The chevron bags were from Michael’s and began my tradition of giving each guest a large bag to take home their gifts, favors and prizes.

I had three games, mixers for the party. These took place after our initial beverages and food on the porch. The ladies came inside, got dessert, refreshed their drinks and some grabbed a coffee. I asked them to sit next to someone they didn’t know. We had already done a round of introductions on the porch: name, where they lived and how they knew me.”

Debbie said, “The first game is pretty standard at my parties, you answer your favorite to a list of say favorite movie, ice cream flavor, song, etc. I made a sheet for each to fill out. I also gave them each a silly little black pen (8 or 10 for $1) that I created a bee out of black and yellow chenille with google little eyes glued on (that was the hard part!). These supplies are always at Michael’s.”
Bee-themed Party Games
“People had a few minutes to fill out the sheets. I didn’t explain the scoring until afterwards. If they matched one other person they got a point. If it matched more than two, no points. If it was the same as me, the Queen Bee, they got 2 points. Winner had the most points. I asked each person, going around the room to start off each category and name their favorite. Then others would speak up.

Remember those little Tiffany Blue purse ‘boxes’ that held the three color-coded gift draw numbers? For the first “My Favorite Things Party,” I used adorable bee boxes from Party City.”

(See the Tiffany Blue Purse Boxes Debbie mention in this previous post: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Brunch.)

Bee Boxes


Debbie said, “That first year I decided to add a little ‘drama’ to the gift exchange by creating what I called Wild Honey Cards. I made these using the RSVP cards and envelope from a wedding invitation kit. I printed the envelopes using another image from Vintage Fairy. The three different cards were made using ink stamps. Queen Wanna Bee card meant u could steal another gift. Honey Pot cards could claim a gift from the pike. Beekeeper card meant you could block a steal.”

Party Games for Bee Themed Party


“The cards were strung on the fireplace screen by this neat wire covered in yellow yarn. I also took the clothespins and turned them into bee clips that guests took as another small favor when they chose their card. The ones I still have are used now as large paper clips.”


Debbie displayed the games, favors and wrapped prices on her dining room table. She said, “Another fairly standard shower game is, “What’s in Your Purse.” Here the women worked in pairs, scoring each other. Again, I made up a card with a list for each. Some items were worth 5 points, others 3, and most common things only 1. It’s easy to find ideas for the Favorite Things or Purse games on Pinterest. I got ideas and then made up my own too.”

“People were asked to vote for their favorite gift, package and fashion (what someone was wearing). The votes were held in little white bird plates I acquired 8 of (two of each) from stalking Home Goods.

You might notice black lattice or black/white frames that I used for signage for the Tiffany party. I reuse them every year. The lattice ones are from Michael’s, the others from Home Goods.

The last game really broke the ice, generated a lot of laughter and teasing. I sorta made it up myself, calling it, “What’s the Buzz?” It was a little like truth or dare, but only the truth!  I took a jar I had and filled it with lemon drops from Party City. The skep on top is a duplicate of the one in the wreath. The decorated jar did double duty as a decor.”


“So, I made a list of questions. If you were “guilty” or answered yes, you passed a piece of candy to the person on the left. Say, “have you ever double dipped your chip?” I was very careful not to have anything embarrassing, just funny. Other times,questions were more of “I exercise regularly” and if the answer was “no” you passed the candy. If you ran out of candy you still played along, waiting to get candy passed to you.

Everyone received three pieces of candy to start, and an adorable mini yellow basket decorated with bees to hold them. They were $1 each at Pat Catans and the clerks there went to great lengths to locate me enough for the party.”

Bee Baskets for a Bee Themed Party


“Prizes including honeycomb shaped soaps, lavender honey soap in a hive shaped dispenser, a bee pot hugger, gourmet honey, and a set of paper plates and napkins with sunflowers and bees of course. These came from TJ’s, Marshall’s, Tuesday Morning and Home Goods.”

Bee Gift Bags


At the end of the party, Debbie had cute honey dippers for every one to take home.

Honey Dippers for Party Favors for Guests


Debbie said, “For the final thank you, everyone got a honey dipper.”

Honey Dippers for Party Favors


Thanks so much to Debbie for sharing all the wonderful details of her first ever “My Favorite Things” party. Debbie shared so many amazing ideas and inspiration, ideas that I know we could all use in a future party in our own homes.

Such a wonderful party, I know Debbie’s friends and family are so glad that she’s turned it into an annual event!

Update: Debbie has started her own blog! You’ll find her blogging here: Debbee’s Buzz.

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  1. I love this party. So creative.

  2. Charlotte says

    Now, I want to throw a Favorite Things Party! Such great game ideas, so creative! I am sure this is a party everyone looks forward to each year. Also a perfect way to get people that don’t know each other very well to really have a fun time together. Thank you for sharing your party ideas!

    • Debbie M says

      I hope u do. It doesn’t have to have a theme either. The nature of the party makes it an event in itself.

  3. Debbie does themed parties to the max. Makes me want to give a themed party. She is one talented lady. Thanks Susan, for show casing her on Met Monday. Vikki in VA

    • Debbie M says

      Thank u for the lovely compliments. Go for the theme party – life is too short! U don’t have to go over the top like I tend to do (just can’t bee stopped!). I suggest an invite (it can be an eVite), food, table decor, and maybe a nice favor to go home with – are enough to carry off a theme. And, maybe other than the food, you don’t have to make them, just shop! Doesn’t have to b costly either, a lot of my favors and supplies came from dollar, discount and craft stores w/coupons.

