Doc Martin-itis and Dreamy Doyden Castle

I have come down with an acute case of Doc Martinitis.  I first caught this condition when I discovered the show on our local PBS station.  Since then I’ve watched every season on Netflix.   Here’s the definition of the clinical description as found at Doc Martin Online.


About a week ago an email arrived in my Inbox from Netflix, alerting me new episodes were now online and available for viewing.   Yay!  I couldn’t wait to watch them.

Doc Martin


I had to postpone watching until I had several hours one evening because I knew once I began watching, I wouldn’t be able to stop.  I actually did split my Doc Martin marathon into two viewings.  I watch very little TV, maybe 15-30 minutes a day during a quick lunch.  But I do enjoy a lot of the British comedies.  Do you watch those?  If so, do you have a favorite?

Brief Synopsis (very brief)
If you haven’t seen Doc Martin, the main character is Dr. Martin Ellingham, played by Martin Clunes.  Dr. Ellingham, called Doc Martin by all his patients, has come to practice medicine in the tiny, fictional seaside village, Portwenn.  Doc Martin is brilliant in the ways of medicine but he is sadly lacking in social skills.  He says exactly what he thinks and it always makes for some very interesting moments throughout the show.  (Pic below from Wikipedia)

Port Issac from Doc Martin


The village residents are quirky, somewhat eccentric characters (think Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil or At Home in Mitford) and Doc Martin’s interaction with them is always entertaining.  There’s also an on again, off again love story that runs throughout all the shows.   I’m happy to say the latest season (Season 5) ended with it on again, and I think this time it’s for good.  Season 6 will be filmed in the spring of 2013, so I’ll have to wait a long, long time for my next Doc Martin fix.

As mentioned, the show is set in the fictional village of Portwenn.  All the filming actually takes place in the Cornish fishing village of Port Issac in the United Kingdom.  The views of the village are absolutely dreamy, like something from a fairy tale. (Pic below from Wikipedia)  Port Issac made it into the post I wrote back in January titled: Dream Towns, Fantasy and Real

Port Issac, Cornwall from Doc Martin


Part of the last episode of Season 5 takes place in a tiny hamlet called Port Quin.  I was shocked when I read the history of Port Quin online at Wikipedia.    Apparently, back in the 1600’s it was a thriving fishing village but a huge storm came along in 1698 and destroyed the entire fishing fleet, killing approximately 24 fisherman.  All their widows and family left and moved to Port Issac, so the cove of Port Quin was completely abandoned.  It basically became a ghost town village.


Port Quin from Doc Martin

(Pic above and below from Wikipedia)


Doyden Castle
The final scene of the 5th season was filmed at this wonderfully romantic mini-castle called Doyden Castle, located in Port Quin, Cornwall.   It has a Facebook page:  Doyden Castle on Facebook  (Photo below from Doyden Castle on Facebook)  In the show, Doc Martin, the castle is called Pentire Castle.

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin


Doyden castle was built in 1830 by Samuel Symons who it’s reported loved to party and gamble big time.  He built the castle as a retreat for himself and his businessmen friends.  The castle was also used in the BBC drama Poldark.  I’m not familiar with that one.

I captured a few scenes from that last episode of season five to share with you and guess what!  You can actually rent the castle and stay there overnight!   I about had a fit when I Googled and found this.

If I did the currency conversion right (which is highly questionable) I think it rents for around $400+ American dollars per night.  Truthfully, that was less than I had expected.  Now getting there would be quite the feat from Georgia.  I don’t want to think about how much that would cost.  You’ll find more info about renting Doyden Castle at  National Trust Cottages

Here are a few views from the last scene of the last episode of season 5 of Doc Martin.  (Note: I’ve watermarked these to prevent scraping, but the shots are from the last episode of Doc Martin.)

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin


In the last episode, the village pharmacist, Mrs. Tishall has totally gone off her rocker and she has taken Doc Martin and Louisa’s baby to the castle where she hopes to have a romantic rendezvous with the Doc.  She’s imagining the baby is now hers and Doc Martin’s.

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin


In this scene she is holding the baby and is looking down at Doc Martin, a scene she has imagined to be straight from Romeo and Juliette.

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin


This is the only view we get inside the castle.  Don’t you love the Gothic arched window!  So wish we had been able to see more.

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin


A few more views as Doc Martin and Louisa walk away, hand-in-hand with their baby safe in Louisa’s arms.

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin


So, would you spend a night in this wee castle?

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin


The views are positively breathtaking!  Just don’t go when a storm is on the way, although a castle would probably be the safest place to weather a storm.  Dreamy, isn’t it?  Let’s go!

Doyden Castle Known as Pentire Castle in Doc Martin

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  1. Hahahaha.. I too have a bad case of Martinitis. 🙂 I am a HUGE PBS and BBC America fan. having grown up in a British Country it’s in my blood I guess. But yes… bring on the new episodes!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Gee

  2. Oh kindred spirit … you too? I have watched each episode, a few multiple times. I adore the show. Planning a trip across the pond next spring, Port Issac on our list of must sees.

