Easter Spring Table Setting With Greenhouse Centerpiece

Welcome to the 291st Tablescape Thursday!

It’s been beautiful weather here although the pollen is raging! It was unbelievably thick on the porch table and required a good wipe down before I could create a table setting for this week’s Tablescape Thursday.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


Starting to see a little green out there now.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


It’s hard to be upset over the pollen when the spring breezes are so nice.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


They fanned out the sheers and sent them dancing into the view of the camera as I snapped pictures for this week’s post.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


A while back I purchased a rustic little greenhouse from Marshall’s.

Terrarium Greenhouse


It ended up being a part of the centerpiece for this week’s table.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


I’m always asked about using taller centerpieces in table settings. Don’t be afraid to use a taller centerpiece when setting the table. If it turns out that it’s in the way when you sit down for dinner, just move it to a sideboard or to another surface at that time. The greenhouse was fine due to its slanted shape and being made of glass.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


This started out as an Easter tablescape but it could easily be used any time during spring or summer.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


Do you remember the small bunny cloches used in previous table settings? Wonder what could be underneath?

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


For napkin rings, I reused the little flowers from this table setting created back in May 2011. Look, it’s the blue hour! πŸ™‚

Summer Table Setting with a Blue Hour Sky


I bent the wire stems around to form a circle for napkin rings for this tablescape.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


I layered Spode, floral chargers with Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Plates. Umm, let’s take a peek under the cloche.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


A sweet treat for you! Hey, it’s an egg cup and these are eggs, right? πŸ˜‰

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


I forgot to take a picture of the salad plate so I snagged one from a previous spring/Easter table setting.

White Bunny Plates for Easter from Pottery Barn


After cleaning off a super thick layer of pollen,

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


I placed the greenhouse in the center of the table.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


…and filled it with pansies.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


I like the contrast of the rustic greenhouse paired with the colorful place settings and white, scalloped-edged napkins.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


Are you covered up in pollen where you live or do you still have snow on the ground? Hope that snow is melting or all gone!

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


Love this time of year, in spite of the pollen!

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with Greenhouse Centerpiece


Looking for a little inspiration for your spring and summer table settings? Click on the picture below! πŸ™‚

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with White Bunny Rabbit and Wisteria Centerpiece 2

Looking forward to the beautiful tablescapes linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan, I love the pops of the pink flowers on this table, and how clever to twist the faux flower stems into a ring. If I’ve seen those white bunny plates before I’ve forgotten them. They are beautiful, and how cute is that bunny cloche. I smiled when I saw your “flying” bunny inside the greenhouse. I’m still using mine too. You sent everybody on a rampage to get some of those several years ago. Thank you for the linky. laurie

    • Thanks, Laurie! The Pier 1 fuzzy green bunnies made their way across Blogland, didn’t they? I can’t remember what blog I first saw them on. I had trouble finding them the first year but managed to find a couple…then Pier 1 got them in again the next year.

  2. It’s pollen everywhere here in SC. We had some rain earlier in the week that helped some, but it’s starting to cover everything again. Love your colorful plates, the centerpiece, and those cute bee glasses! We are building a screen porch and it’s nearly done – done enough to use and enjoy, I’m so excited! Take care, Susan.

  3. Susan, I love your greenhouse centerpiece on your table! The spode chargers are so pretty and colorful layered with the cabbage plates and sweet bunny plates & cloches!

  4. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Your table is truly beautiful, along with your special porch. The bunny plates are darling with the cloche. The floral plates look lovely with this table. Happy Spring.

  5. This is the only time when I’m glad I don’t have a screened porch! UGH, pollen!! Your table is dreamy though Susan, I just love the breezy sheers~the napkin rings really make the whole table, and I adore the hopping bunny inside that great terrarium!

  6. What a great Spring setting! I just the green bamboo flatwear! That greenhouse is terrific and just right
    for the little green bunny. What do you get when you mix yellow and black? A pollen cover black car that’s what!
    My car is red and has a slight orange look to it, but my wife’s car turns a wierd color as the pollen can be more easily seen. Thanks for hosting!

  7. rattlebridge farm says

    Susan, your pink-and-green table is so pretty, and white adds a springtime freshness, just the thing to welcome warmer weather. Love your dishes–floral and classic rabbits.

  8. Ahh a warm breeze sounds wonderful! The greenhouse looks cute as a centerpiece. Those are such cute easter plates and cloches. I know another blogger in Louisiana that’s been suffering with heavy pollen. Hopefully it will die down soon or a good rain will help settle things down. The flower bent around as a napkin ring is a great idea. I figure most centerpieces will be in the way for dining so they likely have to be removed. I guess it depends on the size of the table.

    • I vacuumed off the seats today so a friend and I could sit out there. I know in a couple of weeks, it will be over…major cleaning time coming! Happy Weekend, Liz…hope you’re having a great one!

