Friday Finds and Follies & An Amazing Sale

Some days I have so many things I want to share with you, I almost become paralyzed not knowing which I should share first. As I write this, I’m thinking I should just put them all into one post, despite the fact they are all a bit random. Random is good, right? lol

Every time I put together a “favorites” post, I keep forgetting to mention a CD I purchased a while back and absolutely love! It’s the soundtrack for Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella and I’ve enjoyed listening to it so much in the car, I ordered a second one for the house. When I listen, I feel like I’m attending a wonderful play with a full orchestra just a few feet away. Seriously! The music is thrilling and romantic; the lyrics are beautiful.


Almost all the songs have lyrics but for the very few that do not, if you watch the movie or remember some of the scenes from the movie, you’ll be able to see the scene in your mind. There’s one song, Waltz for a Ball, where I can literally see Cinderella and the Prince swirling around and around the dance floor as it plays.

My favorite songs are Ten Minutes Ago, Do I Love You Because Your’re Beautiful, When You’re Driving Through the Moonlight and A Lovely Night. I was so surprised to read that Lesley Ann Warren was only 19 when she starred in the movie! Be sure and listen to it on great speakers to enjoy the full orchestra sound. You’ll feel like your attending a grand musical!

Oh, and there are a few little hidden surprises, things I never noticed while watching the movie, like the double meaning of the words, “I do no more than guess” in the song, “When You’re Driving Through the Moonlight.” The second time Cinderella repeats/sings those words, you’ll get the double meaning: “I do KNOW more than guess.” Love that!

Perhaps my favorite line in the movie/CD comes just before Cinderella sings the song, A Lovely Night. She says, “This night is mine and no one and nothing can ever take it from me.” It’s really the first time we see her fighting for her happiness. I learned long ago that my happiness depends completely on me and being happy is a decision I make every day.

You’ll find this CD available in both MP3 and Audio CD format here: Cinderella. I recommend the CD version because you want to make sure you’re playing it on some great speakers. It’s truly an incredible experience when listening to it on really good speakers. If you have great speakers attached to something that plays MP3 songs, then that version would probably be okay, too.


Home Tour

Sometimes I see updates made to old homes that make me want to cry. I don’t quite get the new trend of ripping out all the walls on the lower level, so I was really happy to come across this beautiful renovation/make over.



The entrance/foyer…



Such a beautiful living room! Sometimes blue walls can feel cold, but not in this beautiful room. Maybe it’s the warm wood tones that keep sthat from happening.





I’m a white kitchen kind of gal, but I do think this is a beautiful kitchen. Love the original hardwood floors!





The breakfast room…This house has so many gorgeous chandeliers!



Beautiful dining room! Love the blue paint color with the warm wood tones again in this room.



There are 36 photos posted of this home where these photos were found. You’ll find them all here: Home Tour



Home Tour: Victorian Home

This home isn’t currently furnished (since it’s available for purchase) but it’s definitely worth a tour. I love the design of the rooms, there’s just something about a beautiful Victorian home and its quirky rooms and turrets. A lot of Victorian homes can feel dark inside, this one is anything but!



If I were younger and just starting out, I would totally want the floor plans to build this gorgeous home. You’ll find the tour here: Victorian Home



As I was writing this post, an email arrived in my Inbox with this information below. Apparently, the sale is tomorrow. So if you live in the metro Atlanta area, you may want to make a trip down to the Lenox Square Mall area tomorrow. Sounds like an interesting sale! Arrive early, I bet it’s going to be crowded!



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  1. GOOD POST!! franki

  2. I remember watching the Lesley Ann Warren version on TV. She was so adult to me, so obviously I was very young 🙂 Also, random posts work for me; that’s how my brain operates most days.

  3. That Victorian home—wow!

  4. Random is good! I so admire your positive attitude, Susan! Making the decision every day to be happy is so powerful. You are inspiring all of your readers not only with beautiful, creative ideas, but also with your outlook on life!
    Can’t wait to hear if you find something great at the sale.

  5. Robin Lambert says

    You bought another CD? You’re so tech savvy, and you aren’t downloading your music to your computer or phone? It’s easy. I play my music in the car on Bluetooth. You should try it!

    • I don’t normally buy music, very rarely. The only thing I keep on my phone are all my Audible books. My car is quite old (2007) and I was told when I purchased it that the bluetooth will only sync with two phones, a Sony Erickson and forgotten the other one. So it wouldn’t sync with my Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge+ anyway. I think that car was built before everyone was using bluetooth in their cars. But again, I almost never buy music. Not sure I have enough room on my phone anyway because of all the books I buy and download to it. I’m normally listening to a book when I’m out running errands.

