Erasing the Messy Parts of Life

Welcome to the 235th Metamorphosis Monday!

For this MM, I have a small “Before and After,” something that made me a happy girl this weekend. I’m probably the last one on earth to discover this, but I thought I’d share it today in case it’s helpful for you.

Do you ever get these annoying little scuff marks on your walls?  They just appear, don’t they? There must be little gremlins running through the house while we sleep at night, having a party and marking up the walls. I’m sure that’s how it happens.

Dark streak on wall_wm

I had several on the walls in this upstairs hallway.  I promise I’m not decorating for Christmas just yet.  This was taken last year when I was preparing to hang the wreaths on the windows. Just think, that time is only 3 1/2 months away! Wow! (Tips for hanging wreaths on exterior windows can be viewed here: Hang Wreaths on Windows for Christmas)

Hanging Wreaths on Windows

I also have quite a few marks along the walls of the front staircase.  It will be time to decorate again like this in only 2 months! HA! (Halloween staircase can be viewed here: Decorate Stairs for Halloween.)

Staircase Decorated with Mice and Pumpkins for Halloween

There were even a few down the back staircase that leads to the laundry room. I’ve been thinking about touching up those areas with left over paint, but they were painted so long ago I doubt the paint I have would still match. So what to do?

Back Staircase, Great for Built in Shelves 1

I normally skip pass commercials on TV (can’t stand them unless they’re funny) but recently I saw one that sparked an idea.  Have you ever bought any of these? I purchased this box of Magic Eraser about a year or so ago to try in the bathroom. I can’t remember now if I ever tried them in there. The box was open but it didn’t look like they had been used. It said on the back (and in the commercial) that Magic Eraser works to remove streaks on the walls, so time to put it to the test.

Magic Eraser

I decided to tackle the streaks on the back staircase first.  The directions said to wet the sponge, then squeeze it out. It’s kind of weird because when you wet it and squeeze it, nothing comes out, at least that I could see.  It looks like a plain white sponge.

Dark streak on wall_wm


Wow, it really does work!  I was dumbfounded because it worked so quickly and with very little scrubbing.  I had to put a little sticky tab thing on the wall to give my camera something to focus on so it would take the picture.  I placed it near where the mark had been. Pretty cool, huh?

Dark Streak Removed with Magic Eraser_wm


I found a reddish streak on another staircase wall, actually two…one is half hidden by my watermark.  Would it work on red?

Magic Eraser Removes Red Streak (1)

Yup!  I was having so much fun, I went on a search for streaks in all the halls just so I could use it some more.

I tried to look up some info about how these sponges work, I was so fascinated by them.  Per Wikipedia, they have something in them called melamine foam. Apparently, this type of foam has been used for over 20 years to make insulation for pipes and ductwork and for soundproofing studios, sound stages, etc…  It also mentioned that it’s used in many cleaning products.  It sure worked great on my wall streaks.

Magic Eraser Removes Red Streak (2)


NOTE: If you buy some of these, be sure to keep them away from children, just like you would any cleaning products. Apparently, there have been a few cases where a child tried to use them like a regular sponge for bathing and got a chemical burn on their skin from scrubbing with them.

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t been compensated in any way for sharing this product and this isn’t a sponsored post. If it was, there would be a big ole notice in the post somewhere stating that.  Just sharing a product that worked to solve a problem in case it’s helpful for you, too.

Have you used these sponges before? Am I the last person on earth to try them? I have to admit, I rarely try new products…tend to just use the same things over and over.

Do you like to try new products or do you just use the ones you know? Got any favorites I should know about? I would love to hear what products you use around the house for cleaning.

Looking forward to the Before and Afters posted for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting, have a great week!

  2. Susan…I rely heavily on Magic Eraser!…especially on the stair risers…it seems like I am constantly wiping off scuff marks from shoes that hit the risers (mainly the from the black bottoms of the running shoes that my hubby wears)…Love how it works so well on painted woodwork such as baseboards….it is truly “magic”….Loved seeing your past pic of your Halloween staircase! Thanks for hosting and see you soon!!!

