Drop Cloth Curtains Add Privacy and Sun Control to Outdoor Spaces

Welcome to the 182nd Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend?  Hope it was relaxing and fun!  I attended an outdoor concert/dinner with friends…I have a funny picture to share soon.  In the meantime, I’m excited to share a fabulous porch makeover.  Lori, a reader of BNOTP knows how much this girl loves a great porch.   She sent some pictures of her beautiful home with its fabulous wrap-around porch my way.

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains for porch

The porch got an update recently when Lori and her hubby added curtains all the way around.

If you’ve checked the price of outdoor curtains lately, you know they are not very budget friendly.   I’m always stunned by how expensive they can be.

Porch with Curtains

That didn’t deter Lori from getting the look and function she needed and wanted for her porch.  Lori cleverly created her own outdoor curtains using 6 x 9 foot drop cloths, the kind you find in all the large hardware stores.  Let’s go up onto the porch and take a look…it’s really nice up there.

Porch with Drop Cloth Curtains

A furry friend is here waiting to greet us.  And look, Lori’s made a pot of tea for our visit!  Those rockers look so comfortable.  I think I’ll take my tea there.

Porch with Curtains

Let’s take a closer look at how Lori made her curtains.  Since the drop cloths were a bit too long for the height of the porch, Lori turned down the top to create a stylish valance.  Love this idea!

Make Drop Cloth Curtains for Outdoor Spaces and Porches

Lori hung her curtains with Mainstays Clip Rings, available for purchase at your local Wally World.  Gotta love no-sew curtains…just clip and hang!  Can you guess what the curtain rod was in its former life?   Lori and her hubby used 1/2 inch electrical conduit pipe for curtain rods.  An elbow pipe worked great for turning the corners at either end of the porch.  Is that not brilliant?

Make Drop Cloth Curtains for Outdoor Spaces and Porches

A wine cork finial added the perfect touch of whimsy!

Make Drop Cloth Curtains for Outdoor Spaces and Porches

In addition to the romantic feel and ambiance the curtains add to the porch, they also provide privacy and sun control when needed.  Lori and her hubby truly enjoy their porch.  Lori said, “My porch is my ‘getaway.”    So nice to step outside your door and feel like you’ve escaped for a mini vacation.

DIY Outdoor Curtains Made from Drop Cloths

Thanks so much to Lori for sharing her wonderful porch makeover and for showing us how we can get the look of those high-end outdoor curtains without the high-end price!

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DIY Drop cloth curtains for porch

Looking forward to your Before and Afters for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Susan,
    Love the drop cloth curtain idea! Seems like the perfect solution.
    Thanks for hosting,

  2. Jeanette says

    Did this to my porch last year and loved it. When I went to take them down for the winter they had a little mold at the bottom, last year was very wet here, We had to cut the grass 2 or 3 times a week all the way in to November. Wash and dried them they cleaned up really nice they did ended up shorter after they were washed. This year is so dry, no mold, no grass cutting……so sad!

  3. What a grand porch she has! It’s true that curtains like that do add an ambiance that gives a much grander feel. The texture and softness really just add so much. Thanks for providing us a place to link up. I enjoy seeing what everyone’s been up to!

  4. Wow! What a pretty look from the outside too! I love how she folded the cloth over for a valanced look as well. Very clever and stylish!

  5. Thanks for hosting! That porch is so quaint & charming! Love the outdoor curtains!

  6. Susan,
    My favorite part is the use of conduit for the current rods. I’ve been trying to figure out an inexpensive way to replace the cheap rods we have on our porch. This is it. Thanks.

  7. What a great idea, Susan! I’ve seen them used inside, but never thought about outside! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  8. Can never get enough of beautiful porches with curtains!!

    So glad I could link up today to your fun party- it has been a little bit since I have done so- I have been working on my creative space for months and finally have it done enough to show- is a room every truly finished? Already have another dozen things I would like to do now but it’s off to another part of the house now – so many rooms- so little time!

    bee blessed

  9. Love this–such a great low-cost way to add ambiance to a porch or patio!


  10. Those dropcloth curtains are amazing! I love that big ole wrap-around porch! Thanks so much for hosting.

  11. Wow I love this idea but more than anything I wish I had that beautiful porch oh and that house, lovely!!!
    Thanks for hosting again Susan, you’re a peach!

  12. Not to guild the lily, but if you wanted to, a little stencil or some free hand efforts might be possible??? hmmm…
    Sheila C

  13. Wow!! Just beautiful!! Kinda makes the porch makeover I just linked up fail by comparison 😉

  14. Gorgeous porch!!! Thanks so much for hosting! XO, Aimee

  15. Michele from Finch Rest says

    WOW – her huge porch is awesome!
    Also, thank you for hosting Met Monday!