    • Oh, and I did download the song to my computer, as well…before I purchased the second CD for the house, but the music doesn’t sound near as nice playing through the speakers I have on my computer, which are pretty good speakers, as it does coming out of the Bose system in my living room/porch and the speakers in my car via the CD. When I play the CD on my older Bose system in my living room and in my car, it’s like you’re right there with a live orchestra 10 feet away! It’s thrilling!

  6. Love the blog and the tip about Cinderella. Have an 8 hr drive to Maine this week…I may run to the mall and pick up the CD. I’ll know it by heart at the end of my drive!!
    The pop up sale at Williams-Sonoma makes me green with envy!!

    • Mary, I normally listen to Audible books on my phone when I’m on a long trip, but last time I drove to Ohio, I listened to this CD a lot because it made the drive so enjoyable.
      If you download any books to your phone and your car doesn’t sync with your phone (like mine) this is the speaker I keep in my car for listening to books:
      That speakers syncs with my phone and is great for listening to audiobooks. I have several of these powerful little speakers so when I’m on a long trip and one dies, I have another. The drive I make to Ohio is 9 hours long and two speakers will normally get me there and back listening to books most of the way.
      I guess when if/when I ever buy another car, I will probably be able to sync my phone/books to my car and listen through the car speakers. But for now, I love these portable speakers.
      Hope your drive passes quickly. Be safe! 🙂

  7. Oh my, watching the show on TV is a favorite memory. Last June, as a bday gift, my husband took me to see the musical performed it Pittsburgh. It was magical! Somewhat different from the TV version, it still had all my favorite music. And even though I knew to watch for the conversion of Cinderella from rags to ball gown, it was so fast and magical I still can’t figure out how they did it. Part of my gift was the original soundtrack which takes me back….

    • That sounds wonderful, Debra! I would love to see it performed in person. I wonder if they had her ball gown underneath her old rags and just yanked away the old clothes to reveal the gown.

  8. Funny, about I don’t know – maybe a half year ago – I was working on some photos and got one of those songs in my head from that very favorite Cinderella – the one of my little girl dreams…..and YouTubed it and watched it and then replayed it just listening to it while I continued editing photos.

    It is magical. And in my adult world I noticed how terribly low budget it was – precious, yes. I think I may ask that for my early October birthday. It is wonderful and Leslie was always my ideal for lovliness.

    Love that house tour! WOW! What spendor!

    • I know, compared to today’s movies, it was so simplistic. Just makes it that much sweeter, doesn’t it? I felt the same way, Michele…can’t imagine a more perfect person to play the part of Cinderella. She looks so elegant and so beautiful, totally like a princess, or at least a little girl’s idea of a princess. 🙂

  9. I love that huge Victorian home. Not a fan of dark wood or authentic paints and period furniture however.
    When I am online, I go to Vevo utube and music. They have everything.
    Thanks for sharing Susan.

    • I know, that’s what amazed me about this home…so light and bright inside. Loved that! Is Vevo on YouTube or is it a separate website? Do they play ads? I know some free sites mix in an ad or two.

      • Vevo is part of YouTube. I click on music on the side bar. Some is just album covers, others are live sessions. I never noticed ads because I am also on another screen reading blogs and email.
        One of my favorites is Spanish guitar.

        • Oh, gotcha. I was talking about audio ads. A friend of mine listens to music via some free channel at home. I think on his TV, but it audio ads that play every 7 or 8 songs or something like that. So I was just wondering if audio ads would play. Yeah, video/visual ads wouldn’t bother me for the same reason you mentioned.

  10. I love your random posts. I think that’s how I operate the best now. I call it being flexible. I glean so much from your suggestions and ideas. I now use audible on my trips to see daughters and their families. I’m leaving Monday for Michigan and have a book to listen to already to go. It’s 16 hour drive so I probably will download another one or two for the whole trip.
    Your decision to be happy resonates with me. I can remember telling my girls it was their choice to be happy. We can’t count on others to do that for us. Love your joy you share with us!

    • Thanks, Pam! Appreciate that!
      Wow, 16 hours is a long trip. I’ll quit whining about my 9 hour drive to my son’s home now. I hope you’re breaking that up into a couple of days…maybe doing some sight seeing along the way. 🙂

  11. My car is so old it has a cassette player. I found a box of new cassettes at a church rummage sale. It has been fun unwrapping a new cassette and playing old songs on my drives.

