Do You Own a Barefoot Dreams Cardigan?

Thanks so much for all your comments and ideas on Monday’s post, I appreciate them all so much! I spent the better part of yesterday doing this. Wow, what an all-over-body workout!

Beds and Bedding


The two beds you see below in this photo, including the two riser sections…


…are now inside my SUV. I loaded, unloaded and reloaded my SUV about 5 times yesterday, trying to find a way to fit the chest-of-drawers in with the beds. There was just no way, the chest is too big. Besides, I really didn’t want to drive 9 hours not being able to see fully out the back window, so I made the executive decision to take those on my next trip back up.

Beds and Bedding


The bedding below…

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding for Twin Beds


…is squirreled in all over the place. There were plenty of gaps behind the front seats and on the sides where I could fit it all in. Amazing how much you can cram into an SUV!

Following my friend, Teresa’s advice, I submitted a job to U-ship dot com for the other pieces in this set: Large bookshelf, desk, chest-of-drawers and two small stacking units that held my son’s TV with drawers underneath.

The price the site recommended I offer was reasonable, so I went with their recommendation. I put in such a short time frame for pickup (today or tomorrow) I don’t expect any takers. I mainly did it to just see how much it would cost. I’ll resubmit it again the next time I plan to head back north so that I can give more notice to the available shippers. Have you ever used U-Ship?

Beds and Bedding


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Barefoot Dreams Cardigans on Sale

Before I head downstairs to put a table together for Tablescape Thursday, just wanted to mention that the big Nordstrom Anniversary sale is coming to an end. (Find the sale here: Anniversary Sale.)

I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the Barefoot Dreams cardigan sweaters and I’m thinking of ordering one before the sale ends since they are deeply discounted. Do you have one of these?

There are 2,801 reviews and I can’t tell the exact rating but it looks like it’s around 4.8 out of 5 stars! Pretty impressive! From what I hear, it’s incredibly soft. I would imagine it washes well with that many awesome reviews.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan on Sale


They come in a bunch of different styles, colors and lengths and most appear to be on sale. You can see them all here: Barefoot Dream Cardigans on Sale.

If you have one of the Barefoot Dreams cardigans, I would love to know how you like it! Is it one of those sweaters that you just want to live in all winter?

Barefoot Dreams Sweater Cardigan on Sale

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  1. Holly Rigby says

    Hi Susan,
    I bought both of my daughters one at the last sale…they LOVE them. Thinking of getting one for me!

  2. Brenda Lawrence says

    I think that is the best decision Susan. You certainly want to be able to see out your back window on that long of a trip. I have not heard of U-Ship. But it sounds like a great thing! Hugs, Brenda

  3. I have a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and I love it. It is the softest material on the planet. You will love it, so nice to snuggle up on the couch with or beautiful for going out. It was on Oprah’s favorites list for years.

  4. Susan… I don’t have the cardigan but my girls gave me a BD robe which is so warm and comfy during the long winter in New England! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Susan –
    I have ELEVEN Barefoot Dreams pieces!!!!! I have also given one to almost everyone on my Christmas list. My mother is in a nursing home and she loves the shawl-like wrap with pockets. They also have the most incredible baby products. This is a secret, but my teen age grandsons love to grab a poncho and snuggle on the couch. I often carry one on a plane. They are sooo soft. I found them when I was at the merchandise mart and their rep said, “If you touch one, you buy one.” Have I gushed enough???

  6. Mary Bennett says

    I have the Monticeto one in grey! I wore it every day while in Blue Ridge this last March! Mine washed very nice. Even with me getting it caught in car door and dragging thru the mud going down our little mountain! I wore it with plums, black, cream and a pink. And scarves added to the look. It will be in my lineup this winter!

  7. Mary Folger says

    I have a Barefoot Dreams cardigan and I love it. I want to get a wrap and a robe, too. Well worth the money.

  8. Susan, you are amazing! I think you must be one strong gal!!! How do you do this by yourself? I do have one concern. I see those rails laying on top of the mattreses, and I just have to say that it makes me nervous. Is there a way to somehow secure them on the passenger side between the mattress and the car. I say this because if in the unfortunate situation you were be rear-ended, the heavy rails would be a deadly projectile. I say this not to frighten you, but as a word of caution.
    Travel safely and enjoy the visit with your son and his family.

