A Secret Garden Party and You’re Invited

Welcome to the 333rd Metamorphosis Monday!

When my son and daughter-in-law moved into their home a couple of years ago, they inherited a beautiful backyard. The older couple who previously lived there were avid gardeners and they had created a secluded paradise that was the talk of the neighborhood. The cares of the day vanished the moment you entered this lovely garden.

Secret Garden with Martha Stewart Oleander Outdoor Furniture


Nancy and Chip’s backyard is completely enclosed on all sides by walls of lush, green trees and hedges. They provide an amazing amount of privacy. I have serious garden envy each time I visit!

Secret Garden with Martha Stewart Oleander Collection


Recently, I was offered a set of beautiful Oleander Savanna Outdoor Dining Furniture, currently available at The Home Depot. It’s one of the many outdoor dining collections offered this year by Martha Stewart. Though I loved it and knew anything coming from Martha Stewart was going to be top-notch, it was the wrong shape for my small octagonal-shaped decks.

Just as I was about to sadly decline, I remembered that Nancy and Chip were in need of outdoor furniture. When I saw the Oleander furniture here in their garden, I knew it was meant to be!

Oleander Collection Patio Furniture by Martha Stewart


You may remember when I shared this “before” picture earlier last week. When I took this photo, I hadn’t yet attached the two long side braces that go down the length of the table. The assembly was straight forward with easy-to-follow directions. The only part where a second pair of hands was needed was when it came time to place the tempered glass on top.

Table Assembly


Martha Stewart loves rattan furniture and owns quite a few pieces herself. Her own rattan furniture collection, as well as the lovely outdoor bistros often seen in Paris, were the inspiration behind the Oleander outdoor furniture.

When you sit down at the table, it feels very solid and stable. I really like the glass top because it feels nice when resting an arm or elbow, something that’s always bugged me about my current metal set.

Martha Stewart Oleander Collection for Dining Outside


Rosma Gutierrez, a Director with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia said, “We love the look of rattan furniture, but it can’t be left outside for extended periods of time. These pieces have a similar look but with almost no maintenance because of the materials we used.”

Martha Stewart's Oleander Furniture for Entertaining Outdoors


A lot of thought went into the design of the Oleander Outdoor Furniture Collection, exactly what we’ve come to expect from anything with the Martha Stewart name.

Oleander Outdoor Dining Furniture by Martha Stewart


I love the cushions that came with this set. They are heavy and finished off beautifully with bright, white piping around the outer edges.

Martha Stewart Oleander Outdoor Dining Furniture


I clipped a few peonies from the garden for our centerpiece. You can’t see it right now since it’s hidden by the flowers, but the table is designed with a capped opening to allow for the use of a patio umbrella when needed.

Martha Stewart Oleander Outdoor Furniture for Dining


Every garden party needs something cool and refreshing for sipping.

Martha Stewart Oleander Collection for Entertaining Outdoors


If you missed it, I shared the recipe for these yummy Watermelon Mojitos a few days ago in this post: Watermelon Mojitos for a Summer Party

Watermelon Mojitos


A variety of old fashion root beers were chilling nearby.

Martha Stewart Oleander Collection for Outdoor Parties


Every secret garden needs a garden bench. The Oleander Bench worked beautifully nested into this spot. Its thickly padded cushion makes it super comfortable. I actually dozed off while sitting here one afternoon, it was just so relaxing listening to the birds and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Martha Stewart Oleander Collection Outdoor Bench


The day I was putting the table together, I discovered there are bird lovers living nearby. I was amazed by how many birds were singing in the garden that day as well as the following day when I was busy taking pictures. Then I spied a neighbor just a few feet away. He was filling the feeders he has hanging down along the lower part of his property.

Martha Stewart Oleander Collection Bench


How nice it is to live so close to a birder, such a blessing to have a neighbor helping provide birdsong for your secret garden.

Martha Stewart Oleander Collection For Outdoors


Thanks so much to Martha Stewart Living and The Home Depot for the gift of this beautiful furniture from their Oleander Outdoor Furniture Collection. If you would love the Oleander Collection for  your own secret garden, you’ll find it available at The Home Depot here: Martha Stewart Living Oleander Savanna 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set and here: Martha Stewart Living Oleander Outdoor Bench

Secret Garden with Martha Stewart Oleander Collection


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. What a gorgeous outdoor furniture Susan, I love the blue accents! I’m green with envy over your son and DIL’s tree-lined oasis, especially in this heat πŸ™‚

  2. Chip and Nancy certainly have a beautiful backyard…and I love the garden set, too! I know you had a wonderful visit, too! πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  3. What a beautiful garden Susan and the new furniture fits perfectly. Thanks so much for hosting and I hope your week is great.

