Easy Centerpiece for a Kitchen Gadgets Bridal Shower

Here’s a little tutorial I almost didn’t write.   For last Tablescape Thursday I shared a fun centerpiece that would be great to take to a bridal shower as a gift or to use as a centerpiece if you are the host for the shower. (View that tablescape here: Bridal Shower with Easy-to-Make Centerpiece)



It was so easy to make, I wasn’t sure it really warranted a tutorial.  Since I did learn a couple of things that proved to be helpful, I’m sharing those details in case you do wish to make this centerpiece or something similar.



Kitchen Bridal Shower Tablescape


I purchased a bunch of the Betty Crocker kitchen utensils/gadgets at Dollar Tree.  I actually added a couple more that aren’t pictured below.  Since everything came from Dollar Tree, this is a very affordable centerpiece to make.

Easy Centerpiece for a Kitchen Gadgets Bridal Shower


I purchased red and white paper confetti from Dollar Tree as a filler for the colander I already had and planned to use.

Easy Centerpiece for a Kitchen Gadgets Bridal Shower


If you are giving this as a gift, you could purchase one of the large mixing bowls or one of the colanders at Dollar Tree or any discount store.  The ones below are what I found in Dollar Tree.

Easy Centerpiece for a Kitchen Gadgets Bridal Shower


I started by filling the bottom of the colander with some confetti.

Easy Centerpiece for a Kitchen Gadgets Bridal Shower


As I began poking the utensils into the bowl, I started with the larger pieces first, like the tall hand strainer you see toward the back, the potholder/glove and the taller spatulas/scrapers.  I took all the cardboard labels off since they took away from the appearance of the centerpiece.  They sell lots of red checked, red striped and red dish towels at Dollar Tree.  I already had some red/white towels, so I used those for this centerpiece.  I placed a little confetti down inside the measuring cup you see toward the front.  The confetti really gives this centerpiece a festive feel.


Here’s a tip that made a big difference.  Before you add in your towels, take a moment to roll them up and tie them with ribbon. (see arrow pointing to ribbon)  As I kept moving things around, the rolled up towels kept trying to come unrolled until I got smart and tied a ribbon around them.  That worked way better.  The towels are an important ingredient to this centerpiece because they add bulk which is needed to help the utensils stay standing up, so they really need to stay tightly rolled up.



I tucked one of the spatulas down inside the rolled up towel for extra stability.  Once I was satisfied with the placement of the pieces, I added in more confetti to help hold things in place and for decoration.



It’s nice to give a centerpiece a little height.  I placed mine atop this Dept. 56 cake stand I found in HomeGoods several years ago.  I added more confetti around the bottom since the colander looked a bit bare just sitting on the stand.



Here’s how the cake stand looks minus the confetti.  The colors were just right for this centerpiece.  (Alice in Wonderland Un-birthday party tablescape can be seen in this post: You’re Invited to an Un-birthday Party, Alice in Wonderland Style)

Whimsical Dept. 56 Cake Stand


If you are giving this as a gift at a bridal shower, you could save all the cardboard inserts for the bride-to-be, just in case you think she would like to see them for reference.  They could be tucked down into the bottom of the centerpiece under the confetti where they won’t be seen.



To complete this centerpiece, I added two measuring cups filled with yellow mums and white daisies on either side of the raised centerpiece.



So there ya have it…a fun, easy-to-make, whimsical centerpiece or gift for a bridal shower.

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  1. Glenda/MidSouth says

    What a cute idea! I have not seen the BC utensils at DT. But since I don’t do a lot of cooking, may have just not noticed them.

  2. This is really cute. I love the red! It does really look festive.

  3. Susan L. Hart says

    Hi Susan, I found your website by accident a little over a year ago when I was looking for some table setting ideas. I saw one of your beautiful tablescapes when I was googling on images which opened a whole new world for me. Naturally, I immediately saved your website as one of my favorites and go to it on the few occasions that I had time to look and drool over your beautiful settings and your gorgeous home. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and it has been an escape for me, especially on those days that you ask yourself why did you even get out of bed. I just read your story of being a case manager for the elderly and it blew my mind! All this time I assumed you were an interior designer because your rooms are so beautiful and I noticed you had so many interior design books in your pictures. Okay, you can laugh, but you are definitely very talented. Personally, I think many of your decorating ideas are much better than many of the professional designers out there. You are definitely an inspiration to me and I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate what you do. One of your admirer’s, Susan Hart

    • Thanks so much, Susan. You are so nice and your comment made my day! My work those 8 years was an experience I won’t soon forget. I was definitely ready to do something a little less stressful and more fun. I knew my readers would be shocked if they knew where I went and what I did each day. The comments on that post meant a lot, some had me laughing. One dearheart said she thought I sat on the porch all day and drank sweet tea…something like that. 🙂 I wish! It was nice to finally share how I was spending my days. Decorating/table setting, etc… were an escape and a release from the insanity and stress of the day. I didn’t get much sleep those two years, working all day and blogging from 6PM until midnight or 1 AM, but I was having an absolute blast. It was the best part of my day!

    • Elena M.S. says

      Wow! This is just how I found your blog, and I feel exactly the same as Susan L. Hart – ditto!! I’ve been too chicken to ever leave a comment, I have been quietly reading blogs after being introduced to them by BNOTP (I didn’t even know what they were, or that there were so many crazy lovers of dishes and tablescapes out there) – please keep up your wonderful blogging – I look forward to reading it almost every day! It’s like reading a new decorating magazine every day.
      Say hi to Max!!

  4. You come up with the cutest things!!

  5. Thanks Susan…that is such a wonderful idea for a shower…just love the centerpiece and seeing the original cake plate in the tablescape….I love seeing your previous tablescapes…! Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. SoonerLaura says

    I Love It! What a cool idea! At FortySomething (Plus) I don’t have too many friends getting married these days, but my kids to and I think this is simply awesome! And I love red so the color is great for me too!

  7. Oh my…this is almost too cute for words. I love everything about this. Well done!

  8. A wonderful idea and it looks so nice! You have so many great ideas!

    Just a small word of warning though… many of the plastic utensils contain chemicals that are downright dangerous (they are so similiar to human hormones that they can affect the body functions). I am not sure what the allowed level is in the US, but before giving them as gift, make a search on the internet to be sure that they are safe – most aren’t, even if they are sold in the stores.

  9. Hi Susan,
    You have really got your act together. The tablescapes are very creative and great looking. By the way, Jane and I are getting our new camera this weekend. I remember you allowing me to use your camera at the Haven conference.
    We are still BNOTP fans.

  10. Susan, So nice to be back visiting your blog. My friend as recently opened and events center and so I was happy to see your tablescape for a bridal shower. Look forward to visiting with you in the future.


  11. Where did you get that too-cute colander???

    • Hi Robin, I bought that so many years ago…probably 12-15 years ago, so I can’t remember now. I wonder if you google if they still make them. It’s the best colander I have…really does work well.

  12. This is a great idea for a kitchen centerpiece. Very thrifty as well which I really like too.

  13. I’m doing something like that for bridal shower. Kitchen gadgets from a to z. Wanted to put a cute card with it any suggestions?

    • There are a bunch of cute bridal cards online, but I couldn’t find one that’s kitchen themed. I hope you find a cute one, though!

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