Dining Room Venetian Glass Mirror

Welcome to the 179th Metamorphosis Monday!

Greetings!  I have a small Before and After to share this week.  A few years ago,  around Christmastime, I hung a glittery wreath atop the Venetian glass mirror in my dining room. (Click for Christmas table setting.)

I liked the look so much I left it there year ’round. (Click for Thanksgiving table setting)  But lately the wreath has begun to look a little dull, which is okay because I’m ready for a change.  You know that feeling…when something you’ve enjoyed for years begins to feel kind of stale.

Good-bye glittery wreath, Hello open mirror!

I moved the cake pedestal to the kitchen and I’m enjoying a large domed pedestal here instead.  The domed pedestal is part of a set I bought a few months back at a local Home Decorators Collection store when they were having a huge sale.  I first saw them in a wonderful vignette at Miss Mustard Seed and went on a search to find them.  Do you do that…see something on a blog, love it and the search begins?

The smaller of the two domed pedestals is still in the office, adding a bit of summer decorating fun.  The oar found its way down to the screened-in porch as seen in this post: A Shell Wreath for the Porch.

The pedestals are food safe so they are great for serving yummy desserts when friends come by for an evening on the porch.   This pic was taken back in April and I just barely remembered to take a photo before we dove in.  I can remember about when this pic was taken because of the floral arrangement behind it.  Do you recognize it from “The Lure of Honeysuckle” tablescape?    (Tart and chocolate cake are from Trader Joes.)

I’m starting to toy with the idea of painting the dining room a new color.  Before I painted the dining room red, the walls were covered in wallpaper and the mirror was lost in the pattern.  So, if I change the color, it will most likely be another solid color that will still create a nice contrast with the mirror.   Wonder if I’d miss the red.   Ummm, just thinking out loud..nothing firm, yet.   But then, that’s how it always starts. 😉


Looking forward to all the Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. Susan,

    Hello my wonderful friend! It was amazing to meet you at Haven. You are genuine and authentic and so inspirational!


    PS I can’t believe I am number one 🙂 The first time EVER at a linky party!

  2. Hi Susan! I love your red walls. We have a similar color in our family room. After living with it for the last 3 years though, I’ve been thinking about repainting too. Good luck with your decision and thank you for hosting.

  3. Good morning Susan, love your mirror – and I most especially love the pedestal domes – really beautiful. I am very partial to red dining rooms, having one myself and know that painting red means a few layers of paint – in my decor ‘likes’ I have been leaning toward lighter colors – so perhaps one day – I’ll watch you to see how things go! 🙂
    I hope you have a blessed week,

  4. Gorgeous mirror. Love the wreath but I know that feeling of “over it.” Then the dreams start forming. Love the red, but know that you’ll come up with something that will inspire us all. Thanks as always for sharing. ~CJ

  5. Susan….so wonderful to have met you at Haven and spend wonderful dinners with you….I feel like I was sandwiched between two of my all time favorites and wondering “is this a dream”…?….You are as wonderful as your blog and hope to meet up with you again…..Now, the buffet is beautiful…Have always admired your gorgeous dining room…Have you thought about a soft blue color for the room?….I am thinking of that color for mine….See so many gorgeous dining rooms with traditional furnishings as mine and yours painted that wonderful soft blue….I am painting my bedroom SW Silvermist…have only painted my bathroom so far with that color…so on to the rest of the bedroom suite….Love your home…it is beautiful on the inside and out just like you!

    • Thanks so much, Shirley! It was wonderful meeting you, dear friend! It was all surreal, wasn’t it…seeing folks in person for the first time after becoming such good friends online over the years. I’m already looking forward to next year. I was thinking about a blue…a bold blue. Wish I had all the windows/light Mary Carol Garrity has in her dining room. Love that room!

  6. Oh my gosh! That mirror is STUNNING!! I bet it’s just happy as can be without the wreath!

  7. Good Morning Susan, I, too LOVE your mirror! Thanks so much for hosting each week! XO, Aimee

  8. I love the mirror and the pedestal domes are lovely. After having a red dining room for over 15 years I too am ready for a change and the painter is coming Wednesday to make it happen. I’m basically a red/white/blue person so changing the wall color to a nice blue will fit right in with the rest of my house. Your taste and mine are very similiar and I love reading your blog, it’s like coming home to a lovelier home with slightly different furnishings and decorations. I get a smile on my face every time I visit your blog.

