Dining on the Porch with a Whimsical Spring Table Setting

Welcome to the 442nd Tablescape Thursday!

It was such a beautiful, warm day out on the porch, I couldn’t resist putting this week’s table there.


I haven’t decorated the hutch for spring yet, but when I do I’ll most likely use my Ma Maison dishware by Dario Farrucci. It’s always my favorite for spring and summer.


I decided to use some of the larger pieces in my centerpiece this week.



The piece on the left is a cookie jar and Β the one on the far right is a pitcher. I’ve used the pitcher several times for serving iced tea when having friends over for dinner on the porch.Β The two smaller pieces in the center are a creamer and sugar. Those work great when serving coffee with dessert after a meal.


Here’s how they all look on the back side. I love how the decoration continues all the way around.


This is definitely my favorite “casual” china and definitely my most favorite for porch dining.


The inside of the bowl is covered in white, fluffy clouds. πŸ™‚


The pattern name is Ma Maison. It was designed by Dario Farrucci and produced by Tabletops Unlimited. I found it in HomeGoods many, many years ago. I had to drive around to 3-4 HomeGoods that day to collect enough for 6 place settings. I bought extra salad plates to use for dessert and later filled in with a few additional salad plates from eBay. The chargers were found online at Horchow back in 2008.


I love this pattern so, so much. Every time I pull it out to use, I fall in love with it all over again. It has all my favorite things in life: cats, flowers, gardens, picket fences…


…garden hats, garden clogs, watering cans and butterflies. And that’s just the bowls!


Butterflies have landed on our napkins. They must know spring is almost here!


The salad and dinner plates are so whimsical with their scalloped edges.


This is the adorable pattern on the salad plate. I love this sweet house and the arching trees overhead that seem to be protecting it, keeping it safe from all harm. So many cute details like the darling ball-shaped topiaries on either side.


The dinner plate…


The dinner plate is just as delightful with more beautiful potted flowers.


An overhead view…


Happy Thursday, dear Friends! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


Looking forward to all the table settings posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. These dishes are so adorable and I don’t blame you for driving all around town to complete your set. Your friends and family must love coming to your house for a meal because your tablescapes are always so varied and charming!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Ma Maison is my absolute favorite of all your things Susan, and this table is such a happy delight! It’s Spring, St. Pats Day, and a fairy tale all rolled into one! Thanks for the party today

  3. What a fun springtime table! I can see why you fell in love with that pattern and isn’t it nice to have several Home Goods stores around to check for it? I love the pieces you used in the center, too. So whimsical and such fun. I always enjoy seeing your porch tablesettings, and this one did not disappoint!

  4. Your table looks so pretty on the porch! I love the colors!

    Quick question: HOW OFTEN DO YOU CLEAN each piece of furniture on your porch? Your hutch always looks perfect!

    (I wonder if your porch being raised so high from the ground helps lessen the grim of pollen and dankness/mildew from moisture.)

    I’m glad that your quest to say goodbye to those extra, unwanted pounds is going great!

    Really enjoy your blog and adventures! So down to earth and friendly!

    • I’m with you, Linda, how often does she need to clean each piece of furniture on that beautiful and inspirational screened porch! I have a slab floor screened in patio and am forever cleaning the space. Spiders, ugh!

    • I don’t clean it very much during the winter, it rarely needs it then. Usually I give it a good cleaning at the start of spring, which takes about maybe 45 minutes, then I’ll do it again after the pollen season is over. Usually during the summer I vacuum it once a month, which takes about 5 minutes to do, and give it quick wipe down. It’s just a single room, so it doesn’t take very long. I think because it’s a full story up, that probably helps it to stay a bit cleaner than if it were on ground level.

  5. Love the table setting! I wish spring were here already! My plans are some yard cleanup while the snow is gone (I’m sure we’ll get a storm in March sometime) put a new dresser together and clean up some magazines, paper. Then a baby shower for a grand-niece, long story, young mother!

    • That sounds like a very productive weekend, Anne. I was outside today clipping off the dead flowers/old growth from my hydrangeas. Should have done that before now because they are starting to leaf out.
      Best wishes for a wonderful baby shower! Babies are such a blessing!

      • Yes, they are, and we know the baby is a girl and they are naming her Rowan. what a pretty name! This morning it is blustery and 15 degrees out, brrrrr.

  6. As I’ve said Susan,
    Come on over, you’ll feel right at home. Too funny to see “my” things at your house. This time I don’t have to chase them down at some antiques store.
    Gibbs is calling. Again. Spring is here.

    • lol Great minds think alike, huh? Oh, I know. I didn’t make it there to see the daffodils…such a pretty place!

    • The second tier is coming in while the early ones have done their thing,
      Surely you must be swimming in an alligator pond right now getting everything ready for your upcoming trip. Again, The LaundressTravel Kit doesn’t take up space. Used to be a place in Roswell who stock it.
      How’s your French?

