Like Living In a Novel

The listing described this home as “like living in a novel” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s over-the-top romantic and if it’s this beautiful and enchanting in pictures, I can’t imagine what it must be like in person.

(Psst: Press Ctrl + 2-3 times on your keyboard to view the pictures in bigger form and Ctrl 0 (zero) once you’re done.)

Whoever built this home was definitely a romantic at heart to hang a beautiful glowing lantern from a tree to greet those who visit after dark. Can you imagine coming to a party here at night and seeing this!

Lantern Hanging from Tree


By daylight this would be your view. I wonder if this is an actual driveway of sorts. I love the stone and moss or whatever kind of ground cover they used in between the stone. I once toured a home that had a parking pad or parking area that was concrete pavers and grass, and the concrete part was done in a cut-out design so the grass grew up through it. Absolutely loved how it looked. A grassy/mossy driveway like that gets rid of the concrete jungle feel.

Stone and Moss Driveway


Yup, like living in a novel…or maybe a romantic TV saga set in ancient times.:)

French Normandy Architecture


This home is built in the French Normandy style of architecture. French Normandy architecture came into popularity right after the end of the first World War. It gets its inspiration from the grand French chateaus. Looking at this window transports me to another era, a place far, far away. What century are we in…not sure I know.

French Normandy Architecture Windows


The romance continues inside with beamed ceilings and romantic decor throughout. Look at that gorgeous basket over the mantel!

French Normandy Home


French Country style fabrics and decorative pieces continue throughout the home. Notice all the stone, that’s another big feature in French Normandy architecture.

French Normandy Style Decor


Not sure if this is a separate music room or part of the living room area.

Large Bay Window for French Normandy Home


The kitchen continues the warm, French Country style with copper pots hanging from an iron pot rack.

French Normandy Designed Kitchen


Love that deep window sill for flowers. I think I would have them lined up all across there. If one flower is good, five is even better, right? 😉

Copper Pots, Iron Pot Rack for French Normandy Style Kitchen


Okay, all you stove connoisseurs, is that an Aga? I know there are several brands that look kind of like this and I can never tell them apart.

Beautiful French Normandy Kitchen


Even though the space is large and open, the warm color of the wood beams and wood trim makes the room feel cozy.

French Normandy Decor


There’s a bar for entertaining, love the lanterns! It’s those kind of extra touches that give a space like this such a lovely feeling.

Bar for a French Normandy Style Home


There’s a beautiful wood-paneled study and library…gorgeous! Love the trunk/coffee table.

Gorgeous Paneled Library


Would you ever get any work done with that view? We’re going outside in just a sec to see more of it and it’s truly stunning! You are going to love it, promise!

Paneled Study and Library


Every bedroom in this home is beautiful and romantic.

Yellow and Blue Bedroom


Blue and yellow…very French Country.

Canopy Bed in Blue and Yellow


Another beautiful bedroom…

Iron Bed with Bed Hangings or Curtains


I wonder if there’s a TV in the console/chest at the foot of the bed, the kind that rises up so you can watch television while in bed. This room has so much personality with the vaulted trussed ceilings and that amazing ocean view!

Truss Ceiling in French Normandy Bedroom


So many things to love in this room from the beautiful bed to the window seat overlooking the ocean.

Storybook Bedroom


Imagine bathing here with that view! Yes, please!

Spa Bath with ocean views


This feels very French Country, doesn’t it? Okay, let’s go out back and check out that ocean view that’s been teasing us from inside.

Bedroom with painted cabinetry


Could you handle having this just outside your back door?

Oceanside Carmel Home for Sale

Stone Pavers for Patio


Love this wooden gate with the tree design. It kind of mimics the tree on the left a bit.

Beautiful Wooden Gate Design


I would absolutely live out here. I’d slather on 5 lbs of sunscreen and nap here for hours! Okay, maybe the umbrella we saw earlier would be a better idea. Can you imagine working on a laptop or reading a book here while listening to the waves crashing against the shore!

Ocean Views for a Carmel French Normandy Estate


Here’s the setting for this beautiful home. I love how they included a small beach area! You can watch a beautiful video about the home here: Otter Cove. It truly is a special home!

Carmel Home Overlooking an Ocean View


The interior of this home reminds me a little of Giraffe Manor, a manor home where you can actually go for vacation! You can tour Giraffe Manor here: Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor, The Safari Collection


You can see more of the beautiful home we toured today at the listing here: French Normandy Home on the Fabled 17 Mile Drive.

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  1. WOW……you outdid yourself on this one Susan!!! I want this one!! And I don’t care what brand that stove is…..I want that also!!! Totally charming with all the details and looks like a family actually lives there……love the driveway/walkway with the stones and moss, casual and unpretentious………..and the ocean…..wonder how the storms are there??

