A Fabulous Gift-Wrapping and Craft Room

Welcome to the 207th Metamorphosis Monday!   The last few weeks I’ve been sharing the amazing metamorphosis that happens each Christmas in the home of Governor and Marie Barnes.  It’s been a joy to share their home decorated for this special holiday.

This will be our last post, although I may put one together showing all the trees.  Marie decorates 16 trees and I don’t think that’s counting the fairyland you see below.  The Barnes decorated this large area of their basement/terrace level for the Marietta Pilgrimage Preview Gala in 2011 and since it’s on the terrace level, they left it in place.  So there’s always a touch of Christmas in the Barnes’ home year-round.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have an area like this that could stay a winter-wonderland full-time?

Christmas Tree Display

This tree is just to the left of the beautiful display above.  I know Marie’s grandchildren must love this space!

Christmas Tree with Polar Bear

The terrace level also has a seating area for chatting and TV watching.  Love the round mirrors…they feel like shiny bubbles floating by.

Decorating with Mirrors

The terrace level could easily function as an apartment since it has a nice large bedroom in addition to the full kitchen I shared in this post: 3 Party Table Settings with Coca-Cola Dishware and Coke Memorabilia 

Terrace Level Bedroom

The palm tree Christmas trees compliment the palm tree comforter in this room.  The mirror ties in beautifully with the mirrored wall display in the living room.

Terrace Level Bedroom with Palm Tree Decorated for Christmas

The terrace level also has a great bath.  The Venetian glass mirrors are so elegant and beautiful.  It really make the bath feel nice and big, having them atop a larger mirror.  This bath has access on both sides making it convenient to the bedroom and the rest of this downstairs area.  Love the antique sideboard being used as a sink for this bath.

Bathroom with Vessel Sinks on Antique Dresser_wm

I’ve always wondered how to protect the top of a dresser or sideboard when it’s being used as a sink.  This piece appears to have the same “Black Absolute” granite we saw in the kitchen a few feet away.  It looks great here in the bath with the vessel sinks.

Venetian Glass Mirrors for Bathroom_wm

I had to save the Gift-Wrapping Room for last because it was one of my very favorite spaces on the terrace level.

Gift-Wrapping Room with Martha Stewart  Craft Gift-Wrap Hutch and Flat-File Cabinet

When I was creating my home office, I drooled over these Martha Stewart Craft & Gift-Wrapping furniture pieces.  Unfortunately, my office just wasn’t large enough to fit one in with the other pieces I was using.   This was the exact combination I had loved with the hutch above and the eight-drawer flat-file cabinet below, so I was beyond excited to see them here in action.   Marie used two of them side-by-side, along with two smaller, portable units on the ends.  You can see this whole line of furniture at Home Decorators Collection online.

Gift-Wrapping Room with Martha Stewart  Craft Gift-Wrap Hutch and Cabinet

Marie didn’t have this room designed to hold these four pieces.  They just amazingly fit perfectly along this wall.  It was meant to be!  If you live in Metro Atlanta, you can see these pieces in person at the Home Decorators Collection store in Alpharetta.  And just so you know, I’m not being sponsored or compensated in any way to mention them.  Just sharing this info in case you love this furniture line as much as I do!

Gift-Wrapping Room with Martha Stewart  Craft Gift-Wrap Hutch and Flat-File Cabinet

I saw these smaller units when I was last in the store back before Christmas.  I think they are on rollers, which means they can be easily moved around to wherever they are needed.

Martha Stewart Gift-Wrapping Station in a Gift-Wrapping Room

What a great space for wrapping gifts!  Absolutely love it!

Gift-Wrapping Room with Martha Stewart Craft Gift-Wrap Hutch and Cabinet

Thanks so much to the Govenor and Marie Barnes for sharing their beautiful home all decorated for the Christmas holiday!  This has been one of the most amazing tours I’ve ever featured here at BNOTP and I loved being able to share it with you.

If you’re looking for additional Gift-Wrapping Craft Room ideas, check out the pics I took when I toured this craft room and gift-wrapping closet in the 2010 Southern Living Idea Home in Senoia Georgia.  You find it in this post:   Southern Living Idea House in Senoia Georgia

You’ll find additional posts/tours of the Barnes beautiful Victorian Home here:

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Four Beautiful Christmas Table Settings, One Gorgeous Victorian Home


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. Wow Susan, thanks for the tour, I love the craft room, I so need one of these in my home!!!

  2. Susan~ I loved the entire tour! The gift wrap area/pieces make me green with envy 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  3. Sondra Moore says

    Would so love to have a place like this in my home. My wrapping paper, etc is all over the place and very difficult to get to.

  4. Susan,
    I so enjoyed the tour of this amazing Home!! Thanks so much for hosting!!


  5. I would love to have a gift wrapping center like that!! Now that’s what I call a luxury. 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for taking us on this lovely tour. I love their gift wrap station! Thanks for hosting this fun party each week. Hope 2013 is off to a great start!