    • Oh, Shirley…I’m so glad you said that! I’ve actually repainted all my risers in the past for that very reason. I’ll try the magic eraser instead next time!

      • My risers look a scuffed mess and I thought paint was the only way to fix it, too! I have seriously been procrastinating on this project because I don’t have the trim paint the previous homeowners used, so Shirley, you may have saved my sanity!

  3. Good post, thanks so much for sharing it. Love those erasers as they work on hubby scuffs too!

    P.S. Thanks for another awesome link party πŸ™‚

  4. Thanx for hosting Susan! Have a great week.

  5. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Susan, I have used those and they are remarkable. Maybe I should have said de-markable.

  7. I am like you, Susan, I stick to products and don’t try new things until I hear from someone I know. I had heard that these wear away fast. What did you find? The results you show are amazing – I am delighted to join your party this week – I do appreciate you hosting,

    • Hey Kathy! So far the one I’ve been using has held up pretty well. I used it on the grout in an upstairs bath once I finished the wall…and it’s still got some goody left in it. If you were doing a really big job, I bet it would wear away a lot faster.

      • I have a few things to pick up at the grocery store today – I will get one…you’ve opened my imagination to things this could tackle…I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks


  8. Yes, you may very well be the last person to find out about Magic Eraser!!! Actually, I had never tried them until last year and like you, was very impressed. I used them to scrub my white cabinets in the kitchen and they almost looked newly painted when I finished! Time to do that again, though! Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  9. Thanks for hosting Susan! I have tried Magic Eraser a few years ago. Didn’t love it. I found it moved marks around on my walls instead of removing them. =( Maybe they’ve improved it since then?!


  10. Mary from Virginia says

    My son used these when he was renting a townhouse that had white kitchen counters. He swore by them!
    Glad to know they work on walls too.

    Have the SOD guys arrived? I am excited for you!

    OH, and I haven’t forgotten your question about what type of potting soil I used that I didn’t like and won’t use again. I no longer have the bag, and cannot remember the name. I have googled it to death, and still nothing comes up. Google probably doesn’t like it either! HA! but I will find the name and let you know.

  11. Love those Mr. clean erasers! Thank you so much for hosting Susan!

  12. I had heard this tip and forgot. We have alot of scuff marks from moving, so guess what I will be doing today??:) Thanks for hosting. LOVE your Halloween stairway. XO, Pinky

  13. Peggy Thal says

    These Magic Erasers have become my best friend lately. My son and daughter in law are building a home and ours has turned in to a part storage area for all the great furniture we have bought . (consignment shops in Williamsburg). Moving items in always makes a mark on the walls. These little white sponges are the best ever. They sell some imitator ones in the dollar store ,they are OK, but not the same. Little things CAN make life easier!

    • Peggy, thanks for letting me know. I think I’ll stick with the originals then. Oh, what fun it would be to shop in consignment store around Williamsburg! LOTS of great stuff, I bet.

  14. Susan, I couldn’t get along without Mr. Clean Erasers! You’re right , they are great! Yesterday, I used these on off white leather seats in our motor home and they worked better than the leather cleaner on cleaning the seats. Thank you for hosting another great link party! It’s always fun to see so much inspiration!

  15. Thanks for another great party! Life to the full! Melissa

  16. Hi Susan, you know I do think I bought a package of Magic Erasers, too. I must have them stashed away…maybe in the pantry. Thanks for showing us how well they worked. Thanks for hosting and good luck with the landscaping this week.

  17. I love the Magic Eraser. It works great to take soap scum and water marks off of the shower tile or the bathtub. I also use it to take the scuff marks off my sneakers. It’s brilliant.

    • Wow, even sneakers!

    • My daughter swears by them for cleaning the bath tub and shower!! I need to try them there…..she also cleaned the laminate bamboo floors in her rented condo with them when she left….took a while but she left it looking great (better than when she arrived, says the proud mom!)

