Ferris Wheels and Windmills, A Visit to Amsterdam and Kinderdijk

Welcome to the 378th Metamorphosis Monday!

Early Saturday morning, as I was flying into Amsterdam, I looked out the window of the plane and did a double take. Do you see them down there?

Windmills in Ocean, Near Amsterdam


Lots and lots of windmills, smack dab in the middle of the ocean. How is that even possible, windmills in the middle of the ocean? I thought I’d see windmills on this trip, just had no idea I’d see before I got anywhere near land!

Windmills in Ocean, Amsterdam


After landing, I was picked up and taken to the river ship we would be traveling on over the next 10 days. Enroute, the sidewalks and streets were covered with bicycles either being ridden or parked awaiting their owners. Bicycles are literally everywhere, it appears to be the number one mode of transportation in this wonderful old city.



We didn’t have a lot of time to see the sights in Amsterdam that night, but we’ll be seeing more of it when we return at the end of the tour. Not wanting to waste a precious moment of travel time, Teresa (who reads BNOTP and booked this tour when I blogged about it) and I headed out into the older section of Amsterdam to see as much as we could before the ship left dock that night.

We were headed to The Royal Palace and were in for a big surprise. Right smack in front of the Royal Palace was a big, noisy, carnival. If you follow BNOTP on Instagram, you saw this photo a couple of days ago when I shared it there. See the building off to the left of that gigantic ferris wheel?

The View Ferris Wheel, Amsterdam


I was so surprised to see it is home to a Madame Tussaud Wax Museum. After I took this photo, I noticed later the lights from the carnival were reflecting in the glass windows of Madame Tussaud. Love that!

This whole scene was like we had stepped into a crazy Hollywood movie. When would you ever find a Royal Palace, a carnival and a Madame Toussards all within a few feet of each other. Maybe this was all a dream or a wacky hallucination caused by lack of sleep from flying all night across the pond! 😉 (Read more about the Royal Palace at their website here: Royal Palace.)

Madame Tussard in Amsterdam


As I was standing there taking photos of it all in pure amazement, sneaky Teresa was off buying us tickets to ride that beast of a ferris wheel, better known as “The View.” I later found out that The View is the largest traveling ferris wheel in all of Europe!

Ferris Wheel in Front of The Royal Palace, Amsterdam


Once you are up and riding this monster, you quickly discover why it’s called, The View. The views from the top are truly amazing! It was wonderful getting such a great look at the top of the Royal Palace and Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, View from Ferris Wheel


It was sensory overload looking out across the city at all the gorgeous views, then down at the flashing, twirling carnival rides, and the busy streets below. So glad we are visiting during the short few weeks the carnival is here, too.

Amsterdam, view from above


Earlier in the day before our ferris wheel adventure, Teresa and I enjoyed some much tamer pursuits, walking around Amsterdam and taking in the beautiful flowers and architecture. The tulips in the planters were all in bloom and I couldn’t get over how BIG the flowers were. The tulips I’ve bought and planted in my yard over the years never grew flowers this large.

Tulips in Amsterdam


So beautiful!

Amsterdam, Tulips


Today, (Sunday) we visited Kinderdijk where we saw so many wonderful, old windmills. We went inside one, climbing stairs to the top where we could see the inner-workings of the windmill.

Windmills in Kinderdijk_wm


I’ll have to share more about those later. It’s almost 1 AM here and I have to be on the bus by 8:30 tomorrow. We’re sailing tonight to Terneuzen where we’ll disembark and travel to the medieval city of Bruges. Can’t wait to share Bruges with you!

Windmill, Kinderdijk_wm


I’ll leave you with photos of some of the wonderful windmills we saw in Kinderdijk today.

Windmills, Kinderdijk, Holland


Windmill in Kinderdijk


Be sure to follow Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram HERE to see the photos I’m posting in real time as I travel across Holland and Belgium. Looking forward to sharing the adventures with you each day!

Windmill in Kinderdijk, April 2016


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Linda Page says

    So glad Teresa is with you to share the fun. Keep this up and you could end up traveling with many of your readers. Fab pictures!! Love the view from the ferris wheel. I hope every day is fantastic!

  2. Wow how exciting. Looks like you are off to a good start for your vacation. Tulips are blooming in southern Michigan and I plan to go to Holland, MI to see their tulips real soon. Have loads of fun!

  3. Jennifer Moreland says

    Hope you guys have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Jennifer Moreland

  4. Peggy Thal says

    Beautiful! Have a wonderful time. Love your posts- looking forward to them.

