Flowers Upon Flowers Upon Flowers, Celebrating the Coming of Spring

Welcome to the 543rd Tablescape Thursday!

A bit gloomy out today but I can’t complain too much since we’ve had several days in a row of wonderful sunshine.

Remember this photo I shared a while back of this Ralph Lauren plaid-on-plaid bedding ensemble? I had something like this in mind yesterday while setting a table for this week’s Tablescape Thursday, only I was envisioning floral-on-floral and wondering if I could pull it off like Ralph pulled off his plaid-on-plaid look.


As you can tell, my brain is already in springtime mode. The first day of spring is just 20 days away!

Spring Table for Tablescape Thursday


I stopped by Trader Joes and picked up three bunches of sunflowers. I love sunflowers so much!

Are you starting to feel like you’ve fallen face-first into a big flower garden? Good! My job is done! lol

Spring Table Setting with a Sunflower Centerpiece


Flowers layered upon flowers layered upon flowers…

Sunflower Plates for a Spring Table


The sunflower salad plates are by Maxcera and say “Flowers” on the back.  I believe the sunflower plates were from either Marshalls or HomeGoods. All the dishes and linens in this setting were purchased many years ago, so it’s hard to remember where I found them now.

The green cabbage plates are Bardallo Pinheiro and were made in Portugal, probably from HomeGoods. The floral chargers are Spode and from Kim Parker Home, the pattern is Emma’s Garland. Those are from Marshalls, again many years ago. You may remember them from many spring/summer settings over the years. The green wine glasses are from Dollar Tree.

Sunflower Salad Plates, Green Cabbage Plates and Floral Chargers


Don’t remember where I found the tablecloth, but most likely it was in HomeGoods. I’ve used it in several tables before, including this one back in September 2012. (See more of this table setting here: Russet Shades of Autumn.)


Beautiful, beaded butterflies, lured to the table by the intoxicating scent of flowers, worked well as napkin rings in this floral garden setting. The bee skep soup tureens were a find in Old Time Pottery many years ago.

Beaded Butterfly Napking Rings, Spring Table


The first day of spring is just 20 days away! My daffodils are in full bloom right now! Do you have any flowers blooming in your garden, yet?

Sunflower Centerpiece for Table Setting


I placed the sunflowers inside a pitcher with a pretty topiary design. I think the pitcher is from Marshalls about 7-8 years ago.

Pitcher with Topiary Design


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Spring Table for Tablescape Thursday


Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Joy Breedlove says

    I love this floral explosion! Those Emma’s Garden chargers are among my very favorites, I drool over them every time you use them. And sunflowers are always so very cheerful. I’m certainly ready for spring, and I enjoyed seeing this floral table.

    • Thanks so much, Joy! Those were definitely a lucky find…and they were so inexpensive at just $2-3 a piece! They are super heavy too, very well-made. I’m not sure how Marshalls managed to get there hands on those because later when I looked online, they were a lot more expensive. The Marshalls near me never seems to get goodies like that in anymore.

  2. Now THAT’S a happy table! The table cloth is so fun, I especially like the hydrangea. I’d be timid and boring and set it with solid colored dishes but you aptly demonstrate how taking the table to the next level with multiple patters can be very successful. Susan, you continue to inspire and teach. Thank you.

    • lol I thought about using white chargers but just decided to let my freak flag fly, as the expression goes. 🙂 It’s definitely a little busy, but it’s a “happy” busy. 🙂 Thanks, Michael!

  3. Liz @ Home and Gardening With Liz says

    This is beautiful Susan! Yes I do feel I’ve fallen flat face first into a flower garden! Boy my mind is heavy into those kinds of thoughts right now. Unfortunately I’m a long ways from spring up here but I can dream!
    To join the party I have to sign in with InLinkz by logging in (but it says I already created a password and I didn’t remember doing that) or with Facebook. I clear my cache/memory/cookies frequently so it didn’t remember me. Just an FYI

    • lol Good! That’s the feeling I was going for! Hee, hee. Sorry you have to sign in every time. I clear my cookies, etc.. pretty often but Chrome remembers my passwords, etc… for me, if I let it. I do let it for certain sites. I really love the Chrome browser, make my life a lot easier.

  4. Oh Susan, this table is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

    I have the cabbage charger plates and the Emma’s Garland dinner plates, love them. But once again I am drooling over one of your gorgeous tablecloths, I MUST go on the hunt for something similar. I also have been searching everywhere for the charming bee skeps, have had no luck at all. Sigh…

    Thanks again for another beautiful and inspiring Tablescape Thursday. XO!

    • Thanks, Elena! I’ve never seen the bee skeps again. I remember I purchased 5 at Old Time Pottery and went on the hunt for a 6th one. I found it at You may want to check there, just in case they have any, but I know that’s a long shot.