    • Awww, thanks Sallie! Appreciate that so much! Take lots of before and after pics…I would love to see it! Blue was the first color that popped into my head last night when I first started thinking about a change. It will take me a while to work up the nerve to paint over it…took many hours to paint it red. Ha!

  9. Such a beautiful mirror, Susan! It’s funny how the wreath wasn’t huge, but once removed it really opens up the mirror. Love, love those pedestals and domes. Any colors in mind at all?

    Thanks for hosting!

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous mirror!!! I would love to have that in my dining room. Thanks for hosting again this week!

  11. Your dining room is so beautiful and I love that mirror. The pedestals and domes look amazing also. Great find. Thanks so much for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  12. How funny! I JUST finished changing my dining room from red to a paler color. I had it red for 10 yrs and was just ready for a change. I didn’t even realize how much I would love it. Take a look and it might give you an idea of how it could appear…sometimes that’s helpful. The mirror is so gorgeous. I dream of two Venetian mirrors for our master bath someday.
    Blessings, Lorraine

  13. Love the changes to the mirror. It is a fresh look and I think you will choose a great color for the room.
    The domes are elegant. Yes, I understand about seeing something and going on a search. I went on the hunt and found the beehive covered soups you used. I found four, which is exactly what I needed. I need to do a table with them. We have used them often but not in a photo ready setting. I absolutely love them.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Ginger

  14. Love the new look, Susan!…Spooks

  15. Thanks for hosting another terrific Met Monday! I have always loved that mirror in your dining room. The red is wonderful, but I am curious to see what other color you might choose…….whatever it is, I know it will be amazing and will be sure to take the blog-world by storm. Jane

  16. Gee Singh Newbanks says

    Luv the newly ‘opened’ up mirror. We have been ‘redoing’ the house over the last few weeks. Will have to post pix. Our dining room was red on the lower half of chair rail and I was ready for a change. The mne however wanted it left as is. After putting up new crisp white trim and redoing the upper half of the wall, I tend to agree and the red remains. 😀
    I can really relate on seeing something and going on a hunt.. hahahhaaa.. I luv the thrill and the high of the find.
    Your dining room is luvly… but then I am a BIG fan of your Blog 😀
    Cheers.. Gee

  17. Thanks for hosting! Little Bit

  18. Debbie refreshrestyle says

    That mirror is awesome!
    I am so glad I got to meet you at Haven! It was wonderful!
    Thanks for hosting,

  19. Your mirror is really beautiful. I love the red walls, but change can be good.
    Thank you for hosting!

  20. Hi Susan! Atho I have been away for a few weeks, I have continued to read and be inspired from you creativity. Thank you! The gold mirror is stunning, a real show stopper. The table is fabulous! ,a little Victorian, a little Colonial. Happy 4th!

  21. Elizabeth says

    Beautiful space..I love your table lamps – do you remember the brand and where you purchased them?

    • Hi Elizabeth, A store that’s no longer in business now, used to have a warehouse sale periodically. I bought the silverplate lamps at one of their warehouse sales…the mirror, too. That was probably 15-16 years ago now…long time. Their prices were amazing…miss those sales!

  22. Susan, I have loved your mirror since the first time I saw it. I have a weak spot for mirrors. It looks amazing shinning against your vibrant red wall! Last year I removed the wallpaper from my dinning room and painted 10″stripes above my chair rail. Above and below the chair rail is painted a burlap color in egg shell. The trim is white semi-gloss and the stripes are just a shade darker than the burlap in a semi-gloss. I am very pleased with how it turned out. If would like to see a pix sent me an e-mail. I love your blog, you are one of the few that I subscribe to and have on FB. Thanks for all the love you put into each post you do. Vikki in Virginia

  23. Susan,
    Look forward to seeing how your dining room will transform. Love the mirror, it’s beautiful!
    Thanks again for hosting, I always love to come to your linky parties.
    Have a great week!

  24. Susan,
    It was a real pleasure meeting you at Haven. You are exactly the way I imagined you to be-warm, kind, and so personable! Your blog was one of the first ones I started reading, so it was a dream come true to actually meet you. Your dining room is gorgeous now, but I can really see the bold blue, and you mirror would be stunning on it as well.

    • Thanks Jane! I felt the same way about you! It was so wonderful to finally meet you after chatting back and forth so often. You are a love! Leo was so much fun! He was so brave to subject himself to all those squealing, happy women. lol I’m already looking forward to next year!

