Dior Tribales Earrings & Diptyque Candles: The Shops Buckhead Atlanta

I almost named this post, Atlanta’s Rodeo Drive, (Ha!) but I’ve never been shopping on Rodeo Drive so I’m not exactly sure which stores one would find there, or, how many. I bet it’s a lot, though!

Between Lenox SquarePhipps Plaza and The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, Atlanta is doing pretty well in the “luxury-shopping” arena. Although Atlanta still doesn’t have a Chanel Boutique (you’ll have to visit Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus to ogle and stroke the Chanel handbags) it does have a Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Gucci, Dior, Cartier and even an Hermes. Not too shabby!

While scrolling through pictures on Instagram, have you ever come across the hashtag: #instagrammademedoit? Well, I’m totally blaming a recent shopping excursion I took to The Shops Buckhead Atlanta (henceforth called “The Shops”) on YouTube. Maybe THAT’S what I should have named this post: #youtubemademedoit! 😉

Many of the fashion bloggers I’ve been following on YouTube over the past year, have posted videos sharing a “reveal” or “unboxing” of Dior’s Tribales Pearl Earrings. (See two videos HERE and HERE.) Do you know about Tribales earrings? I’m very late in learning about them. The first time I saw them, I was intrigued by their unique design. From what I’ve read Dior first introduced them in 2012. Since then, they have come out with quite a few variations on the original resin pearl style.

Before hopping in the car for the drive down to The Shops, I made a call to Dior and confirmed they did indeed have the earrings in stock. These days you do not drive into Atlanta without first checking out the latest traffic report (I-85 is still missing its bridge!) and without first checking to see if the store has the item you wish to purchase.

Tip: If you drive into Buckhead to shop at  any of the boutiques in The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, the best place to park is a parking garage that’s on the street behind Hermes. I can’t remember the name of the street, but it’s directly behind Hermes. You can park there free for 3 hours if you just remember to have one of the shops you go in give you a little validation ticket that’s you’ll slip into the little machine as you’re leaving the garage. There’s also Valet Parking right in front of the Dior boutique. I’ve never used it since the garage is right there in the heart of everything. Note: If you stay longer than 3 hours, the garage parking costs $8 for an additional 2 hours of parking.

I have found that three hours is more than enough time if you’re just running in a few shops because the garage is very, very close. One of the doors from the garage deposits you right where all the boutiques are located. It takes me maybe about 45 seconds to walk from the garage to Hermes–it’s that close. I love how they’ve thought out the parking situation so well, makes it a joy to shop in this area.

I’ve only visited The Shops once before and that was to check out the glasses/frames in Warby Parker and to purchase a Clic H bracelet in Hermes. I didn’t take the time to walk around the area that day, so on my recent visit I decided to do a bit of exploring. What I found really surprised and delighted me. We have some really great shops here now–I had no idea!

Of course, Hermes is here. It’s the boutique I’m most excited to see here in Atlanta. The more I learn about Hermes and purchase/use their products, the more impressed I am with this company. If you ever visit this location, be sure and ask for Sung Choe. She is wonderful, so nice and so knowledgeable! She’s also super helpful if you’re trying to make a decision regarding styles/colors, etc… Loved working with her when I was there on Friday.


They just made a pretty significant change to how they make their iconic Avalon blanket. Anyone remember seeing it in this episode of Sex and the City? It’s the episode where Carrie’s friends are trying to comfort her after Big has left her at the altar. This blanket also tends to show up in a lot of the shelter magazines–designers love using it.


Hermes changed the wool/cashmere blend of their Avalon blanket, changes that have made it even softer and fluffier. It also helped reduce any issues with pilling, a problem that can happen with a wool/cashmere blend.


During my exploring around The Shops, I came across a Jonathan Adler store. I didn’t go inside but definitely plan to check it out on a future trip.


There’s a Jimmy Choo store…


…and a Christian Louboutin boutique. I did take time to go inside Christian Louboutin because I wanted to see if they had a pair of loafers I had seen online at Nordstrom. I’ve always been afraid to buy a pair of CL shoes because of all the horror stories I’ve heard from fashion YouTubers regarding how painful they are to wear, but those are always the high heels that they are lamenting over.

They didn’t have the loafers in stock in my size but I did get to see them and try on a pair that was 1/2 size too big. They were super cute on and looked great with the black jeggings I was wearing.