  18. I had to have ceiling repair work done too. I took one or two photos, maybe I will post. I have a small makeover and decided to join in for my first Metamorphosis Monday. Thanks for hosting. xo

  19. I’ve tried them, too, Susan…and they do work great! How fun to find out the science behind them! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  20. I used Magic Erasers all the time in our old house. The walls were white there (yup, typical new construction white), and all sorts of dark marks appeared on the walls almost on a daily basis. As we don’t watch commercials at all, the way we first discovered this product years ago was when someone recommended it to my husband to use for cleaning the leather upholstery in our car. πŸ™‚

  21. I haven’t tried the magic eraser but my miracle cleaner for rings in the toilet is a $2 pumice stick available at home depot or walmart. I was ready to replace a toilet due to the water ring that could not be removed with scrub brush, cleaners, oxi, lime off…I tried them all. Then someone in Florida showed me how remarkable it is for removing hard water stains. A little elbow grease and pumice stone works beautifully!

    • I’m going to remember that. I had the same problem with my old toilets that I replaced recently…hope the new ones don’t get that way but if they do, I’ll remember the pumice. So it doesn’t scratch the porcelain, or whatever toilets are made of?

      • Doesn’t appear to scratch or damage the bowl. I used on a white toilet & beige toilet. The first time over a year ago – I had to scrub a bit because it was 4 years in the making (due to well water). Now every 6 months or so I will use pumice with light scrubbing to easily remove any light ring and make it look new.

  22. Susan,
    I now need some magic Erasers. I had seen them advertised but never bought them..thanks for the tip..and thank you for hosting this great party..
    Love, Mona

  23. love these erasers! Have been using them for years!

  24. Magic Erasers are magic! Such a wonderful little product! But it did remove paint from our staircase wall while trying to work on a few stubborn stains. If you scrub too hard, well, watch out! I also believe it is the culprit for my faucets having tiny scratches on them (from the cleaning lady using them — which they are not necessary for cleaning chrome!) There was something else that got etched by the Magic Eraser, but I can’t remember now what it is. I think the lesson to learn is to use it with a light touch, and to be judicious in what you use it on. I still like the product in spite of our mishaps!

  25. Gwen Healy says

    Susan – You never cease to amaze me! I am getting my house ready to put on the market for sale and noticed many of these little marks all over the house. Your article on Magic Erasers came just in time. I am on my way to buy some now. Thanks a million Susan, you are really something! Love Gwen.

    • Awesome…love when timing works out like that. πŸ™‚ Gwen, when you use them, don’t scrub real hard because they work super well and you don’t want to scrub your paint off. Someone just mentioned that in a comment so wanted to mention it here.

  26. Hi Susan Magic Erasers are the best for wall marks. Discovered this some time ago when one of our family’s budding artist (age aprox 4) decided to decorate the wall with her crayolas. Great for removing crayon marks. Mr. Cean also has some other excellent products.

  27. I couldn’t live without Mr. Clean Erasers. I use an almost dry one on my glass shower door and it removes soap scum like a dream! Thanks for the party, lots of great ideas always!

  28. Thank you Susan for sharing your Magic Eraser experience. Like you I have some still sitting in a box in the cupboard! A cleaning lady once told me they’re great for floor scuffs too. Time to put them to work.

    Thanks for hosting your lovely party and blessings to you,

  29. I own a residential cleaning service, and we’ve been using Magic Erasers for years. It’s the only non ‘green’ product we allow in our arsenal.

    Basically, it’s a mild abrasive. In some cases it will remove some of the paint while removing the mark, but that’s a compromise worth taking most of the time. (If the paint is flat it will be more apparent.)

    Works great on leather, vinyl, tile, etc. too!

  30. Hi, Susan!
    Aren’t those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers amazing?
    So little, so simple and so… magical! (pun intended) lol
    My son uses them for cleaning his white gym/tennis shoes!
    ~Hugs to you~

  31. Hi Susan! I must confess I haven’t used these Magic Erasers and shame on me! You’ve inspired me to try them. Hope you’re doing well and thank you for hosting your party.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  32. I use Mr. Clean erasers ALL the time in the bathroom. BUT using them on scuffs in my front hall left shiney marks. The walls are painted “Artemesia” by Sherwin Williams, so maybe the results depend on the color of walls. Just wanted to put a little caveat out there…

  33. Yes they are Magic…I love to clean the stove with those too..I’m not sure about whether the type of paint you use has anything to do with it being removed by the friend has a cleaning biz..she told me that Behr paint is the best for ease of cleaning..I only wish I had started using them when they first came on the scene..maybe my shower would look a whole lot better these days…

  34. Aren’t they great! For smaller jobs, I cut off a piece to use instead of wetting/rinsing the whole piece over and over, thinking they may last longer. Reminds me – need to work on my fridge door handle. πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your week.

