Fall Tablescape with a Beautiful Hydrangea Blossom Centerpiece

Welcome to the 419th Tablescape Thursday!

Mary, a reader of BNOTP, shared some wonderful photos with me recently. She is an avid gardener and grows a lot of beautiful hydrangeas in her garden.



Mary enjoys using hydrangeas in arrangements and centerpieces all around her home.



She recently shared some pretty table settings with me including this wonderful summer table with a tiered centerpiece filled with yummy cupcakes and desserts. I see Macarons! Macarons have really become popular everywhere in the last few years. Can you believe I’ve never eaten one! I need to correct that sometime soon. There’s a French bakery and restaurant near where I live, I bet they would have them.



Mary shared some tables that would be beautiful for fall, too. She found the chargers and yellow plates she used in this table at Target. The purple wineglasses are also from Target, online. The crystal glasses are Waterford.



Mary found the floral swag she used in the centerpiece for this table in Hobby Lobby and embellished it with hydrangeas blooms from her garden. That’s such a great idea! If you don’t have a lot blooming in your garden when setting a table, you can always use an artificial arrangement as the base and add real flowers to it. This is also a great idea for garland at Christmastime, embellish it with natural elements like pine cones and magnolia leaves.



So pretty! I love the soft pink color of the hydrangeas!



Here’s the same table with a slightly different centerpiece.



Love the golden pumpkin, adds a little sparkle and glam!



In this table Mary used a Churchill pattern called, Wild Life. Mary found the clear salad bowls in HomeGoods and her chargers/placemats in Target. The flatware in this table is from Wal-Mart and is part of the “Pioneer Woman” line that they carry.

Mary made her centerpiece from a fall wreath and a large candle holder. Her amber glasses were a find in a garage sale



Mary, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful tables and wonderfully creative centerpieces! Love them all!

Looking forward to the beautiful table settings shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!
Tablescape Thursday

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  1. What elegant tables Mary creates. All of them are so pretty. She obviously has a green thumb. I enjoyed the peek into her garden. Thank you, Susan and Mary, for sharing all of this beauty.

  2. Hi Susan! Oh, Mary has put together some beautiful tablescapes! I’ve been out traveling and haven’t created a pretty table in some time. I’ve got to get back to it! You have always inspired me so. Hope you’re doing well, my friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  3. It’s amazing how many wonderfully talented folks are out there when it comes to tablescapes.

  4. Wow, Mary has such pretty tablescapes and the hydrangeas are gorgeous. She is so talented!

  5. Beautiful hydrangeas! The tablescapes look fabulous…Christine

  6. Thanks for the party, Susan. Have a beautiful day!!!

  7. Mary does a beautiful job with her tablescapes! I’ve never had a macaroon either! I should check out my local bakery and see if they have some.
    P.S. I’m finally a Grandmother!! πŸ™‚

  8. Susan, your tablescapes, whether yours or your friends’, always inspire me. In fact, sometimes to the point of falling – hook, line & sinker – as evidenced by my latest link today, lol. Thank you!

  9. How very beautiful…hydrangea really is my favorite flower. I spray paint the tips of mine with rose-gold and add them to my Christmas tree to “fill in.” This year, with ALL the rain, mine are mostly…parchment. franki

    • I was reading recently that Limelight Hydrangeas are supposed to go from their green color to pink. Mine don’t seem to do that. They go from whitish, to green to brown. Maybe it’s the soil, or something.

  10. Such pretty, pretty tables! Thanks for sharing, Susan. I absolutely love hydrangeas, but these aren’t flowers someone can grow in their yard in Phoenix Arizona. One stem of hydrangea at the Phoenix (wholesale)Flower Market is ten dollars–EEEEEK!! Needless to say, I rarely use hydrangeas in my table arrangements.

    Hubby and I just got back from a trip to Scotland and Ireland. Hydrangeas grow everywhere, the climate there is perfect for them. I drooled over all the beautiful garden flowers there and felt sorry for myself LOL.

  11. Mary is very talented and I’d love to have her green thumb. Thanks for hosting Susan!

  12. I love the beautiful tablescape and I ove that we’re finally seeing Autumn everywhere! I hate to be picky, but the cookie you’re referring to in your post today is a delicate, sandwich-style, French macaron which is different from a macaroon, usually made with either cocoanut or almond flavor. Macaroons, especially cocoanut macaroons, are a more substantial cookie that are not sandwiched. Doesn’t matter to me though-I’ll eat them all!

    • Ahh, I see. I wasn’t sure what type of dessert category they fell into so I googled Macaroon and saw it called a cookie. They must have been talking about the other type.

  13. I love Mary’s table settings! So beautiful! I hope to have some hydrangeas next summer. As for Macarons, let’s try that French bakery near you and you can do a critique on it!!!

