For Sale: Father of the Bride Movie House and An Historic Home Tour

Well, The Father of the Bride movie house isn’t for sale, but the other one is. Huh? Apparently, there were two houses used for the filming of the first Father of the Bride movie. The one that we all remember below that’s located in Pasadena, CA is NOT for sale.


But the home that’s located at 500 North Almansor Street in Alhambra, CA and was used for the backyard dining scenes on the deck and for the basketball playing scenes, is available to purchase.

According to the real estate listing, the home is available for $1,350,000. It has just gone on the market and you can take a tour of the inside. In this scene from Father of the Bride, Annie and her fiancé are dining outside with Annie’s parents, played by Diane Keaton and Steve Martin.


This is a photo from the real estate listing and it definitely looks like the same deck.

Here’s one more view of the back/side of the home from the movie. Yep, same house as above.


Take a tour of the home as seen in the movie here: Father of the Bride Movie House Tour

Home Alone Movie House Also For Sale:

The Father of the Bride home is the second movie house to go up for sale recently. The house where Home Alone was filmed is also available for purchase. You can tour the Home Alone home as seen in the movie, Home Alone Movie House Tour. Tour it as it is today here: Home Alone House For Sale.

Historic Home Tour: Savannah Georgia

Last month while I was on vacation in Savannah, Georgia, we drove through some wonderful old neighborhoods with beautiful, historic homes. After I returned home, I wrote about about painting porch ceilings “haint blue” in THIS post, and I shared the names of some great haint blue colors. I also shared a few exterior pics I had taken of this home with its haint blue ceiling. I had noticed a Realtor sign in the front yard the day I took the pics, but it was a reader who alerted me to the real estate listing online…thanks, Lydia!

Let’s take a tour of this 1912 home on E. Victory Drive in Savannah, Georgia. This home has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine! I totally fell in love with the bedrooms. It has a sunroom that reminds me of a conservatory.

The real estate listing states this 8,376 sq ft home is being offered at $1,950,000.

Savannah Home with Haint Blue Porch Ceiling


Wow! A grand staircase greets you as you enter the front door. I always love seeing a round table in the center of a large entrance. Stunning floor in this entry/foyer. I am guessing that’s marble…do you think so? The design is so intricate.


Beautiful room! I wonder if this would be called the parlor? I love the windows in the older homes with the all the beautiful mullions. Glad those aren’t covered up with shutters. Notice the beautiful mantel with the built in mirror.


I think the first room must have been the ladies’ parlor and this would have been the gentleman’s parlor. Previously, while on historic home tours, I’ve been told that after dinner the women retired to their parlor and the men retired to theirs. Supposedly, the way you can tell which is the gentleman’s parlor and which is the ladies’ is because the mantel is usually higher in the gentleman’s parlor than it is in the ladies’ parlor. Hard to tell in these pics if one is higher or not; they look about the same.


Which room do you think is the ladies’ parlor and which is the gentleman’s parlor?


The Dining Room: Gorgeous chandelier! This home has 8 fireplaces!


Sunroom: Note the shape of this room. It feels like a conservatory, doesn’t it, but I don’t see a glass ceiling.


I’m calling this the library, although it may be considered a study. I like the bold wall color contrasting again the warmth of the built-in cabinetry.


It has a modern kitchen. We see more of those stunning windows that are throughout the home. That looks like a painted wood floor. You can see some really beautiful painted wood floors in THIS post at Things That Inspire.


How do you feel about built in plate racks? I’ve always wondered if the dishes get dusty, but I guess if you are displaying your everyday dishes, they are being used so much they don’t have time to collect dust. Do you have an open plate rack/dish storage? Do you like it?


You can really see the floors here. I love them! I came within a hair of painting the floors in my kitchen several years ago. They were badly in need of refinishing from our Golden Retriever’s claws. I ended up just having them refinished, but I do love the painted look. You’ll find a tutorial for painting wood floors at Apartment Therapy. I love the sunny-yellow painted floors at Paisley Wallpaper. But don’t leave just yet to go look at those…you gotta see these bedrooms first!


I believe this is the master suite. I love those draperies…they appear to be silk taffeta. Even the French doors have the gorgeous mullion pattern across the top. So beautiful! Those doors appear to lead to the porch/balcony we saw on the front of the home.


Such a nice, big sitting area! I love all the windows you find in historic homes. They let in so much light!


The master bath has a claw foot tub.


Another adorable bedroom…


This house has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.


The 4th bedroom: Aren’t the bedrooms wonderful! Notice how the draperies were designed. This would be a great way to add length to store bought draperies if you needed extra length for high ceilings.


This is apparently the stairway leading to the third/attic floor. Let’s head up and see what’s on the top floor.


It appears to be a huge media room.



The backyard…


The back of the home…


It has a veranda…


Did you enjoy the tour? Would you enjoy living in a large home like this? Or, do you prefer something a bit smaller?


You can view additional pics and learn more about this home at the real estate listing, HERE.

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  1. Cherri Engle says

    This home tour is absolutely wonderful. I love (virtually) going into other peoples home. It's such a source for inspiration. I saw several things in that home tour that I thought, 'why can't I do that in my guest bedroom', etc. Thank you for sharing this with us. I enjoyed it. Have a blessed day, Cherri

  2. Oh my! I am just moving in, it should be just fine for the two of us, right? I love the third floor, the beautiful staircases, the kitchen, and the list goes on. Only thing, I need a pool in the backyard – for those hot southern days!