During my visit I spotted Nars, Les Copains, Robert Talbott and Diptyque. The only one of these stores that I was familiar with was Diptyque, again from YouTube.


I decided to go in and the friendly staff immediately greeted me. One sales associate asked if she could help. I told her I had never tried one of their candles but would love to purchase a couple since I’d heard such great things. She helped me select two candles and since I had never had a Diptyque candle, she recommended I start with their smallest size candle before committing to a larger, more expensive version. That left a great impression because it showed she was looking out for my best interest and not just trying to make a sale.

After sniffing several, I went with these two below: Baies and Feu de Bois. I only purchased the two candles, the other items are goodies they tucked into my bag. I had no idea they had done that until I got home and looked inside the bag. So nice!

Baies is their most popular fragrance and their number one seller, so I definitely wanted to give that one a try. Feu de Bois is very much a woodsy “fire-burning-in-the-fireplace” smell. I burned the Baies candle this evening and it was wonderful. I’m going to try the Feu de Bois tomorrow.


Wow, just discovered an amazing sale! Wish I had waited and bought these. You get 5 for less than what I paid for 2! Arggg! I think I’ll purchase the set below, that’s too good a deal to pass up! You’ll find it here: Diptyque 5-Candle Set.http://bit.ly/2qpqEnu

The sales associate in Diptyque said to be sure and trim the wick whenever it starts getting too long. That keeps the candle from burning too fast, thus wasting it. It’s also safer. I purchased a wick trimmer this evening here: Wick Trimmer.

I don’t know why I’ve never purchased one of these before! In the past I have always trimmed the wick with scissors and it almost always ended up falling down into the wax where it’s usually impossible to fish back out. Definitely looking forward to using these instead.

There’s a Tom Ford in The Shops Buckhead, Atlanta. I was tempted to go in to check out the Tom Ford fragrances but decided I’d save that for another time. Not sure what was further down past Tom Ford, I’ll have to explore that direction another day.


I was excited to discover Atlanta now has a Tod’s. I couldn’t get a great picture, but that’s it on the right under the gold lettering. I’ve been hoping to one day visit a Tod’s because several YouTubers I follow rave about their shoes, especially their “driving” shoes.


The driving shoes come in a ton of colors. The suede ones felt so luxurious!

See the little rubber dots on the backs of the heels. I always wondered why those were there…they are on the sole, too. Now I get it, they are “driving” shoes, shoes designed for those who travel by motor car. So I’m guessing the little rubber dots on the bottom and running up the back of the heel must help cushion the foot and keep it from accidentally slipping while driving.


The sales associate told me they make them in both a hard sole and a soft sole. The hard soles are better for outdoor wear. I bet the style with the soft sole would be nice for those long 9-hour drives I make to Ohio. I didn’t take time to try on a pair, but I would like to do that on another trip back.


I finally made my way over to Dior, the whole reason for this trip into Atlanta. Hard to see, but it says “Dior” on the wall behind the tall lantern. While inside I purchased a pair of the original pearl-style Tribales earrings.


It’s always so interesting to see how a company packages up the items you purchase. The sales associate prepared the package in a little room/alcove back behind the counter, so I couldn’t see exactly how it was going to look. Let’s open it together!


I removed the ribbon and lifted the lid to find this.


Breaking the seal and peeling back the crisp white paper I found this.


Lifting the top of the velvet pouch, I found the earrings tucked inside a small mesh pocket. This is my  first pair of Dior earrings, actually my first Dior anything. Well, that’s not entirely true, I have purchased their wonderful Nail Glow fingernail polish. I love it and just bought another bottle recently. (Nail Glow is available here: Nail Glow.)


Here’s how they look in a photo from the Dior website. 


You can see how they look when worn in this photo of Emma Watson at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards in January 2014. The larger pearl goes behind the ear and peeks out below the earlobe. I think the only place these earrings are available to purchase is in a Dior Boutique. I couldn’t find them online anywhere. I’m guessing the boutiques probably ship for those who don’t live nearby.

Original source unknown

Here’s a photo of Rihanna wearing them and it shows how they look from the front. That’s probably my favorite view of them…from the front.


Over the years, Dior has come out with many versions of the tribales earring. I really like these…such a pretty shade of pink!


This year they’ve designed a pair with cute bees. Of course, the pearl version is always available since it’s the original style of the Tribales earring. I’ve worn mine almost every day since I purchased them. They are one of the few earrings that actually shows up behind my thick hair. Usually when I wear earrings, they end up hidden behind my hair.