    • That’s a great idea! That will make it a lot easier to get down in the grout cracks, too…having a smaller sponge to work with. Thanks for suggesting that, Glenda!

  35. Alejandro is going to be happy when I tell him about this post, as he is the one who’s always used “the magic eraser!”
    You made me think how close the holidays are, like Halloween, (love your stairs!) Thanksgiving and yeah, C’mas…scary how time just flies and flies and flies!!!
    Thanks for hosting this fun and interesting party, dear Susan. See you Thursday! Have a great week.

  36. Hi Susan! I LOVE the Magic Erasers!! They also do a great job cleaning tile grout. It’s almost addictive, once you get started cleaning with them!! Blessings!

  37. guess what I’m going to buy at the store this week πŸ™‚

  38. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    Susan, apparently you’re not the last person on earth to try them … I am! I’ve heard about these magic sponges but never tried them and I have some streaks as well, so I’m going to make sure to add that to my grocery list. That would be SO awesome if they worked like they do for you.

    I like the idea of asking all the readers what products they use. That would be a great blog post, actually! If you try out any, you can let us know what you think, lol. (I always seem to have ideas for you — as if you need any suggestions!) Anyway, I am allergic to a lot of the chemical cleaners and perfumes so I welcome suggestions. One natural cleaner I have tried is called BioKleen. It’s kind of pricey but it’s quite good and doesn’t make me sick. I generally get it at Whole Foods, so I don’t know how widely available it is.

    Thanks for the tip on the sponges. Now I can’t wait to try them out. (Oh the simple things that make us happy, lol.)

  39. I LOVE them, too! Like Carolyn said, they are addictive! Great for textures surfaces. I don’t know if anyone mentioned it but they’re great if you have a white refrigerator. Also for doors and around door knobs. The floor. Your car. On and on! Crazy good! πŸ˜€

  40. Only discovered these earlier this year while visiting my sister. She was using it to remove marks on her kitchen wall and was amazing……so she gave me one. I used it to clean the handle on the refrigerator door……such a strange handle, it is nubby like and never looks clean once washed, but this little honey of a sponge did the trick!!! I immediately bought a box and use them everywhere!!! On toilet stains, I use Barkeepers Friend……….

  41. I love Magic Erasers and use them all the time to wipe down the shower and bathroom. But, here is my Magic Eraser wall problem: I accidently got some hair dye on my bathroom wall which has white matte paint on it, so I immediately grabbed the Magic Eraser and it took the paint right off, down to the sheet-board! I don’t know if I used too much elbow grease or what, but evidentially I will now have to repaint the walls as the paint has been on for too long to match up. So just a word to the wise……

  42. Susan Cooney says

    I first discovered “Magic Erasers” 10 years ago and I LOVE them! I use them on everything.

  43. Thanks so much for hosting!!

    xo, amy

  44. You will find Magic Erasers in almost every dealer’s tool bag at the shop!

  45. Thanks so much for hosting! Have a great week.

  46. I love them! I use them for everything… grout, walls, shoes, purses, etc. but mostly for textured white appliances!! Can’t live without them!!

  47. Susan: Thanks for sharing about Magic Erasers. I had heard but have not used but will now. A funny, I was looking at your spot that you cleaned and noticed a couple of small brown spots, and thought to myself she has some other spots she probably hasn’t noticed. Then, I scrolled down and the spots stayed ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN! Need to clean those.

    • Vivian, Too funny! I did the exact same thing earlier this morning. I was thinking, what is that on the wall and it turned out to be on my screen. πŸ™‚ I guess we never notice that stuff when we are looking at a regular picture, it gets lost in the picture.