  25. All I know is that your mirror is a show stopper! I always think it is interesting that fast food chains utilize warmer colors – yellows, reds and oranges as part of the their color schemes to energize patrons and speed things up. Interesting thoughts as you consider new colors.

    • Cheryl, that’s so true. I first fell in love with the red Raspberry Truffle color on a home tour…it was in a small cozy den with a roaring fireplace. Made me wish I had a small den like that. 🙂

  26. Hi Susan,
    I love your dining room. The Christmas tablescape is one of my all time favorites. And, I love the look of your blog. When I log in to your blog, the mouse-over of the beautiful tablescapes and current posts is amazing… The presentation is fabulous. Thank you for your inspiration in blogland.

  27. Ok – I am completely drooling all over my laptop now, Susan! Your dining room is totally gorgeous and your Venetian Mirror is swoon-worthy! I have been crushing on these mirrors for years and some day I will have one of my hope! Until then I will admire yours!! Thanks for hosting and have a great week 🙂 Heather

  28. Hi Susan! I love your mirror, it is stunning! Hope I can find a similar some day. I love your chandy too, although I have an antique Italian from my MD’s gift this past May. I’m, loving the glass cloches and pedestals. You have a goergeous dining room..my fav room in the house! Have a great week.

  29. Yes, I totally get it! I have had a red dining room for so long (the walls are a taupe but everything else is red!) and it is now just driving me nuts. I have been pinning photos of dining rooms for inspiration and they are all quite neutral. Just this morning I was ordering new buffet shades. 🙂

  30. Hi, Susan!
    Your Venetian glass mirror looks great anyway! With OR without the wreath!
    (Even though sometimes the saying “Less is more” can really be true!)
    Susan, if I were you, I would certainly miss the red walls at Christmas time!sigh…
    Hugs from Germany!

  31. I like your little changes. I don’t know why, but periwinkle popped in my head for your dining room!
    I have a yellow/golden toned living room that I’m ready to change. Can’t decide to what though! I’m all
    for change- it’s freshens things up and your perspective too! Sometimes I do see something on a blog that inspires me to go out shopping! That’s part of the fun!

  32. How long has the room been red? The red makes the room very formal. You have such great taste I will be interested to see what you decide. I am turning to the color green in the lighter hues myself. There is a poem or saying, “when I am old I will wear purple.” So, I guess I am still ok since I am favoring green.

    Please tell me more about the food-safe pedestal. Do you mean the cake is sitting directly on the platter? How do you know it is food-safe? Does it say? I have a couple of pieces that I don’t know if it is or not.

    • Madonna,
      It’s been red for about 7 years. Green is one of the other colors I’m thinking about. Probably not the soothing green I have on the porch and in the office, though…something more lively. 🙂
      Yep, I placed it directly on the pedestal. Here’s the product description: “Our Cafe de Flore Glass Domes are an exceptional way to display your favorite sweets or appetizers at your next gathering. The food-safe mirror plateaus are topped with glass domes, creating the perfect environment for food items.”
      I just noticed they are currently on sale, too! http://www.homedecorators.com/P/Cafe_de_Flore_Glass_Domes_-_Set_of_2/250/

  33. Talking about searching for something after seeing it on a blog…I believe it was your Christmas tablescape a couple of years ago that had me searching for salt cellars and a sugar scuttle. I was able to find a set of 6 cellars with their tiny sterling silver spoons and a beautiful sugar scuttle with it’s scoop. They are some of my favorite table trinkets 🙂

  34. Your mirror is gorgeous! Thanks for hosting 🙂

  35. Susan,
    I did the same with my red dining room turned Living Room. I loved the red, but had had it for some time and just felt it was time. I have since had it painted two more times. LOL I think I may have found the perfect blue I love.
    You have such beautiful furniture and accessories to work with, I can’t imagine that any color would not look good.