Thanks for coming along on this little shopping trip. Hope you enjoyed this excursion into the The Shops Buckhead Atlanta. It’s a good thing The Shops is a 30-35 minute drive from my home, otherwise I’d be tempted to visit more often which could prove fatal for my pocketbook! lol

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Happy Weekend!



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  1. Barbara H says:

    You found some wonderful pretties. I was curious as to what fashion You Tubers you follow. The photos of the Atlanta shops were interesting in that the streets looked so much like Beverly Hills. Must have been a fun day.

    • It would be fun to visit Beverly Hills just to go in the shops. I wonder if they were going for a BH look when they designed The Shops, Buckhead Atlanta.
      The YouTubers I enjoy the most are Lydia Elise Millen, Rachiella and Justine Leconte Officiel. Lydia has the cutest personality and she’s a delight to watch. She’s a lot younger than me so some of the clothes she wears are a bit too young for me, but I love seeing her handbag unboxings. She’s the first one I saw wearing the Dior Tribales earrings, they look really good on her.

      Just Jennifer is a great one to watch, also. She’s got a really cute personality and creates some really interesting and informative videos! She’s currently doing a complete closet makeover, so it’s interesting watching her go through the process.

      Once you watch a video, YouTube will suggest others that are similar down the right hand side of the screen, so that’s a great way to find others to check out.

    • Barbara, I forgot to say, to find any of those YouTubers on YouTube, just search for them by name on YouTube and they should pop up. If that doesn’t work, Google their name and it will definitely pop up in Google. I don’t watch every video they make because sometimes it’s not about anything that interests me, but those are the ones that I subscribe to and enjoy the most.

  2. Those earrings remind me of the ‘jackets’ that were available in the 90s, remember those? I love pearls, those are classic. Love the driving mocs, too. You NEED those! #ritamademedoit lol

    • lol The driving mocs aren’t that expensive, well, as compared to some designer shoes, so I may eventually add a pair to my closet. They felt so nice and just looked amazingly comfortable! I think they were originally created for those who travel via automobile so they were going for comfort in the design. I guess that’s why they have the rubber bumps on the bottom, to help grip that gas/brake pedal.

  3. Cynthia Raines says:

    I love pearl earrings – they are just so classy. I wear mine that I inherited from my mother-in-law all the time. They go with everything. I guess I’m behind the times, as I was not aware of this new style. The bee version is really cute! Happy for you with your new purchase. Going to see Trader’s Joe’s today for my first time visit as it’s an hour away. I’m excited. hehe. Happy Saturday!

    • I do, too! I don’t have a good pair of traditional pearl earrings. I really should invest in a good pair sometime. I had never seen these either, but their whimsy caught my eye. They are not actual pearls, just something fun. I was concerned at first they were a “trendy” item, I try to stay away from trends since trends don’t last. But they are still super popular 5 years after first appearing, so I think they will be around for several more years. They’ve kinda become an iconic piece for Dior now.

  4. Thanks for taking us to the swanky stores in Atlanta. What fun! I would love to have one of those Hermes throws!!! I love your style, the clothes you put together are classic. I always look forward to your “packing lists” for trips. These earrings however, I don’t care for at all. To me they look like keloids. Sorry, no offense meant, just a different opinion. 🙂 My mother would be so unhappy with me for even mentioning it. ….If you can’t say something nice, don’t say……you know.

    • lol Janet, I kinda felt that way the first time I saw them, so I know what you mean. But they look soooo cute on Lydia Elise Millen, especially from the front in her videos, that I began seriously loving how they looked. You can see her wearing another pair (not the pearl ones) in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1tKRqhqyVg
      She has both the pearl ones and another pair that’s the open cannage design that is so representative of Dior handbags.
      I think I like them best when they are worn with the hair down. They are definitely a bit different, a fun take on pearl earrings.

  5. Susan,

    I just want to say that I love reading your posts. You always provide us with great information about the items, you have the related links right there and the pictures are amazing. Not to mention that you are introducing us to so many new and wonderful products! Whether it’s travel, fashion, home decor or electronic; I always learn something new. Thank you so much!

  6. Very interesting post. Would you be willing to share the fashion youtubers you follow?

    • Sure! Someone else asked that question so if it’s okay, I’ll just copy/paste the answer I just wrote back to them since it was the same question. Also, the YouTubers listed below can be found by searching for their name on YouTube or by Googling their names.