  3. I too have a severe case of Doc Martin-itis! I have watched all that I can on Netflix…thank you for letting me know that additional programs are now available. I am dying to go to Cornwall… would be so cool to stay in the castle….but I will be content to wander the villages…

  4. Susan, I knew we were kindred souls and I am always finding things in your posts that reaffirm this. I too am besmitten with the beloved series! I too anxiously await the airing of the new episodes- of Doc Martin-and I watch the existing BBC comedies which air repeatedly each afternoon on Maryland public TV in what is called “Afternoon Tea”. Most of the shows aired here I have seen probably 20 times each but still keep going back for more. I wish we could get all of the BBC channels here–we only get the PC version in most places in the US. All of their comedies, dramas and movies are impecibly done.
    P.S. The other night I also was pinning Mario Buatta rooms on Pinterest–another sign of our kinship–Thanks for always bring posts that “warm the cockles of my heart.” Di

    • Di, I was in heaven when I found all those Buatta rooms on Pinterest! Why someone hasn’t written a book showcasing all his beautiful work, I do not know. I don’t think he has any interest in writing one. I hope someone does it before he passes…he needs to see it.
      I think it’s the PBS station where the Doc Martin series shows here, but since I can never remember when or catch it, I just end up watching on Netflix. Your “Afternoon Tea” series sounds perfect! 🙂

  5. I was so excited that netflix brought it back….I was watching all episodes up to mid 4th season and then it went off the air, I about croaked. Then we got the email saying season 5 was available, watched them in 3 nights. Now I am just bummed they are over.
    I am now onto Downton Abby. Love having something on tv that I don’t have to mute or change the channel when the kids walk in the room

  6. I LOVE that show! only seen a few episodes though, is it still on? or on season break? i haven’t been able to find it on tv and was wondering!

  7. I will have to check it out as I fell in love with British comedy’s in high school watching Faulty Towers for extra points in AP English!! I love the series Kingdom. You ought to check it out!

  8. I LOVE Doc Martin and have watched every episode I could find!! I just go away and forget everything when it comes on. I also think it’s interesting that they only film every other year and use the intervening year for writing and plot development. It’s said that the show is one of the happiest places in show business to work!

    • That’s neat. There are some interviews online with Martin Clune and he’s nothing like the character he plays. It was fun listening to how he came up with Doc Martin’s stiff way of walking.

  9. I, too, love Doc Martin! Such a pleasant change from all the violence on tv.

  10. I’ve only watched a few episodes and only did that to see the scenery as I’ve been to Cornwall and just love it. If you haven’t been you MUST go! Now you’ve intrigued me with the story line, so maybe I should watch more?

  11. I remember you mentioning you watched Doc Martin and I commented that I loved it, too. I love seeing the shots of the area and always think it must be lovely in person. I have been a long time Britcom watcher, having started off with shows on my PBS station, too. Some of my favorites are Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served, The Vicar of Dibley, The Thin Blue Line, As Time Goes By and, of course, Doc Martin. I haven’t seen any in awhile {current episodes} and I will have to see if I can get myself up to date on Netflix.

  12. I also have a bad (hopeless) case of Doc Martin-itis!! Have you seen the two movies that inspired the series?? from
    “Martin Clunes originally played a character called “Dr Martin Bamford” in the 2000 film Saving Grace and its two made-for-TV prequels, Doc Martin and Doc Martin and the Legend of the Cloutie” I haven’t seen Saving Grace, but the other two were laugh-out loud funny!

    We also have a bad case of BBC-itis around here: Downton Abbey (of course) Morse, Inspector Lewis, Monarch of the Glen, Foyle’s War, Midsommer Murders, Lark Rise to Candleford and last but not least, Are You Being Served? (which is hilariously funny!) All are appropriate for any age but Are You Being Served-very bawdy!
    We keep Netflix in business!

    • I haven’t seen those June. I remember hearing it was inspired by a movie. I will definitely see if I can find those, either on Netflix or Amazon. I did watch the Reggie Perrin episodes on Netflix recently and they were hilarious! I’ll check out some of the ones you mentioned. 🙂

  13. Oh – yes! I’m afflicted with Doc Martin-itis also. I plowed right through the season 5 episodes on Netflix then watched the pre-quel movie. Just can’t wait for more!

  14. barbaralilian-infrance says

    Being English & living in France I still think BBC TV programes are the best in the world.I so love it, that you all seem to love BBC. TV series. especially Doc Martin.
    It’s still one of my favourite programes. I too can’t wait for the next series to start, it makes the long winter evenings much easier to cope with. Next Sunday the new ‘Downton Abbey’ series starts. Can’t wait !! keep enjoying our TV programes that don’t have sex or violence .

  15. Susan,
    I haven’t seen “Doc Martin” but I would like to watch it because I love English landscapes, cottages and gardens! And I love that mini-castle! I’m imagining Rapunzel there, letting down her hair! 🙂
    I hope they will show this series next year on German or Italian TV!
    My favorite British series as yet is “DOWNTOWN ABBEY”. Sooo beautiful, too.
    P.S. Yes, life can be beautiful but Susan, if you don’t mind, I can’t let THIS day go by without mentioning: Let’s send hugs and kisses to Heaven, today! 🙁

  16. I got hooked on Doc Martin years ago when we were living in London. At the time it never occurred to me to seek out Port Isaac where it is filmed as I did Nether Wallop where Miss Marple was filmed, Oxfordshire where Midsomer
    Murders is filmed, or Oxford (where we once lived) to walk in the footsteps of Inspectof Morse. Clearly, we’re going to have to go back. Thanks for this fun post.

