Easter Spring Table Setting

Welcome to the 238th Tablescape Thursday!

Marie created some wonderful table settings for Easter/spring.   The one I’m sharing today is in her beautiful dining room.

Easter Spring Table Setting 1

Marie will enjoy this table setting with her family this year for Easter.

Easter Spring Tablescape

A few close-ups…love the pierced chargers, pierced egg cups and pierced napkin rings.

Easter Spring Tablescape

You’ll find a list detailing where Marie found all the elements in this table setting at the end of this post.

Easter Spring Tablescape

Thanks so much to Marie for sharing her whimsical spring tablescape.

Easter Spring Tablescape


Easter Spring Tablescape


Place mats & napkins: Home Goods
Voile napkins: The Magnolia Room, Marietta, GA
Chargers: Ralph Lauren dot com this year, on sale
Egg holders and napkin rings: eBay
Small plates on the chargers: Home Goods, this year
Gold plated flatware: Overstock dot com, this year
Chicks, bunnies & gold colored glassware: Pier One
Wine & champagne glasses: Amazon
Greenery & birds nest at each end of the center table decorations: The White Rabbit, Marietta, GA
Flowers and candles in the center piece: Tuesday Morning

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  1. I have to say your friends do some pretty special tables and you are good to share.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting….Happy Easter, Susan!

  3. Beautiful Easter table! I love all the cute details…C hrbistine

  4. Hi Susan! Oh, Marie’s table is so pretty and I love all her dishes, chargers and egg cups to match. What a beautiful dining room she has too. Hope you’re doing well and I want to wish you and your family a happy Easter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. This table is just lovely.

    How is Max today??? I hope he is doing a little better, I have been thinking of you.


    • Thanks for asking Cynthia. I’m about to leave to take him to see the oncologist. He has an appt at 10:15. They said the kind of cancer he has needs chemo. It’s a pill and supposedly not bad for cats to go through as it is for humans. I’ll know more about that soon. They have him on predinosone and an appetite stimulant, so he’s been eating better. I bet I’ve opened 20 cans of catfood in the last two days in addition to cooking chicken and a roast for him to get him to eat more/better. He loved the roast the most. I need to find out today if it’s okay for him to eat that, but so far he hasn’t had the diarreah problem…not sure why that has suddenly gone away since it’s been here for a month. Maybe it’s all those prayers working. He isn’t staying constantly in my bed now but is hanging out in the office again with me which is a good sign. Thanks, Cynthia…you are a sweetheart!

      • Leesa Nesty says

        Thank you for the update on Max. Have been praying for both of you. I went back yesterday and read your past post on him. Yes, he truly is special!!! Please keep us posted!

  6. I’m so glad you shared Marie’s table, I knew it would be darling. I think the floral plates are my favorite part, and I love the way she mixes whimsy with elegance. Prayers,

  7. Susan,
    Marie’s table is so pretty, loves the dishes!
    THinking of you and little Max.

    God Bless,

  8. Marie’s whimsical table is delightful. 🙂 Thinking of you this morning and wishing for you a blessed Easter filled with Hope.

  9. Love all Marie’s holiday decorations and tables! Thinking about you & Max. Happy Easter!

  10. Marie has to be my long, lost sister! She loves decorating for the holidays as much as I do. She also does it beautifully. This table is so pretty, yet the touches of whimsy make it fun. Those botanical plates are so beautifully simple. Thank you, Marie and Susan. Susan, I do hope you are getting better reports about Max. You and Max are in my prayers. laurie

  11. Susan,
    Marie’s table is gorgeous and I’m glad you shared it. Love the flower-shaped placemats and the matching pierced chargers and egg cups! I read your update on Max and I will be thinking all positive thoughts this morning!

  12. Beautiful, love the charger.

  13. Hey Susan,
    Marie’s table is so pretty….thanks for hosting this lovely party..looking forward to visiting the others..
    Hope your Easter is a good one..

  14. Marie’s table is lovely! I wonder if she has a protective coating over that beautiful wood, I would be worried about stains!
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Susan. Ours won’t be the same as my sister’s 8 year old grandson died last month, so sad to lose a child.
    Thanks for hosting!

    • marie barnes says

      I’m right there with you Kathleen, we lost our neice 16 yrs ago. She was 32 and left a 5 yr old son. it is something no one has words for. bless you and your sister.

    • Kathleen, I’m so sorry. There are no words that sooth that kind of hurt. I wish things like that never, ever happened.