  7. Oh how pretty and springy!! I love the green glassware too:-)

  8. Wow, your tablescape is just gorgeous! I absolutely love the Ma Maison dishware you have. It is stunning and just so perfect for the springtime! Thank you for such a lovely and extremely interesting blog post!!

  9. I’m with Jenna. Of all your dishware – and you have a lot of dishware – this has to be my favorite. It is so happy and informal and would make me smile every time I used it. Also love the larger pieces – how lucky you were to find it all.

  10. I love this – so pretty!

  11. I have always loved this dishware! It is PERFECT on your porch too. This is such a happy, Spring table. Thanks for the party!!! No special plans for the weekend, it is going to be FREEZING again:( I plan to get alot done INSIDE, especially cleaning out the basement storage areas!

    • It looks like the cold weather is going to hit us on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I was so hoping I could go ahead and put my plants on the porch, but I guess I better not. Stay warm, Pinky!

  12. Susan..you are the cat’s meow in my book. Talk about inspirational, you could take garbage and make it look beautiful..just love you and your blog!

  13. I love these dishes! They are truly porch-perfect.

  14. I always liked those dishes, and happy to see them again, so cheerful and soooooo cute too!!!

  15. What a sweet table!

  16. Ma Maison is absolutely my favorite…it so unique and what a joy to sit at this beautiful table! Thanks for the party, Susan!

    • Thanks, Pam! It is unique, never seen another pattern quite like it. They need to bring it back because I know a lot of folks would buy it if they did. Always makes me wonder why they don’t bring back popular patterns.


  18. This has to be, without a doubt, my favorite of all of your beautiful dishes. I understand your feeling of falling in love with them all over again when you get them out each spring. Enjoy!

  19. Linda Page says

    Beautiful table! Looks ready for Spring! I’m ready to come visit you again!!! You are the best hostess and we have so much fun!

  20. Margaret says

    I absolutely adore the tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug and biscuit jar. I have never seen the plates and bowls before and I’m pretty sure I never will see them here in England. Your table settings are always inspirational and I always look forward to seeing them, thank you.

    • Thanks so much, Margaret! I like the sound of biscuit jar, sounds so much cuter than cookie jar. πŸ™‚

      • Ah, but that’s the difference isn’t it. To me, a biscuit is something sweet to have with a cup of tea and to an American a biscuit is something savoury to have with a main course (I am right on this am I not?). This is one of the reasons why I love reading various American blogs so much.

  21. That is truly gorgeous! I love those super deep bowls, and the patterns are adorable. You always have gorgeous tables, and such a great imagination!

  22. Your Ma Maison pieces are lovely and look right at home in the center of your table. Spring has sprung and it is beautiful! Thanks so much for hosting.

    • Thanks, Sandra! It has been a gorgeous one here. We’ve had just the right amount of rain and it’s been lovely! Looking forward to the summer! Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. This has to be one of my favorite tablescapes that you create. Adorable!

  24. Thanks for the welcomed cheerful photos on an overcast day in Austin, TX. Your favorite things just happen to also be my favorite things! We’re dreading the pollen that’ll soon be covering our huge screened porch! Ugh. I know you also get it in Georgia.

  25. Charlotte says

    When I first saw this tablescape, I thought “aww, it looks like a neighborhood”. I love how you put the bigger pieces as a centerpiece. I love those dishes too, looks like they are hand painted. I am itching for Spring too!

    • I hadn’t thought of that Charlotte, but you are so right! Love that image of it being a neighborhood. πŸ™‚ They do have that look of being handpainted.

    • Charlotte, I just looked on the back of a plate and they are hand-painted. I had forgotten that. You have a great eye!

  26. I drool over this set of dishes every time you use it. Such a pretty, pretty table. This pattern is so popular (probably because of BNOTP!), I can’t find these dishes anywhere at a reasonable price. Replacements.com has the round salad plates for $60 each, only 7 available. No dinner plates nor bowls available, wahhhh.

    Hey, if you ever think about selling this fabulous set of dishes, I’m interested. :0) Have a great day, XO

    • Wow, that’s insane! I paid like 4-5 dollars each for the salad plates and only a couple of dollars more for the dinner plates. I wouldn’t pay those prices. Wish they would produce the pattern again, so many folks would buy it if they did.

  27. Was out and about all day, soaking up the last of the warmth and sunny day before some cold, rainy, snowy days return. So your tablescape is the perfect ending. It looks so friendly and inviting. Love the earlier comment: “looks like a neighborhood.”

  28. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, this is one of my favorites of all the lovely tables you have set. I love the houses with all the flowers and everything matching so beautifully, right down to your green flatware. It all looks so spring-like and makes me happy just looking at it. We’re painting this weekend as we’re supposed to go back to a cold snap. This winter has been so warm compared to ones past, so I can’t complain about any cold days, especially since spring is almost here and we shouldn’t be getting much more of old man winter. I’ll be putting out some spring dΓ©cor tomorrow and want to get the materials to make a beautiful peony and cherry blossom wreath I saw over at Randi Garrett’s blog. Check it out–so simple, yet so pretty! Hope your weekend is delightful. Hugs!