  17. I like Doc Martin as well. I remember having to answer questions for 2 lady guests staying for B&B from Australia who were fans, they wanted to know what happened, as they are behind us in the series, It is a good show, he is so dour lol, a good actor. By the way Dallas started in the UK last week yehhhhhhhhhhhhh. 🙂

  18. Oh my goodness, I love Doc Martin! We just finished watching the latest season on Netflix. Does anyone know what happened to the actress who played Aunt Joan? We also watch Agatha Christie’s Poirot. David Suchet is brilliant in that role. Another favorite is Midsomer Murders. The scenery and costuming on these shows is marvelous. British television is far better than any of the offerings out of Hollywood.

    • love dr. martin. aunt joan is now on coronation street. it to is a bbc production. we are happy to receive it from a station in canada. anyone see the movie that started dr. martin? it is suppose to be a little different then the sitcom.

    • I know she dies in the series…a heart attack, but not sure what happened to her in real life. That would be interesting to google…bet we could find something on it.

  19. Just finished watching the latest via Netflix. Clunes is hysterically funny… watch “Reggie Perrin” for more of Clunes.
    Try “The IT Crowd,” too.

    Tapping finger…. waiting for Downton Abbey with Dame Maggie and Shirley together. What a duo that will be!

    • Karen, I found Reggie Clunes a few weeks ago and I think I watched them all. Martin Clunes is such a great actor! Oh, someone else mentioned The IT Crowd and I started watching it…loved it. Thanks for reminding me of it!
      I need to catch up on the Downton Abbey…I’m way behind on those shows.

  20. Jake's a Girl says

    LOVE Doc. Martin!
    Spent one saturday watching season 5 and didn’t move until it was over. 🙂
    The little fishing village is so charming and would be on my list of things to see if I
    ever crossed the pond. I sure hope they never find a cure for our Martinitis.

  21. Great post! I didn’t know there was a season five, so I am very pleased you posted about it. I will be watching Netflix tonight to see it. About Poldark…you are in for a treat if you watch it. Perhaps the most romantic series ever made, scenic, and wonderful acting. It’s on Netflix streaming right now. Budgets were tight, so the sets aren’t as wonderful as some later BBC productions, but it’s still well worth your time.

  22. I, too, LOVE the series that PBS televises. I am a die-hard Downton Abbey fan. Susan, you really should start at the first season and watch all the way through to understand the full story and all the nuances. I can guarantee you will fall in love with it too! I haven’t actually watched Doc Martin, but Martin is also in a show called “William and Mary” that I have been currently watching. It’s fun and he is great in it. Love my PBS!!

  23. I enjoy Doc Martin too, but I really like “Rosemary & Thyme” which airs right after Doc Martin. It’s a murder mystery show featuring two ladies who are gardeners (Felicity Kendall and Pam Ferris!) who solve mysteries while working at some exquisite gardens in England. The show is off the air but I enjoy the reruns. Hope they bring it to Netflix someday. Cheers!

    • Keri, when I found Rosemary and Thyme, I watched every single show. It is on Netflix! 🙂 It was right after I had finished watching all the Doc Martin shows. Love those, too! The gardens and homes were amazing!!!

  24. We are hooked too!!! What a joy to see this program has a loyal following…. it makes me giggle to know we are not the only ones who stay up late to watch several episodes at a time until we really, really have to go to bed. Then am so bummed when we’ve come to an end of all that are available… thank you for letting us know at least we have more to look forward too!
    Love you blog!
    Debbie from the Northwest

    • Debbie, you just described me to a tea. I watch them all to way too late at night, then am disappointed when I have no more to watch. lol I should spread them out but can’t wait.

  25. I managed to take control of the remote on Thursday nights to watch Doc Martin on PBS. Husband got hooked too–and its not even sports! Can’t wait for the next season.

  26. Oh, I LOVE Dr. Martin! Let’s pack our bags and go stay in the castle-ette!!!

  27. Merle Turner says

    Hi Susan,
    I thing our ABC and the BBC have some kind of agreement where they share shows we got all those shows for years now, I do love then as they are very funny but have seen then so many times they are like some of our long running shows which are very popular in England like Neighbours and Home and Away, do you get those.I love the way the poms do murder shows not much blood and guts but beautiful countryside and quietly do away with whoever and they don’t stop at one usually two or more like Midsommer Murders.

  28. I love this post! I have been hooked on British TV forever.

  29. Good Afternoon, Susan,
    It’s fun to join in on the chat about PBS/BBC and their fine programing! What has amused me is how my husband has been drawn into Doc Martin and Downtown Abbey (along with some other programs) It makes TV viewing more enjoyable when we can cheer on favorite characters and boo the bad ones! I can’t wait for the new seasons to begin, but in the meantime I DVR the old ones just in case there is one we haven’t seen. We, also, loved Rosemary and Thyme!

  30. Hi Susan! I just requested the first season from my library–and I am the 109th person in line! 🙂 Thanks for telling us about it.

  31. Hi Susan:

    Like you I have been a fan of ‘Doc Martin’ for years. I love his sour attitude and get a good laugh at each new episode. I love how they even found a baby that looks like him! I am a supporter of my local PBS just for shows like this. I also love ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ among others. PBS can not be beat for quality shows.
    Speaking about ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’, I just got back from a vacation to Savannah a few days ago. I toured the Mercer-Williams house and other beautiful homes there. Savannah is sure a beautiful place (and would make a very interesting tv show).

