Flameless Candles for Summer Table Settings

Welcome to the 350th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently I stopped by Pottery Barn to check out their spring and summer dishware. They have a sale going on right now for some of their flatware, place card holders and dishware.

They had a lot of tables set, more than I ever remember seeing before at one time. This one feels very festive with all the different plate colors. The dishware kind of reminds me of Fiestaware, but in more subdued colors.

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 02


You’ll see a lot of candles in use on the tables. They aren’t your normal candles…more on those in just a sec.

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 01


This table had a “lemon” theme with lemon dishware. The black lanterns in the centerpiece look great with the yellow in the dishware.

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 03


This table was all about silver, even the soup bowls were silver! Pretty fancy!

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 13


I noticed they were using lanterns and candles in the centerpiece of almost all their tables. I’m pretty partial to using lanterns in the centerpiece of a table setting too, although I do love the softness of real flowers in a centerpiece. Of course, you can always use both!

The advantage of lanterns is they don’t wilt and they are always around when you’re ready to set a table on another day.

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 06


The aqua and navy blue colors in this tablescape gave it a beachy feel.

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 05


Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 04


I have a set of these star napkins and I find that I use them a lot. I was glad to see they brought them back again this year.


Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 11


I liked this flatware…I’m pretty sure it’s on sale right now online.

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 10


Another beach/ocean themed table…this one with white lanterns.

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 07


Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 15


I think this table was my favorite…love the starfish plates!

Pottery Barn Summer Table Settings 16


These seahorse glasses were on sale. So tempting, I barely resisted!

Wine Glasses with Starfish Stems


The candles in all the place settings were the flameless type. When you stand back at a normal distance, they look very realistic because the “flame” appears to flicker and move around. If you move closer and really examine them, then you can tell they aren’t real.

I like how you can set them to come on at a particular time each evening. That would be especially nice during the winter because you could set them to come on so when you arrived home each evening, your home would be lit up and glowing. They are also great to use in areas where a regular candle won’t stay lit due to wind.

I especially like these with the shell design on the bottom half.

Flickering, Flameless Candles from Pottery Barn


I do like how flameless candles are safer than real candles but I was little surprised at how much they run. I’m not sure how long this style candle has been being made, but maybe the price will come down eventually. The good thing is, once you buy them, you have them forever. The battery can be replaced when it runs down. These would be great in windows at Christmas wouldn’t they?

Do you have any of the flameless candles? Do you like them?

Pottery Barn Flickering, Flameless Candle


Looking forward to the wonderful tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan, this was a dangerous post for me. I love the lanterns and the seahorse glasses! I have tried not to purchase a lot of tableware for our beach condo, but I might not be able to resist some of these, especially, if they are on sale! I, also, use flameless candles on our balcony for an obvious reason – the wind blows out regular ones. Thanks for sharing this post – I think I now need to do some “Windows shopping” – lol!! No Pottery Barn here…

  2. Hrysoula says

    Lovely to look at – and I love lanterns, since they allow even regular candles to burn without extinguishing, but I don’t place them between guests – it completely blocks the conversation, and people wind up dismantling the table arrangement so they can talk – I use them on the side tables or buffet table.

  3. Susan,
    Yes! I have these type candles – Luminara flameless window candles – that I started using in 2013 for my Christmas decor. I bought mine from Frontgate and, although they were expensive, they do put them on sale (they were available in 2012 but sold out so quickly I couldn’t get them that year, and following years 2013-14 they were also scarce).
    I had used electric, electric photosensor, as well as battery and battery photosensor previously (coulda shoulda saved that $$ and bought Luminaras). I love these, and with 22 windows, they are the bomb for setting and forgetting!! They burn 6 hrs on, 18 hrs off, I think, once turned on, but you can also switch to continuous if you have a late party, etc. They are not without downsides, though. They require 2 D batteries (added expense, but I have had the same ones for two years and just store them away with the candles), and I have had a couple flames stop moving, and lightbulbs not work. But Frontgate has replaced them, without charge (because it was only 1 or 2 each year). I would highly recommend these, and they’re more readily available now, and from other sources, but I think I’d stick with the brand, and a reputable seller, esp if you have a lot of windows and do have any that become faulty. I store mine in the original packaging to protect their longevity in use.
    Now, back to the dishes…must go to PB website and check sales……
    Have a great day.

  4. Thanks for the shopping trip to Pottery Barn Susan! I’m past due a visit and a sale is always an incentive. I love flameless candles, no danger of fire, dripping wax and they stay lit πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Susan, I don’t think I have ever seen a Pottery Barn table that I didn’t love. I don’t know if all Tuesday Mornings are alike but I saw some of those candles there. They were the ones with the moving flame too, priced I believe at around $19 on up. They had them at the front counter of the store I was in. I had only seen them in boutiques before. They look so real.

