Door & Deck Progress

Welcome to the 455th Metamorphosis Monday.

My porch is still a storage area for much of the deck furniture.

Screened Porch with Deck Furniture During Deck Makeover


I think they will be doing a final coat of stain in some areas either today or tomorrow. After that dries, life can return to normal. I’ll be really happy to get all this furniture out of the porch and back onto the decks. lol

Chaos During Deck Makeover


Before I share how the deck handrail is looking, here’s the progress so far on the basement door. Some areas of the door have been really resistant to the stain, while others areas are looking much better. Keep your fingers cross they can get it looking more like the walls very soon.

Door Progress with Staining


I have two decks, one on either side of the screened porch.

Solar Deck Lights


Here’s how the one under the pergola is looking right now. Ignore the splotches you see on the railing and the deck floor, it was still wet from some light rain we’d had earlier in the day. But at least you can kinda see how the color is turning out.

Deck Stained with Painted Railing


I went with a solid color called, “Lodge Brown.” It’s darker than the “Pine Cone Brown” I shared in THIS post. They used Sherwin Williams’s Super Deck 9600 stain, which is part oil-based. It is supposed to be their best Super Deck product. The owner of the paint company said this is what he has on his deck…the 9600 product. So hopefully it will hold up to cleaning a lot better than the semi-transparent stain I was using before.

Paint a Railing Brown for Easier Maintenance


This photo was sorta my inspiration photo, although I didn’t want the railing quite that dark.

Paint Deck Rails Brown to Hide Dirt Between Cleanings


Here’s how the other deck is looking, again try to ignore the splotchy wetness from the rain. The railing will still get dirty from having so many trees in the backyard, but at least it won’t be the constant eyesore that it was before when it was white. Looking forward to sharing the final look when the furniture, grill, plants, etc… are back in place. Maybe I’ll even have a chance to do a tablescape out here before the cold weather arrives.

Deck Before and After, Staining & Painted Railing


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  1. Oh, I love the deck, Susan! It’s looks great. Thanks for the party. 🙂

  2. I love the “Lodge Brown” stain color Susan! It’s similar to a porch paint color we ultimately used several years ago that’s also a SW product. It really does hide some of the leaf litter and red dirt/clay color little paws track in. 😉

  3. Deck is looking good! Your screened porch is looking a bit like
    a tea room with all the tables and chairs. You could do a
    different tablescape in each one. Really like the deck color.

  4. Your decks look wonderful, Susan. Such a transformation! Thanks for all your hard working hosting Metamorphosis Monday.

  5. The color is perfect Susan! Not too dark and not too light. I imagine you will see it’s much easier to keep looking clean.

  6. Thanks for telling us about the milk. They do not sell it here yet, but I will keep and eye open. Love your deck and can’t wait to see more.

    • I bet it will come to your area soon. It took a while for it to get here. There may be other brands that are also A2 milk. The two I know of right now are: A2 Milk and Snowville Creamery.

  7. Love the deck, my question is about slippery decks. We use deck paint and still in the winter I can ice skate. Any advice.

    • Yikes! Hope that doesn’t happen with this one. I have a feeling it will start to get dirty before long with all the leaves falling so that may take care of any slipperiness. Mary, I would check with a local paint company and see what they recommend. Also, you may need to look for shoes that are better for those situations. A friend of mine gave me some L.L. Bean slippers a few years back and I could not wear them any place other than inside the house. For some reason they were insanely slippery in the garage and on my deck. I actually flat on my back in the garage once wearing them…it was like they were greased on the bottom the second my feet hit the garage floor. I never trusted those slippers after that! lol

  8. The deck looks awesome. Love the color! Thanks so much for hosting.

  9. I’ll bet folks will be glad to have ice cream too made with this milk! I’ve never heard of it before; thank you for sharing it, and your deck looks AH-MAZE-ING! Thanks for hosting!

    • Thanks!
      I know, wouldn’t that be awesome! Snowville Creamery does make yogurt, I purchased some of their yogurt when I was in Ohio. Hopefully icecream will be next.

  10. Looking great! I can’t wait to see it when everything is back in it’s place. I love the brown.

  11. Transformation indeed! Great color selection–it now has a finished look that I didn’t realize was lacking. Did the paint company owner have any advice on the tree residue problem? Increasing resistance or cleaning tips? And thanks for the A2 milk update; I hadn’t looked for it in ages.