  32. I thought I was the only one. I love each and every character. I will have to check out some of the other shows recommended by your readers. I totally have my family hooked on Doc. They were so resistant at first, but now they call me and tell me when it is on. I think it was the one where Doc Martin told Louisa she had bad breath. I am also anxious for the new season of The Big Bank Theory. I have my brother so hooked on it; that would be my fault. He spent the summer overdosing on the reruns. Then he calls to talk about it, and I will mention something he missed and then he has to go back again. He gets so upset when I caught an inside joke and he somehow missed it. He missed the joke about when Koothrappali fell in love with siri. Then he bought an iphone and then he understood. We have had a really good time critiquing.

  33. Just catching up on posts and pleased to see that Doc Martin is available in other countries, as my hubby and I love it. We visited Port Isaac when in Cornwall a couple of years ago and it is a really beautiful place, like the rest of Cornwall!! Martin’s wife, Philippa Braithwaite, is a producer of the show.

    Downton Abbey starts it’s third series this Sunday here in the UK so looking forward to that. My hubby and I have visited Highclere Castle, which isn’t too far from us.

    Love Jackie in Surrey UK.

    • I’d love to visit Port Isaac Jackie…I know it must be wonderful. That’s interesting that his wife is the producer…didn’t know that. How far do you have to drive to reach Port Isaac from your home? Hope to get across the pond one day! 🙂

      • Port Isaac is 211.4 miles away from our house and will take nearly 4 1/2 hours to get there by car. Cornwall is a very popular holiday destination especially for the British. There is so much to see and do and the weather is usually quite good in the Summer. Surfers love it, as well as Artists.

        • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

          Hi Jackie, if you happen to see this I just wanted to let you know I visited your blog. I tried to leave a comment to let you know I found it from here, but I couldn’t because I don’t have a gmail account. I wondered if you realized your blog is set up that way? People who don’t have gmail accounts can’t leave you comments, apparently. I am able to use my normal email address when leaving Susan a comment here. Just fyi. Cheers.

  34. Susan, now I know why you recognized Hyacinth Bucket!! 🙂 Being British, we watch all the shows on P.B.S. and Knowledge Network.
    My friend has a house in that area in Cornwall, right on the beach in a place called Polkeris. Next Spring, we are going to France and England and we hope to visit Cornwall again. If I do, will catch lots of photos for you. We last stayed there three years ago and I have some great photos of a stately home we visited. It was turned over to the National Trust and is in pristine condition just as if the family still live there. The son and heir is a friend of my friend’s son. Cornwall is my absolute favourite place to visit, lots of cream teas abound there!! 🙂
    We visited a small church there called St. Just with gravestones dating hundreds of years. Inside we were surprised to see a coffee urn and a plate of cookies with a donation box at the side, no one was around, it seemed so funny.
    A really funny series if you can obtain it from your library as I did, is Clatterford. It is a about a small English village and women in the “Guild”. Dawn French plays a slightly *batty* woman!! 🙂

  35. I am waaaaaay past chronic!!!! And yes I would love to spend a night in that castle!!

  36. I love British shows a nd have seen a few of the Docs. I just finished the Inspector Lewis series. Like you I have to set aside time because once I start…I need hours! Most of my Netflix viewing is through streaming so I can have instant succession. Thanks for the recommendation.

  37. Thanks so much for posting this, Kim. I have to say for all the British television productions I’m addicted to, I’ve never watched Doc Martin. But I think I may have to tune in now! (And I know I risk showing my age, but the POLDARK series was wonderful and made a complete matinee idol hero out of Robin Ellis. *sigh*)

  38. ACK!!!! I mean to say SUSAN!! I had two blogs open at once. 🙁 Please accept my apologies….. (See… I told you I was OLD)

  39. I can barely uni-task, so why I thought I could read two things at once is beyond me! Thanks for your understanding! xx

  40. Hi Susan. Just love British tv series starting way back in the seventies with Upstairs Downstairs. Watched so many series I can’t remember them all. I should try Doc Martin. Watched a couple of episodes but never regularly. Cornwall looks so beautiful. Been to England but not to Cornwall. Maybe someday. Anyway, looking forward to the new season of Downton Abbey. I’m hooked on that series. Enjoy your tv viewing!

  41. Me TOO! Hubby and I started watching it a few years ago on our PBS station. We just finished via netflix.
    My Mom/Mum was Scottish, so I was brought up on good English humor. Can’t beat it.
    We copy SO MUCH from the Brit TV catalog it’s crazy.
    I’ve linked this site in my Pinterest ( susan stargirl) under Travel:


  42. Let’s book it! Have a mini-blog friends party.

  43. teresa halliday says

    It’s great to see so many fans of Doc Martin and other BBC programming…My husband is English and we watch British TV more than American (what we can get-out BBC America is awful-too many old American reruns I didn’t watch the FIRST time around!!). They are making more Doc Martin for 2013 and Downton Abbey comes back to PBS this winter…can’t wait! I love Hugh Bonneville. Did you see “2012” about the Olympics. It was so funny! I love this post and everyone’s comments. Touch of Frost? Midsomer Murders? Netflix has so much too!

  44. I, too, have a severe case of Doc Martin-itis! Can’t wait until the new series comes out.

  45. Danae Stromberg says

    My husband and I love Doc Martin! I am sooo happy to hear there will be 2013 season!