  9. That was a thought of mine as well….please put them under the mattress
    Have a fun visit with your family….your sweet grandsons.

    • Ditto! Please secure them Susan … ☺. -Brenda-
      P.S.: Studies have been done and proven; that even a box of kleenex (tissues) can do severe damage to an individual.

  10. Terri Santiago says

    Susan you can call Old Dominion and they will come to your home.
    Usually they have room, and if they are going in that direction.
    Give them a call.
    They moved a piano from Calif, to Iowa.

  11. I have two Barefoot Dreams cardigans. I like them, though I don’t love them as much as some people do. They shed a little. I wear them around the house, and they are soft and warm. I bought mine at the end of the season at a slightly better price than the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. They do go on sale more than once a year, so check back at the end of the season if you are one who falls in love. This is a matter of opinion, but I feel they are on the very casual side of being worn out of the house. For a plane or car trip, or maybe breakfast at a diner on a cold day, I would wear them. I think their highest and best use is as loungewear. That said, there is no reason to always wear old clothes as loungewear, and I think it’s good to treat yourself. Your cost per wear will be low.

  12. Kathleen says

    Wow, you really are the packer! I agree, I need to see out the back as well. You are going to use your son’s dresser as well as the blue one you ordered? I’m wondering how the POD storage containers work, the container you fill and then it can go to storage or delivered to a destination. I once had a piano shipped with someone else’s shipment that was coming my way. Excited to see the room develop!

  13. You are brave to pack yourself ! I can’t even pack groceries!

    I had a BD cardigan duster but wasn’t happy with the size, so gave it to my daughter. I got a Cuddl Duds Comfortwear one on QVC that was similar for a fraction of the price, and am happy with that one. So much so, I ordered two in different colors.

  14. Patricia K says

    Amazing job on packing your car!
    We used U-Ship this past year to move some of our daughter and son-in-law’s large pieces of furniture back to California after their three years at school in the Midwest. The furniture was picked up and arrived here close enough to the estimated dates, but with some dings and scratches that luckily my husband was able to repair. Big lesson: wrap your furniture well to keep it protected and don’t expect it to be handled with kid gloves. Ours was in a (smallish) truck jammed in – and under – other people’s stuff. The bidder we chose sounded experienced (and we were kept updated by email on the location of the truck), but the actually driver and “helper” were a young couple in their twenties, nice enough but by no means experienced movers. So yes, it is a great service to have available, but find out as much as you can about the bidders before pulling the trigger.

    • Susan those are the fanciest Burberry style low profile twin mattress boxes that I’ve ever seen!
      You have expert level of packing it all in. Looks like you have all the bed pieces. The boys should be thrilled with their Dad’s childhood bed set. Nice way to recycle. Good luck and safe travels once again!

  15. Joyce Fowler says

    Hi Susan,

    Could you rent a u-haul trailer? Or a truck? We have used them several times to move. They are easy to drive and reasonable to rent. Just a thought. Have a safe trip.

  16. I spent all of this past winter going through chemo and my gal pals gave me a Barefoot Dreams throw. It was the first thing I grabbed when I arrived home from chemo and I spent many an evening under it during those long six months. It was like a soft hug and so warm. It is my favorite throw ever. I plan to get one of the cardigans! You are always commenting you are cold natured so I think you would love it too!

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    Safe journey Susan! That sweater looks super comfy, haven’t heard of them before.

  18. I’m glad others mentioned the bed rail issue. I felt the same way when I saw the picture! You are a major marvel, Susan. How you managed maneuvering all those pieces on your own is extremely impressive. You never cease to amaze me. Travel safely and have a blast setting up your grandsons’ room! What memories! !

  19. Elaine in Laguna says

    Hi Susan, I have 2 BD cardigans. One is a dark color and the other one light. I love both. Super soft. Great for lounging around. I bought them on sale last year. You should buy one for yourself and one for your DIL. Drive safely and have fun!