  14. Your tablescapes and decor are so pretty and tasteful: simply a pleasure to look at.
    I am so so tired of seeing nothing but Magnolia /HGTV decor.
    It’s nice to see art on the walls instead of framed black printed words in a frame i.e EAT ,BAKERY, BREAD
    Thank You!

  15. lovvvveeee your post. Please warn women about Target’s policy to allow men to use the women’s restrooms and dressing rooms even if women or daughters are using them.

  16. Beautiful tablescapes and a lovely garden. Who could ask for anything more?!

  17. Mary has quite the knack for creating beautiful tablescape. I believe she needs to start a blog. Mary’s gardens are fabulous. Who doesn’t love hydrangeas? I have tried Macaroons, they are delightful.

  18. Ohhhh, gorgeous “scapes!”

  19. I am swooning over Mary’s garden! After all the extensive heat, mine looks sad right now πŸ™

  20. Being “nit- picky” here, there is a difference between Macaroons and Macarons. While Macaron is a French term for Macaroon, the similarity ends there. What Americans know as Macaroons are coconut based, the the French Macaron (what is pictured) is meringue based, and entirely different!

  21. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Susan for posting my tablescapes today. Also, I want to thank all you ladies for your kind comments. Susan has been so thoughtful in helping me to make this possible. Hopefully, I will start my own Blog soon. I enjoy sharing what I love. Needless, to say I need to brush up on my computer and camera skills before I begin. So thanks again to Susan for making this possible today. P.S. Forgot to give Susan any information re: my first table (the macaroons are from Trader Joe’s, the placemats was gift from my daughter, 23 yrs. ago. Chargers and plates (unknown). Wine glasses (garage sale). Pink wine is Secco Peach Belinni from Trader Joe’s. Just a note to all re: macaroons, they can be very expensive. My daughter who lives in Pa. started making them last year (reg. size). Mine shown are bite size. If you can’t find a bakery who sells them I could put you in touch with my daughter if you would like some. Another note; I read that a lot of you ladies are Pottery Barn shoppers. Well my granddaughter worked for Pottery Barn and would help customers will purchasing items for their homes but would go to customers home and help them design/stage the rooms. She now works for a real estate developer and helps stage their model homes. So if you need any advice re: new decor for your home I could put you in contact with her. However, she also lives in Pa. Not sure where you ladies live! Don’t mean this to be advertising but just wanted to say!

  22. I love the tablescapes and the touch of purple Mary. Just beautiful. I have been collecting bits and pieces to start my purple collection and found a nice sheer scarf at a thrift shop to use as a runner over a table topper.

    Thanks for sharing Susan.

  23. So Beautiful!!! I love it all–Hugs

  24. Beautiful post! I’ll be so glad when we’re settled in the new house so I can get back to tablescaping. In the meantime, I really am enjoying visiting your party.

  25. Susan,
    I am a relative newcomer to your blog. I was looking for contact information for you to send an email but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Would you send me your blog email address? I have a couple of questions. Thanks in advance.

    Leigh Sewell

  26. J. Chris Dobbs says

    Susan – I’m a 62-year old retired man, living in Texas. My 88-year old widowed Mother is aging rapidly. I’m the only child and divorced, so things are up to me.
    When my father died in 1988, I gave my Mom some HEREND pieces for her then-new home over several years. She displayed them, never used them, and moved to a retirement village several years ago. Not realizing the value of HEREND, and thinking they were “pretty,” she gave away some of the pieces when she moved.
    However, she still has three of the Rothschild Bird pieces you wrote about several years ago. A salad plate (I think), a medium tureen w/ a bird ceramic on top for a convenient handle ( I believe that’s what the piece is), and I cannot remember the third piece. I saw these items a few days ago, and Mom says she cannot remember if she gifted the others. I do know, though, the tureen and salad plate and another small item are very nice (no damage).
    How do you suggest selling these items so they go to someone who appreciates/collects HEREND Rothschild Bird from circa 1988-1994?
    Thanks so much !
    J. Chris Dobbs

    • The only way I know would be via eBay. If you take them to a consignment shop, you probably won’t get as much. Years ago when I would look for Herend on eBay, the prices were very expensive, so apparently they command a good price on there. Be sure and do an “advanced” search on eBay to see what similar pieces have been going for, then you’ll know for how much to list them.

  27. Hi Susan, I was just looking for the table and links from last Tablescape Thursday from this post and when I click on the InLinkz, it takes me to Met Monday link ups…?

    • When I changed the code last night like I do each Wednesday night, I must have accidentally grabbed the Met Monday code instead of TT. Thanks for noticing that! I just replaced it so it should take you to the correct one now. Thanks, Mary!

  28. Beautiful!!!!!! I wish I had a green thumb and I envy those who do. Thank you for sharing. -Brenda-

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