  15. A wonderful whimsical setting in a beautiful elegant dining room…perfect for every guest. Happy Easter, Susan. Thanks for hosting us. I continue to pray for Max and you. Cherry Kay

  16. So glad to hear the update on Max and that he is doing better…I also wanted to wish you a Happy Easter and say thanks for hosting a wonderful party.


  17. Hi Susan – Have been thinking about both you and Max a great deal since yesterday. I hope your day goes well. I’m glad to read about some of the good signs with Max that you mentioned in your note above. Prayers for a good day.

  18. TippysMom says

    Good morning, Susan-

    I, too was sobbing after reading yesterday’s post and said a prayer for both you and Max. My darling little 2 yr. old tuxedo cat, Tippy, is truly like my 3rd child (and my shadow!) and I hope that every day you continue to have with Max, be a gift.
    I would love to raid Marie’s storage room, boxes, etc. for holiday decor! I noticed that the two of you don’t use tablecloths when tablescaping and have been curious as to “why”…

    Happy Easter to you & yours!

  19. I’ve been thinking about you & your fur baby, Max, ever since I read your post about him. I’m so glad you’re seeing some improvement & hope you get good news at the oncologist’s. My life would be so empty without my fur babies (2 Yorkies & 1 cat). Sending you hugs & prayers.

  20. Susan – Marie has done it, again! What a fantastic table setting! Love all of her pieces and the way that she usually adds something fun to a more serious setting. She definitely has a gift – thanks for sharing her wonderful home with us, again.

  21. Just gorgeous! I am praying for dear Max~

  22. I am hoping Max is feeling a little better. Please keep us posted. Thanks to Marie for allowing you to share so much of her beautiful home and creativity. Her table is stunning. I am STILL searching for the napkin overlays:) Wishing you and your family a VERY happy and blessed Easter, Susan. XO, Pinky

  23. Thanks for hosting!

  24. Marie is very talented!
    This table is so pretty and has soft edge to it.
    I love the flowers and the napkins, gorgeous!

  25. Thank you for hosting a party just for Spring tablescapes…I managed to squeeze on in between our move and hope to do one more for Sunday. Hope your Max is doing better!

  26. Susan, just read your note above. Glad to hear that Max is showing sign of improvement. Little steps are positive ~ eating more, moving about. Will keep both of you in my prayers. Will be thinking of you as you go to the oncologist today and hopeful that the chemo will rid Max of the cancer.
    Thanks for sharing Marie’s beautiful table. It’s a perfect spring setting with the gorgeous RL chargers and the spring blooms on the plates.

  27. Oh Susan, hope Max is feelingcompletely better, since he is improving.. such hard time for you! This table is outstanding, everything is fabulous, all the elements used here. I specially love the reticulated charegers and the layer of dishes. Many bunnies hopping around it too! Many blessings for you, Max your son and wife, for this Easter Sunday.

  28. Hi Susan-
    I’m glad to see your update about Max. I know it fills your heart with joy to see him feeling a bit better.
    Marie’s table is beautiful She’s a class act!
    Have a wonderful Easter Susan, bless you and Max.

  29. My first question was about Max but I see it answered above. Susan, we have a good prayer circle going here for you both. Good that he is feeling like eating now. Hope you have some good news from the oncologist.
    When I am on vacation, I will check in periodically to see how you are both doing.
    Now, Marie’s table. I love the spring plates and also the lacy chargers and matching napkin holders. The chicks and bunnies are so cute. Once again, thank you Marie for sharing your lovely decorations and Susan, thank you for hosting, especially now.

  30. Oops meant to wish everyone a Happy Easter, I will be in the skies on Easter Monday!!!!

  31. Hi, Susan, and thank you for sharing Marie’s beautiful Easter table with all of us. I am very sorry to hear about your Max’s illness, and I hope recovery is right around the corner.

  32. Linda Page says

    The chargers and napkin rings are exquisite. Marie does lovely table settings. It makes me want to go shopping. So glad to hear that Max is feeling a little better. I hope all goes well at the oncologist today. I hope you come back with guidelines for the future with what procedures will be best and help Max the most. Thinking of you and Max. Give Mr. Max a bit kiss on the head for me!

  33. Lovely table! Thanks you Susan! Have a lovely Easter!

  34. Such a beautiful and darling tablescape. Chargers, egg cups and napkin rings are very lovely and the plates are perfect for an Easter table. I love the napkins, bunnies, flowers. I love it all. Dining room table is exquisite all on its own. Wonderful job on the tablescape. Thanks, Marie and Susan. Have a blessed Easter.