  7. Ah, I’ve had my eye on those smaller gift wrap caddies for a while — hoping they’ll be on sale this month!! Fun post, Susan — have a great day!
    xo Heidi

  8. Those are amazing photos of an amazing place…thanks for sharing them. I missed the previous posts on this house…is it the Governor’s mansion? or a former governor’s personal home? Thanks also for having your great party for us each week.

  9. My mom has the gift wrapping station and corner desk from the Martha Stewart line in her scrapbooking room. Absolutely LOVE!!!

  10. Susan, I’ve really enjoyed this tour! Thanks so much for sharing it! ..and for hosting Met Monday!

  11. I’ve loved seeing this beautiful home. Each room is stunning!! Thank you for sharing. Obviously, Marie must have a large staff or team of people that helps her with the decorating…(I was exhausted just thinking about unpacking all of those fabulous decorations). I would love to know how many people it takes to decorate , how long it takes them and how long does she leave it all up? Thanks Susan – Happy New Year!!!

    • Hi Kathy, Marie only gets help with bringing the trees out of storage and with hanging the decorations that require a ladder. Marie does it all herself and she starts in August to have her home ready for Christmas. It’s a true labor of love and the Barnes generously share it with so many during the holidays. Happy New Year to you, Kathy! 🙂

  12. The palm trees are so fun and those venetian mirrors are amazing! I’d be in heaven with that gift wrapping station in my house!!

  13. Jeanine Okio B Designs says

    Wow! Now that’s what I call a gift-wrapping room!


  14. What time does met Monday go up??/ I seem to always be late!! Thank you again for the tour of this awesome home! I love the gift wrapping station and am going to look into it for us. Thanks for the info, Susan. XO, pinky

  15. Thank you for hosting!

  16. Wow! An amazing gift-wrapping room! Thanks for the tour, Susan! And thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  17. Oh, Susan,
    I’m enjoying this post with mixed feelings! On the one hand I wanted to see all the pictures you took of this wonderful home, on the other hand I feel sad because this will be your last post about Marie’s dream house! 🙁 (Or maybe not? You may can take photos of Marie’s Valentine’s day decoration, too… and of her Easter’s decoration, and… and… and… ? A girl can dream, right? 🙂 ) Marie really has a beautiful and huge house! I so love her winter wonderland that brings the joy of Christmas all year round! She even has a nice Christmas rug in the seating/TV area! How lovely is that? Looove it! ♥
    I also love the gift-wrapping room! I always “misuse” my kitchen table when I have to wrap presents! LOL
    (P.S. Susan, those beautiful Venetian glass mirrors do remind me of your beautiful one in your dining room, although yours is rectangular… 🙂 )
    Thanky you so much, Susan and Marie, for this amazing Christmas home tour!
    ~Hugs to you~

  18. i love that big sectional and the palm trees. too funny. thanks for sharing and hosting!

  19. Such an amazing home. This tour has been so much fun. I wish I had space for that gift wrap station. Thank you to Susan and Marie, for allowing us to tour this beautiful home. laurie

  20. Is there supposed to be a link to see the photos you mention of the 2010 Southern Living Idea Home craft room ?

  21. Hello Susan, amazing home! Love the craft room – those pieces of furniture are fantastic – such a joy to join you this week! I do appreciate you hosting and hope you have a blessed birthday!

  22. What a great time you must have had helping with that! That would be one fun place to do my gift wrapping. I tend to dread dragging stuff out to wrap presents, but with a space like that, it would be a joy! Thanks for hosting another spectacular get together!

  23. Penny @ From Harvest To Table & The Comforts of Home says

    How beautiful! Thanks for hosting!!

  24. Confession of a wRapper with a “w”, I am totally envious of these wrapping stations! I just finished editing all my papers and was quite proud of myself for ending up with just four medium size plastic bins of paper but from seeing this, I digress there is still room for improvement on my part to divide and conquer. 🙂 ie: Only silver and gold for adults. Themed ones for the Grandchildren (Snowmen, Santa, Penquins, Polar Bears, Candy Canes, Xmas Bears etc.) as each child is given a theme beginning their first Christmas saving the concern of gift tags coming off or if they are too young too read. (I enclose the tags inside.) The other two bins hold all-occasion papers ranging from tissue and craft paper to more contemporary ones whereas all ribbons/tie-ons are stored in clear plastic tote bags as I have such an assortment of them. (i.e: Convential, wired, sheer, satins, twines, raffia etc. )
    As for a wrapping surface; for years I have used our antique Billiards Table (heaven forbid I know) topped off with a (painted) Ping-Pong Table surface that is equipped with hardware cup-hooks to hold scissors, tapes, rulers, rotary cutters and various sized mats, etc. etc., as I also use it for my hobby of sewing when laying or cutting out patterns.
    With all that said Susan and Maria, ‘back to the drawing board’ to edit some more and try to get it down to at least three bins. Thank you both for the inspiration and fully appreciating the wonderful tour of a very grand home during the past few weeks. Sincerely -Brenda-
    P.S: Hopefully that wasn’t too much information.