  9. Susan, I admire you for facing the pollen issue now – I cannot make myself clean the porch just yet! Your table setting is so spring-like and the napkins totally mimic the lovely curtains blowing in the breeze! I adore the bunny plates and cloches and would love to see what is under that cloche cover – inquiring minds want to know – lol!!

  10. Ann PAULEY says

    Beautifully created tablescapes! You
    Really bring springtime home!
    Have a wonderful day! Happy Easter.

  11. Susan,
    I love your little greenhouse and YES! we are covered in pollen here too…Although the rain did help some.
    We still have a ways to go before the pollen season is over.. But the best part is that it signals the end of this dreadfully cold winter…ahhhhhh.
    Happy spring to you..
    Love, Mona

  12. Hi Susan, Your sheers blowing in the gentle breeze always bring back some memory for me of my parents porch. I love seeing them. I love your green bamboo flatware and could have used it today on my table! Our snow is almost gone except for a touch here and there in the shade, and the mud season has begun! Daffs will be blooming soon, I hope. Linda

  13. Oh Susan – I LOVE this tablescape. The centerpiece is perfect..makes me want to run out and look for one like it and the colors on the charger are so pretty for spring. My favorite color combination is pink and green. This spring tablescape has everything I like.

  14. This is so pretty, Susan. I love the springiness and fresh look of it. Your centerpiece is so nice…Christine

  15. Good morning! It’s a beautiful day here in the Kansas City area (except for the doofus[es] running around shooting at people on the highways…what a nightmare!), and it’s great to turn on the computer and see so many beautiful posts for this weeks TT!! It makes me happy that so many people have something to get excited about after such a gritty and arduous winter.

    I’m so glad you addressed the tall centerpiece issue. I am a MAJOR fan of “go big or go home” when it comes to centerpieces. As you suggested, I simply remove it when it’s time for dinner and replace it with either a food item or something else. In the interim, however, guests walk in the door and see the fabulosity of the larger centerpiece and get really excited and feel special. During cocktails, I just move it to the buffet or into the foyer. And then the taller ones that you can see around or through – like the neat mini greenhouse you have here – can just stay. Easy peasy!

    I remember those bunny cloches, and I still absolutely love them! They’re really unique and add a lot of Easter character to the table.

    Sorry you’re having to deal with so much pollen. We have it here, too, but I stay indoors. Even so, I was sneezing up a storm yesterday for the first time. Flonase, Claritin, and Benzedrex are now my best friends!

    Have a wonderful weekend, thank you for hosting again, and keep that Kleenex handy!

  16. Hi Susan, just got back from vacation and have been catching with your site. Your bunny plates are so pretty and I covet your bunny covers!!! Everything looks so *Spring fanciful*.
    Touching on your last couple of posts, I looked at the author on my online library and I ordered Passion for Blue and White and also one on interiors.

  17. Beautifully done, I love love love those white bunny plates! How gorgeous! Allergies are no fun….hope you recover soon. πŸ™‚

  18. First of all, thank you for the lovely party. Secondly, I cannot tell you how lovely it is to see your beautiful porch all set up with a fresh spring tablescape. It just makes me feel so much better to see the leaves coming out on the trees with or without the pollen. I know that in a few weeks the leaves will start to bud out here too, I am so ready for spring.

    Your table is lovely, the Spode chargers with the cabbage plates and the bunny plates are the picture of spring. I love the napkins with their bright flower napkin rings. The greenhouse centerpiece in perfect for the flying bunny and the pots of pansies. I almost always remove the centerpiece during the meal whether it is tall or not. We eat family style and I like to place the serving plates on the table to be passed around.

  19. Sorry for the pollen…….but at least things are leafing out, so nice to see some GREEN!!! We have nothing here yet except for the snow mold on the lawns!!!
    Love the table setting, fresh and pretty……..and love the bunny salad plates!!!

  20. Stunning table decor as usual!! Love the spring flowers and the sweet surprise for the guests. Visiting your blog makes my day!!so beautiful and fresh ideas!! You are so inspiring!!

  21. Your porch looks gorgeous with the lovely and sweet tablescape! I LOVE THE BIRD PLATES, SWOONnnn!!! The floral chargers add that perfect Spring touch to the beautiful setting.
    Pollen is a drag, we had a lot for a while in our big house before this one. Hope all gets resolved soon!
    Coming to my sweet blogland transports me to a happy small Little niche world after hearing so many bad news in the USA, in Venezuela and Chile with a Tsunami, etc, etc!!! Thank you for providing us with this wonderful space, I feel so blessed! May God bless this world we live in, dear Susan. (sorry I’m kind of sad today!)

  22. Oh my gosh, I love everything about this tablescape. I recognized the greenhouse as soon as I saw it. The plates & napkin rings, the bunny salad plates, and the candy under the cloches – so cute! Have a great week ending – I’ll be spending lots of time out in the garden – love this time of year, too!