    • Not really, they just recommend cleaning it every few months to keep it looking good. I purchased a pressure washer a couple of months ago that has good reviews on Amazon. It has several nozzles so I can control the pressure. I’m going to buy some Olympic Deck Cleaner from Lowes for just general cleaning of the deck, but at least I have the pressure washer to use if I need to–although it could be tricky getting around all the furniture, etc…
      I really love the A2 milk…tastes great since it’s real milk. 🙂

  12. Oh, my, you must be thrilled, Susan. The deck and railing look WONDERFUL!! You’ve totally captured your inspiration photo, and that’s not always easy to do. Can’t wait to see it all put together. I’ll bet even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, you’ll be tempted to have a get-together on your new deck space!

  13. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Re the door stain: Different woods take stains differently. Is that the problem?

    Deck looks really good.

    I don’t know about your problem with milk, but mine is that I just don’t produce lactase to digest lactose. Seems to me that no change in protein is going to make a difference, cuz it’s not the protein “interfering” with digestion. Now, if you have an issue with a specific protein, that would make a difference.

    • I read an article last year that said it’s all connected…something about A1 Protein interferes (in some people) with the bodies ability to digest/process the lactose…so that’s why we end up being “lactose intolerant.” So there’s a connection. A2 milk may not fix the problem for everyone, but it definitely did for me. I’m just waiting for A2 icecream to come out! 🙂 Some companies are already making the yogurt.

      • Regality (aka The Quing) says

        Please read the wiki articles on lactose intolerance and the A2 protein. It still sounds to me as if you have a protein issue, not an enzyme issue.

        • Oh, I’m not doubting that…what I’m saying is that the enzyme problem is often caused by the protein issue. That’s why drinking A2 milk that has the protein that cows produced back in the day (and not what you find in most milk today) fixes it for some people like me.

    • Here ya go…this article explains it:

      It says, “True lactose intolerance (symptoms stemming from lactose malabsorption) is less common than is widely perceived, and should be viewed as just one potential cause of cows’ milk intolerance. There is increasing evidence that A1 beta-casein, a protein produced by a major proportion of European-origin cattle but not purebred Asian or African cattle, is also associated with cows’ milk intolerance. ”

      One more article that explains a bit more:

  14. Oh, wow, that door stain is a bear! It has similar undertones to the walls though, which is pretty amazing. Layer by layer…

    Your deck looks so good. I was struck by how pretty your floors are on the screened in porch.

    • It is! Yeah, they did a good job with the stain color. I think it’s just going to take more applications. Also, not sure the guy is sanding as he should between coats. A manager came out yesterday though, so hopefully they have a plan for getting it completed.
      Thanks, Yolie! I know this sounds crazy but it’s that new mop I bought. I can mop the floor out there so much better now. Before it was difficult with the sad mop I was using.

  15. Susan, Thanks for hosting! Thanks too for the A2 Milk tip… I’ve got to read up on that. I have a son that thinks he may be lactose intolerant… maybe it’s this protein thing you’re talking about. Liz

  16. Love seeing your progress on the decks and door. Love the color of your decks. I bet it’s hard getting the stain on the door to match, in part, just from the way stain and wood ages (on the walls). It all looks really good.
    It’s nice to finally have a day of fall-like weather….hope it lasts at least a week. I’m sure you’ll have plenty more chances to do tablescaping on the deck. 🙂 Thanks for hosting. I would have a post to link of B&A my windows & ledges I cleaned yesterday, but pictures would have been too embarrassing, lol. Have a good week.

    • Yup, plus the walls are some type of wood (not sure what) and the door is pine. So that does make it challenging.
      It’s finally feeling more like fall here, too. The heat has started running so just brought out my humidifiers this morning.
      lol You sound like me, sometimes you just don’t want to share the “before.” 😉

  17. Deck is looking awesome, really like the colors. I remember your snow tables cape, that was a cool idea, so its ok if winter is coming:) Ah, the milk. I understand liking the taste and happy to see it is grassfed. I have been involved with health and healing and nutrition for 45 years and have learned milk is not too great for people really, and not actually the best for calcium. Doctors have almost no training in nutrition and do not give good advice that way. I still love cheese, but try not to eat it all the time.

    • Thanks, Jillian! That was a fun table to do. I almost waited too late that day, was afraid my tablecloth was going to melt before I could take photos. 🙂

  18. The deck and railings look great! Love the brown color, blends in with the trees.

  19. rattlebridge farm says

    Love the stain you chose for the deck–it’s gorgeous.

  20. Thanks so much for the party each week!!

  21. Everything looks great. I wouldnt obsess over the door exactly matching the adjacent walls….you know, unless it was some sort of secret passage-way.

