Deer Head with Rosemary Wreath

Welcome to the 188th Metamorphosis Monday!

Happy Monday to you!   For this Metamorphosis Monday I’m sharing a couple of fun updates here in the office.  Okay,  here’s the “before” picture for this little office tweak.

White Mirror for the Office


Do you see the changes?  Something has been added and something has been taken away.

Deer head with Rosemary Wreath


The clock is gone for now.  I loved it but the shape felt wrong for the wall and it always seemed too high or too low or too something.  So for now I’ve removed it.   Have you spotted the addition?


I’ve been craving a faux deer head for years but could never find one I liked until now.

Deer head with Rosemary Wreath


I spotted this silly guy last week.  (Photo from Horchow site)

Deer Head with Rosemary Wreath from Horchow


I ordered him last Thursday and he arrived Saturday.  I noticed this evening he’s on back order, expected to be back in stock by September 21st.  I don’t think he’ll last for long once they get him back in since he sold out so quickly the first time.

Deer head with Rosemary Wreath


I wasn’t sure if I’d like his faux rosemary wreath but it actually looks pretty cute.  I may eventually replace it with a preserved boxwood wreath.  Wouldn’t he look great in a kitchen with a real rosemary wreath!  Maybe hung atop one of those big hoods over the stove.

Deer head with Rosemary Wreath


You know, kind of like the horse head we saw in this tour of the kitchen in the 2010 Southern Living Idea House in Senoia Georgia.


He was priced at $98 with free shipping.  I found a 20% off coupon online so including tax he came to $83.10.  If you are thinking of ordering anything from Horchow, Google the words, “coupon for Horchow” and a whole slew of sites will pop up.  You may find a coupon that’s even better.  There were some with a larger percentage off, but they didn’t apply to this guy.

Deer head with Rosemary Wreath


I was playing around a little today, thinking about how he might look come Christmastime.

Deer Head with Rosemary Wreath Decorated for Christmas


I think he would look great on my red front door for the Christmas holidays with a wreath around his neck.   He’s not quite right for hanging above my fireplace since the family room is covered in judges paneling, but he would look great over most fireplace mantels.

Deer Head with Rosemary Wreath Decorated for Christmas


I think I need to remove the wreath from the dress form, now.  It’s competing with the one on Mr. Deer.  I always notice this stuff AFTER I take the pictures for a post.  You know, that’s probably a good decorating tip.  Take a photo(s) of a space after you make a change and you’ll spot the thing that isn’t working.

(If you’re new to reading BNOTP, you can see the rest of the office in this post: Buffalo Check Curtains for the Office)

Deer head with Rosemary Wreath


Looking forward to the Before and Afters posted for this Met Monday!

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  1. I like your deer head. Great choice! The rosemary wreath looks neat around it.

  2. Susan,

    Love the new faux deer head addition. It’s always fun to change things up a bit!

    Thanks for hosting,

  3. Good morning!
    I just linked up to MM – thanks!
    This is the prettiest deer I have seen – it looks like carved wood and his antlers are so good!!!
    And, yes…I have discovered several design faux pas in photographs too! Good design tip!
    Hope your week is a good one

    • Rhonda, I was surprised he looked so nice when he arrived. You know how sometimes things look better online and then very different when they arrive. He’s not made of wood, but he really does look like he is.

  4. Susan I spotted him right away…MrLoblolly is avid trophy huntr’…and it is that time of year,he just got back from middle Ga were his hunting club is,and they are preparing for this season. Would you like a real set of antlers,teeehehehehe….love your office,I know you enjoy being in there and creating these wonderful post for us to enjoy…I appreciate all the help and the e-mails concerning my recent “deletion” of LazyOnLoblolly,I tried to retrieve,but alas,it is to far gone,so I’m just going to move forward with new blog: LoblollyLane.Come for a visit if ya can.Would love to have you…have a great week!!