  46. Jody Gregory says

    Thanks so much for introducing Doc Martin to me! I love love love it. Only on season 2. Don’t know what I’ll do once I finish watching the episodes. I get it on for free.

  47. I’ve just discovered that my PBS station begins showing Doc Martin tonight. I’ve been hoping to see it for a long time. He was originally in the movie “Saving Grace” starring Craig Ferguson. I love things set in Cornwall ever since “Poldark” ran in 1976, and recognized the mini castle right away. It was the house of Doctor Dwight Enys.

  48. I love the BBC programs!!! I have not seen anyb of Doc Martin yet. I shall research it a bit…need to know where to start!! Thank you for sharing this.

  49. I love British TV. I am so gald that you did this post on Doc Martin. I too accidently found this show on public tv and have been watching every since. I love visiting you. This put a smile on my face.

  50. I just saw this show on PBS two weeks ago and loved it. I’m now watching it on Netflix. I love British TV.

  51. So glad you mentioned the show on your blog, now I am a fan too!

  52. I finally got a chance to see what you were talking about in Doc Martin. Ordered it from the library as soon as you recommended it, an it’s finally come in. Non-stop watching. Work be-damned. Thank goodness there are those tiny intervals between episodes for bathroom breaks. I thought I would be able to fold clothes or make lists while watching. Nope. Love the dialogue, the quirky characters, the scenery, the plot and its character growth, led by Martin Clunes. Lovely. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  53. Robin Lucas says

    Hi all,
    I’m a Brit and I’m glad you enjoy Doc Martin. Doyden Castle (Pentire in the episode) is available for rental from the National Trust, but heck what a price for self catering!! It’s very small, one bedroom for two, and in Winter it costs £541 a week. Mid December to early January it’s a whopping £961. You can do better than that for two people in a luxury hotel!

    Reggie Perrin with Martin Clunes was a re-make. The original “Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin” was far funnier! The American re-make was a complete farce …. totally lacking any understanding of British humour, and actually not at all funny. Google for “The OFFICIAL Reginald Perrin web site” to find the original stuff.

    For anyone interested in seeing photos of any area in the UK, have a look at Geograph. It is a website that has many photos of every 1km square in the UK – if you want to see pics I took whilst walking 630 miles on the South West Coast Path, Google for “Robin Lucas Geograph Cornwall”

    I hope you all will continue to enjoy the best of BBC output!


  54. Patsy Foister says

    Doc Martinitis here, too! My favorite episode is the one in which he asks Louisa to marry him, and my second favorite is when he is reading to little James Henry and the baby laughs. I have seen the marriage proposal episode a dozen times. My dream is to visit the UK, and when I go I will be stopping in Port Isaac! And I’d love to stay at that castle! You can get on Google Earth and travel the streets of Port Isaac aka Portwenn!

    • Patsy, if you go, take LOTS of pics and share them with me! I would love to go! I can’t remember the proposal episode now. Drawing a blank. Was that when he was visiting her in her little house one time…I think I remember it. How could I forget that one!

      • Patsy Foister says

        The proposal episode is the one in which Louisa’s friend falls and hurts her back and Doc Martin ends up saving her life.

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        Susan, I’m the same way. I tell myself the saving grace to a bad memory is re-reading beloved books or re-watching beloved shows, because most of the time I don’t remember the details. 🙂

  55. I have just now discovered Doc Martin and yes I have Martinitis….looks like DVD collection is in the future

  56. helen colwell says

    I finally can admit I am addicted to something in life. Doc Martinitis. I also have been for many years a Afternoon tea fan. Cant get enough.

  57. Hi, Im from Uk and just wanted to say martin Clunes was on tv today saying he starts filming new doc martin next month.( in march 2013)
    My husband and i go to Cornwall and pop into port Issac for day trip and its so lovely I hope to go in the next couple of weeks and hope to see them filming .so lets hope we don’t have to wait much longer.

  58. Dear Susan; it is so wonderful to find so many Doc Martin fans here! I have 4 more shows to watch in Season 5, and I am truly almost in tears! I love this show so much – but more importantly, I have developed a king sized crush on Martin Clunes! I am trying to find anything that he has stared in. So far, I have seen both Doc Martin films (both on Netflix) and rented “Saving Grace” on YouTube. Next step I will finish “Reggie Perrine” and then subscribe to HuLu for “William and Mary”. This is turning into a sickness! Thanks to the British people, I have great T.V. to enjoy, sorry to say that our American t.v. just can’t compete. I look forward to Season 6 of Doc Martin. Susan, just a thought, perhaps you can start a charter trip to Port Issac – I will surely be on board!

  59. My husband and I just finished all 5 seasons in 3 weeks. We both loved it and can’t wait for season 6. We’re planning a Great Britain trip in 2014 and are planning on visiting Port Isaac. It is a wonderful series.

  60. I watch because I am simply in love with Caroline Catz’s (Caplan’s) character. And her anatomy…

  61. helen colwell says

    Got my daughter and son in law hooked on the series this weekend, they are treating themselves to two shows each evening. I think they have caught the fever.

  62. Uta DeClerck says

    In May 2012, after a visit to London and a week with friends cruising the waterways of the Stourport Ring, we drove down to Cornwall, anxious to explore Port Isaac (Port Wenn). We love the Doc Martin series and couldn’t wait to get to the scenic little village. On the way we stayed overnight at Hartland Quay, a stunning clifftop spot overlooking the rugged Devon coast. The following day we found a perfect room in Port Isaac at “The Gallery” with windows looking out over the harbor and a clear view of “The Surgery”. The pubs are hospitable, food good and wandering enjoyable. Great spot to visit. Makes it just so much more enjoyable to watch the Doc Martin shows. All fans should go!