  4. Another awesome party… clever and what fun!!!

  5. Goodness, how fun!! Thanks for hosting too Susan!

  6. Laura Tieri says

    Looks like another fun party! I just love parties with a theme! I also love doing themed gift baskets as gifts.

    • Debbie M says

      Oh me too! And I LOVE to wrap packages. Recently I had a blast doing up three different baby shower theme ‘baskets’ – one whale/nautical, the other two elephant. I have this habit of going overboard…..

  7. Debbie knows how to throw a party! Each new item was so creative; I kept thinking “how does she think of that!” But I had also hoped to see what everyone brought for the exchange–what was their favorite to share.

    • Debbie M says

      I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Usually, I start boards to collect various ideas for different party themes. The party was three years ago and I can’t remember all the gifts. I also didn’t take pix of them. I do remember there was a favorite tea, gourmet honey and cilantro plant w/recipe (it won favorite gift), various soaps and candles, a bee balm plant plant in a cute pot, a pretty journal, a bracelet, etc.

  8. What wonderful ideas Debbie has. Looks like so much fun. I wish I was on her invitation list!

  9. What a wonderful party idea and so creatively designed! I got a kick out of Debbie’s dog’s name…does anyone remember the phrase “Fibber Mcgee’s closet”? I use that term all the time for one of my pantry closets so I looked it up on the internet. The phrase comes from an old radio show called “Fibber McGee and Molly”. It referred to one of Fibber’s closets that was completely overflowing and disorganized. I think my grandmother passed that one on to me 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Debbie M says

      That’s exactly where his name came from. It’s also where to tell a “fib” came from. When my sons were young and would tell an unlikely explanation for some small mischief, my father in law would call them a Fibber Magee. So, when I got my Scottish Highland Terrier, it just sort of fit. He’s a compact package with an outsized personality and sense of importance. Elderly folks in particular love his name and then call me Molly.

  10. Thanks so much for the party each week!

  11. Cynthia Raines says

    Debbie did a GREAT job – lots of work, but lots of fun and fellowship. Thanks for sharing Debbie and Susan. GREAT NEWS SUSAN – I’m back in on the subscription list! Actually in today’s mail I received it 2x, but that’s o.k. with me. lol I’d rather get your post 2x than not at all. So I don’t know if you did something or your company that sends out the blog, but I’m just glad I’m back in the subscription list. 🙂 Hugs!

    • Really? That’s great to hear! I’ll go in remove one of those so you aren’t getting it twice each time. I didn’t change anything on my end. Maybe you adding the email address to your contacts worked, but just took a few days to take effect. Hope it keeps coming okay!

    • Debbie M says

      It’s been my great pleasure sharing with all of u.

  12. Oh, this looks SO amazing ! Can’t wait to do something like this with my life-long girlfriends. But not now….just a few weeks away from moving/downsizing…chaos and excitement reign here. But…at this turning point in my life ( retired, downsizing, moving from home to an apartment) I decided it was time to start a blog! Inspired by YOU! And because I want to share my tablescapes when we get settled. Interesting…we have been looking at places to retire for a few years. Loved this place we are going and the icing on the cake was our apartment has a screened patio almost the same size as the beautiful screen porch we are leaving. A little more modern, but that is my chance to shake up my decorating. Thank you for all the great ideas ! Check out my blog….VERY basic, but it’s a start !

    • Debbie M says

      Good luck with your huge life change. I can’t imagine downsizing my stuff! I think a party after u r all settled in your new home sounds like just the occasion to celebrate with dear friends – and maybe with some new ones?

      • Thank you for the good thoughts! Yes – can’t wait to host my old friends and in touring our new area we have already made a few friends…looking forward to a wonderful adventure.

  13. What a bee-utiful idea of a party! Lots of clever creative ideas! Guess I need to start looking for some bees now. Would love to have been a bee on the wall watching all the buzzing going on. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Debbie is definitely the Queen Bee of party throwing Susan, so many incredibly cute and clever details, thanks so much for sharing Susan and Debbie!

  15. I am overwhelmed and wowed by the amount of detailed beautiful work that went into this party!! This must have taken months and months to put together. Great job!

    • Debbie M says

      Thank you for your kind compliment. Being the Queen of Theme is not for the faint of heart! I spent five months planing and preparing for the bee party. And, I already had my peacock theme chosen and some shopping done by the time the bee party was held. Basically, I know my next theme a year ahead so I can plan, research, shop and make – but I do work, volunteer, workout, read, etc too! It may not surprise you that I am in marketing?

  16. What a great job, Debbie! Susan, thanks for letting Debbie share it with us, and for hosting it all.

  17. Love the bee themed party! Thanks for hosting MM, Susan!


  18. Kim Morris says

    So cute! Where did the beautiful black and gold bee bags come from?

  19. Thanks for so many cute ideas! Just discovered that Nordicware has some adorable beehive pans – big ones and mini – nay have to get them

  20. As my gramma would say, well I’ll be(e)! Awesome party!

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