  48. I’ve used Magic Eraser for years (there’s also a heavy-duty one that I don’t like as well). Just yesterday I used one to clean my kitchen sink – which is stainless steel – and which gets dull after a while with coffee and other stains. The Magic Eraser brings it back to a brilliant shine. I do know it’s an abrasive so I’m careful where I use it. I clean my microwave interior and my oven door’s glass window with it. However, when it gets greasy it’s hard to rinse so that’s when I have to go to another eraser. You can go through them quickly that way! Thanks for the pics of your stair decorations!

  49. Good idea to share your eraser experience with others. I’ve used it for years through kids growing up and a couple of rambunctious black labs. This product is as close to a miracle as you can get!

  50. Love those erasers! With two boys, I should own stock in that company! Thanks for hosting today!

  51. Barbara H. says

    They’re great bi’ve used them for a couple of years now. They also come so that you can break it into smaller units so that you don’t waste a big one but hat way you can have fresh ones when you need them. They can be re-used for several applications. I love them!

  52. Helen Tarnation says

    Years ago, there was a spray product called Big Wally that cleaned anything off walls…and I had 5 kids! Then you couldn’t find it anymore (I swear the paint manufactures had a hand in that!) The Mr. Clean Erasers are the closest I can find! Works on wallpaper, too!

  53. Helen Tarnation says


  54. Hi Susan, I have tried this sponge and I do like it. It does great! I have a question…. I have been getting your blog for sometime and enjoy you very much. However the last 2 to 3 days I cant get it to come up. I was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble.? I have to type in Between Naps on the Porch to see the blog, it comes in on my e mail but then when I click on it itwill only go to a blank page and says ”done”. Thanks for any info.

    • That is strange. I subscribe to the blog via email so I can see if it’s going out and it works okay when I click on it…takes me to the blog. I wonder if anyone else is having that issue, too. Linda, I’ll ask about that in a post, too. One thing you may want to try just to see if it helps is to clear your cache and also restart your computer. Sometimes when my computer is doing strange things, restarting it or clearing the cache fixes it. Thanks for letting me know that’s happening. I def like knowing about those things.

  55. Rattlebridge Farm says

    Susan, I love Magic Erasers. One swipe of the sponge, and the paint looks brand new. I enjoyed the peek at your darling Halloween staircase and your wreaths lined up in the hall–thank you for that tutorial. I so want to add wreaths to the upper windows but wasn’t sure how to do it safely. Hope you have a wonderful week. Looking forward to your new zoysia! Fingers crossed for no rain so the sod can be cut.xx

  56. Hi Susan! I’ve also used the Magic Erase pads for years and they do work so well, but care must be exercised. They will remove paint and mar finishes. Never used them on metals or wood furniture. Always wondered what they were made of , so thank you for your research. Now, I’m going to go try using one on the glass shower door.
    Hope your sod installation goes well.

  57. Susan I used the black magic eraser on my shower doors. The water marks would just not come off, so I tried erasing them and it worked perfect. I let the shower totally dry out and went to work, use a mask as all the soap scum and hard water stains do turn to a powder, but it was such a quick job and didn’t scratch any surfaces either! Just left a shiny clean shower!

    • That’s awesome! I used to religiously squeegee my shower doors after showing but I got lazy and stopped after a couple of years of doing it. I’m sure I have water marks now…will give that a try.

  58. I have used Magic Erasers for quite awhile & they are really wonderful. I saw a commercial on TV recently where they are making a handle to fit onto them. I might check that out but really like them just the way they are. You asked about other products that we like & I like Weiman’s Granite Cleaner & Polish. It is so easy to use & leaves the greatest shine. Also Weiman Glass Cook Top Heavy Duty Cleaner & Polish with the Weiman’s red CookTop Scrubbing Pads. I use those two products almost daily after cooking supper & they keep my cook top looking like new. I always enjoy BNOTP & looking forward to seeing your next yard update.