  6. Susan
    I have one of these battery candles similar to your post. I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is for outdoor use. I have it set to come on each evening in a lantern on my porch. I especially like that it is for outdoor use. I had used another candle outside that was not for outside use. It cracked and I had to throw it away. Kay

  7. I LOVE Luminara battery-operated candles! They are pricey but if you buy them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond you can use the 20% or $5 off coupons. Plus, unlike other battery-operated candles that I’ve purchased, these use 2 D-size batteries so they last for months instead of weeks on AA batteries. And you can set them to come at a certain time and they automatically turn off in 4 hours. Now they even have remote controls to turn on and off.

  8. Susan – I love these flameless candles. I have been using the luminara candles for a couple of years and I love them. People are amazed when they come to the house and see them. I can’t ell you how many of my friends have them now after seeing them. My sister just keeps adding to the number she has. You can find them at several outlets and the luminara site has a store locator. They first began with only the cream colored candle but they now carry even more selections. The more you have the more you want!

  9. thanks for the shopping trip Susan! I love PB, their tables are always inspiring and full of temptations πŸ™‚ My sweet daughter actually gave me a set of 8 dinner plates and salads from their Cabo melamine collection for Christmas and I just love them! Time to get out some lanterns~

  10. Molly Tilson says

    I have purchased 3 Luminara candles and have never regretted the purchase. Except a split second at the register. The owner of the gift shop told me that they were created to use in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyworld. They look so real! I use the remote with mine and purchase the batteries in bulk at Costco. My sister told me they sell these candles on QVC and I checked their website and they have lots of colors available in each size at very reasonable prices. Just click on the size candle you want to see the options! I highly recommend them!

  11. I love flameless candles! They look great in bookcases or in lanterns or just about anywhere. I’ve had several types, but my favorite are the ones from Soft Surroundings. They are definitely pricey, but feel and look real. They flicker, have a timer, remote, etc. https://www.softsurroundings.com/P/Fabulous_Flameless_Candle_Remote/

  12. Off to buy candles….franki

  13. I, too, love PB.. THose lanterns are to die for … I just bought a couple of these flicker candles… can’t wait to use them but my house is in a stay of confusion with the reno going on!

  14. I bought a set of 7 in different sizes at Sam’s Club two year’s ago and saw them at Costco last year. I really loved them and they had the remote timer. Even tough the battery can be changed the actual light bulb could not be replaced. So, some of them had to be trashed.

    The set was around $21. There were three different sizes and also had a very slight vanilla scent on the set I bought. I used them year round and loved them. They were available late summer when Sam’s puts up their Christmas decorations.

    • Oh, I hadn’t thought about the bulb. I wonder if the PB candles also have to eventually be tossed due to the bulb. I didn’t know they could make them scented, too. Thanks, Pam!

  15. Grandmom says

    Invest in the Luminara brand candles…you’ll never regret it.

  16. I, too, have Luminara candles, and I love them. People come to our house and keep looking at them to see if they are a “real” candle. I don’t like the ones at Pottery Barn because they are straight across on the top. I like the ones that have a “well” just like a real candle that has been burnt.

  17. I love the flameless candles. I have been using them for a year now, and they are just wonderful! I use them in the lanterns and I have some small ones I use in votives. When I got my first one I put it outside and I didn’t realize that the outside was actually coated in wax. The sun got to it and started to melt it. haha I should have known! I have bought most of mine at the craft store, AC Moore. They were very reasonable and I was happy with the quality.

  18. I have not purchased any flameless candles but I know they are an excellent choice for various reasons.

    Since I am partial to all things lemon my favorite table is the one set with the lemon dinnerware with my second favorite the beach/ocean theme since I live in FL.

    Pottery Barn has always been one of my favorite shops so I really enjoyed your blog today.

    Thank you!!

  19. I love, love, love the lanterns Susan. I can’t get enough of them myself! They look perfect on the table displays. Thanks for sharing and hosting your party!

  20. Thanks for great inspiration

  21. I love, love, love the lanterns Susan! I can’t get enough of them myself! The lanterns look beautiful on the table displays…thanks for sharing and hosting your party.

  22. Terri Santiago says

    Hi Susan
    I have flameless candles in just about every room. I don’t fear leaving the house and wondering if I blew out a lit candle. Plus the fragrance of some candles are so strong. With flameless there is of course no soot, or a mess to clean up the jar.
    I absolutely love flameless with timer as you said they come on same time every day, homey feeling to see them lit.
    Home is where the love light shines.
    Enjoy your day.

  23. Susan, the candles have been around for at least three years and the smaller tea light ones, for longer than that. I always use them as my friend had her house burned down by a candle left by teenagers on a hot tub.
    Also hubby has seen damaged houses through candles.
    I recently bought a wooden lamp for my daughter, and the candle was a timed one.
    BTW as expected, I like the seascape table the best!! πŸ™‚ I wish we had a Pottery Barn here.

