Faerie Houses in the Garden, A Sunday Garden Tour

Sharing a few more pics from a garden tour I took recently in my home town.

2014-05-10 15.40.14_wm


Look! A garden seat that’s actually in the garden! 🙂 I’m so used to seeing them used inside in all the decor magazines and ads, I was actually surprised to see one out in a garden. The bench with the built in birdhouse is just so cute!

A Garden Seat Seating Area in the Garden_wm


Did you know there’s a climbing hydrangea?  I did not know this!  How did I miss knowing this all these years?!

Climbing Hydragea Going Up a Tree_wm


A closeup…

Climbing Hydrangea_wm


Here’s another tree covered in a climbing plant. What do you think that is climbing up the tree?

Climbing Hydrangea on Tree_wm


I love little seating areas in a garden. They are great spots for a morning breakfast or a cup of coffee or hot tea while reading. It would be fun to fill up the teacup feeder with birdseed and watch the birds come down to dine.

Dining in the Garden_wm


Got a bird bath that you’re not currently using for the birdies? Here’s a cute idea for creating a little vignette along a garden path.

Faerie House in the Garden_wm


Or, tuck a few faerie houses underneath a tree. These were under a pretty Japanese Maple.

Faerie Houses in the Garden_wm


Loved this sweet garden bench with bunny supports underneath!

Garden Bench With Bunny Rabbit Base Supports_wm


I’ve been seeing these decorative pots everywhere and I love how they look. I like them as much as the large clay pots, I think. Love the design on them…it’s pretty but subtle.

Garden With Boxwood Topiaries_wm


I’ll have additional gardening tours and ideas to share soon…I really went on some great garden tours this spring! Have you been on any in your area this year?

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  1. Carol Neibling says

    Love the blue bench. I received one that the back was out and was able to find a metal plaque that said welcome and we welded it in and everyone wants to know where we got the bench. It was junque until we fixed it. Can learn so much on those tours. I’m trying to cut back, but it’s so hard when there are so many pretty things out there.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Carol, how smart of you to think of a way to salvage it. What a great idea you had! I too learn so much each time, always glean something I can take away and use in my own garden.

  2. Loved seeing the little fairy house in the birdbath! I bet there are some awesome garden tours in your area. I have not been on one in ages so I enjoyed going along with you today! 🙂

    • Thanks Jane…there are a good many around here in the spring. I love going on them so much! One you may want to think about for next year is the Gardens for Connoisseurs tour sponsored by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It always has around 11-12 houses on that tour and is always on Mother’s Day weekend (Saturday and Sunday) so it’s easy to remember when it is. It always has some absolutely amazing gardens! If you buy your tickets in advance you save a little. You can read about it here: http://atlantabotanicalgarden.org/events-classes/events/gardens-connoisseurs

  3. Hi…..I use to watch a couple garden shows on HGTV..which I dearly miss..a gardeners journal..I think was out of Canada..and a gardeners diary..which I believe was mostly here on the east coast..that girl went to a house near me..as they walked around the house they came onto a chimney that was covered completely with a climbing hydrangea to the top..come to find out..it was a faux chimney that she had her husband build after seeing someone else had a climber…I thought that was Brilliant.!

  4. Vikki Barnette says

    Love garden tours. I did know about climbing Hydrangea. They take quite a while to get established before they ever bloom. Being a gardener means you must be patient ~ I’m still learning. Do you mind if we post some of these pictures on Facebook?

  5. Oh my three and half year old granddaughter would love those Fairy Houses as I made the mistake of telling her that a small hole on their property is the entrance to the Fairy Garden’s underground house and she is now very concerned as to how she could possibly breathe …. whereas the question never arose when I told the same story to my Grand sons when they were her age. Just thought I’d share that little tidbit with you Susan, since now you are a Grandma and extending a warning ‘be careful what you say’. ☺

    Moving on to the subject of your Garden Tour, was it not you last year that was looking for black bark/mulch and IF so, did you ever find any as it has become quite popular here where I live and I really do like the look of it.

    Thanks for the wonderful tour as the gardens shown were so pretty. -Brenda-

    • Awww, that is so cute! So sweet! I guess you could tell her that the fairy gets plenty of air from the air coming in down the hole. 🙂
      Actually, kind of like mulch that’s a dark brown and earthy looking…don’t like the black or red that much. I ended up buying some that was on sale at Home Depot. It came in a bunch of different colors and one was a brown I liked. You can see the stuff I went with in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/outdoor-outlet-switcheroo-and-a-brown-mulch-decision/ Pine straw is actually my favorite mulch but it only last like 4-5 months before it starts to really break down and look bad, so I’m trying the bark mulch to see if it will last longer. The stuff I used is supposed to retain its color for 12 months. I hope it does because it was a lot of work to haul home and to spread!

  6. I, too, SO MISS the “old HGTV” with helpful garden shows, “soft” design homes instead of “screaming and hollering”…oh, dear. Thank heavens for blogs like yours, Susan!! franki

  7. Thanks, Dan!

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