  4. What a gift! Wowie, I bet your son & dil were thrilled, and it looks terrific in that gorgeous space. Thanks for having us, and I hope your week is a happy one.

  5. What a most gorgeous patio set!…Love, love it. It does look perfect in your son and d-i-l’s amazing back yard and gardens. How great for them to have purchased this home by previous owners who so lovingly created the gardens. Certainly a great place to escape…I need to go to Home Depot to check out this collection…Thanks for hosting Susan…have a wonderful day!

  6. Linda Page says

    How wonderful that the outdoor set fit perfectly at Chip and Nancy’s house. It looks beautiful in their backyard. Their backyard is so lush. I am also envious!! I know they will enjoy the set for many years to come. Great pictures. I still think you need to do that book we talked about!

  7. Thanks for hosting, Susan! I love the outdoor furniture; especially the blue accents. Have a lovely week ahead! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  8. I’ve never seen that set before- love the design and color. Looks like a very cozy area to relax. That was nice of you to give the kids the dining set- what a special treat! Glad you got a chance to visit the kids- I just visited our son out in Portland πŸ™‚

  9. Was that the entire backyard or just a portion? I kept waiting to see more….

    • No, there’s a lot more. The garden is on two levels. There’s a small to medium size lawn area to the left of the patio and another section of lawn on the lower level of the back yard. They are getting ready to make some changes and are talking with a professional landscaper about moving some plants and trimming back some of the more mature plantings and shrubs that are getting a bit out of hand. I’m not sure if I’ll get back up there this summer or not, but if I do, I’ll try to take some pictures to share.

  10. Wow, that is some backyard and some set, Susan! What a lucky gift for the two of them. I am sure they will enjoy it for a very long time. Thanks for the party!

  11. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Wow, what a lovely and romantic spot to sit, enjoy a meal or just listen to the birds! How thoughtful of you to give them the set, Susan. I’m sure they appreciated it. And how lucky for them the previous owners had created this beautiful spot. I noticed the black fence behind the loveseat. So cute! The whole area is so charming and with the addition of this new furniture, will be enjoyed often, I’m sure. (I hope you and Chip are feeling better and that Nancy and Court didn’t wind up sick too. )

  12. Thanks so much for the party !

  13. Thanks for hosting this link party, Susan! I’m excited to see all the things people have created and get inspired. Your backyard looks GORGEOUS! Our backyard is currently looking pretty bare and I need to get some inspiration for yours. And I need to try those watermelon mojitos!

  14. Susan, thanks for hosting! I LOVE everything about your son’s garden. I’m green with envy too. What a beautiful space to sit and relax.

  15. What a great set of furniture to be given. It looks fantastic in their yard. I’m sure they will get lots of enjoyment out of it this summer. Thanks for hosting.

  16. Michele in IL. says

    Awesome garden and great table/chairs.

  17. What a beautiful gift and beautiful set! Their backyard is stunning!!

  18. What a gorgeous space, and the dining set fits so perfectly! I love the blue accents!

  19. What a lovely-peaceful space to entertain in! Amazing how the furniture fit so perfectly! Thank you for hosting, Susan!

  20. Lovely garden!

    Thank you for the party Susan, and have a great week!

  21. How gorgeous – and how sweet of you to pass this one to you Son and DIL – they must be so thrilled with it Susan.
    It’s sophisticated and casual at the same time – I just love it !
    Thanks so much for another wonderful party as well

  22. Susan, thank you for hosting!

  23. Susan ~ I bet your daughter-in-law loves you! What a nice gift! It’s a beautiful set. How are you feeling? Did you go to the doctor? Hope you are much better.

  24. Beautiful furniture and garden! I should buy a new outdoor furniture set! πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Susan,
    I love this MS Set. It looks wonderful in your son’s beautiful yard. How fortunate to inherit such a lovely space when buying a home. I have a set of MS Outdoor furniture that I bought at Kmart many, many years ago and it has and is serving me well. I’ve made a few minor fixes over the years and new cushions but it still looks beautiful. I painted the powder coated aluminum with paint from the Home Depot and made new cushion covers again this year and it turned out beautifully. I think your son and his wife will really enjoy this set for a long time to come.