    • Theresa, I think mine does too. I’ve heard they no longer put those in cars. That is so cool that you found some new ones. 🙂
      I put so few miles on my car each year, this one will probably last me near about forever, although I may buy one in a few years. I hate car payments though, would rather spend that money on travel! Six months of car payments is a pretty nice trip somewhere. I relate everything to travel these days. 🙂

  12. Bunny Rogers says

    I would love to know the story about that home in California. The house is only 19 years old. Was a family raised there? And so much land!!! I’m not that familiar with California real estate but I was surprised to see so much land with the house and it was so beautiful. Susan, you bring us things like this which are so fun. Do you subscribe to some sort of Luxury Real Estate listing service? Thanks again.

    • I know, me too. The views are gorgeous! Many, many years, long before I knew what a blog was, I subscribed to get email updates from a site called oldhouse dot com. I’ve always dreamed of living in an old house/cottage. They still send me updates and another house called Redstone Castle caught my eye in their latest email. I was tempted to share that one, too…I should add it to this post. Anyway, it’s listed with the same folks the beautiful Victorian is, so I saw the Victorian on their site when I clicked over. That’s usually how I find homes that I want to share, I click on one site and that’s leads me to another, then to another.

  13. The Victorian home for sale reminds me a little of your friend’s home (ex-govenor’s wife) especially in the first picture. I thought that is what it was at first look then realized it wasn’t. I thought you were going to show us how she has decorated it this season. Good talking to you yesterday. Taking my Montreal pics in to be printed today. Will bring them with me…..but not all 500 of them! I promise!!

    • It does! Marie just called me a few days ago and we’ve set a “play date” to go antiquing and shopping. I’m sure they’ll be some picture taking too because she’s updated some of her Halloween decor this year. She’s also making some changes for Christmas, so I’ll be sure to post those, too!

  14. The songs from Cinderella have been my favorites since I saw the original television production in 1957. I know almost all the words. Julie Andrews played Cinderella in that show. She was 22. There is a DVD of the production on Amazon (keep in mind it’s in black-and-white since there were only black-and-white TVs available then). I know you would also enjoy the CD of the music from that show. Same music but some of the songs are a little different than the later productions. I’ve seen all of the TV productions, and the original remains my favorite.

    • I’ve never seen the Julie Andrews version. I grew up on the Rodgers and Hammerstein version. I’ll have to see if I can find the one with Julie Andrews, I bet it’s wonderful.

  15. Gorgeous home tour and renovation! I love how the home still has a traditional feel and look to it. We had to move walls (mainly upstairs) during the renovation of our home built in 1859 to create modern day amenities and space for our boys, but also in doing so, tried to maintain the historic foot print! 😉 I have not heard the Cinderella sound track as of yet, but love musicals!!

  16. Marlene Stephenson says

    So much inspiration this was a great post to read, tour and enjoy. Thanks Susan.

  17. My favorite Cinderella sone is The Prince Is Having A Ball! Love that happy tune!

  18. Great post…LOVE that music and remember seeing Leslie Ann Warren in the role as a little girl. Saw the Broadway show remake…great ! My favorite song is “Impossible”…if that is the title…”because these daft and dewy eyed dopes keep dreaming up impossible hopes, impossible things are happening every day!”

  19. I enjoyed your random post. Whoever decorated that first home you featured is on my wavelength for sure – warm wood floors, pale blue walls, gorgeous wood cabinets, and chandeliers! I’m going to check out the link to the entire tour. I’d love to have gone to Lenox for that pop-up sale. I did get an “warehouse sale” email from them recently and got a couple of neat things at amazing prices – and free shipping!

  20. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    Susan, thanks so much for letting us know about the Cinderella soundtrack! When I was eight, I was in a summer theater production of Cinderella in the oceanside town near Cape Cod where I grew up. As the only child actor in the play, I got to be in a few scenes, but my big line was to shout out “Herman??” in the first verse of ‘The Prince is Giving a Ball!’ which was the one we used over and over for his name throughout the song. I used to come home on play nights singing it. Though my sister and I are now in our 40s, we still know His Royal Highness’s long, entire name by heart and laugh every time we think of it. I just got the beautiful soundtrack CD from Amazon after reading your post, and am really enjoying it!

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