  3. Susan,
    What a glorious home! Your pictures are beautiful.
    I would love to live in a home like this if I had unlimited money.
    Otherwise, I'd go with smaller!
    Your movie house tours are always wonderful too.
    We did paint our kitchen floor like the one in your photo, but with black and white, and love it.
    Have a great day!

  4. Loved the tour! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Pamela Gordon says

    That certainly is a gorgeous home but way too much for my taste. My house might fit in the 3rd floor media room! I'd be happy to have any of the smaller bedrooms with the corner windows though. They are so pretty! Have a great day and happy summer to you!

  6. Gorgeous homes. I wouldn't know how to act with all that space! I think I'd prefer something a bit smaller and more cozy.


  7. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Absolutelly gorgeous house, inside and out, house and garden… we lived in a big house and it was to much work, I needed maid help, although, I'd love to live in a house like this one, but maybe a bit to LARGE, again!! Fabulous! Thank you for sharing. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  8. Phil and Darby Hawley says

    WOW! I want this little gem 🙂

  9. martinealison says

    Une bien belle propriété… je suppose que le nombre d'employés de maison est à la hauteur de sa dimension…
    Gros bisous;

  10. Anonymous says

    Love this house….it's big for sure but has a nice homey feel to it..I could live there. It doesn't feel huge to me…

    Nice post,
    Kathy 🙂

  11. hometown girl says

    how fun to to see the inside of these beautiful homes! my kids love the home alone movie! have a great day!! susan

  12. If I were a rich girl, this is the house I would want! Perfect!


  14. Modern Country Lady says

    " Would I like to live in a large house like this ?" Hahahaha of course!!!!But only.. if the heating and upkeep bills get paid for by someone else!! My parents live in a huge place which you can see here and as they are now in their eighties, the bills are becoming really worrisome.It's not how you want to spend your old age !!

  15. Crystal @ Ordinary Days says

    Just beautiful!!

  16. CalypsoInTheCountry says

    So pretty! I just love house tours! I could look thru other people's houses all day!

  17. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    What a gorgeous home! Oh well, fun to visit anyway.

  18. Michele/Ohio says

    LOVE! I would live in a huge place like that in a second flat!

    I esp love the veranda.

    I believe the first photo is the ladies parlor vs the gentlemen's b/c to me it looks like the space from the wood opening and the shelf is longer in the second photo.

    Susan, your blog is the best. It is my reward time after a busy day to unwind with a cuppa and just peruse your lovely sharings. Thank you so much!

  19. Susan..I'm not sure I agree with which parlor belongs to who! I think the second one is the ladies parlor. All the picture are feminine..on walls and above mantel. The first parlor has maculine pictures. I guess it depends on if they were true to the period. I just love your tours.Thanks..

  20. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Sherri, I bet you're right. 🙂 Good point!

  21. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Cherri, me, too! I love home tours…virtual or in person. 🙂

  22. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Michele/Ohio…that makes my day to hear that! Thanks so much! 🙂

  23. LUV home tours! And, I love open shelving…doors…mostly, they are a pain. Ima a "grab and go" kinda gal. franki

  24. Susan, lovely post and as I "walked" through the rooms and appreciated the beauty, I also thought of how many staff one would need for upkeep. Those were the olden days, indeed.
    As to plate racks…quaint feature, nice geometry, tremendous space waster.
    But show us more!

  25. Beachside Cottage says

    Beautiful, classic home – thanks for sharing!

    Love all your movie houses posts!


  26. Oh my, what a BEAUTIFUL home!!! It would be hard to pick which is my favorite as they all were unique in their own way.

    IF the parlors were historically accurate in the decorations, I would say that the first one was the ladies' parlor because of the piano. If not, then I think the second one is the ladies' parlor because it is closer to the dining and kitchen area, which makes more sense.

    I loved the kitchen! It seemed as though the ceiling was higher maybe because of the tin pressed ceiling. Even though I'm not a fan of stainless steel appliances, they looked just right in this kitchen.

    Did you notice in the fourth bedroom that the fireplace was being used as a headboard? Great idea!

    Sigh….I just love old houses!!

    Thanks for sharing Susan 🙂

    Blessings ~ Velma

  27. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Velma, I hadn't noticed that about the fireplace until you mentioned it. The bed already has a headboard. Ummm, not sure I like the bed in front of the fireplace.

  28. I live approximately two hours from Pasadena and Alhambra. Those older, well kept homes are beautiful, as are the tree lined streets they set on. It is fun to just drive through the neighborhoods and look.

  29. says

    Ahhh…this post make me miss home. My mom lives right down the street from there.

  30. Selling home tips says

    This home tour is absolutely wonderful. love this blog and bookmark……

  31. Philippine homes says

    What a gorgeous and elegant houses is this. I was really amazed with the architectural designs and I am sure that it was well studied and the features were great. Thank you for this wonderful post. It was very stunning.

    Charles A

  32. Hi! Loved your pictures! Have you ever seen a movie, Mrs. Miniver? Her house is to die for! At my suggestion, a lady put some pictures on her blog but she didn’t include all the pictures of the house – like she left out some angles of the bedroom. To really get a feel for it, you have to see the movie. It’s a famous, old black and white movie about an English lady in WWII. She has my favorite bedroom of ALL TIME! When you open the door, you step down and then there’s a fireplace off to an angle and then over to the side several steps up is a dressing area with a dresser. The view in front of the bed is an enormous window. At night when her son’s plane fleet was flying over the house, they opened the big drapes and let the moonlight come in. (And if you’ve not seen the movie, it’s a great movie by the way. When it looked like England could possibly be invaded by the Nazis, this movie was given credit as boosting the morale of the entire country.)

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