  5. Thank you for the party, Susan. That faux deer head is cool, not normally my kind of decor, but I really like yours!! 🙂

  6. I love your deer head and the wreath is super cute. Your office is beautiful and so inviting! Thank you so much for hosting. Have a great week. 🙂

  7. LOVE your office! I could never share my mess of a work space!

  8. Thanks for hosting this week!

  9. What a great piece you found there! Thanks for hosting the party for us again this week. Look forward to it!

  10. How lovely, Susan! I think you could have lots of fun decorating him up for Christmas, but all year, too. A little whimsical piece for your office. I’ve done the same ~ taken a picture of something in a room and seen how it doesn’t work. It’s funny how we don’t see it when we are looking right at it, but notice it in a picture.

    Thanks for hosting!

    • Kathy, I think you’re right. He may have to wear a costume for Halloween. lol So true about the pics! I think I need to start taking a test pic or two, download them and take a look before I take more.

  11. Susan,
    Thanks for hosting! Your new addition looks great in your room! Love the wreath he’s sporting too! Cute!

  12. He looks fab above the mirror! The camera sees what we don’t … for any project I do, I always take a photo. If it doesn’t look right by the camera’s eye, I know the project isn’t finished :~)

  13. Thanks Susan for hosting these fun parties. Love the deer head. Yes I can’t wait to see how you decorate this for Christmas. Linda

  14. Love the faux deer. I like the Christmas look! Thanks for hostiing.

  15. Rudolph has never looker chicer! Thank you so very much for hosting!

  16. Hi darling, he’s adorable.. thanks for hosting each week. hugs ~lynne~

  17. Susan, I love your deer head! You’ll definitely have to put the Christmas ornament back on his antler later! So darn cute and unexpected! I finally have something to link up today! As always, thanks for hosting.

  18. He is really cute up there, Susan….Christine

  19. Susan i love the faux deer head and think the wreath looks great with it! Thanks so much for hosting, have a great week!

  20. Love the deer head. It’s no wonder that it is on back order as it is truly beautiful and so versatile in any interior…Just love the color and finish….Oh, the possibilities of Christmas decor…how fun!

    • He really is versatile. I was tempted to order two because they would be wonderful flanking a doorway over matching mirrors or for some symmetry in a room. I have this vision in my head…just don’t have the actual room in my house to do that in.

  21. I like the clock, but I never thought it was positioned right – so I am glad you removed it. The deer is nice, but not something I’d choose. But I do think a preserved boxwood wreath would be a good choice for it, and I do like the red ball for Christmastime.

  22. I can’t wait to see the deer all decorated for Christmas, such a cute idea! Thanks for the coupon info!

  23. Susan loving your dear head! It reminds me if my Ol Bessie cow head. Thanx for hosting!

  24. YAY! That was fun spotting the changes! I love your office space!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  25. I might just have to rethink the thought of trophies adorning my wall. I have always told my hubby who is a hunter “no animal eyes are going to be staring at me in my house!”

    Thank you Susan for another great party!

    bee blessed

    • lol Mary, these kind don’t bother me. I don’t have any problem with folks hunting…I know deer get overpopulated, but I don’t think I could take a real one on the wall. I’m just too dang sentimental about animals. I do love the faux ones, though. I’m tempted to buy some of the Roe Deer antlers because I love how they look in decorating.

  26. Love the deer head and wreath, what a great idea! Thanks for hosting! XO ~Liz

  27. love the deer head! what a great addition!

  28. Very cute! I like the new mirror, too.

  29. Elizabeth Burton says

    I absolutely love your office…..and the deer head! If I had a room like this in my home, I would be there all the time….except when I am on my screened porch.

  30. Oh, your office space is so pretty!! I love your new faux deer head. I haven’t been too impressed with them, but I really like this one. -Tabitha

  31. I like your deer head and I like the wreath he came with! The basket on the book looks good!
    Up where I live people come to hunt deer a lot and it’s not uncommon to see a deer head above a fireplace, etc. I’ve seen so much of it I never got into these faux antlers and deer heads that I’ve seen so much of, but I do like yours. Perhaps because it faux and no real eyes staring at you!