  22. Carolyn Price says

    Great info on the A2 milk … as I have to limit my milk consumption for the same reason. So good to know.
    The deck looks fabulous! We used the water-based and I need to speak to them at my store about the 9600 products.
    Thanks for another informative post!!

  23. Dawne Anderson says

    A2 Milk! How’s interesting. Love your deck color. Pretty rail tops too! Good job.

  24. The Deck is looking good! On a side note, I seem to recall you purchased or wanted to buy window treatments from Country Curtains. Sadly, I received a note saying they are going out of business! They are having some final sales if you’re interested …

  25. Susan, your decks look like new!
    You know I have always loved your porch but now that’s flanked by those embellished decks I love it even more! (I didn’t know it was possible but you see a brown/white combo never fails!) 🙂 I look forward to seeing your next tablescape on your “new” deck! 🙂
    Susan, fortunately I am not lactose intolerant but I know that the list of lactose-free dairy products keeps growing, at least here in Germany, so I hope companies will carry those in the US, too, but meanwhile, if you are worried about your calcium intake, try to eat Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, each day. Not the “Parmesan” cheese, but the genuine Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, made in Italy, D.O.P., which is loaded with calcium but happens to be almost 100% lactose-free. Susan, you may know that in Italy we do have the highest number of centenarians in the world, and every time I see them on Italian TV where people ask them what do their diets look like, they usually tell that amongst other healthy foods, like vegetables and fruits, they always eat lots of cheese (and by cheese they mean Parmigiano Reggiano or goat cheese), and that they drink 1-2 glasses of red wine, each day, and they can’t all be wrong, can they? In any case, I try to follow their suggestions, one never knows… lol

    • Thanks for the tip about the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Cecilia! I will look for it next time I’m in Publix. I’ve found that I can eat goat cheese, as long as I don’t over do it. I love how it taste, too! That’s awesome about all the centenarians! 🙂

  26. Thanks for hosting! And, for the information on A2 milk. I will look for it around my area.
    My last post was actually inspired by you (I transformed an old hutch for my back porch). So, when I went to check out your blog, I found out it was Metamorphosis Monday…so, joined the party!!

  27. Thank you for the information about A2 milk. I hope I can find some for my husband. It would be so nice to be able to use milk in recipes again. I would love to know the brand of those lighted deck post caps. They are so nice looking.

  28. Cyndi Raines says

    I KNEW THE BROWN WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! It just is over -the -top as an outline to an already gorgeous deck! And unless you have done something to your screened in porch floor, it is looking extra awesome also. So glad you have found milk that you can tolerate. I do love my 2%. I am sure the stain on the door will even out eventually and will be very beautiful like the rest of your lovely house.♡

    • Thanks so much, Cyndi! ♥ Haven’t done anything special to the porch floor, I think it just looks better because I was able to give it a really good moping recently with the new mop system that I purchased. It just does a much better job than the mop I had been using.

  29. Loving the new look of your deck! I bet you’re excited to finally get everything back in place.
    Thanks so much for the lovely party this morning. Loved all the fall home tours. Take care, Cynthia

  30. I love your deck and especially those lights!

    • Thanks, Rose! I wish they had held up better. I had those on the deck posts for a couple of years before they stopped working and started looking in rough shape.

  31. I’m trying to think about who I need to share the milk find with. That’s so awesome! I used the same inspo deck picture for our deck on our last home. Yours is looking beautiful!!!

  32. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, I love your deck transformation! Like the two-tone color better than the all white and I know you’ll appreciate dirt not showing up as much as before. Thanks for the A2 milk info. as my MIL is lactose intolerant and was hoping for real milk instead of almond milk for certain dishes. I forgot to ask on your post about recent clothes purchases, so I’ll sneak it in here–is the white on the tartan navy checked flannel shirt a true white? The white on the J. Crew I ordered last year was actually more ivory, which doesn’t look as good on me as a bright white, so I’m selling them. Thanks for the party, as always. Hugs!

    • Thanks, Bobbi!
      I just took a couple of photos of the shirt laying on the window seat in my upstairs family room so you can see how it looks in the natural light coming in through the window. It’s not a bright, bright white, but I do think it looks pretty white. I would say it’s definitely more white than cream. I don’t think it looks ivory or cream, just not stark white either. Not sure if that helps.

      Navy and White Tartan Flannel Shirt
      Navy, White Tartan Shirt, L.L. Bean

  33. the deck looks great! I like the brown!

    Thank you for the milk information. I had never heard of A2 milk. I will look for it if we EVER get a whole foods close enough.

    • Do you have a Publix, Mary? They have it there. Also, look for the other brand, Snowville Creamery because I think there milk is available in Virigina, just not as far south as Georgia.

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