  59. Yes we have used Mr. Clean’s magic bars alot. Most recently to get rid of soot by the fireplace mishap my husband had while cleaning it out. They work great! thanks for hosting – Jennifer

  60. Susan Jones says

    Love Magic Erase! Another tip I read somewhere, and I tried it and it works, is if you have a toilet in your home that is not used and flushed much — like my son’s who is off at college — just cut off a piece of the Magic Erase sponge ( I usually cut off 1/4 or 1/3 of it) and put it in the toilet bowl in the water, leave it in there, and WHAALAA — the toilet will not develop a ring around it like it does when it has just been sitting there for weeks and weeks!

  61. I think the magic erasers are one of the best cleaning products ever! I also use them on wall marks. Thanks for hosting, Laura

  62. I used the Magic Eraser a couple of years ago, and have been afraid to try them since then. It did get any scuff marks off of the walls, but I noticed that the walls had a dull spot on them every where the eraser had been. Maybe I rubbed too hard. May give it another try.

  63. marie barnes says

    i have a question totally unrelated with magic erasers. on the picture going up you steps i need to know where you got those cute halloween mice stickers?

    • I found those in Michaels about a month or so before Halloween. The first year I saw them, I didn’t get them and they sold out. The next year, I started watching for them early since they put holiday stuff out so early and I snagged some before they sold out again. They are a Martha Stewart product so they are always in the Martha Stewart Halloween section.

  64. Hi Susan, thanks for the info on the magic erasers, I wondered if they worked.Thanks for hosting this awesome party! Sharing my Toybox, Home Tour, and Making Hay!

    [email protected]

  65. Love the mousies on the stairs!! too Cute! Thanks for the inspirations!

  66. cheryl s says

    Hi Susan,
    I love the magic erasers too. Was wondering if you or anyone else have a solution for cleaning wallboards an easy way. I have a bad back and bending is a no no for me. Dusting with a dust mop doesn’t clean them well enough. Any tips would be appreciated-thanks much!

    • The only way I know is using a long vacuum attachment. I bought a vacuum recent that’s the strongest vacuum I’ve ever owned…it would suck the stripes off a tiger! Maybe using a really strong vacuum with a long attachment would help. It would be great if it had a brush attachment like my ancient Electrolux used to have before it croaked on me.

  67. Oh, it must be my bad luck again, as I see all the comments from people that love magic erasers. But I used one and it took off the scuff marks, so I “went to town” with it and went all over the house erasing all thevscuff marks on the paint. Then later I saw that it had actually removed some of the paint,too. Just enough to look as bad asa scuff mark. Never again! I have porter paint, in flat and I Do not recommend magic eraser for that knd of paint.

  68. Susan, You may have been a little late on this one but you have a good excuse…making gorgeous tablescapes and taking naps on the porch. Seriously, Magic Eraser is awesome but a little pricey the way I use them. My daughter found an internet source for a hundred (I think) for little to nothing. She is going to order and share with me. I will get the link for you cuz at the rate you are running around the house “erasing” you need backup. I am a visual person and I can just see you running the house with that sponge in you hand. In my mind that is so funny. Love to you and have a great week. I will checking back for the sod reveal. xoGinger

    • lol Thanks Ginger! That’s great you guys found somewhere to get them for less…good going! Yeah, def share the source! Thanks, sod is being delivered now…12 pallets.

  69. Hi Susan,

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but I used to use the magic eraser on my refrigerator, I had a white one and a bisque one. (I never tried it on stainless.) I would burn candles on my stove and the soot would eventually coat my fridge. A couple of swipes with my magic eraser and it was good as new. I have used it in my car too, on my center console that gets dirty from arms resting on it. Works great!!

  70. Susan, I am like you in that I don’t usually try new products. I figure it’s a bunch of hype. But I had marks on my tile floors that wouldn’t mop up. My sister insisted I try the Magic Eraser. MAGIC is the word. Now I’m hooked. I even looked at a site on Pinterest that showed a million ways to use them. The best tip was to cut them up into smaller sponges and just use the smaller sponge at any one time. This must be catching on because the last box of Magic Eraser I purchased came pre-cut.