  35. Love Marie’s Easter table! Her home is beautiful.
    My heart has been hurting for you and I pray that Max is better. Please keep us updated.
    I just saw the update!!

  36. Oh, Susan,
    I’ve read your reply to Cynthia… I am so happy to hear sweet Max is hanging out in your office again and no longer staying in bed! I, too, think this is a good (divine) sign!
    What did the oncologist say, today? Is sweet Max gaining weight?
    I truly hope, everything is going to be alright…
    Sending prayers, big hugs and love your way… ♥
    P.S. Susan, you really are a doll and a good hearted person… Thank you very much for your lovely e-mail and your kind words! They mean a lot to me! ♥ God bless you!

    • Thanks, Cecilia. They gave him his first Chemo. Max has the most aggressive form of cancer so it takes injections, not pills, although he will get pills during one his treatments. They said that he has the blastic kind of lymphoma and that untreated, they only live 2-8 weeks. Max will get a treatment once a week. He said that about 70% of the cats they treat start feeling better and start returning to normal routines. He did say that it can cause loss of appetite. They gave me an appetite stimulate for Max and I’ll be doing every thing I can to get him to eat. I’ve been cooking chicken and roast for him in addition to his kitty food, so hopefully he will continue eating. He is sleeping now in the chair in my office.

  37. Faith Koch says

    Hi, Susan! SO glad to hear that Max is doing better and so glad to hear about all the prayers for him and you. Our pet “children” are such a huge part of our lives! Please keep us posted – I’ve been wondering all morning how he was doing & it warms my heart to hear that he is in your office where he loves to be!

  38. Oh, Susan,
    I sure hope sweet Max belongs to the 70% of the cats that start feeling better after their Chemo treatments!
    He is so cute! Susan, I know you are doing anything for him. Hopefully, medication and your (and our and God’s) love will make sweet Max feel better! Please, give him big hugs and a lot of kisses on his precious little face for me. ♥

  39. Hi Susan,
    WoW! such a whimsical and adorable setting you share your friend Marie sets. Perfect in any angles.

    BTW, you mentioned the small boxes or wooden bowls I have set during St. Patrick’s Day. I am honoured to give you the 4 pcs as a present from D´Box. I guess, you can play them rathen they will ended to a junk bin. Hope you are OK with that. Pls send your address either to my job mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

    Happy Easter, sweet Susan and God Bless,
    /CC girl from D´Box

  40. charla

    my prayers are coming your and Max’s way. i haven’t followed your blog a long time but i knew by the second visit that you are truly a GOOD person, Susan. and i thoroughly enjoy you and all mention of Max.
    thank you so much for just being YOU.

  41. Beautiful table. It’s very warm and welcoming and totally in the spirit of the day! Praying for Max. and you. Have a beautiful evening and a blessed Easter. xo marlis

  42. Hello Susan. Thank you for hosting. How is Max doing?? I pray that he is doing better.

  43. Hi Susan,
    I just wanted to say that I love this blog and I check in every day! I was so sorry to read about your little faithful companion Max and I pray that he will get better soon.
    Warmest regards,
    Akron, Ohio

  44. marie barnes says

    again i want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments. it is so much fun to do these projects and it certainly makes me happy to look at them everyday.
    susan is so sweet to do all of these postings and i certainly am praying for max. i too have a pet child, a dog named Lucy. she is 12 and i cannot imagine life with out Lucy. my husband is more attached than i am. every night he puts a chew bone in his pj pocket when he comes to bed and when he lays down she crawls up and gets it out of his pocket. so cute.
    good luck Max with your treatments and love on your mommy every chance you get.

  45. Susan, I just read about your sweet Max and will pray for him. I know how you feel as we lost our faithful companion in October. My husband is still not over it. I will pray for strong arms to hold you up so you can be strong for Max. Marie’s Easter table is lovely.

  46. Wow, what a spread!

  47. Susan, Marie’s table is so beautiful as always…such a labor of love for her family!….and prayers for Max…and hope you are doing OK….

    Happy Easter Susan to you and your family

  48. Sorry to be so late joining in, we have company and between busyness and forgetfulness I’m very late! I’m so glad you didn’t have a deadline!

    Marie’s table is so pretty, simple but elegant. I especially like her little fuzzy chicks and bunnies.

    Thanks for hosting!


  49. Beautiful Tablescape. Very inspiring. I love the pierce chargers. You are the best hostess.

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