  24. I love all the lanterns but then I adore these tablescapes too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. Susan ~ Well is that weird or what? I don’t know how we timed that! Here I come with all my candles! I do love that silver look, it would work with so much. Thanks for the party!

  26. I need to go check out the lemon table. πŸ™‚

    By chance are you using your new camera? I am trying to make a decision on a new camera. Is it wi-fi capable?

    • Hi Madonna, No, I didn’t have it that day so I just used my cell. I don’t think the one I bought is Wi-fi…but I think one of the next two levels might be. I have the Sony RX100 but there’s a Sony RX100 II and a Sony RX100 III. Check either the II or the III…seems like one of those may have Wi-fi. They cost a good bit more though, more than I wanted this time around. I guess the Wi-fi would let you post straight to the blog or Instagram…right?

  27. I love flame-less candles. I have a bunch because I watch QVC and they have so many associated with Valerie Par Hill and others. I think they look amazing glowing around the house. My son even asked for some for his bachelor “pad.” I like them for the reasons of safety and that I can doze off at night with them glowing around the bedroom. I don’t think they look the same as a lovely, romantic, real candle. The smell… not the same. So there is still room for both in my home. I don’t really mind the soot. lol… Something has to make dirt.

  28. Sherry Myers says

    I have been looking at these beautiful faux candles for about three years now. They are the same price anywhere I have seen them. I have waited to see if the price would drop. No such luck yet. Very pricey if you want more than one. Still hoping though!

  29. our area in the mountains loses power alot, and I have one big 8in.across in all four bedroom and bathrooms. Worth every dollar I spent!! I have purchased flameless candles for my grandkids bedrooms.

  30. I have the Luminara candles–found the best price on Amazon. It has a slanted top, as if it’s been burning for awhile, as opposed to a flat top, as if just lit. The D batteries cost less than C batteries. I used it all winter on the timer setting and loved it. Fools everyone. I recently got the remote which is handy for summer; I want it on only a few nights at times, and for briefer periods. And with rain all week lately, I’ve enjoyed the evening ambiance alot.
    Highly recommend!!!

  31. Thank you for sharing some gorgeous inspirational tables, Susan! That table with the silver has me wanting to hop immediately down to my local Pottery Barn….it’s sublime! I love those star napkins as well….just too cute! Thank you so much for hosting!! :0)

  32. OMG!! We’re having a 20% off sale on linens, dinnerware, flatware and glassware!!

    So you know it’s time to finish up the sea them tables cape.

  33. I bought 2 of the “flame” flameless candles from Pottery Barn by accident. I was in a hurry and I thought I was buying the more reasonably priced flickering flameless candles. I never opened the box that the sales lady picked up for me ( she was not very nice and I just wanted to get out of there). I thought the bill was high but just paid it and ran out. I was so angry when I got home and saw I had purchased the wrong item! I decided to just see how they looked in my lanterns before I returned them and I loved them!! They look very real if they are in a lantern, but kinda fake and phony if just sitting out. My lanterns pop on every evening and make me smile (and I didn’t have to go back and be annoyed by that nasty sales lady!)

  34. Susan, I see some people above answered your question about the Luminara candles. Yes, they do flicker and physically move and totally look like real candles. I bought 3 this past September at a local shop and can’t tell you how much I love them! I burned them every night on my kitchen table and in my sunroom. They definitely are pricey, but worth it in my opinion. They even have a lovely faint vanilla scent to them when you’re up close. My batteries lasted from September till Christmas with daily use.
    And I’m so torn about those seahorse glasses! I think the problem of where to store them may, regretfully, make my decision!

  35. Patricia says

    Hi, I purchase sets of the Luminara from Costco each November/December. The flickering light is so welcoming and mine even have a timer switch. they cost about $40 from Costco- so definitely a deal. But ooooh those PB candles with the shells at the base….my beach home is begging me right now. Would go perfect with the PB knock-off coral hurricane rings I’ve been working on.

  36. Rose Marie says

    I just recently bought some more candles from Pier 1. I also have some from last Christmas that I bought in gold and green colors at Homestead Gardens. The Pier 1 candles look so real with the flickering light, too. I also like the fact that the top of the candle is not straight across. . . it looks like some wax has melted some and has an uneven look to it. . . kinda like the real wax candles get after burning awhile!

  37. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    I have six of these candles that I got a couple of years ago, and I do love them. Especially they are wonderful in a pair of French lanterns that are hanging on a wall. I have mine set to come on automatically at dusk and they remain on for several hours. Also have a pair on a mantle shelf under hurricanes and it’s great not to have to lift the hurricane to light the candle. They are rather expensive, but are worth it. Nothing replaces the real thing, which I use on the dinner table, but these are great too!