  16. Those curtains on the front porch are inspiring … believe it or not I have a full front porch with nothing on it. OK, there’s a doormat. We always say we’ve never taken advantage of the charm that porch could add to the house. This is definitely a good idea and something I need to consider. Thanks for sharing.

    Robin @ happilyhomeafter.blogspot.com

  17. what a beautiful front porch “retreat”

  18. Susan,
    What a beautiful porch! LOVE that idea for curtains too!Thank you for hosting.Have a great day!

  19. Wow, Susan, another fantastic porch, I think I would live out there! Thanks for sharing that with us. I linked a post about some pops of color I added to our dining room – thanks for hostessing the party. Hugs ~ Mary

  20. The porch is fantastic to begin with, add those curtains and it’s perfection! Love it.

    Thanks for hosting!

  21. Glenda/MidSouth says

    What a pretty place to relax.
    Thanks for hosting again this week.

  22. Good morning Susan,
    If I could add a feature to our home, it would be a wrap around porch – They are so wonderful. Keeping the sun at bay does require some curtains – her solution is perfect – adds all the more charm to her lovely home. I appreciate you hosting,

  23. Hi Susan! Oh, what a lovely porch this reader has! Love her curtains – they look good from the outside as well as the inside.
    Thank you so much for hosting. I haven’t joined your party recently because I didn’t think I had anything worthy enough. I’ve been making stuff so I couldn’t wait to party with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  24. 🙁 Can’t link up
    Getting a message that my post doesn’t link back, although the link at the bottom of the post is how I got here in the first place.

    • Cristy, take a look at your link and see if it goes to the old blogspot address. If it does, that old address will redirect you back to betweennapsontheporch.net, but InLinkz doesn’t recognize the old blogspot address. I bet your link is the old blogspot address.

      • Is that what it was 🙂
        I went through and double checked, tried again, again…edited the link… deleted and re-inserted the link…Viola`
        I have been on blogging hiatus and a little rusty around the edges, I guess. Glad to back, thanks for the speedy reply and wonderful party.

    • That was frustrating, but now we’re back in business.

      Love the porch curtains… the regional “Million Dollar Breeze” here prevents us from anything nice outdoors unless it’s practically bolted down. In Colorado no less (not the Dakotas )
      We were going to put some up using chain link fence top rails for rods last year, but the wind is just too much!

  25. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    Oh my…her porch looks outstanding!!! I too, love using these dropcloths for drapes, just can’t beat the price. I have used white sheets for drapes in my screen porch (I already had them on hand). Thanks for hosting Susan.


  26. Susan, I love these DIY curtains. I have to try this on my porch! Thanks for sharing such a great idea and hosting another great party!

  27. Susan,

    My linky image isn’t showing up from over an hour ago, but the link is there? It says the image is still processing. I’ve never had that happen before? Thanks for hosting and I do love the porch. I was wanting to do something similar for my back porch! Now I have a better idea of how it will look and what I need!


  28. Beautiful! I purchased some drop cloths a while back to make for our pavilion, another project still needing to be done but will hopefully have done by the fall.
    Thanks for hosting~I didn’t make it to your party last week, was out of town, glad I was able to make it this week though.

  29. I just love the look of drapes on the porch…such a wonderful affordable way to get this beautiful look..!…Thanks for presenting this beautiful porch today!!!

  30. Thank you for hosting. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicateHouse

  31. Lovee Johnson-Lundy@iheartclearance says

    Thanks for hosting. The porch looks great. I have a small enclosed side porch that I need to add new curtains to…I’m going to give this a try!

  32. What a great looking porch! The curtains are a nice touch. I’ve always admired the curtains on your porch and how they sway in the breeze.

  33. must love junk says

    Thank you for hosting! 🙂

  34. I just love this porch! What a great way to add curtains, too. Thanks for hosting!

  35. Hello, Susan!
    I, too, think curtains make a porch perfect and more inviting and Lori and her hubby did a great job!
    They, too, have a beautiful porch and I LOVE their rocking chair! That’s so American! lol You know, I LOOOOOVE everything is typically American!
    And I love when readers share their pictures with you and then… with us…lol
    Unfortunately, I don’t have a porch – not yet – but – if you like – I will maybe email you some pictures of my home too, so you can see my beloved American “treasures” and my cherubs! Next time I have my wonderful son at home, I will force … oops… I meant ASK him to take some pictures and to email them to you!lol (You know, technology and I have never been “friends”…lol)
    Hugs to you!