  63. Awww, I’m so glad you like Doc Martin. Hee … I first learned about it several years ago when I saw Martin Clunes on Graham Norton. I found him so charming and adorable, I wanted to investigate this show Graham was talking about. And yes, everything about it from him and his quirky ways to the absolutely adorable village with it’s narrow streets and funny little houses, is just wonderful. And Martin is so funny and elegant and disarmingly charming in interviews. He was hilarious on that episode of Graham Norton (with John Cleese and Lee Mack) and he was equally wonderful on the 4h season of Would I Lie to You. He is so well spoken and elegant. *Sigh*

    As for British comedies, I love The I.T. Crowd, Black Books, Green Wing, Gavin and Stacey, Coupling, Spaced, Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted, Miranda, Would I Lie to You – which is a panel show. (Haha, I told you I was an Anglophile) Peep Show and The Mighty Boosh had some good episodes, but they also have some really out there stuff. Peep Show can be brilliant at times, but also quite raunchy .. which I don’t care for. One thing I have learned about British t.v. is that it’s much bawdier than American. They have no qualms about using vulgar language or nudity, etc. Another thing is that they have so few episodes! What we call seasons, they call ‘series’ and they often skip a year or two, or even more, between series. And then when they come out with another series it’s typical that there will only be about 6 episodes! Even The Office was only 2 short series of 6 episodes each! Plus a Christmas show or two. How many did the American series have? Probably close to 200 episodes!

    Oh, and it’s not a comedy (though it definitely has comedic elements) but the series Sherlock is absolutely brilliant! Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant as Holmes and Martin Freeman is adorable as Watson (he played the original Tim/Jim character in the British version of The Office.) I am a big Sherlock Holmes fan and was pretty vehemently opposed to a modern adaptation (I have strong feelings about such things, lol) but I gave in and watched the first episode and then I was hooked. They handled it so brilliantly and the pair of Cumberbatch and Freeman were so perfect for their roles, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

    Oh! How could I forget Extras!! This is from the team who created The Office, but Stephen Merchant is in this one as Ricky’s (Gervais) hapless agent. Oh gosh … Stephen Merchant is so hilarious. Ricky gets all the glory, but to me Stephen is really the more talented and funnier. If you don’t know who he is, please check him out. I know he’s probably not everybody’s cup of tea but I find him hilarious.

    Well, that was unexpected, lol, but I stumbled on this article and you did ask about British comedies ….. There are tons more, but I know you don’t watch much t.v.

    • Pam, thanks so much for this amazing list! I will def check some of these out. I have watched a few episodes of the I.T. Crowd and it’s funny! I saw Martin Clunes interviewed once on youtube or somewhere and he was so gracious and so nice…just as you mentioned. What a nice guy! Thanks again for all these wonderful suggestions!

  64. I can’t believe I forgot One Foot in the Grave. That’s considered one of the all time best British comedy series and manages to combine comedy as well as (occasionally) tragedy very effectively. It’s about Grumpy little Victor Meldrew who seems to be at odds with all the world and it’s inhabitants. His long suffering wife Margaret and some other odd characters round out the cast. It’s one of the easier shows to find online, as well. The first series is somewhat different from the rest, but you get the basic idea.

  65. Susan, I tried posting links to all of these shows but it wouldn’t take the post. 🙁 I just realized your email is available, so I’ll send them there! Have fun. 🙂

  66. pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    I find myself coming back to this post over and over to look at the pictures ~ so beautiful. Ever since I was a little girl the English Moors have called to me. And the way that gothic window looks from the interior shot .. *sigh.* (You’ll see a lot of gorgeous architecture if you start watching Lovejoy. And it will keep you busy for a while because there are 6 seasons.) I also go back to other posts. That one of the beautiful bedrooms … that canopy bed with the blue and white bedding … I was actually trying to find something like that online last night. No luck. 🙁

    • Pam, I know. If it’s the one that I think you’re thinking of, it may have to be custom made. I’ve dreamed of having one of the “Mario Buatta” style beds with the canopy. You would have to really choose your fabric carefully and make sure you would love it forever because it would expensive to change down the road. I love those beds!

  67. Hi – I loved reading all the comments and I now have a list of new shows to watch. I just got Netflix, just so I could watch Doc Martin straight through from Season One. I now have a dozen other shows to check out before Doc Martin and Downton Abbey come back on.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Hi Linda, I hope you’ll come back and tell us which shows you’ve watched and which you’ve liked. And if you find any not mentioned, please let us know! ~~~ Pam

  68. I just discovered Doc Martin a short while and made short work of all 5 series! Just finished the last episode of S5 last night and loved loved loved the location and scenery shots. Looking forward eagerly to when we finally get S6 here in the U.S. I’m planning a trip to the UK next July for the kickoff of the 2014 Tour de France, and want to make a visit to Cornwall and Port Isaac part of my trip now!