  32. Shannon Fox says

    I always like this room regardless of what you do! It’s such a pretty room and I love the wall color 🙂

    • Thanks, Shannon! Love Duron Sugar Cookie…it just keeps spreading throughout my home. Goes with everything! It and Duron Tea Biscuit, which is a tad lighter, are such easy colors to live with and decorate around.

  33. I love your clock. Please don’t lose the clock. Please find it a home.

  34. Love the deer but kind of miss the clock! I’d like to stuff and mount the deer that has been eating my garden. Thanks for hosting, Laura

  35. He is cute, and the Christmas ornament is the perfect whimsical touch. Thanks for hosting the party.

  36. Debbie refreshrestyle says

    I love the deer! Have a great week and thanks for hosting 🙂

  37. Jamie Wilcox says

    The deer head is quite an eye-catcher and the wreath is the perfect touch. Of course, you do realize that your best prop is that sweet black-and-white furry guy, Max! I’m such a fan of his. =)

  38. I LOVE the faux deer head. We live in the Texas Hill Country and have ALOT of deer, many that we feed corn to each morning and evening. I love decorating with the atlers, but haven’t ever been interested in a deer head on my walls —- until this faux beauty!! He would look great in my kitchen, up high over the stove area!! I agree about removing the wreath on the dress form. Maybe a couple of strands of faux pearls in black or some chunky old gold chains would look good. Love your fur baby. We have a black/white one too!

    • Oh, Susan…that sounds wonderful. If you do put one over your stove, send me a pic so I can see. I love the horsey head over the stove in the Southern Living Idea House. Every room needs a bit of whimsy. That’s my belief! 🙂

  39. Vikki Webb says

    I prefer the clock! The deer head would be better in the kitchen, I think (as you described).

    • Thanks, Vikki. It may come back in to join the deer if I can’t figure out what else to put on that wall. Wish I had room for him in the kitchen but my kitchen doesn’t have a single wall where he would work well. I have a strange kitchen!

  40. Thanks so much for hosting! I love the deer head! Life to the full, Melissa

  41. thanks for hosting! i love the rosemary wreath on the deer!

  42. Oh lovely Susan, I adore your room and the deer head is awesome! You can fix it in so many ways and for every season too. I like it anywhere, so you just take your pick where you’d like to keep it! Love your kitty! Thank you for hosting yet, one more great Met Monday and thank you again for having me..finally!! Have a super week.

  43. Hi Susan, I’m so glad I popped in today – I’ve wanted a faux deer head and now have one ordered with 20% off thanks to you! I haven’t posted anything in so long because I’m in the (seems like never ending) process of moving to WordPress – I home to join up with Met Monday and Tablescape Thursday again very soon! Until then I’ll get my fix by visiting all of your participants, have a fab day and thank you for sharing.

    • It does feel never ending when you are going through it! I’m still finding “stuff” that needs fixing, like posts where the pics are all running into each other with no spacing in between. Argggg. You’re going to love this little guy, Valerie! Can’t wait to see where you use him.

  44. Fun new addition to your office! (I’m sure he’ll look quite festive come Christmastime.)

  45. Hi Susan:
    I prefer the clock to the deer head. I like my deer alive and eating my roses!! 🙂 Of course, Mr. Max livens any room!! 🙂

  46. Susan….I’ll miss your clock….but I love your mirror and new deer head. Question….did you ever try hanging the mirror horizontally and maybe put the deer head above it. I think the mirror horizontally would fill up the space above your side table and chair…..I don’t know, just curious. In the end, I trust your impeccable eye for detail.

    • Toni, that would be pretty, too! Wouldn’t that be awesome over a sideboard, although I think Mr. Deer is a bit small to put over a sidebar. But I do love that idea. I love your idea…also kind of like it over the chest. So many ways I could go on that wall. Thanks so much for that suggestion! ♥

  47. Sorry but Nope is my vote! The head is leaving something missing on that wall the clock filled the space and I vote, Bring it back 🙂 Use the head elsewhere but not in the office . I have loved all your choices but this one is a BIG miss for me. What does the cat think?