  25. Susan….thanks so much for presenting the tour of this magnificent home. You can see the love that Marie has for all things Christmas…and making a home so warm and inviting for her family and friends…Just gorgeous…I so love the gift wrapping furniture…will definitely check out those pieces!…I can see why it is one of your favorite rooms!….Thanks for hosting Susan!….

  26. Debbie refreshrestyle says

    Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful week 🙂

  27. Oh the bubble mirrors and that craft space~ amazing!

    Thank you for hosting.

  28. There is a frog at the base of the palm trees,
    how charming. Marie sure does have a eye for details.
    Each post has been beautiful.

  29. Wow! What a home and what a wrapping room! Quite the beautiful place to from which to wrap presents.
    Thanks so much for hosting.

  30. Betty Williams says

    Happy New Year! Thanks so much for sharing your talents and those of others. Do you remember what the Barnes family used on the floors in the terrace level?

  31. Rattlebridge Farm says

    Hi, Susan. I am totally drooling over the gift-wrap station. Thanks for the link to HD and the great idea!

  32. Susan, Please thank the Barnes’ for allowing you to share their lovely home on your blog. I will be returning to these posts for ideas and inspiration. I haven’t thanked you for a few years for your sharing of ideas and the inspiration that I get from you. I enjoy decorating little spots in my home. It seems that I can’t host anyone for dinner without making a tablescape. A few weeks ago, a group to which I belong had a pot luck luncheon in a church hall, and I just had to make that table beautiful too. It’s great fun to come up with novel ideas to make friends and relatives smile. Thank you!

  33. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan – Wow, the gift wrapping room is to die for!! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole fabulous tour of this grand southern home, I’m kind of sad it’s over !! Hugs, Dorinda

  34. This is just lovely. You have to give it to Martha – this must be “a good thing”. Thank you Marie, Thank you, Susan.

  35. What a neatly organized home! Wish I had that wrapping station!
    Thanks for the link up!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  36. Sliding in at the end of the day. Thanks for hosting again this week.

  37. Katherines Corner says

    love the craft room. Love it all! xo

  38. How can all of us not be envious of the craft room? Even if I had one, I wonder if I would be so organized!

  39. I loved the tour, thanks for sharing! I made a bedroom into a craft room and used that collection of furniture. I love it. I posted my craft room pictures on my blog. I would have loved to have been able to fit two wrapping centers like your picture showed, I never thought of that. Thanks, again for sharing!

  40. marie barnes says

    I would just like to thank all of your wonderful readers, Susan, for their kind comments about our house. Roy and I feel truely blessed to have this wonderful place to play with our grandchildren and enjoy our family. We also enjoy having our friends share it with us.
    Also, I want to thank Susan for keeping us all entertained with her wonderful and informative posts.
    On another note, Christmas is coming down and Valentine’s day decorations are on the way.
    Love to Susan and to all of you!

  41. I love the round mirrors in the seating area and the lit-up palm trees–all very pretty! Thank you for sharing this wonderful home with us, and for hosting the party today. I hope your week is filled with joy!

  42. Woa. That giftwrap center is drool-worthy! How organized and inviting. Great wall color, too.

  43. Wow, I am so impressed with the wrapping center. Best I have ever seen!

    I have enjoyed all the posts touring this home. Amazing! Thank you for hosting. So glad I have a post to share.

  44. Thank you both, Susan for touring and taking the photos and then editing and posting them and Marie for allowing Susan and us into your home.
    Susan sound like you need to take a peek at the Valentine’s Day decorations for another post. Hint Hint.
    Thank you again and I will be watching for the 2013 Tour Dates.
    Almost makes me wish my son wasn’t leaving Georgia but having him closer is going to be great.

  45. Thank you for hosting! Wishing you a beautiful and productive year!! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  46. Susan, thank you for hosting and thank you for the lovely tour! Drooling over the wrapping station and I’m especially fond of Venetian mirrors. They do look amazing atop the wall mirror!

  47. Thanks to Marie and you! This has been a most lovely treat to see this gorgeous home. You can feel the love the Barnes family have for their family and friends. I very much admire those who share.

  48. OMG!! I love clicking your links that lead to treasures! I am so happy to find this wrapping paper station. I love wrapping at the job. And if it doesn’t look right I get anxiety that they won’t like it. I hate the whole gift bag thing. Seems like people do it for ease where wrapping shows love. Silly I know. But this will be had very soon.

  49. I also meant to say that I love the way the mirrors are on the big mirror in the bathroom. Gives it something extra.

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