  69. Hi, I’m a big fan of Doc Martin too, and I actually have stayed at Doyden House which Doyden “Castle, ” featured above, is connected to. Three of us rented it, I think it was for 11 days, a long time ago. It’s spectacular, Port Isaac is wonderful, a stunning place, and it makes a great base for touring Cornwall, everything is reachable by car from it. We didn’t pay anything like that, prices have certainly gone up. But it WAS a long time ago, or so it seems.

    You can also walk, if you are a really good hiker, to Port Isaac. There is a Guest Book in the house with comments from past renters and recommendations, and a plate of warm cookies on the table as welcome.

    Can’t recommend the area more highly. It’s magic. And Doc Martin will be filming so Martin Clunes says in an interview a new season, Season 6, next year, in Port Isaac and it takes about 4 months.

  70. helen colwell says

    My local PBS station had advertised that the new Season was starting August 11, 2013. Can’t find its viewing any where. Anybody catch the first episode?

  71. Doc Martin, Season 6 will begin airing on October 7th (my birthday!) on AcornTV. A new episode will air weekly. As far as I know, this is the earliest that you will be able to view it in the U.S. if you are a fan of British television, I might suggest that you subscribe. I’m not affiliated, just happy to pay $2.99 a month to watch as much British television as I like, including all 22 series of Midsomer Murders.

  72. Debbie Robertson says

    Went to Port Issac in August 2013 and loved the village and also love watching the show in Western Australia. My sister lives in Devon and we also went to Camelot Castle in Tingagel where I believe a wedding is happening. We are way behind in Australia. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  73. I just stumbled on your website because my husband and I recently discovered Doc Martin. (I know; we’re really late.) In any case, the funny thing is we’ve spent two weeks near Port Isaac, twice, once in 1995 and again in about 2006 or so, and we’re dying to go back. We stayed in Doyden House, just up the hill from Doyden Castle, where apparently an episode of Doc Martin takes place. (We’re just in Season 3.) This part of North Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen, and Port Isaac is just as eccentric as Portwenn. Oh, and you HAVE to track down Poldark, which ran on PBS in the late ’70s. It’s a wonderful, wonderful series.

    • Elizabeth, you lucky duck! I’d love to go for a visit! It must be so much fun watching the show having been to that area! I think Poldark is on Netflix…is it really good? Does it end well? I don’t like sad movies/shows. I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch Downton Abbey this year, it was so sad last season the way they kept killing off main characters.

  74. Save your NetFlix rent money, and go to the library for free DVDs to view. Your taxes have already paid for them, so why pay twice for the movies if they are sitting in the library (check your library web site. They even bring in movies etc from other libraries if they do not have them.

    I just finished all 5 seasons of Doc Martin and the three prequel movies that Dr Martin Bamford first appeared in, which was before Clunes changed the style of the character, sold it as the Doc Martin TV Series as Doc Martin Ellingham, and married the producer Philippa Braithwaite (in real life). Ellingham is anagram from writer/creator Dominic Minghella last name. Co writer/creator is Craig Ferguson from all three movies listed below. Craig is also the voice in Brave of Lord Macintosh, and Andrew of Sean Saves The World, voice of Gobber in How To Train your Dragons and it;s sequels, and voice of Buzz Lightyear of the Tv series, + More.

    Swedish version of the TV series is Dr. Martinus Elsenbosch

    Saving Grace as Dr. Martin Bamford 2000

    Doc Martin (TV Movie) as Doctor Martin Bamford 2001

    Doc Martin and the Legend of the Cloutie (TV Movie) as Dr. Martin Bamford 2003

    Season 6 is coming out soon. They shoot every other year a series.

    Now doing Inspectors Lynley, Morse, Lewis, and Waiting for God at my library. Nice to get all the episodes and seasons at one time and watch them all the way through. This gives a big picture of the overall story and insight to the characters that you miss when you watch them in the year by year waiting scenario. The Last Detective staring Doctor Who # 5 is finished shooting (forever?). And it is one big story. So is the Inspector Morse series, except now they are doing the Endeavour series, which is a young Morse. Same problem with Sherlock Holmes. Consult the order of the books and characters and then watch the movies and consider prequels and sequels in the line up. Star Wars (all movies) are better when you watch the prequels before the others. Same with Star Trek (young Kahn, old Kahn) etc.

    Also there is a bit story on the character of James Bond if you read the books (or Audios) in sequence, and to some degree watch all the movies back to back in sequence. I always read the story before watching the movies. 16 hour books are better than 2 hour movies to tell the story. Casino Royale was made several times as a TV show, David Niven (Bond) movies, Woody Allen (Jimmy Bond) movie, Sean Connery (Bond) movie, David Craig (Bond) two part movie. The later was more true to the book. Now Jimmy Bond books are out, and so are Miss Moneypenny books.

    Think Library One Year of a series a week, and order each year of the series back to back and it is a better experience. I do no watching of TV shows, news, etc, but do go to a movie theater maybe one a year. LIBRARY with a home projector is better than a monitor.

    • Amo, this is a great idea! I live in a highly populated area so may be hard to get my hands on them without waiting forever. I def. like the idea of getting them all at once. Half the time I have trouble keeping up with the “story” when there are big gaps or I miss an episode.
      Thanks for all the terrific info and the great recommendations! I know this will be helpful for others who read this post because folks often read the comments, too.
      Thanks again!

  75. OH Forgot…

    Barry Nelson played the first James Bond (Casino Royal 1954), on US TV not BBC . Fleming was paid $1000 for the 40 minute episode in a TV series called, CLIMAX! Theater (available at the Library).