    I’m off to buy a lottery ticket…….

  2. Peggy Thal says

    Wow, what a gorgeous view. The house is beautifully decorated too. I am still in love with the pot rack and cooper pots. Might have to bring mine out again. Prrobably not though. Very beautiful house and location. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the tour.

  3. Kimberlee says

    Wow, Susan! That is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing it. I’m not positive, but the range looks more like a La Cornue to me. I’ve never seen trim like that on an Aga.

  4. Very nice (but so is the price)! Do you think the counters are limestone? What a lovely home.
    I found anotherone on the realtor’s website that I liked also. A little less money, but still nice:

    Enjoy all the great houses you find to tour.

  5. This is the most breathtaking home I’ve EVER seen! Of course, at 35 million, it ought to be! But there are decorating tips galore to be had from this. Makes me want to start all over on my house! Thanks so much, Susan, for continually bringing your readers such beautiful homes and settings.

  6. crumpety cottage says

    Lovely. I love that night time view and the window with the cute shutters and window box. My favorite rooms are the library and office. I also like the bedroom with the arched beams and large window overlooking the sea. I don’t believe that trunk is deep enough to hold a tv though.

    That area you thought might be a music room is part of the room adjacent to the dining table area. You can see the couches and window in the picture above it and then the whole area, with the ‘music room’ and dining table a few pictures down.

    The whole setting, being so close to the sea and the ‘roughness’ of the shoreline there are very appealing. The house is rather close to the water though. Better pray no hurricanes come a calling. What a place though. Very lovely. Thanks for sharing this one, Susan.

  7. crumpety cottage says

    P.S. I’m fairly sure that is not an Aga. Only because I have one and I know they only have a couple of styles. That one looks like another brand I checked out and whose name I can not think of at the moment. I believe it starts with an ‘L.’

    • Pam, you were right. A couple of folks identified it as a La Cornue. Do you like your Aga?

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        Yes and no. It came with the house when we bought it and the house has a slight Englishy feel to it, so the Aga fit right in. It’s very cute looking and it’s large and has 5 burners, which I like. The negative for me is the oven. It’s smallish and very low to the floor. I cook my Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys in a clay pot cooker and it just barely fits in the oven, and it only holds a 17 pounder, max (that’s the large size cooker). Then, when the juices start releasing, trying to take that heavy clay pot out of the oven when it’s so low to the floor is hard. My husband does it, of course, but it does rather keep me from using that oven all that often. Above that is a broiler, which I use on occasion, and to the right is a tall narrow oven that I call the “bread oven.” Now that oven is awesome and the one I use all the time. For instance, in that one I can have 4 Thanksgiving side dishes going. It also comes with a plate warmer rack, in case you want to warm your plates before dinner. It’s a nice touch. That oven heats quickly (as opposed to the other which takes a while to preheat) and it cooks evenly and well. I forgot to mention that the box oven also has convection cooking, which is actually quite nice I have found. I guess my only real complaint is that the box oven is a little small and low. But most of what I cook can be cooked in the other oven. I do love the old, grandma look to it. 🙂

  8. Wendy Johnson says

    was it just me or was the television by the dining table, next to the gorgeous fireplace with the basket? seemed odd. Beautiful, incredible house.

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    I wonder if i could befriend them and they would let this okie come and visit? I wouldn’t be any trouble at all. lol It is a beautiful place and very well decorated.

  10. Susan, you know how to get to me, just show me an ocean view and I am sold. So…have been in touch with the agent and put it on our communal list of houses!! 🙂
    I could handle sitting out there very well, thank you!!

  11. I think the stove is a La Cornue. The house is stunning and inspiration inside and out. The flagstone is very similar to an idea we had last year.
    Last summer, we added a flagstone half moon shaped bed which has a matching flagstone low wall, filled in with creeping thyme just off our patio area. It has filled in beautifully, lots of lavender pink blossoms, that you can walk on without doing any damage. A large armillary sphere is the feature in the center. We are very happy with the outcome even though we do not have the ocean view.

    • Thanks for identifying the stove, Susan! Your flagstone patio sound beautiful. That’s amazing that you can walk on the thyme and it doesn’t hurt it…have to file that away in case of ever do a walkway/patio like that. I love how they look!

