Easiest, Fastest Way to Remove Lint and Dust from Bedding and Dust Ruffles

Welcome to the 557th Metamorphosis Monday~

I had meant to post this weekend but unfortunately, I’ve been under the weather. Thankfully I’m feeling a bit better this evening so I thought I would go ahead and get tomorrow’s Metamorphosis Monday post up for you now.

Update: Before we get into this post, just discovered that Mr. Pheasant went on sale this weekend, 30% off! You’ll find him on sale here: Pheasant.

Autumn Table Setting with Sunflowers


Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming! Recently when I was preparing to take photos in my bedroom for the post where I shared how I’m storing my handbags, I decided to do a bit of cleaning/spiffing up of the room before taking photos. In the process, I discovered the bed skirt was pretty dusty. Is that why they call them dust ruffles? lol I don’t have pets right now so not sure how it can get so dusty, but it does.


In the past, I’ve tried to vacuum it using the little upholstery tool on my vacuum, but it’s awkward and cumbersome and doesn’t do a very good job. If I remove the tool, I end up sucking the fabric of the skirt up into the vacuum hose which is obviously not good for the bed skirt.

Tartan Bedding for Fall, Winter


A while back I ordered this cool device for my son and daughter-in-law when we completed a little makeover in my two grandson’s bedroom.

Best for getting cat and dog hair off furniture


Their two kitties love to sleep on the boy’s new beds and they end up leaving a lot of fur behind.

Dinosaur Theme Boy's Bedroom, Pottery Barn Quilts


I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use and how efficient/fast it was at picking up kitty fur. You run it over a surface the same way you vacuum a floor, going back and forth, back and forth. It works quickly and really does an awesome job. I liked it so much, I ordered one for myself when I got back home, even though I don’t have pets. I knew it would be good for removing lint from sofas, beds, etc…

You’ll find it available here: Pet Fur and Lint Remover.

Best Way to remove cat and dog hair from furniture quickly


So far, I’ve just used it on the duvet on my bed and it worked perfectly. Very pleased and I can definitely recommend it. (Tartan Bedding is available here: Tartan Bedding.)

Tartan Bedding for Fall, Winter


Back to the Bed Skirt

But what about the bed skirt? This is the tool I used on the bed skirt recently and it worked soooo much better than trying to vacuum off the dust/lint with my vacuum cleaner. This thing is amazing! It picks an incredible amount and then to empty the brush, you just stick the wand down into the little case that it comes in. When you pull it out, the lint is all gone. When it’s time to empty it, you just pull the button cap off. I love it and never want to be without one of these in my house!

Best Tool for Cleaning Dust Ruffle


To use it for cleaning dust/lint off my bed skirt, I just grabbed the bottom of the dust ruffle with my left hand and pull the wand down the length of the skirt with my right hand. It didn’t take long to cover the entire skirt since emptying the lint/dust off the wand was so fast and easy to do.

I’m sure it would work great for pet fur, as well. I hate using those sticky tape things where every five seconds you have to stop and pull off the used up sheet to uncover a new one. This works so much faster and is by far the easiest way I have found to remove lint off something hanging vertically with pleats like a dust ruffle. I bet it would be great on draperies, as well. I need to use it on my dining room draperies…think I’ll do that tomorrow.

You’ll find it available here: Pet Fur and Lint Remover.



Best Tool for Cleaning Dust Ruffle


When I put my summer bedding back on the bed this spring, I’m sure it will work well on that dust ruffle, too. Just wanted to share both of these cool tools in case you’ve been looking for a good way to remove dust or pet fur from furniture, draperies or bed skirts.


You’ll find both of the items in this post here: Pet Fur and Lint Brush/Remover AND Pet Fur and Lint Remover.

Okay, this girl is headed back to bed. I slept the entire day and I still feel like I can sleep even more. Hopefully, I’ll be fully back to normal by tomorrow.

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

Tartan Bedding for Fall, Winter


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  1. I wonder if this item removes lint and hair from clothing too.

    • It should. The one that you roll back and forth wouldn’t work so well for clothing but the one I used on the dust ruffle definitely would. I think that’s how my son and daughter-in-law use the one I purchased for them.

  2. Thanks for the info, Susan! I’m going to try to dust ruffle one.

  3. Thanks Susan for hosting today. Hope you are feeling better. Great idea for cleaning fabric that gets dusty.

  4. Thank you for the tip on that little tool. I followed your link for your tartan bedding, and I don’t see the dust ruffle listed. Did you have that made for you, or did you make it? It certainly is beautiful and it puts that holiday spirit out, front and center! What a lovely home you have.


    Thanks for the party. Glad you are better. Best wishes for a wonderful, healthy week ahead. Linda @Crafts a la mode

  6. I don’t have a bed skirt here. In this area they’re referred to as scorpion ladders. No thank you but that gadget looks really handy. Feel better soon!

  7. When you are energetic you can remove draperies and bed shirt put them in a cool dryer and the wallah it shakes the dust out

  8. I slept all day too – maybe there’s something going around. But glad you felt well enough to post the party tonight. ❤️ Those are great suggestions. I have trouble with link on my bedding too, so will have to give them a try. Thanks for the pheasant update, and Happy Monday!

  9. Such a neat little gadget. I wonder if it works on lamp shades? Right now I use the sticky roller thing to clean the dust off the shades. Each time I do this I ask myself if some sticky residue is left on the shade and is attracting more dust. Hmmm…If you try it on a lamp shade let us know if it works. Feel better soon. BTW, how do you clean the chandelier in your bedroom? It is gorgeous.