    • Elena, I just looked on the bottom of bee skeps and it says American Atelier, Morning Garden, 5093-Soup in case that helps.

  5. I especially love the doubled up napkins. Never thought of doing that until I started following you.

    • Thanks, Ginger! Shhh, don’t tell anyone but the gold napkin that I have underneath the green one has two small pumpkins on it…it’s really a fall napkin. 🙂

  6. veryl stockdale says

    I like everything about this table setting….just beautiful…..we are still in a deep freeze here in Alberta

  7. Susan, all I see is… beauty upon beauty upon beauty… 🙂
    Love everything about your table, especially those soup tureens and that “vase”… is it new? Love its topiary motif! ♥

    • Thanks so much, Cecilia! I meant to take a closer photo of the vase, but forgot. It’s a pretty pitcher with a topiary design. I just added a photo of it to the post so you can see it much better now. 🙂

  8. Love it, love it, love it! Susan, I am here in Georgia with you and the rains were casting their gloom—but this tablescape just perked me right up. Thank you for the much needed energizing colors. BTW, just where can one purchase the aforementioned flag? I have long been in need of one! ; )

    • I know, this rain is crazy! Thankfully the sun finally came out for a little while today. I heard that the Chattahoochee was overflowing its banks. I can’t believe how much rain we’ve had all winter!
      LOL I think you have to be born with that flag! Ha!

  9. That Ralph Lauren bedroom looks so inviting that I’d like to climb right into that bed with a good book. It is cold and sleeting here, so staying in bed seems particularly alluring.

    Your floral on floral worked very well. I love this table, and always marvel at all of the beautiful dishes you have. You are killing me with those bee skep covered dishes and that beautiful pitcher!

  10. The table is simply PERFECT! Love it!

  11. So pretty and spring like. We don’t have anything blooming yet but have about 20-25 inches of snow on ground. Temps are hovering around zero. Chance of snow tomorrow. Life in Nebraska!!

  12. I love all the flowers. Here we still have snow on the ground and the weekend is supposed to dip below zero again. I needed to see some spring, thanks.

    • I have to keep reminding myself that it’s still February…well almost March. I’m sure we’ll have another cold blast come through. I remember we’ve had snow if April before, so anythings possible. Stay warm, Celeste!

  13. This is just a breath of fresh air! Lost in florals is a delight to me. Everything works together beautifully, Susan. Thanks for sharing such a delightful table!

  14. That table is so uplifting! Well done floral layering and so glad you used the floral chargers–perfect. And tomorrow is the first day, of the first month of spring, so that counts for something, right? I think I’ll hang my spring wreath tomorrow.

  15. Bobbi Duncan says

    What a cheerful table setting…you pulled off floral on floral PERFECTLY! Love it! Planning our spring getaway to the NC/GA mountains today and can’t wait to see all the flowers and trees that bloom before ours do here in PA. Then, when we return, ours will start blooming…can’t have too much spring!

    • Thanks, Bobbi! Oh, that’s the way to do it…get two springs! That happened to me either last year or the year before. We had spring here, then I visited my grandsons in Ohio and got to see spring happen all over again. I’ll be seeing them in April so will be interesting to see how it looks there when I visit.

  16. What a beautiful and invigorating tablescape. It looks like Spring has sprung in your house. So pretty.

  17. I bought sunflowers yesterday as a way to brighten our gloomy, gray days.

  18. Thanks for the breath of spring – I laughed at your question of do we have any flowers blooming in our garden LOL – we are still in full winter mode here in Kansas – 17 degrees today! Snowstorm forecast for this Saturday night! UGH! I’m so over this winter – been a real bummer! I’m going to get my St. Patty’s day decorations out which should brighten my dining room up a bit!

    • Yikes! That’s cold! I think we’re supposed to get some cold temps this next week…not looking forward to that. That’s a great idea, love decorating for St. Paddys! Stay warm, Jane!

  19. So pretty! I love layering, and just finished a spring table too. It’s coming, yes….

  20. Thx for sharing this cheery table

  21. Tracy Hulseman says

    A logistics question: When a table is set with salad plate, or soup bowl, dinner plate and charger, how do you serve? Do you collect the salad plates/soup bowls, fill them and return them to the diners? Or do you pass the salad or soup and have the diners fill their own plates, then clear when done that course. And again, with the main course, do you pass it family style or do you collect the plates and plate the meal and redistribute? I’ve always wondered and have been hesitant to set a layered table because of this. Thanks so much.