    • Frances, I’m going to look for the precut kind when I buy some more. I think someone else mentioned that you could buy them precut…thanks for confirming that. I will def look for those. It would be a lot easier to get down into grout lines and corners with smaller pieces. Amazing how many folks love this product!

  71. Susan, I have good luck using Magic Erasers on my shower doors and tub walls, but I find I still need a “scrubbie sponge” (the type with silvery plastic textured threads) and Comet for the actual floor of the shower. I have had fairly good luck with the Great Value variety of melamine sponge, too!

  72. Thanks for hosting! Have a great week!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  73. I also love the “magic eraser”! First time I bought them I was hoping for more scuffs so I could clean..!!! Crazy, easy & you know you accomplished something . My 15 yo son loves to clean his “sneakers” with them! I do make him cut them in smaller pieces-they are kind of pricey. Glad you where as pleased with them as I am.

  74. Magic Eraser is the best thing since peanut butter. They come in three strengths, and all of them are terrific! Don’t know what I did without them.

  75. Another use for Magic Erasers… I have an inground pool with spa steps. They work great on cleaning the inside of the spa and the coping around the pool. Really do work like magic, as you can imagine what can accumulate on an outdoor pool…

  76. Question –
    Someone mentioned I should use them on my shutters over my kitchen sink to take off the “stain” left from spraying Pam (my daughter goes crazy when she bakes.) Nothing else gets it off. Anyone tried this or know of another solution?

  77. Susan, I love the Magic erasers too. They are great on my front door. It is a fiberglass door painted white on the outside. It gets in all the “wood grain” .
    One solution I have for repainting is to just paint the wall that is damaged from corner to corner using painters tape if needed. It worked great on the last house when we took down 100 pictures and patched nail holes. We repainted the whole wall up to each corner. It also worked on the stairs to the family room in the basement. Our son and his friends dropped a pizza down the stairs and it ( i don’t know how ) got all over the walls. We had left over paint in both cases and didn’t have to repaint the whole room.
    It looks good because the light hits each wall differently and looks better than spot painting.

  78. I’ve been using the magic erasers for about five years and it seems I’m always finding new ways to use them. It’s amazing the things they will clean. They’re especially good on all the different bathroom surfaces. On a whim, I tried using a magic eraser to remove black permanent marker from something and, much to my surprise, it worked! However, it was several months ago and now I can’t remember what the permanent marker was on. lol.

    I saw one of the earlier comments said the generic magic erasers from the dollar store aren’t so great. I use the Walmart brand and honestly, I cannot tell any difference whatsoever (other than price) between them and the more expensive Mr. Clean brand.

  79. I too am a big fan of Magic erasers. Two other ways to use them I dIdn’t see mentioned…remove stubborn tea stains from inside of mugs (then wash the mug, of course)… Also to clean my white granite sink. I’ve read that they also remove scuff marks from cars, but I haven’t tried that.
    Great post!

  80. I order the melamine pads in a case off of ebay. For pennies! FYI
    I love them for scuff marks!

  81. Those Magic Erasers are super-cleaners aren’t they? Just a little FYI, Walmart’s brand works just as well and is cheaper. I used them a lot when we first moved into our home two years ago and continue. Anything that keeps me from having to paint walls that I’m not ready to do, is a “cleaning gift” in my book!

  82. SO, did you see Hotel Impossible this week where he was showing the 4 star hotel owner in Greece how to remove scuff marks from the walls. The Greek owner just love the magic sponge!!!!

  83. I LOVE Magic Erasers! They work great on textured plastic refrigerator handles and the textured floor surface of fiberglass showers and tubs. But my most triumphant Magic Eraser moment was the time I erased black Sharpie marker scribbles off my son’s bunkbed! It was blond maple with a little sheen to it. Those “drawings” had been on the bed for two years and came off in 2 seconds! I’m a believer.

  84. I’d be careful with these. In my old apartment they worked great. In my house they take the finish off the paint and the difference is noticable. Make sure to test them on an inconspicuous area before going gung ho.

  85. London and Lexi says

    Hand Sanitizer works wonders. put it on and use a sponge to scrub it off

  86. You can even try dry rubbing the wall with a normal sponge (one having a rough surface). Worked for me.

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