  36. Have used drop cloths on my pergola. I love them. The fabric looks expensive when it is installed. Rain doesn’t bother the material but I do take them in during our cold and rainy winter months. One caveat, undue the drop cloth package and inspect the fabric. Sometimes they are stitched together and have several seams.

  37. Susan,
    What a wonderful feature. Another idea added to the “uses for drop cloths list”! Thank you for hosting.

  38. What a great porch with curtains!!!! Love it and would like to experience a porch like this one.
    Had an awesome week-end celebrating life….’cauz i had a birthday.
    God bless,
    d on the prairie

  39. Hi Susan,
    At last! I could link and join your fun day, second time around…

    TY for a great party and I am enjoying it.

    Hugs from Stockholm,

  40. Un très joli porche… Un lieu de repos idéal… Une très belle publication.

    Gros bisous.

  41. I love the curtains on the front porch. Now I need a front porch 🙂

  42. betterOutdoorLivingatHome says

    Love the white tablecloth with the metal chairs at the end of the porch!

  43. -Brenda- (aka mrsben) says

    Enchanting! Such a beautiful porch for relaxing and she did a marvelous job on the curtains which add extra glamour to the space.
    Years ago I used electrical conduit piping to make a curtain rod for my daughter’s Bay Window which worked out exceptionally well so I can vouch it does work. (At that time she was a single homeowner on a very strict budget.) I imagine it could also be used for a Bow Window as the piping bends quite easily so it would be a case of not having to use any elbows provided you had enough running length of pipe.
    As you know Susan my hobby is sewing, and for those who wish to use a fabric that isn’t necessarily slated for outdoor use I hope you don’t mind me suggesting; the application of a product called Scotch Gard Upholstery and Fabric Protector which will act as a shield against stains, water and mold. Also there are plenty of products on the market that protect against UV rays (fade). If using either, check their compatability first and follow the Manufacture’s instructions. (The SGU&FP can be found at most home improvement centers and most craft stores carry the latter.) -Brenda-

  44. Love those dropcloths projects! And oh my goodness, this did not disappoint – absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for hosting another great MM! Jane

  45. They look perfectly rustic and charming!! Thank you for hosting!

  46. Sunday Burquest says

    Your porch curtains are beautiful! I used the same canvas in our master and I love them! I’m trying really hard not be jealous 😉 Thanks for hosting! Do you still have a MM button? I couldn’t find it so I used your regular button when I linked up. Have a great week!

  47. I love the dropcloth curtains! They make a porch feel dressed up and cozy, so pretty. Thank you for hosting each week too 🙂

    Hugs, Tanya

  48. What a small world! I am in the process of adding curtains to our front porch that goes the whole width of the house. Unfortunately, it faces the southwest and gets way too much hot afternoon sun. Our shade trees are young and don’t provide any shade yet. I’ve got some burlap pieces that I used for my daughter’s outdoor wedding reception that I’ve been considering using but the dropcloths may be more durable. I’m thinking of getting some PVC pipe to use for curtain rods instead of the wooden ones that I’ve repainted. The thingamajigs that hold the rods stand out farther than what I like so PVC is my next option.
    Lori’s porch is absolutely lovely and inviting. Adding the ties is a great idea. It’s windy here on our little hill and doing the ties would definitely be helpful.

  49. We have been thinking about adding curtains drawn back on each side of our porch to bring in softness and color. I am inspired! Thank you.

  50. Lorri Garrett says

    Idea for outdoor curtion rods. Very inexpensive Go to your local chain link fence company and have them cut to size your rods from the rods used at the top of the fence. Comes in a black finish. Perfect for outdoor use and light weight
    Also. Was wondering if anyone had roll painted the curtisnd with a waterproof sealer to stop water marks and mold?
    I love love this idea AND love your website. I go to it all the time for inspiration!!
    Thank you

  51. Definitely, the curtains provide a different look to the porch. It defines the quality of the space for an outdoor. I think this style is best for our porch too. Although it doesn’t look as appealing as Lori’s, but mine will be fine with such accessories. I just need to make sure that I will get the fabric with the same texture and softness as in the photos.

  52. Love your idea for the curtains!!! Thanks for sharing ;))

  53. Where is the best place to get the drop cloths? How long are they? I need long. Awesome idea!!

  54. I just purchased some canvas drop cloths at Lowes’s (Home Depot also carries them). They come in different sizes so make sure to measure what you need before purchasing the drop cloths. Now here’s my question and I’m hoping someone knows the answer: I have noticed the drop cloths do develop mildew during rainy season so I’m wondering if I should paint some kind of sealer on the drop cloths? The drop cloths are very long and they wont fit in my washing machine so I figured if I paint a sealer or something like that on the curtains then I can simply hose it down whenever I need to clean them. Hope someone has suggestions or experience in that kind of area! Thanks.