  48. Liked the “before” better, sorry.

  49. I became a fan of antlers a few years ago when I found an awesome chandelier made of a gazillion white-tailed deer antlers. It would have to be in a rustic setting, so I didn’t get it. However, I began putting a few antler touches around during Christmas, as if Santa’s deer had shed on their way through. While I can’t see me with an authentic deer head, I am madly in love with this fellow. What’s his name? I’ll be watching to see if he makes an appearance elsewhere.

    • Linda, I love the way you think! 🙂 I love decorating with the shed antlers, too! He does need a name, doesn’t he? I was thinking the same thing last night. Any ideas?

      • I am sitting here watching weather reports on Isaac while trying to think of a good name for your deer. Why not let your lovely readers help give him a name? The more “heads” the better, after all. I’ll start with Isaac La’Faux, I. LaFaux for short. (Sounds a bit like “I love faux”, no?) I’d love to hear other ideas.

  50. Cute, cute. I also love the bee pillow in your comfy chair. Looks like a great place to blog.

  51. Thanks for hosting again! I love your deer. I’d never heard of Horchow before. AND, I agree with taking a picture when you think you’re finished decorating. For whatever reason, it really changes things.

  52. Susan,
    Cute faux deer.I have not seen one like that.Usually just the antlers.Looks great! LOVE your dress form too.I am on the hunt for one!

  53. I don’t know, Susan. I think it’s up to you and your own personal style, I would have gone with the clock.
    But hey, that’s just me!! Love your Blog!! And so appreciate you hosting the party, you really can do no wrong in my book!! I hope you are having a fantastic week!

  54. Jeannie from WNC says

    Just popped into our blog from Susan Branch’s, I was interest in how the sugar cookie and tea biscuit colors looked! I like the lightness of them. Also like antique white, but think I will try your sugar cookie or tea biscuit in our remodel. So glad I found you! Your blog looks like fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

  55. Love the deer head! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  56. I would never have thought that a deer head, of any kind, would look so sweet and charming! It fits the room perfectly.
    Love it!

  57. Pepsigirl13 says

    Love the reindeer and concur with the posts regarding the fun you’ll have decorating him (or her)!
    I love to check out the Horchow site just for ideas, as I think much of their items are even more overpriced than PB! Just my opinion.
    BTW, the website Joss and Main has lots of antler cuties, at great price points. Great resource.

  58. Christina McCall says

    Susan, I personally like the large clock. It adds dimension and depth to the furniture etc…. I will tell you a tip that a decorator friend of mine said about hanging large clocks. In looking at your picture. The 12 noon and 6pm position need to be directly in center with the center of the club chair. So the clock needs to come down about 3, 4, or 5 inches (It is hard to tell without being there) and over to the left some (looking head on at it).
    Basically the top of the clock should not be directly in line with the mirror. I can’t tell you the exact number of inches but I would recommend:
    1. Move down some inches so it is not in line with the mirror but is still about 2-3 inches above your clothed manniquin
    2. Move the clock over so that the 12 and 6 are in the direct center of the top of the club chair.
    3. And even though there are some “rules” of thumb about how many inches a picture, mirror etc….should be above an item is just “rules of thumbs”. I kind of go at what I can see. Everyone is different heights. I seem to shrink each year.. But my suggestion is once you move the clock over and down some when you look at the clock head on I always try to have the my eye be able to look pretty much in the center of the (painting, picture, mirror, large clock or whatever). If that is possible then those are my suggestions. I think if you do those few things, you will most likely see the difference in how the proportions change the look. Again, I love the accent piece of the large clock. Let me know if you try it.

    • Thanks, Christina…that sounds like a great idea. I don’t know why I hung it the same height as the mirror…I know better than that. lol Things never look good lined up the same height. I’ll move it tomorrow and see how that looks. Thanks again! 🙂

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