Dining Fireside

Welcome to the 269th Tablescape Thursday!

After reading all your wonderful suggestions yesterday for surviving winter in style, I found myself dreaming of reading good books under warm throws with a hot fire burning nearby. So, for this week’s Tablescape Thursday, we’re traveling back in time to visit three settings previously shared fireside. (Click on titles for additional pics.)

Wishing you lots of warm, cozy fires this winter!

Fireside Tea

(Click title to view additional pics)
Fireside Tea


Tea and Chocolate Cover Peppermint Sticks


Warming up Candlelight and a Cozy Fire


Mischievous Christmas Mice

(Click title to view additional pics)


Christmas Mice at Play


Christmas Mice and A Christmas Carol


Fireside Dining in the Library

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Dining Fireside


Dining by the Fireplace


Fireside Romantic Dinner for Two


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. I am EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe it:):) I am looking forward to the tables today too. Thanks for hosting. LOVE your tables by the fire. I may just have to set up a table by the fireplace this winter and do the same thing. Thanks again for the inspiration! And thanks for hosting each week.

  2. Beautiful settings, Susan.

    Great minds think alike this week.:-)

  3. Houston is having a surprisingly cool morning, so the warm coziness of your tables is just what I need along with a hot cup of coffee.

  4. Beautiful! Impossible to pick a favorite…

  5. Susan,
    Your pictures make me want to go build a fire. πŸ™‚ lovely tablesettings..
    thanks for hosting..
    Love, Mona

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    Your fireside dining in your library is so warming this is all about winter nights sweet. Thanks so much for having your linky party for us. I am also wishing you lots of warm, cozy fires this winter.

  7. Oh, Susan, it’s so nice to relive these settings again. I love the “mice” one and with your imagination, all I could think of is what a good grandma you will be! Thanks for hosting Tablescape Thursdays. It’s a great way to start a day! Rosie

  8. I believe the mischievous mice is one of the cutest things I have seen before!!

  9. Thanks for hosting! I’ve already figured out a plan for this year’s Thanksgiving table thanks to a post shared here this week.

  10. Susan, each photo looks so beautiful and cozy. A wonderful way to enjoy yourself when temps dip low. Thank you for hosting. laurie

  11. Susan: great minds think alike this week as i posted a fireside tea time! Thanks for hosting~Jennifer

  12. I can feel the warmth of that room all the way to East Texas!!!! So cozy……hmmmm, where did I put my afghan? Oh, here it is…..ok, I am all ready to get comfy in that chair and read. Ahhhhh, so relaxing. Just what I need! Shhhhhh…..don’t wake me!

  13. I remember the little mice, I thought they were the cutest thing ever. The fireside setting is so cozy and inviting. This scene reminds me of when I was a kid and we had moved to the country for a year. My father was working nights and we only had the one car so we spent our evenings at home with our mother. We had a huge fireplace with a great table set right in front of it and rocking chairs at either end. The evenings were full of playing Monopoly and many other games. We wold pop the popcorn in front of that fireplace almost every evening over that winter. Thank you so much for hosting today’s linky party and as always, it is the best party on the block.

    • What wonderful memories, Candy…love hearing those. I can just picture it. Isn’t it amazing how the small things like dinners together, popcorn, games…they all mean so much years later. We have no idea at the time how much they will mean.

  14. Love the fire burning, the tea set is wonderful, food awesome. I could see myself sitting here. Still love those glasses.

  15. Susan, my internet is out, so haven’t been able to comment on your porch and the coon. We have a skunk and possum that come up on our deck. I need to get a trap and catch them and put them out away from our place. I don’t want our kittens killed and both will suck the blood out of them.

    Pretty pictures as usual. I was at Home Goods and TJ Maxx yesterday and found some pretty things, but have to finish my dining room floor and clean before I change anything. Didn’t know anything could take so long.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  16. You’ve set such a cozy table!! Thanks for hosting an inspiring party!!

  17. Peaceful is the word that comes to mind. If I could just walk in and sit down after the prep was all done for these shots! One of my favorite things about winter is sitting by the fire with a book. Or eating by the fire. My living and dining are open to each other so you can see the fire while sitting at the dining table. I think that may be a good way to spend this evening after work!

  18. What wonderful tables by the fire-it reminds me of the house I grew up in North Georgia-a house with radiator heat and fireplaces. When we had ice storms we often lost electricity for several days so meals were not only eaten in front of the fireplace they were usually cooked there as well since it is too hilly to drive anywhere on icy roads. I always loved that so my 4 downstairs rooms with fireplaces are ready for dining- a tilt top pie crust table in front of my dining room fireplace that can be let down for cozy meals- a Queen Anne tea table in front of the living room fireplace- a gate leg in the downstairs bedroom and in the keeping room an ancient blanket chest that has a pewter coffee/tea service on top with with plenty of room for fireside dining or tea, hot chocolate or coffee with friends. Our favorite Thanksgiving drink is a Woolly Mitten and it’s wonderful on a cold winter day-coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Frangelico and dark creme de cacao in an Irish coffee mug. This is a Thanksgiving tradition while the food is being prepared in the kitchen/keeping room especially if it’s cold enough to have a fire. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!.

    • Sandi, that’s the way they used to do it. You see that a lot in Williamsburg and historic homes in that area. I bet they didn’t think it was too romantic. lol When we lost power once for 3-4 days after an ice storm, the cats, the bird and I hung out in the family room all day…by the gas logs in the fireplace. I was really thankful to have those.

      • Same thing here-my fireplaces have gas logs so they are a life saver when we lose power-at least we have hot water and a warm room once we close the doors and pile in for a stay!!

        Williamsburg is about my favorite place to visit. When my children were small we lived in Manassas, Va. so every chance I got off we went to see all the great things there and at Monticello.

  19. Those beautiful fireplace settings look soooo inviting! I would love that, but no fireplace where we are here in Florida!

    Thanks for hosting!


  20. The setting is so gorgeous, cozy and elegant…BUT the dishes, totally SWOONnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing and for the fabulous party, dear Susan. Have a nice rest of the week.

  21. Susan,
    My two favorite dining scenarios are al fresco and fireside. Lovely examples of the latter. I’m heading to revisit each beautiful table. ~ Sarah

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