    • That’s a great question, Tracy. When I have family or friends over, if we are having soup which is pretty rare, I normally serve that for everyone, then collect the bowls afterward. For the salad and the meal, I always place all the salads/food on my kitchen counter and let everyone help themselves. Some folks will get salad and eat it first while others will get both salad and other dishes/food at the same time. That seems to work well.
      Neither my dining room table nor my porch table are wide enough for dishes in the center of the table, so I never try to place them there. A couple of dishes would probably fit on my breakfast room table, but when family or friends are here for dinner, I prepare way too much food for it to all fit in the center of any of my tables, so it’s just easier to place it on the kitchen counter and let everyone serve themselves. Also, I’d really rather have a pretty centerpiece on the table to enjoy throughout the meal than look at half-eaten dishes, if you know what I mean.

      • Tracy Hulseman says

        Thanks so much for your response. That sounds great. I always love people gathering around to serve themselves! Does it work out well to have the charger remain below the dinner plate? For example, if you are cutting a piece of meat, does the dinner plate stay put or slide around?

        • I always leave the charger in place because I think it’s pretty to see during the meal, and I’ve never noticed any problem with the dinner plate moving around on top of it. It seems to work fine that way.
          From what I’ve read online, some folks remove the charger once the appetizer/soup have been finished, taking it away with the soup bowl, but I’ve also read that it’s fine to leave it in place throughout the whole meal. That’s what I prefer to do, again because I enjoy seeing it there during the meal.

  22. Linda S. in NE says

    Ha! Not only does Eastern NE not have any flowers blooming, our ground is still covered by snow and ice. At least 12 inches from last weekends blizzard, on top of one snow storm after the other. Your table does look refreshing.

  23. Linda Gomoll says

    Tis the season to pull out all my Portmeirion Botanic Garden dinnerware and set a Spring Theme table. Thanks for all your inspirational ideas.

  24. Ramona Mock says

    Where would we be without Trader Joe’s and HomeGoods! This table is happiness! I love your use of pattern and color!I had to view it on my big tv with the apple box!

  25. This is beautiful – I so love yellow! Your table cloth makes me think of the Portmeirion Botanic Garden china pattern which I love – beautiful! I also love our current gray-rainy-cloudy-windy days – they justify staying inside and ‘putzing’. I tend to make myself busy, out of the house, so these weather-y days of winter and early spring give me license to be home. But… so funny – today I bought a couple white and yellow primroses (WHICH.I.LOVE) to pot for the front entry and was thinking as I left the store – I am ready for some COLOR!!! And now tonight I’m reading and enjoying this post – it went perfectly with today’s mind set. I had to laugh out loud because after 3!!!!! of my discontinued, too expensive champagne flutes to replace, (but do anyway) were broken within 18 months of one another, I went to the dollar store and bought 12 of the exact same green flutes as your wine glasses! They are the best and I’ve not lost one! Of course – because that’s how it goes! Thank you for the bright, cheery post! Bon weekend!

  26. Cyndi Raines says

    What a cheery table! Love all the bright sun-shinny-yellow! It’s exciting to know tomorrow is March 1st! We had 5+ inches of snow yesterday, but it was nice and sunny today with a high of 39 and the snow just glistened. However, I am ready to see daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. Your table is encouraging us to know it won’t be too much longer, even for us in the north. Thanks Susan.

  27. Glenda D Lagasse says

    Thanks Susan for brightening all our cool days with your sunny tablescape! Love it! We are having a cold spell here in southwestern British Columbia (Canada). Did you mention where you found your cabbage plates? Love them. They would be so versatile.

  28. Brenda Lawrence says

    It’s a delight to see something springy! Beautiful table Susan. Winter isn’t done with us yet, snow last night, more snow tonight and then again Sunday night. Fun, fun, fun! Not really. lol Hopefully since March is coming in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. Keeping my fingers crossed! I need to move south! lol Hugs, Brenda

  29. Charlotte says

    Love, Love, Love the Flowers upon Flowers! All of the beautiful Spring colors especially the yellow! I am ready for Spring too!

  30. I absolutely love this table! Gorgeous!!

  31. So Beautiful & I think this is my most favorite tablescape that you have even created!

  32. Merlin Parde says

    Don’t think I’ve EVER said, “too many flowers!!” LUV!! We have snowbellls blooming and lots of camellias. Snow showers this morning…go figure…franki

  33. Carol Norton says

    We’ve had historic rain and flood, gray skies, and the possibility of snow showers tomorrow. I’ve gone back and looked at it again and again to brighten me up! I see something new each time. I may stare at the screen all day tomorrow. Beautiful!!!

    • Thanks, Carol! 🙂 We’ve been having constant rain here all summer and winter, it’s crazy how much we’ve had. Hope you see some sunshine real soon!

  34. Diane Westbrook says

    Hi! Hope this isn’t too late to post…. I have several pieces of the Bordallo dishes….happened to break one of the plates awhile ago and found them on Amazon…just in case anyone is thinking of purchasing any of those fun cabbage dishes! Your table is lovely as are all that you do… I have too many dishes, but not nearly as many as you! What fun to have! Diane

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