  5. How cool that you have a reader with you! I love that so much – you two have a blast! Wonderful sights already. And still taking time to host us – how great is that??

  6. Susan, the tulips in the planters are inspiring me. ‘-)
    Have a fabulous trip.

  7. Carillon Orban says

    What a wonderful trip! I have always wanted to see the tulips in the Netherlands. Aren’t river boats wonderful? They are my favorite way of seeing Europe. The last time we were in Amsterdam we were amazed to see a multi-level bicycle parking garage. So much better than bumper to bumper traffic of cars.

  8. So much fun traveling along with you Susan, (via international internet). Thanks for hosting MM even while your off having the time of your life.

  9. I bet this will be a wonderful and colorful trip! Looking forward to all the shares! Have fun, and keep healthy and safe!

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Happy that you arrived safely Susan! When I was 14 our high school band was chosen to be in a competition to play for the Olympics in Germany in 1972. One of our stops was Holland and we performed right in front of the Royal Palace. It is really neat to see it these many years later. Thanks for the memories and can’t wait to hear about and see your many adventures in tulip land!

  11. A trip to Amsterdam is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing the beautiful sights and flowers!

  12. Thanks for hosting Susan!

  13. This is absolutely fantastic, Susan! I am so excited for you!

  14. That sneaky Teresa–she sounds like a great travel companion! Thanks for getting tickets, Teresa, so we got to see the views too. Keep the posts/instagram coming.

  15. Beautiful photos, Susan! Enjoy your travels!…Christine

  16. I’ve been to Amsterdam too and it is an awesome place to visit. Can’t wait to hear about your adventure. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  17. Susan, thanks for hosting! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  18. How fun you have a reader and travelling companion with you Susan! Have fun in the land of tulips and windmills! Looking forward to seeing all the pretty blooms 🙂

  19. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us!! The photos are stunning!!
    And thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  20. I love traveling with you Susan, the windmills and tulips are so beautiful! Thanks for keeping up the party while you’re enjoying your fabulous trip!

  21. Beautiful Susan…I am now looking to you as my travel expert!!!
    Thanks for hosting! Safe travels!!

    • Thanks, Shirley! Definitely not a travel expert but I can recommend Vantage. The ship we are sailing on, the River Voyage, is only a month old and it’s beautiful!

  22. Wow! What fun for you! Looking forward to seeing more about your trip. Safe travels.

  23. How fun! I’m so glad you’ve had the chance to make this trip. Thanks for sharing with us!

  24. Following you on instragram and looking forward to seeing more pictures. We’re traveling to Amsterdam and Prague in July, and your pictures are getting me excited. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Oh, what a glorious trip!! Thanks for hosting, too.

  26. How exciting. Have a fabulous trip. Thanks for hosting.

  27. Susan, you are quite the traveler as of late! Have a lovely time and thanks for hosting the party! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  28. I have been following your adventures on Instagram and loving your photos!! Enjoy!! 🙂

  29. What a great first day! Spectacular photos!

  30. The views from the “The View” are amazing! I am so glad you posted photos of yellow tulips, they are my favorite flower. The windmills are beautiful too, it looks so serene there. Can’t wait for more!

  31. What an amazing trip and a gorgeous city Susan! Have a wonderful trip! Take care, Tara

  32. So excited that you are visiting my country! In the picture you took from the ferris wheel, you see the tower on the left? That’s the Westertoren (Wester Tower) on the corner of the ‘gracht’ where I live! Hope you enjoy all of Amsterdam and Bruges (also a very nice town)!

  33. I have been to Amsterdam several times and have always enjoyed myself there. I know you will too! Have fun and share lots more pics with us!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  34. Marlene Stephenson says

    Sounds like you are having a very good time. Thanks for the pictures. Wow windmills in the ocean!!!

  35. WOW, o WOW!! Great photos and brought back such good memories…NOT THE FERRIS WHEEL…however, when we were there Amsterdam was sponsoring the “Floriada.” It was amazing and we stayed with the most wonderful couple (picked us up in an ally…don’t ask…!!) EnJOY!!! franki

  36. It looks like you are in for a great trip! What a wonderful first day and thanks for sharing it all with us. The VIEW from the ferris wheel is amazing! Have FUN!!!!

  37. Super pictures. You will love Bruges. Chocolate and lace.
    Vikki in VA

  38. Oh what fun you’re having! Wonderful photos, Susan. Thank you for hosting, and enjoy the rest of your trip.

  39. Beautiful photos of an amazing vacation!

  40. Such beautiful photos. How about grabbing me some of those gorgeous eggplant color tulips…haha. I could sure use them for my niece wedding.

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