    Nelson just died in 2007 (90), was in The Shinning, Magnum PI, Dallas, Fantasy Island, Murder She Wrote, as Uncle Bill in the Ropers (3s Company take off), Battlestar Galactica, The Love Boat, and in several of his own series as well when younger.

    I take it you are not in Great Britain. Better series shows made there. Try viewing BBC episodes on line.

  76. pam ~ crumpety moor says

    Amo, I too like to watch a series in it’s entirety. May I suggest you try, One Foot in the Grave? It’s a British comedy from the 1990’s and features some very amusing characters.

    Oh dear, Susan. Now I want to find this Poldark that Elizabeth mentioned. I’ve not heard of it. I hope I can find it. If I do, I’ll let you know. 🙂

    By the way, I appreciated your attempt at finishing the Madam De Florian story. What an amazing mystery! So many questions. I sure hope we get the answers some day soon. At any rate, it was a valiant effort and some of the ladies have talent, don’t they? If only they would have understood to keep the story moving toward a conclusion, rather than starting over at the apartment, lol. Oh well. I guess you’ll have to try to make sense of it and come up with an ending for us. 😉

  77. Love the Doc too! I wish there were more …seen them all & own most of them. My Dad introduced me to the show. I soooo want to visit Port Isaac & Port Quin someday

  78. Lucy B Malone says

    My 85 yo mother got me hooked on the “Doc Martin” series. What a wonderful treat. Every week I wait patiently or more accurately I should say wait anxiously for the new episode. It never disappoints and is very relaxing. For Christmas, I gave my mom the entire 1- 5 season series with the additional “Doc Martin” movie. She was thrilled and offered to let me see them after she is finished. YEA! But woe is me. My mom is so busy she can’t find the time to watch them. I thought old age slowed a person down. This doesn’t seem to apply to her. Hopefully she’ll make the time soon. She loves the show, just doesn’t have the free time to fit a viewing in. I’ll try to be patient. Meanwhile I love the British show “Waiting for God” with Stephanie Cole as a lead character. She also played Auntie Joan in “Doc Martin”. Have you seen “Waiting for God”? It’s about moving into an retirement community. The humor is so spot on to the realities my parents currently face moving into a very nice retirement community in NC.
    Thanks for “Between Naps On The Porch”.

  79. This has been such a trying winter here in upstate New York, bitter and too much snow; watching Doc Martin has been a lifesaver! (well at least it combatted cabin fever!) I am totally addicted….never thought I’d be so crazy about a tv show.
    Already planning a Port Isaac trip for 2015, when they will hopefully be shooting the 7th season. The area looks absolutely stunning and we are looking forward to hiking the cliff paths from town to town…

  80. Only watched a few episodes of Doc Martin SO FAR but have ordered from Netflix starting at the beginning. A similar type of PBS airing is/was “Ballykissangel,” It’s set in Ireland and also has quirky, lovable characters. Netflix does offer Ballykissangel, Seasons 1-6 and PBS does broadcast re-runs occasionally; alas no new tapings with the show’s having ended in 2001. We visited Ireland in 2011 and are planning a second trip for 2015. Wonder if we could somehow include a stop in Cornwall. hhhhmmmm Ballykissangel was our first PBS addiction. Since then we have added Downtown Abbey (also watched marathons to catch up) and now adding Doc Martin. We also watch Game Of Thrones. With any of these programs, once you get caught up, it’s so hard to wait for the new season. Let me know if you try a wee bit of Ballykissangel.

    • Paula, I never saw Ballykissangel but it sounds interesting. I don’t get Netflix right now, let my subscription end since I just never had any time to watch it and had trouble finding anything I liked. Have you ever seen the movie, Waking Ned Divine? If you haven’t, you need to! I love that movie! It’s got quirky characters to spare. 🙂 It may be on Netflix.

  81. I’ve spent a much of a rainy day looking through the timeline photos, from the beginning, on your facebook page, and checking out recommended links. Just got to Doc Martin pic. Husband and I are big fans as well. Would like to recommend “Foyle’s War.” A Brit mystery series set during WWII. Lead actor is small coastal town detective and deals with theft/murders (suggested, not grisly) that are somewhat war-related. Brings in how the British had to sacrifice and dealt with deprivation, and how fearful of invasion they were. 40’s style autos, clothing, and buildings. Not a comedy, but well written and very well acted, so you may be interested.

  82. Hello! I have to admit I’m more Lovejoy than Doc Martin but they share similar things – great characters and wonderful locations so I should go and try them!

    Your link for Droyden Castle has changed. With my work hat on, – if you had a moment would you be able to change it for this

    Many Thanks

    Jamie 🙂

  83. Jean and Malc Rawlinson says

    We are staying there this week and it IS dreamy!! X

  84. We are staying there this week!

  85. Omg I LOVE Doc Martin! I got my mom hooked on it too. This was the last episode on Hulu. (Netflix dropped the show.) I am going to subscribe to Acorn Tv so I can watch the rest of the seasons. My first British show I fell for was Doctor Who a few years back. Then I discovered Downton Abbey (awesome!) and PBS Masterpiece. I am so hooked on British television it is mostly what I watch now! I would love to live in one of the villages in Midsomer Murders. Without all the murder though. lol. My husband just don’t get my love for British television. I am glad I am not alone and there are other like minded souls in this world. 🙂

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