    • That sounds beautiful, Bobbi! I would love to see your wreath and how you make it. Good luck with the painting. I seriously need to do some of that around here this summer!

  29. I love the unique teapot! And the bowl with cat on it!

  30. I love the details in the art on these dishes. The larger pieces make a great centerpiece. The beaded butterfly napkin rings compliment the dishes perfectly. These look like they must take a ton of space to store all of these, but well worth it each time you pull them out. It’s a beautiful table!!

    • I just store them atop the small storage island in my laundry room during the winter. During the summer, they are normally on the hutch. Thanks, Ann!

  31. Susan I am in absolute awe of your many and varied tableware selections ! This week is a fantastic one and is perfect for a screened porch. We have been enjoying our porch this week acting like spring has come…and now they are predicting snow for Sunday! Nothing like North Carolina weather. Hope your spring is there to stay. Are you seeing any pollen on your porch yet? Hopefully this year it will come earlier than usual and be gone earlier too ! Have a great weekend.

    • I was looking out there today as I was tidying things up, and I didn’t see any, which seems really odd since everything has been blooming up a storm here for the last few weeks. That makes me think that the heavy pollen I see on the porch in the springtime is coming from all the trees in the backyard. As soon as they start to leaf out, I bet that’s when it will hit. I always try to wait until it’s finished before I give the porch a good cleaning, but I always cave and do it about half way through the pollen siege, and again afterwards. lol I just can’t resist and have to do it. For us here, it’s supposed to get cold again on Tuesday night. Have a wonderful weekend, Leigh…and stay warm! Think of this as our last little opportunity to drink hot chocolate, wear out favorite woolly sweater and snuggle in front of the fire with a good book. It’s not so bad if we look at it that way. πŸ™‚

  32. Super cute – love the clouds in the dishware! Busy weekend ahead…hosting a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower for a niece. However, I am losing steam for the decor, necessarily having to pack all the underpinnings, food and dishes to a venue outside of my home. What a job before it even begins! Have a great weekend. Week 3 is nearly on the books for kitchen and bath!

  33. Judy Smith says

    Over time, I have enjoyed the many varied and beautiful table setting you feature. You seem to have a huge collection of dinnerware, flatware and glassware. Because I am addicted to all of these, how do you have to space to store everything? I have china closets, hutch’s, cabinets stuffed and am looking for a better organized storage method.

  34. Tina Carpenter says

    I think it is definitely one of the most whimsical, beautiful table settings ever! Thank you so much for sharing, I am going to be on the lookout on the internet for this amazing table setting. I want it all. Have an awesome weekend!

  35. I would definitely drive all over town trying to complete this set! Love it for its whimsy. I found the matching platter on ebay today….a bit dear in price but oh so cute!


  36. Juanita in OH says

    Your dishes and serve ware are simply divine! I have something I lovingly named “Alice in Wonderland syndrome”! Anything that looks like it is related to the story is surely something I will LOVE. I can only attempt to imagine what it would be like to sit at your table and have a meal. TFS so much joy.

  37. Hi lovely lady It’s been a long time being on your post… Your Tablescapes are always Gorgeous… I hope you are having a great weekend God Bless you and yours.

  38. I do get your posts on my Email

  39. What a precious tablescape. I love those dishes! I would’ve driven around to collect them too. Where do you keep all you different china patterns?
    I love all that you share! Thanks for making my day!!!

  40. Hi,
    Can you please tell me who the manufacturer of this pearl green flatware is? It is lovely with the dishes.

  41. Susan, I’m glad you shared this again. I think these are the cutest dishes. Perfect spring time table. Happy Easter!

  42. Lori Smith says

    Hi Susan, I absolutely love this pattern. Your porch is so wonderful as well as all your tablescapes. Thank you for sharing. I have found a few pieces over the past few years. I would love to collect at least once place setting but wow, prices are way too high. I have a question. Sometimes on Ebay and other sites I see Ma Maison on the bottoms of some pieces and just Dario Farrucci on others. They do have a bit of a different pattern depending on the stamp. Do you know why this is?

    • I know, I don’t know why they mark it so high. It was very reasonably priced when I came across it in HomeGoods so many years ago.
      Really, I didn’t know that about how it’s marked. I know Dario Farrucci has apparently designed a lot of different patterns since I’ve seen other patterns on eBay that were designed by him. I just went down and looked at a salad plate, a sugar bowl, a mug, and a regular bowl and they all just say Dario Farrucci Designs on them, along with the words Handcrafted and Handpainted. I couldn’t get to the dinner plates without moving a lot of dishes so not sure what they say on the back. When I purchased this dishware years ago, maybe the name Ma Maison was on the price sticker/label. Not sure how I knew that was the pattern unless it was on the label.

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