  26. What a lovey dining set and with the bench and other accessories, you’ve created the perfect place to have a meal in your son’s gorgeous garden – the “secret” is out now though! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and hosting this terrific party!

  27. What a beautiful set! I love this style and I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately. But I have to say, the garden is what stole my heart. What a beautiful setting and to have it all established when they moved in…a true gift.

  28. What a lucky couple to have found a house with an established garden, and the birder neighbor is a bonus. The beautiful furniture is perfect for that garden.

    I can’t link up — it keeps telling me I have no backlink in the post, but I do. I tried to override it, then it told me that my photos were too large. They are the same as always. I will try again later.

    About your sore throat: A couple of years ago when we were on vacation at Perdido Beach, I got something like you are describing, waking up in the night with my throat literally on fire. My husband took me to an urgent care clinic, and the doctor asked where in the world I had been! He said I had a bacterial infection that was like strep but not actually strep, one that is usually seen in people coming here from third-world countries! I was put on two very powerful antibiotics, and it did get better pretty fast, although I had to take the drugs for two entire weeks. I hope you will knock it out soon. I have no idea how I contracted it, and my husband never got sick at all.

  29. First I am glad you are feeling better and hope they figure out what is wrong!! Your son and DIL’s yard is just beautiful. They scored on 2 counts: inheriting that beautiful yard and your gift of the furniture!!! I love the set an d it looks very well made and comfy. Thanks so much for hosting. Have a good (better) week!!!!

  30. You did such a wonderful job on your Son & DIL’s patio garden. They must be so thrilled with the new furniture & you accessorized it so beautifully. How wonderful to have received that furniture from the Martha Stewart collection & Home Depot.

  31. Susan, double homerun for Chip and Nancy. To inherit an established garden is fabulous, and then to have this beautiful Martha Stewart outdoor furniture included is pretty sweet indeed. The furniture looks perfect for the spot and has beautiful details. It is very French in style. I know they will get years of enjoyment out of this set. I want to sprout wings and fly in for an afternoon. I can hear the birds calling!
    Glad your throat is better. Take care and don’t get a relapse.

  32. Susan, what a lovely gift for your son and DIL. I know they love it. And boy, you decorated the area so beautifully!! May I ask…where did you find the great galvanized “Drinks” tray? I love it!!!
    I hope you feel better soon.

  33. Beautiful patio set Susan, your son and DIL are so lucky to have it in their fab backyard! Thanks for the fun today~

  34. Susan, the garden is just lovely. The garden set is so pretty, I am imagining a cream scone tea out there.
    As for birds, we have just had four babies from our one box and the other is brimming with grasses etc., so am expecting more. They do make a constant noise with their chirping for food!! πŸ™‚

  35. Fabulous private and serene spot and love the table and chairs! Thanks for hosting Susan.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  36. Seems the outdoor furniture found a great home in that lush garden, and that both are in good hands. I can just imagine a summer evening out there, illuminated by lanterns. Hope you retained visitation rights:)

  37. Gorgeous garden and table set! Thanks so much for hosting a great party. Have a great week!

  38. Love the table and everything else about that yard!

  39. What a beautiful yard! And what a blessing for them to receive such a gorgeous set! Thanks for hosting, Susan. Have a wonderful week!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  40. that is a gorgeous set of furniture. And you styled it perfect baby. I’m going to go look at it online for myself. Really really pretty.

  41. What a gorgeous space! Thanks for hosting:-)

  42. What a beautiful space!!! Hit the Love button! Thank you for hosting each week!

  43. I’d love to take a nap out there on a nice cool summer night

  44. Susan Jones says

    Swoon! Love the patio! And I also love it when you make your blog a little more personal and talk about your family……..

  45. The garden area is so pretty. I love the cooler the root beer is chilling in-cute! I love that the neighbor loves birds. I have a lot of birds, but since I have a cat, I don’t put a feeder out. I do though, enjoy hearing them in the woods behind my home.

  46. Aw this is lovely! Love your furniture and the plants surrounding are so beautiful.

    Great work!

  47. crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I meant to tell you, I saw that patio set and it originally retailed for $1,700. It must be very good quality. So glad you were able to give it to the kids.

    • It really felt and looked like great quality. I hope it will last them many years. They are getting a cover to go over it to protect it for winter. Thanks, Pam!

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