  12. I think we sell that stove. (we just sold 2 of them and why am I not living that life)

    That whole house is beautiful. Without even looking I would say it’s either northern east coast or west coast. The rocks remind me of oregon or northern California. Where ever it is, it is really pretty. I’d never get any work down unless I was outside working.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

  13. If I were to ever win the lottery I would leave Ohio so fast my family’s heads would spin. Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of the best places ever. Love this! ♥

  14. So gorgeous and so livable. Enjoyed the tour. Hope you never run out of them!

  15. My husband and I have done the 17 mile drive several times and each time we play a game: which house is yours. Once you choose, you cannot change your mind. It is REALLY difficult because, frankly, the homes just seem to get better and better. This would be MY home, though. It is exactly what I love – a combination of French & beach/coastal. Thanks for sharing!
    Michelle from
    P.S. I would like to invite you to pop over to my blog!

    • lol What a cute game. I would be agonizing, afraid to pick, afraid a mile down the road would be THE house. Oh well, sounds like they are all winners. 🙂

  16. Hi! The stove is La Cornue. French, I keeping with the home, and available in many colors and a variety of metals for the trim. Lovely post!

  17. We were in Carmel in March and paid the fee to drive the 17-mile drive. It was gorgeous.

  18. Susan ~ This is a winner! It really is like a dream. Love it all!

  19. Wow that’s a fabulous home! I like how the same design of the wood cabinetry in the kitchen is also in the library. That library is amazing! Each bedroom is a treat and would be wonderful to sleep in. Love the great room with the grand piano! I was thinking about Ron Howard’s home that you featured so I looked it up and found out it was sold in one week for exactly what they asked for it!

  20. Donnamae says

    Beautiful home, stunning views…you’ve outdone yourself on this one Susan! The front view and the back outside view almost look surreal…and that driveway/courtyard….oh my. I couldn’t drive on that…too perfect! Thanks for the tour! 😉

  21. I love that house and its surroundings. Perhaps they could build me a small coach house on the property and I could be the caretaker while the owners travel.

  22. How old do you think this house is? Just looking at the cabinetry it makes me think it was built in a time when real craftsmen were available. I would absolutely live in that bathtub overlooking the ocean, and the master bedroom is unbelievable. I wonder if the windows can be opened. It looks as though they can. And how many hundreds of yards of fabric did it take to dress those bedrooms. Just beautiful!

    • It really does feel and look that way, but I think it was built in 1997 because I noticed some lettering on the stove hood that said “Otter Cove, 1997.” I remember now seeing in the listing that it’s called Otter Cove. They must have hired some really great craftsman.

  23. Kim Blair says

    I do believe this is perhaps the MOST perfect home I have ever seen. Everything about it is flawlessly done. Every single room is decorated to perfection without ever being overdone. And the outdoors – front and back – simply amazing. I don’t know about the range – it’s got to be either an Aga, Wolf, Viking. But I’ve seen that particular perfect French blue range somewhere before on another house blog and fell in love with it there too. Thank you for this extraordinary post ! It’s put me in a very good mood !

  24. bobbi duncan says

    Oh, my goodness!! That property and views are amazing. I am in love with the French carved paneled walls/bookcases and beamed ceilings, among other things. The evening picture is soooo enchanting. Thank you for the beautiful tour, Susan.

  25. This is a wonderful home with many interesting features decorated in what I think of as ‘American French country style”. The stone fireplace is reminiscent of those found in Normandy, we have an original one in our dining room made of Caen stone which dates to circa 1790. As already mentioned the stove is French, definitely not an Aga.

  26. Views of the ocean through the windows immediately made me think of the movie “Rebecca” with Joan Fontaine. Even the rocks with the “clashing waves” beating on them. Also could be a setting for an Agatha Christy novel! She loved setting stories in places beside the sea. Love everything about this house. Thank you so much for making a nice afternoon even nicer!

  27. I am here from your post today. OMGoodness, this house is GORGEOUS!!! I agree and would be living outside, reading on one of those lounge chairs and walking the beach in the mornings and evenings. I ADORE that basket above the fireplace. Everything is spectacular!

  28. Here is a video tour: We lived in Carmel for about 6 months on our way down to Southern California. My broker there lived in ‘the’ house at the time (1987) on the 17 Mile Dr. Also a video of that one here:

  29. Annie White says

    I just saw this post from a friend. I am so pleased to see the finished photos of this beautiul French, storybook home! Thank you, thank you. Back in the 90’s, when I was designing homes in CA., I often visited this home site as it was under construction, gathering ideas and loving my interactions with the fine craftsmen working on the project. The contractor, the carpenter and the painter were amazing, very talented and creative men. Would love to chat with them again. What a gift to see it furnished; beautiful and awe inspiring.
    I am a grateful visitor to your blog. Thank you for sharing so much beauty with your fans. I see the original post was from 2015, late to the party but had to comment!

    • Thanks so much, Annie! So glad you found this post and had a chance to see it completed. It is a gorgeous home and such stunning views! So wonderful to have had the opportunity to meet the craftsmen who made it so beautiful! I would love to have been a fly on the wall and watch them work.

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