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally meet you at Haven. I had a wish to meet you, Kim and and Rhoda. Check, check, check. Now if I can just meet Michael. 🙂 I enjoyed spending time with you and going to dinner. I can’t help but giggle when I remember how we bugged out on one of the sessions. 🙂

    Thanks, as always, for hosting this party. Have a great week, xxoo Barb

  36. Susan,
    Love that beautiful mirror!Your chandy is gorgeous too!Thank you for hosting.

  37. Thank you so much for hosting! After many years of warm colors and reds, I have just gone to a dark beige wall, neutral sofa, and lots of cooler colors, aqua, kelly green, white, and mustard. It’s a leap but worth it. Good luck with your decision 🙂 No matter what you choose it will be lovely, hugs- Tanya

  38. must love junk says

    I couldn’t believe when I read your post-in my post that I’m linking up I talk about possibly changing our red walls in our office, to gray! Sometimes we just itch for a change…thanks for hosting 🙂

  39. Happy to have hooked up to your party, even if I’m late to it! ; )
    Thanks for hosting, again.

  40. Hi Susan! I’m thinking about changing a wall color, too. It’s a big decision! I’ll probably have 6 colors samples up and study them for 6 months as usual! lol Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  41. Il est bon parfois de faire du changement…
    Votre miroir sera toujours merveilleux dans un cadre différent…

    Gros bisous à vous…

  42. Thanks for hosting! It looks like a whole new mirror! And I love those domed pedestals, empty and filled with beachy items! Have a great week! 🙂

  43. Thanks so much for hosting – I have the same wreath on my mirror over the buffet as well!!!!
    Gorgeous dining room!

  44. Where did you get your Venetian Glass Mirror and your wreath I love them both.

  45. Also what size is your mirror.

  46. Gorgeous Mirror! Thanks so much for hosting!

  47. Susan your dining room is gorgeous! I love everything about it! Do you know who makes the chandelier? It’s beautiful! I know everyone is going light with color schemes, but I still just like color! The mirror really pops on the red wall. I don’t think all the white/gray colored rooms will last long- too boring. Thanks for posting your beautiful room!

    • Thanks, Lauren! Well, there’s a little story behind the chandelier. When I used to attend Home Shows at the World Congress Center, I always saw a gentleman there selling chandeliers. He would take your order, and using the best crystal, build your chandelier to order. I couldn’t afford it the first year I saw him there but the next year I went for it! This particular chandelier design is one he created by blending the best design from two different chandeliers. A previous customer showed him pictures of two chandeliers and he built it from those two pictures. I wish I knew who she was…I would thank her for that! It was exactly what I had pictured in my mind. I know he lives or lived in a small town in Georgia but I haven’t been able to locate his card or I’d be happy to share. He even came and installed it personally for a very small charge. If I go to another home show at the WCC in Atlanta and see him there, I’ll be sure to let you know. When/if I ever move, there are a few light fixtures I plan to take with me, and that’s one of them. 🙂

      • Please do Susan, I’d love to use him, it’s stunning…you definitely should take it with you if you ever move!!

  48. Susan,
    Don’t know if it is just me but I can’t see the party? Did I miss something? Love to read and see the before and afters.


  49. Such an elegant dining room, love it.

  50. I can’t see the pictures from the party either… 🙁

    • Karen, somehow the “script” had changed…not sure why since I didn’t alter it. I just recopied it back over from InLinkz and you can see the links again. So strange that it did that. Thanks for letting me know.

  51. Your dining room is beautiful but I understand the need to change. My kitchen has been red for about 7 years now and I’m thinking of going with the color in your kitchen. Sugar cookie? I need lighter and airier feel. Was going to paint last summer while on break but decided to keep mine for 1 more Christmas!! How funny. Now its time. I’m going to keep a close eye on your color choice.

  52. Doesn’t it feel so good when we make even the simplest of changes? Looking Good!
    Thanks for hosting the party, I can tell there is lots of great places to visit. Kathy

  53. Thanks for the link party — love your blog!

  54. Love your dining room, I have a very similar mirror in my dining room, my wall are a dark blue, but my mirror is on another mirror. At one time the dining room had been a hairdressing salon and the wall was mirrored, when I redid the dining room, I put the mirror on top of the mirror, their is sconces on each side too, really is pretty, I have to blog it, then I also have a star mirror on the ceiling. Loved your dining room, thank you for sharing…

  55. My husband and I really like red dining rooms but finding just the “right red” is difficult. Do you know the name/ brand of your red? We like it!


    • Hi Jane, Yep, it’s Raspberry Truffle by Benjamin Moore. It’s an older color…I painted my dining quite a few years ago, but I’m sure they still have the formula and could mix it for you. I saw it in a small den/family room while on a Christmas home tour one year and loved it…was determined to find a place for it in my home.

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