    • Katie, that’s a good question. I wonder…even if you don’t seal them, could you wash them where they hang by just spraying them with a bottle containing a mixture of washing detergent/water, then scrub them lightly with a brush or sponge and then hose them down? You might even mix in a small amount of bleach with the washing detergent to combat the mildew. Of course, you don’t want to mix bleach with anything that isn’t safe…have to mention that because it’s deadly to mix bleach with some cleaners.

  55. Wow. I am so glad I stumbled across this site! Pinterest has nothing on you!
    I am wondering the same thing about not only mildew, but POLLLEN. I am in Mississippi, so come spring time my entire screened in porch are yellow. But, since everything out here is outside fabric, I would think you could just spray the drop cloths as well.
    Such an incredible idea. I am going to go to Lowes tonight!

  56. Wilma Eichler says

    Love the look! I was googling to find reasonably priced porch curtains and ran across this page. I’m psyched! The drop cloth idea is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  57. What are the ties made of? Can you buy them somewhere?

  58. Hi. Accomplished this project last year and loved it….until mold decided to attached itself to it. Washed it several times but it never came off. I didn’t wash it before putting them up but don’t know it that would have prevented the mold.
    Do you have any suggestions regarding to how protect the other side before I spend the time and money putting them up?
    Thanks for your help and ideas.

  59. These look great. I’ve been looking for a simple solution for my city front porch. I love the curtain rings so that I can easily open and close the curtains! I’m thinking of dying the drop cloths to get a more custom look on a budget. Thanks!!!!!

  60. Any ideas on trying to make this work for a deck?

  61. I want to do this. Love it! Question: would a Scorchguard product help or hinder any mold issues? Thanks

    • Hi Jackie, I’m not sure. I used to have issues with mold/mildew on my front porch steps until I started using “Spray and Forget” on them. I heard about it from (I think) a landscaper, who was visiting my home. He used it to spray the drapes on his patio area and raved about it. He said that once he started using it every six months on his outdoor drapes, he never had a mildew/mold problem again.
      It certainly has done the job on my front steps. You can see that in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/easy-fast-way-to-remove-acorns-from-your-lawn-grass/
      If you buy it, wear a mask so you don’t inhale it while spraying. I always wear a mask anytime I use anything I’m spraying or is super strong scented.
      Also, don’t spray it around pets or where they can walk on it until it dries. Just read the directions on the bottle and follow those.

  62. I would love to do this to my porch but my concern is weather. When it rains what happens to these awesome curtains?
    I love the look but I’m trying to convince the hubby and his first question is rain.
    Can you tell me what you do for the weather with rhge drop cloth curtains????

    • Hi Angela,
      This porch actually belongs to Lori, so I’m not sure how she had dealt with that. I have used shears on my porch over the years and they drive very quickly and held up great. There’s a product called Spray and Forget that a contractor told me about…he uses it on his outdoor curtains on a pergola…and it prevents any mold. You can check it out at Amazon. I’ve used it on brick steps that kept getting moldy and it worked great.

  63. Weather is an issue, rainy. How do you take care of these curtains during rain seasons?
    Do you have to keep washing them?

  64. April Y. says

    I tried making these: I washed the cloths first, in case they stretched. I was so careful, measuring, cutting and hemming. It was difficult to work with the material because it became soft and pliable. I also had a hard time finding an area big enough to lay them out for pinning. Finally hung them, and they were waaaay crooked. I’m trying again, this time hemming them while hanging. It’s much more challenging than the article makes it seem.

    • Danielle S says

      @April Y. : The person whose porch is in the photo/blog article didn’t do any cuttting or sewing! The drop cloths she used were 6’x9’ and she just folded over any excess length which is how she achieved the “valance” look along the top of the curtains (hint: use the 9’ length HORIZONTALLY and the 6’ vertically/ceiling to floor). These truly are SUPER EASY and require only a waterproofing spray/mildew repellent treatment when you first use them and then again each time after washing. I found a drop cloth on Amazon.com that does not have the giant seam all the way through it – perfect for this DIY outdoor curtain project! The brand name is “Melca” and listed under “artist drop cloth” as an Amazon’s Choice product. Here’s the link … https://www.amazon.com/Drop-Cloth-Tarp-Art-Supplies/dp/B01LYCHZIT

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