  38. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    p.s. Mine have the faux flame that “wiggle.” The ones that don’t, cost less.

  39. An even better price than when I ordered last year…

  40. Hi Susan,
    Enjoyed the trip to Pottery barn, they sure had some pretty tables.
    Yes, those battery operated candles are neat, but they sure are pricey,
    I have the lil tea light type and have enjoyed using those, but haven’t
    tried the pillar type as of yet.
    Thanks for hosting hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  41. I love my Luminara candles. I have some in my windows set on a timer, love seeing them on when I come home from work. I also have a few that are in my living room set on timer so they come on in the evening. I need to get more to have all over the house.

  42. Oh my Susan; what a store PB is!!! The china in each pic is lovely and perfect for the season of sun, beach and fun. I too was lucky to get from hubby a beautiful set of china in a gorgeous green for MD.
    Now, I’m sharing it as a tablescape for summer, plus my new table topper.
    If you get a chance hope you hop by it.
    Thanks so much for always inspiring us and for the party too.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  43. Dear Susan:
    I’ve been checking but I can’t see my post’s thumbnail at your party. I try to enter again and it says it’s there. I wonder why I can’t see it.
    Can you check and see if it’s there?


  44. Sandy Park says

    Hi Susan, I LOVED everything you showed. I’ve been using LED candles for over a year and they have pros and cons. I love them, but the expense of keeping them lit is sometimes very expensive. I’ve found that mine only stay lit for 6-8 hours on 3 AAA batteries. That gets really expensive if you want to use them every night like I do. I’ve setup some candles/lanterns in my fireplace this summer and love the way they look, but i can’t light them every night. I also found out that if you let them sit for a long period of time, the batteries will be dead. The pros, I love the way they look and they can be used on the patio and not blow out. Just my two bits worth – but I keep buying them.

  45. Cyndi Raines says

    Hi Susan,

    Love the seahorse glasses, but probably out of my price range. Can you come up with a knock off version? ha ha. I’ve been busy making the sea shell charges to go with twine/ shell napkin rings you showed us how to make and I LOVE them. Each one is a little different, but very pretty. Also using beach glass which adds a little splash. I used brown burlap type charges from Hobby Lobby, thinking if a little brown showed through it would look like sand. I’ve made 3 and have 3 to go. Been making them on Sunday afternoon after church so I can’t wait to get started today. Yesterday, went to several garage sales – found a piece of white coral for .50 and the cutest little keepsake box with shells on the top for .50. Building my “beach theme” piece by piece. Big Lots has some really neat items too. I’m buying a sign that says “By the sea, all your worries wash away.” I too, have the flameless candles, but all in white so I’ll have to check out QVC as the reader above mentioned (thanks for the tip). Love them and the remote is really great, but I still love real candles too. Happy for you about your new camera. Happy for us for more beautiful pictures!!

  46. I love flameless candles. I have two lantern sconces high on my walls on either side of the fireplace and I would need a ladder to light them so the timer candles are fantastic. PB have the best ones but you’re right, they’re pricey! Pier One also has the realistic flameless candles (with a remote!) and Hobby lobby sells flameless candles on a timer that runs for 5 hours.

  47. Laurie P says

    I use the flameless candles all over my house all year round because I have cats! No flaming tails at my house! LOL

  48. I love my flameless candles from Candle Impressions via QVC. They make great Christmas and birthday gifts. I bought bunches last Christmas, mostly in cream colors, and everyone loved them. My neighbor’s grandaughter was fascinated and would try to blow them out. So much for all those expensive toys – lol!!! Susan, you have given me “lantern fever” and I have been doing some web shopping. I really like the Montauk style from Pier One. I looked for a Louisiana style lantern and all I found were electric New Orleans lamps/lanterns that would be beautiful besides my front and carport doors.
    Those will have to go on my home improvement list, but an automatic generator is a priority. We have had power failures twice in three days this week and I have to have air because of my asthma. BTW, our flameless candles saved the day with light in each room without added heat or fire danger during the outages. I highly recommend flameless candles for all ages.

  49. Christina Brewton says

    Wonderful Post…!
    I offered 2 of the β€œFlame” flameless candles from Pottery Barn with the aid of coincidence. I became in a rush and me concept I become shopping for the more reasonably priced flickering flameless candles. I in no way opened the container that the income woman picked up for me ( she turned into not very excellent, and I simply desired to get out of there). I idea the invoice changed into excessive but just paid it and ran out. I changed into so indignant after I were given domestic and noticed I had bought the wrong object! I decided just to see how they looked in my lanterns earlier than I lower back them and I loved them!! They appearance very real if they’re in a lantern, however kinda fake and phony if simply sitting out. My lanterns pop on each nighttime and make me smile. You are so creative.

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