    • The second one, the one I used on my bed skirt definitely does because I used it on the lamps shades in that room, too. I know, I always wonder that about the sticky ones, too.
      Thanks, Peggy! To clean the chandelier (it really needs it again now) I stand on my bed and just gently wipe off each crystal with a damp rag. I’m always afraid to use any chemicals, so I just use a damp rag.

  10. Thanks so much for hosting each week!

  11. Great finds Susan, anything to make house keeping easier is a winner! Thanks for the party, stay well!

  12. I just made a round of pollen removal with those sticky ones. You are not exaggerating about changing the sheet version every few seconds. This tool looks fantastic.

    • I know, I really dislike those because of that. What kind of pollen do you guys have this time of year, Mia? It’s funny because I never have any allery issues in the spring, fall is always when I have problems and am prone to get a sinus infection. I have no idea what pollinates this time of year, though.

  13. Hope you are feeling better today. I loved this post, and I will order the pet hair remover #2 today. Can’t wait to try it on my velvet drapes. I noticed that you have a lovely chandelier above your bed, and I was wondering how high your ceiling is because I want to do the same thing in my bedroom but the ceiling is only 7 feet tall so I thought it might not work. Yours looks fabulous!

    • Thanks, Jan! A chandelier works great in this room since it has a tray ceiling and the tray part is almost 11 feet high. I had really planned to do a different chandelier in this room, one that was a mix of brass and crystal, but I could never find one large enough. I came across this one in an antique shop for around $350 and couldn’t pass that up. It’s kinda fancy for a bedroom but I do enjoy it here.
      I have a small tole chandelier in my office where the ceilings are only 8 feet high. I can walk right under it since I’m around 5’4″ tall, but whenever anyone over 5’10 inches comes in this room, I have to constantly remind them to watch out for the chandelier. That’s pretty rare, though…mostly just the cable guys when they come to fix something that’s wrong with the router/modem box or my cable connection.

      So, hanging a chandelier of any type where you have less than 9 foot ceilings can def be a challenge!

  14. I have purchased this lint remover. I do have a cat and dog. They spend very little time inside the house. I have to say this did not work for me. It picked up very little on bedding and clothing. I don’t even try to use it any more.

    • Paula, if you’re talking about the first one, the one I used to remove kitty fur from my grandsons’ bed, make sure you’re rolling it back and forth the same way you would vacuum a room. The first time I used it, I just pulled it forward like I would a regular lint remover and it didn’t work very well at all. I was disappointed. The next time I used it on their bedding, it clicked in my head that I wasn’t using it correctly. When you use it, roll it back and forth, back and forth without ever lifting it from the bed or whatever you’re using it on, otherwise, it won’t work, plus, it doesn’t deposit the fur into the little reservoir. It worked amazingly once I understood what I was doing wrong. That’s why I bought one for my home after I got back home from my visit. Not sure if that helps, but hope it does.

  15. Sorry to hear that, Susan, and yes, get some rest!
    (You know the old saying: “Sleep is the best medicine”, don’t you?) 🙂
    So, I truly hope you’re feeling better today. 🙂
    Sending hugs your way. ♥

  16. Good idea. Years ago when I had a crocheted canopy that gathered a lot of dust I began to take it off and also the dust ruffle, valances, drapes and whatever else accumulated dust. I threw whatever item I wanted the dust removed from into the dryer on the no heat setting for about 10-15 minutes. Removes the dust and no wrinkles are left. If pet hair is a problem 2 yards of what Joann fabrics calls sports netting ( or nylon netting) added to the dryer helps remove it. I figured that removing canopies and dust ruffles from beds and crapes off of rods is less labor intensive than trying to vacuum or use a lint remover. Note: I got the hint about the sports net from Good Housekeeping magazine. 2 yds in the washer and dryer will take pet fur off pet bedding. My retriever’s large navy blue canvas duck bedding is spotless when I use this method.

  17. Sorry to hear you were under the weather Susan. Here is hoping you fell 100% better soon! I will have to look at that tool. With our little girl she leaves her hair everywhere.

  18. Thank you for hosting!

  19. Thank you so much for hosting.
    Happy Fall,

  20. Sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather Susan and wise enough to let your body rest as sleep sometimes can be the best medicine to regenerate it. Have put the rollers on my wish list for the next ‘A’ order and thank you for the tip. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Received the Pottery Barn Alphabet mugs that I mentioned in an earlier comment just yesterday and was not disappointed. Was surprised how large they are though, so might have to get larger Xmas stockings …. lol!

  21. Franki Parde says

    Who knew!!! franki

  22. Hi Susan,

    Bought the LL Bean Sheets in white, yellow and beige! I was surprised at how wonderful the felt just coming out of the packaging! I have since washed the white king set, and adore the feel! Have you ever used The Laundress product care? TY for sheets!

    • I know, their sheets are amazing, and they last and last so you really get your money’s worth. I have used the The Laundress Delicate Wash for silk items and for my dresses that I hand wash. I use their Wool/ Cashmere shampoo for cashmere sweaters. Do you use it for regular laundry, too?

  23. Do you have a source for the fabric for your spring/summer dust ruffle? They are lovely fabrics, and the plaid would coordinate beautifully with my bedroom wallpaper. Love the thought of a self-cleaning lint brush!

    • Thanks, Linda! I’m not sure if that fabric is still available, it’s been so long. Back in the day a fabric store called, Calico Corners carried it. I haven’t seen it in there in many years, though.

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