  23. Bless you!! I cannot take my eyes off the greenhouse it is perfect on this table. The color palette here is great for this season and summer. How cute would this be for a Mother’s Day Brunch or an afternoon tea. Beautiful work Susan and thanks for hosting!

  24. Gracious Susan, I have been so busy keeping grandkids I almost forgot to link up. I am certainly out of my normal routine. Love your spring tablescape and your pretty photos of the soft curtains billowing in the breeze. Makes me want to be right there on your pretty porch. I think we are almost finished with pollen at my house. We are a week or so ahead of you.

    I’m crazy about your greenhouse centerpiece and those bunny dishes.

    Hop right over and have a cup of tea in my spring garden.

  25. Oh Susan,
    I finally got the head free to leave you a comment!
    (I’ve lost 33 lbs so far and the doc has scolded me, today…) πŸ™
    However… I am glad to see you didn’t paint that rustic greenhouse πŸ™‚ and I love those bunny cloches!
    I thought they were for boiled eggs but candy are even better! lol
    Oh, and those salad plates are sooo cute, too! πŸ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

  26. Beautiful indeed. Love each layer. May borrow the idea for the napkin ring and add a punch of a different color to my otherwise blue themed Easter table. Hop Hop!

  27. Love your greenhouse centerpiece! Your greenhouse plants compliment your floral plates perfectly and this all looks so in keeping with your beautiful porch. I can almost feel the breeze billowing through your curtains. No pollen problems here – that is because we don’t really have anything blooming yet!! Heck, we are just finally getting some nice days in a row!! I can’t wait to get outside again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for hosting.

  28. Those floral plates are some of my favorites of yours. Love this tablesetting and the napkin rings. Happy Spring!
    Thanks for hosting. Its a weekly highlight.

  29. Very pretty! I LOVE those floral chargers! The little green house is really neat too. I have always liked that Summer Breeze sign on your porch!

    We’ve had our share of the yellow pollen here in FL, but it is slightly better now.

    Thanks for hosting,


  30. Susan, I LOVE this table and ADORE the floral chargers. Can you give any information on them, like the pattern name or where they were purchased and still available, please? I also love the tables set on your porch.

  31. Great tablescape Susan, everything looks so Spring. Love the center piece. You always do such a lovely job on your tablescapes.
    Have a great Georgia weekend.,

  32. Beautiful table again, Susan!! Those pops of pink are perfect for Easter! Love those embossed plates and your pansy-filled greenhouse! Thanks for hosting!!

  33. Tables just can’t get an prettier than what you do ,love the bunny plates

  34. Linda Page says

    What an adorable tablescape. I love everything! So…..when is lunch???? I love your center piece. It is so perfect for your table. When I retire I am going to start having pretty table settings again. Just too much trouble for now but one day soon!!!

    • Thanks, Linda! Hope that day arrives soon! I have two friends who can tell me down to the minute how long they have before they retire. πŸ™‚ They are both getting so close now.

  35. Linda Palmer says

    Susan, this is one of my favorite table settings from you. I love the large pink silk flowers, the fluffy white napkins, and the plate with pink flowers. I think I will try making myself some chargers out of large clear glass plates and flowered tissue paper. Maybe they would have the same feel. So beautiful!

  36. Susan, It is beautiful in NEKs, but we are expecting tornados and rain followed by 40’s and 50’s. I am planting garden, moving pavers, pruning and cleaning, so a pretty table like this one is a real treat. No I wish someone would fix one for me while I’m out working. I love being outside.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Yikes! I absolutely hate tornados. Sounds like you are getting a lot done…I need to get out in the yard and do some things tomorrow…be good exercise, too! Be sure to put those feet up and relax sometime this weekend, Carol! πŸ™‚

  37. Pink is just perfect this time of the year…I have cherry blossoms in every container!! Pollen…not so much!! franki

    • The cherry trees here are sooo pretty. Think the McDonalds not too far from my home would notice if I snipped a few blossoms from their tree in the drive thru? πŸ˜‰

  38. Beautiful table! I had to laugh when you mentioned removing the centerpiece. I had a clear hurricane with a candle on the table and one of my guests picked it up and took it off, without even asking! Talk about rude!
    Thanks so much for hosting! You know here in NY pollen isn’t done till Jun, and we have none yet, as there isn’t anything bloomed!

  39. Great use of the greenhouse for the centerpiece! Lovely, as always.

  40. You always manage to come up with a clever idea. I love the floral chargers and the wild pops of colors. Thanks for hosting and giving us all inspiration to try something new!

  41. Beautiful Spring Table, Susan! When I EVER get home I am DYING to do some tbles and party gain!!! Love the flower napkin rings:) Your greenhouse is a lot loike min, mine is white though. XO

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