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Are you a fan of Ghirardelli Chocolate? This grand home was built in the early 1900’s for the heirs of the Ghirardelli family and you can take the full tour here: Ghirardelli Mansion

Ghirardellio Family Mansion


Tour the home Elizabeth Taylor once shared with her husband, Senator John Warner here: Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner’s Virginia Estate. Read more about the period they lived in the home in this article: Virginia Farm of John Warner and Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor and Senator John Warner's Virigina Home


Listen to the relaxing song of Wood Thrushes and Cicadas in a beautiful forest overlooking the Missouri River here: Beautiful Birdsong on the Missouri River I’ve been listening to this audio much of the day as I’ve been working at my desk. Sooo relaxing!

Photo via

Photo via


Finally, I saved the best for last! I am smitten with this beautifully updated historic home. Love the yellow exterior with the pretty green shutters!

Historic 1803 Home



I could move right in and not change a thing in this kitchen. Look at those gorgeous, antique pumpkin pine floors!

Kitchen with White Cabinets, Wood Cabinets, Granite Counters, Warming Drawer, Viking Range, Hidden Refrigerator, Pumpkin Pine Flooring, Historic Home


The kitchen features a Viking range, wine cooler and a warming drawer.

Viking Range for Updated Historic Home


Love the little window seat and the Dutch door!

Beautiful Kitchen with Antique Pumpkin Pine Flooring



It also has my favorite kind of refrigerator…the kind you can’t see! 🙂 Can you tell where it is in the photo below? There’s a cute mud room just beyond.

Hidden Refrigerator Behind Cabinetry


It even has an adorable attic room…love attic rooms with their slanted ceilings!

Charming attic bedroom


Notice the wonderful arched windows in the eave, I wonder if those are in the attic room shown above?

Take a tour of this wonderful home here: 1803 Historic Home. There’s a video that gives you a brief tour but you can see a lot more of the home in the photos that are further down that page.

Historic Yellow Home with Green Shutters


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  1. Oh my word, Susan = the 1803 house is AWESOME – golly even the music for that tour was great. It’s perfect. Just wow.

  2. Shirley Harvey says

    Love that home and love your site


  3. bobbi duncan says

    I’m in love with the 1803 house, too (quintessential NJ style). You would absolutely love where I grew up (Moorestown, NJ and the town next to it, Haddonfield). Both are still so quaint with lovely village shops and tons of gorgeous old homes that get decked out come autumn and Xmas. Like a Currier & Ives painting, you actually do have to go over the river and through the woods to reach Moorestown when coming in from the north end (even Fortune magazine said as much when they voted it the best place to live in America back in 2005, I believe it was). Such an amazing place to grow up…very community oriented and close-knit. The Warner-Taylor home looks more like where we now live in the Brandywine Valley of PA, just over the Delaware River from NJ, with lots of historic fieldstone homes. John and Jackie Kennedy used to have a country house just down the way from the Warner-Taylor farm. Loved the birdsong. It reminded me of a trip to see Amelia Earhart’s home, located on the Missouri River. Great sale at Talbot’s…WOW!

  4. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    I used to have family who lived in the Piedmont area (Ghirardelli house). Every house there was a wonderful gem.

  5. I think I have driven by the Warner-Taylor home. It looks familiar. My parents use to live out that way and we would take the back roads to their house.

  6. I’m ready to pack everything up and move into that 1803 house right now!!!!! Thanks for sharing such a phenomenal home. Rosie

  7. Lovely homes!

  8. I live 90 miles from where the nature recording a were made. That is what it sounds like here except the bull frogs are much louder here.

  9. My parents lived across the road from Liz and John Warner. Every time Liz wanted to go to town, Middleburg, to shop the police would shut the road down in both directions so no one would be on the road at the the same time. Needless to say, mom did not like that at all! The grounds and the entire area are beautiful. I was surprised she would want to live in that house, though.

    • That would have been super annoying, especially if you were leaving for a dentist appointment or some place where you needed to be on time. I was kind of surprised because it seemed so pastoral and I figured she was more of a city mouse than a country mouse.

  10. Elizabeth E. says

    Love the yellow house! Refreshing to see something warm and cozy. I’m tired of grey!

  11. Marlene Stephenson says

    Beautiful i love the older houses and how they have so many wonderful rooms and gardens, thanks Susan.

  12. Thanks for them Talbot’s sale tip. I hopped on line immediately but most dresses in my size were already sold out. So my daughter (who just moved back in state) and I spent a lovely afternoon at our well-stocked local store. Although we bought a hefty tote full of beautiful clothes, we spent very little money.Happy shopping!

    • My store was really stocked up, too. I was so surprised because normally by end of season, they never have my size. The prices are so good right now!

  13. Susan, I am a longtime reader of your blog. I love it and all the time and effort you take to make it an interesting and beautiful reading experience. When I saw the yellow 1803 house it sort of reminded me of our home that we purchased in 2014 in Michigan. Ours was built in 1850. Instead of downsizing after retirement we upsized and bought this home that had been pretty much redone and we are tweaking it now. Our retirement has been fun. I tired to post a picture but wasn’t able to. Ours is also yellow with darker green shutters.

    • Ann, I think that is so awesome that you guys upsized instead of downsized. I get a little sad sometimes thinking of retirement as “slowing down” or downsizing so my hat is off to you guys! Love that you’re looking at retirement as a time of growth and taking on new challenges! I know you home must be wonderful, I love older homes! You can send me a pic at [email protected] and I should get it. If that doesn’t work, you can send it to [email protected]. Looking forward to seeing it!

  14. OHHHHHHH! LOVE, Love, Love the yellow historic!! Do you know where this home is located or any details of when originally built? I’d love to draw it sometime…

  15. Oh… just saw the link to more about the historic yellow. Will go there. THanks again for sharing this! Pam

  16. Rebecca Hanley says

    What a neat post! Have you ever seen the movie ‘Dan In Real Life’? With Steve Carrell? The interior of the yellow siding home reminds me so much of the interior of tje home in the movie. If you get a chance, you should watch that movie!

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