      Here ya go:

      The YouTubers I enjoy the most are Lydia Elise Millen, Just Jennifer and Justine Leconte Officiel.

      Lydia has the cutest personality and she’s a delight to watch. She’s a lot younger than me so some of the clothes she wears are a bit too young for me, but I love seeing her handbag unboxings. She’s the first one I saw wearing the Dior Tribales earrings, they look really good on her. (See her mention/show the earrings in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvpoqEjRG38&t=134s) Couldn’t find the video where she unboxed them for the first time.

      Just Jennifer is a great one to watch, also. She’s got a really cute personality and creates some really interesting and informative videos! She’s currently doing a complete closet makeover, so it’s interesting watching her go through the process.

      Once you watch a video, YouTube will suggest others that are similar down the right hand side of the screen, so that’s a great way to find others to check out.

  7. I’d say the Shops Buckhead could very well be called Atlanta’s Rodeo Drive. I visited Rodeo Drive once. Those of us here in St. John’s, Florida can only dream of a place like The Shops or drive to Atlanta. Our shopping is getting better here than in years past but nothing like Atlanta or South Florida.

  8. Linda Page says:

    I love the bee earrings. So cute!!! The driving shoes look wonderful! You found some great stuff as usual!!!

  9. LOVED this post!!!!! My husband and I travel to Atlanta for business trips and we always stay in Buckhead. I’ve never been to The Shops but will next time we go up. I am loving those Dior earrings especially the one with the bee and I will definitely try those candles. I like a clean fresh woodsy fragrance too. Thank you for sharing this.

    Carolyn/A Southerner’s Notebook

    • Thanks, Carolyn! In addition to The Shops, Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square Mall are both great, too. It’s a good thing I don’t live too close to those! lol

  10. You are officially a “DIOR Diva!!” You done good!! xxx

  11. Always enjoy your blog and all the cute things you find to buy!
    How much are those earrings anyway? thx so much

    • They are right around $400, definitely the most I’ve ever paid for earrings but worth it since I loved the style so much. They’ll have to do until I win the lottery and can buy some diamond stud earrings. 😉 Har, har!

  12. That was a different “field trip” from the usual, and quite fun. How would you describe, and pronounce, the Baies candle?

    • That is a very good question! lol When I was standing in the shop looking at them all with the sales associate, I just pointed to it and told her I recognized that one from seeing it in a bunch of YouTube videos. That’s when she told me it was their biggest seller.

      A lot of their candles have French names.

      I’m so glad you asked because I just googled and found this : “Baies, pronounced, simply, ‘Bay,’ is a French term of endearment, meaning sweetie, or some such.”
      (I found that statement here: http://beautyshallsavetheworld.com/2012/01/dip-into-the-world-of-diptyque-for-valentines-weddings-and-beyond/

      That sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

      • baies means berries in french, I’ve never heart it being used as a term of endearment (in that case the singular baie (berry) would make much more sense anyway)

        • Oh, Tina…that makes more sense. Thanks for clearing that up. Now that you’ve told me that, I think I remember the sales person saying it’s a word for berries. 🙂

  13. Linda Slattery says:

    Once again, Susan, thank you for exposing us to so many wonderful new products and places. Likely not the kind of places I would be shopping in, but I certainly enjoyed tagging along with you while sitting in bed, on a cold and windy Nebraska morning. And frankly between your recommendations and the availability of the internet, I never say never!! Also, kudos to your fan who spoke up and with kindness said she was not fond of the earrings. Our mothers did teach us right, but it’s still ok to have an opinion.

  14. It’s so much fun to shop with you! I have those earrings. Get a lot of compliments when wearing. The driving Mocs look nice. I never thought of watching utube! Thank you, I’m going to check out these designers. Love your blogs. Always look forward to opening.

    • Thanks so much, Dawne! Oh, that is so nice about the compliments. I know it always makes my day when someone compliments something I’m wearing and love. 🙂

  15. (Sigh). I felt as if I was right there with you. The plaza looked rather empty. Where were all the shoppers?