  20. Ask your son for the best way to tie down the bed rails. I agree something needs to be done.. My first thought is somehow using bungee cords to tie them down. Maybe with that thought other readers can add more.

    You are to dear to us to take that long drive with daggers loose in the back. Have a wonderful visit with your family.

    • Aww, thanks Mary Ellen! I think I’ll take the bunkie boards out tomorrow and put the rails down deeper into the SUV. I’ll figure out a way to make them more secure. I thought I had some bungee cords but couldn’t find them today. I may go buy some tomorrow.

      • Hi Susan
        I have a couple barefoot dreams sweaters, they are so soft! I also have three barefoot dreams throws at our lakehouse in Georgia. They are wonderful to snuggle up in on a cool night.
        I have purchased all mine through QVC online. Usually around this time of year, they have great sales.

  21. Safe travels Susan! I had to chime in on the Barefoot Dreams cardigans. I wanted to see what the hype was about, and I had just bought a throw for the outside furniture, and was impressed by its softness. I bought the circle cardigan (and would totally wear it out and about)…I put it on…and promptly ordered another one. It is that sumptuous and cozy!!!!

  22. Bobbi Duncan says

    Wishing you a safe trip. I know your grandsons will absolutely love the new bedroom their sweet grandma and mom put together. I do not have any Barefoot Dreams products, but they sound super soft and cozy. Hugs!

  23. Hi, Susan,

    I had a thought while reading your blog about the re-do of your grandsons’ bedroom that I want to share with you. It is this: In spite of the fact that the boys want bunk beds–and they are kind of fun for fort-building and for hiding when doing shoot-outs with Nerf guns–it’s probably good that their beds will be separated. Here’s why. We had bunk beds for my two boys (almost the same age difference as your grandsons) and then later for my daughter. They are great for saving space, BUT it’s not long before the kid on the bottom gets too tall to sit up on his bunk without hitting the bottom of the bunk above. And if your grandsons end up liking to read in bed–as all my kids did–you would have to separate the beds not too far down the road, anyway. They grow quickly! And with my daughter, when she had someone overnight, the guest would usually sleep on a pallet on the floor so the two girls could communicate better–rather than sleeping in the top bunk. Hope this eases your regret about not being able to configure the beds in the same style they were in your son’s room.


  24. I have two BD cardigans from two previous half anniversary sales. One is hooded and the other is the long cardigan. I prefer the CozyChic Lite version because it looks a bit more polished and less bear-like. Like people have said, it’s really soft and warm. I wear it mostly around the house and it’s the first thing I usually grab, but I’m not opposed to doing errands or travel in them either. I live in a temperate winter location and it’s the perfect weight. I sent one to my best friend in the Midwest and she loves it even with all the snow. After seeing mine, my MIL and SIL bought ones for themselves too. I haven’t experienced any lint issues with the Lite. I throw mine in the wash in an oversize lingerie bag so that nothing catches on the weave. I have both airdried and accidentally heat dried them with no repercussions. (After airdrying, I give it a bit of a re-fluff). Someone said wearing it feels like a hug and I agree that’s the perfect description. I’d give it a shot. Wonderful Nordstrom and their free returns make it harmless.

  25. I think due to our long (cold) Winters that require something warmer in a sweater (preferably all wool or a blend of same) and short-lived Fall; I really don’t wear cardigans for warmth. That being said; though it appears to be a lovely sweater; I prefer to invest in a blazer. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Presumably you have arrived at your son’s and dil’s by now and I do hope you had a safe trip.

  26. Biodynamic Barb says

    Thank you for turning me on to these sweaters! I’d never heard of them. I just bought one to try. It’s so hard to find cardigans WITH POCKETS that are long enough to cover your butt.

  27. Sheila in Garden City SC says

    I’m so glad I read about the cardigan late last night but still ordered at Anniversary Sale price. You always advise of the best pieces and I’ve come to rely on your expertise. Thank you for the fabulous groundwork! Safe travels, Susan.

  28. I’m a bit late responding, have been on vacation and just now reading all the missed blog posts.
    I have several barefoot dreams cardigans and love all of them. Even gave my daughter and daughter in-law each one as a Christmas gift last year. They love them as well.

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