    • You know, I wondered the same thing. I went on early Friday morning to avoid crowds, but I didn’t expect it to be that empty. I wonder if folks are staying away because of the traffic disaster(s) in Atlanta right now with the I-85 bridge gone. That area isn’t that far away from where the bridge collapsed. It took me a long time to get down West Paces Ferry to where the shops are located. I’ve never seen West Paces Ferry so backed up, but then I haven’t been down in a while. The traffic is just a mess right now all over Atlanta as people try to figure out how to get around. Also, the day I went, I think they had shut down part of another road…I think Piedmont Road because they were doing something related to the I-85 bridge. So maybe folks were just trying to stay away. There weren’t that many people around, just a few here and there in the surrounding restaurants.

  16. Hi,

    Love the earrings, so very pretty!

    I don’t know how but your blogs seem to end up in my junk mail folder! I have now just signed up again to receive them, let’s hope they go into the inbox!

    Thanks for all the very interesting info and photos!


  17. Hi Susan- I love how you brought some more new-to-me products to your blog! I’ve been doing research on fashionable clothes and bags to update my wardrobe but jewelry is something I needed a little help on! I’ll check out thise videos.I would never have known about or thought twice about those Dior earrings but they are cute! (FYI- I got a pair of beautiful Mikimoto stud pearl earrings when I got married and they have been a true staple in what little jewelry I wear- they are as beautiful as ever and its been decades since I bought them). Thanks for giving us a look at the shops in Atlanta too! Your blog is the only way I would be able to see how it looks today since I probably won’t see Atlanta anytime soon! I was just wondering…do the stores have a “no photo” policy on the inside or did you just not think about taking pictures for the blog of some items that may have caught your eye? I would be so curious to see what the inside of a Hermes store or the Dior store looks like. I’ve never been in one- truth be told I’m a little nervous of how to act since I never would be able to afford to actually buy anything ;))).

    • I never really asked. The only time I asked was when I was in Hermes, I asked my sales associate if I could take photos of two blankets because I was hoping to buy one at some point. I was having trouble choosing which color I liked. She was happy to let me do that. I also took some photos of a few coin purses that Hermes makes because I need one and they had them in so many cute colors, I couldn’t make up mind which one I should get. Then when I got to Tod’s, I asked to take a photo of the shoes because I wanted to remember all the colors in case I later want to start planning to purchase a pair. I don’t think they mind if you take a photo of a product, they seemed fine with that. I’m not sure they would like me taking a photo of the rooms, though. I’m just not sure. I may get up the nerve to ask one day. lol I’d love to share more of the shops with you all…just not how they would feel about that. I’ve heard some vloggers on YouTube say that they were fussed at in Louis Vuitton for trying to video tape while in there. Of course, that’s a bit different from taking a few photos. But I still don’t know how the stores would feel about that. I made sure to ask permission before I photographed the products I was interested in personally.

  18. Beautiful stores! I shopped RD last year when I flew to LA to help my friend’s daughter select a wedding dress. It’s fun! The Atlanta shops look like elegant places to spend money. ‘-) We have a small shopping area here called the Domain. It has some of these shops, but not all.
    Glad you found your earrings. The bees are adorable!

    • Oh gosh, I would just love to stroll up and down and check out some of the stores. I’m sure I’d just be window shopping, but it would be fun to visit! Those bee ones are cute! They didn’t have them in stock at Dior, so I didn’t get to see them in person…just saw them online at their website.

  19. Love this post with all the information.
    Love your Dior earrings. They are gorgeous!! Enjoy them for many years.
    Hmmmm? Mother’s day is coming up. It may be a toss up between these or a new stone birdbath for the garden! 🙂

  20. ~Susan~

    Love the earrings with the bee ! and the Tods driving shoes would be super nice to have !! What a pretty area for shopping!
    You sure you haven’t already won the Lottery ?? you are such a shopper!! hehe


  21. Now I know I’ve lost the shopping gene somewhere along the way. I had never even heard of tribale earrings until now. It’s obviously time to renewal my subscription to Vogue. LOL. Thanks for the shopping expedition! Cherry Kay

  22. Kathleen says:

    Thank you so much for your posts. You’ve really helped me get the most out of my limited budget by emphasizing classics with fun twists. At my age, what I buy needs to be great quality that lasts. I don’t mind paying a bit more for that. I love it when you find great sales for us. I was very interested in buying the 5 candle set, but when I followed the link they weren’t there. I am guessing the sale went off or they sold out. That’s what I get for being tardy in reading your posts! I wonder if the two definitions of “baies” reflects current vs classic language usage. Re driving moccasins, have you or your readers tried Talbots version? Not designer for sure, but I wondered about comfort and quality.

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