Froggy Fountain Repair and Makeover

Welcome to the 323rd Metamorphosis Monday!

Happy Spring! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent part of the weekend bringing the plants I had wintered over in the garage, out onto the deck. I’m pushing it a bit since the rule of thumb here is to always wait until after April 15th to plant annuals since there’s always a possibility of a freeze before that date. What is the first date recommended for planting annuals where you live?

I have a fun makeover to share for this Met Monday, one that’s really long overdue. A cutie I like to bring out to use on the deck each spring and summer is a froggy fountain I found many years ago at a large plant sale. I don’t leave Mr. Frog outside full-time. He usually comes out to play when I’m having friends over for a porch party or some time on the deck. After a party, I usually leave him out for a few days to enjoy before tucking him back away.

Frog Fountain on Deck_wm


Despite not using him out on the porch for more than a few days at the time each summer, over the years he has rusted pretty badly. That’s kind of odd for a fountain, isn’t it? He wasn’t very expensive so I’m thinking he was never painted with the right kind of paint from the start.

Having never been crazy about the color he was originally painted, I’ve long thought of giving him a little makeover even before he rusted.

Frog Fountain


When I pulled him out of the garage to work on him, I was afraid he was beyond help. The rust had already eaten completely through the metal across the front of the bowl. Nothing like a challenge, right?

After a bit of research online, I decided to try to salvage Mr. Frog. In the process, I gave him that colorful makeover I’ve been thinking of for so long. You’ll find the complete makeover, including how I dealt with all the holes at True Value here: Froggy Fountain Makeover

If you have something you love and use outdoors, I hope this little makeover gives you some hope. If I can bring Mr. Froggy Fountain back from the brink of the recycle heap, there’s hope for just about anything!

Rust in Frog Fountain


After checking out Mr. Froggy, be sure and stop back by to see all the wonderful “Before and Afters” for this Met Monday! Happy Spring!


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  1. As a blogger I always suffer summer envy as I watch you warmer states get everything going so much earlier. Annuals aren’t recommended until almost 6 weeks later here. Summer flowers – first week of May but garden plants closer to first of June!
    Can’t believe you could save Froggy like that! He is adorable.

    • Thanks, Jacqueline! I was surprised, too. Figured it was worth a shot before I tossed him for good. Glad you’ll be seeing some spring flowers, soon! 🙂

  2. Oh Froggy is just a lot more colorful and fun with your paint! I love his pink tongue and spotted belly! Definitely a new life for him!!

  3. We live in NW Wisconsin… Safely we wouldn’t plant until June 1st… although some years folks have gotten away with planting the 3rd week in May… but we have had killing frosts after the 1st week of June, after the corn sprouted and farmers have had to replant… but that is pretty rare. Point is, it’s a lot colder up here, but hey, we don’t have poisonous snakes! That one good thing about a cold climate! 🙂 Thanks for hosting! Liz

    • Liz, that would be awful to lose a whole field of corn. Many years ago I put in a bed of annuals in front of my home right after the 1st of April. I was trying to give them a jump start on the growing season. I figured if we had a freeze, I’d just cover them with plastic.
      Sure enough, we got a freeze warning about a week later. I covered them over the night of the freeze with a large piece of plastic. When I removed it the next day, they looked pretty bad. They weren’t totally dead but definitely a lot worse for the freeze. They never really recovered and I ended up pulling them out and planting again. So I learned my lesson that year and always wait until April 15th now. I always feel terrible for farmers when I hear about droughts and such.

  4. Your frog turned out great. Our general rule of thumb for outdoor planting is Mother’s Day, a whole month after your zone! I’ll shop and style our booth spaces till then. 😉 Thanks for having us.

  5. I love your postings, they give me such encouragement for the season ahead! Our planting date is around May 21 (Victoria Day long weekend) as I live in Northern Alberta, Canada. Spring is about 3 weeks and then into summer. Bring on the warmth!

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Lea, I love Alberta. It’s just gorgeous. British Columbia gets all the hype, and it is beautiful. But Alberta is so serene and though different, is just as beautiful, if not more so. At least, in my opinion. 🙂

      • Thanks Pam. I lived in BC and you’re right, it does get the justified hype. Alberta is beautiful in so many ways but right now, not so much as the snow is going, the brown grass is all around but Spring is coming.

  6. That pink tongue really adds personality. On party day, do you float a blossom or two in the bowl?

    • I’ve never tried that…the little splash guard thingy takes up so much space. Maybe I should put a few flowers in there, instead. 🙂 Thanks, Mia!

  7. Great job, Susan. He looks better than new. :0)

  8. Beast to beauty Susan! Your froggie turned out great! How cool to be able to repair the rust with putty and paint~I have been doing lots of updates with paint lately, it’s so much fun to repaint some old thing and make it bright, fresh and new! Our rule in Bham is not to plant before the Masters golf tourney, Mother Nature is too tricky! Have a great week~

  9. Hopefully you used Rustoleum on Mr. Froggy. I have a couple metal garden items and I spray them each year with clean Rustoleum. It helps keep the rust at bay and I can leave them out all the time. He’s a cutie!

  10. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Wow, Susan, Mr. Froggy looks as good as new. In fact, he looks quite jaunty. (Psst … don’t tell him he appears to have spilled some m & ms down his front.) 😉 What a great project. Glad you were able to give him a new suit.

  11. Susan, Mr. Froggy is the cutest!…He looks so very comfortable among the flowers!….I have started planting and hanging ferns…hopefully there will be no more freezes!…Have a great week and thanks for hosting!

  12. I love your froggy fountain, Susan! The sound of water always adds such a peaceful element! Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  13. I’m so glad you were able to save him. He is a cutie. I’m happy anytime something does not end up in the landfill or recycle bin. Have a great week. Thanks for hosting.

  14. Linda Page says

    You just continue to amaze me!!! That is the cutest froggy fountain I have ever seen. He is so dressed up for summer! You did a fantastic job on restoring him to majestic splendor! Keep an eye on him because now that he is officially CUTE……”Froggy went a courtin’ and he did ride, uh huh, uh huh!!!”

  15. Susan, the new froggy look is so whimsical and fun! I love that bondo stuff. It even repaired a huge rat hole in an antique door I made into a swinging door to the kitchen. Thanks for the deteriorating metal inspiration. I think there are three pots in that condition in my garage. Now’s the time for the DIY, since our frost-free date is soon. Here in North Mississippi, it’s April 21st or 23rd…don’t remember exactly, but that’s close enough. Hope you have a nice week!

  16. That’s an incredible makeover, and I love the colors you used! Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  17. Yes, he looks much happier

  18. Good job Susan! Now I have that frog song in my head. 🙂

  19. The froggy looks sooo cute, and I’m mentally referencing the use of the putty for later, that’s awesome! Thank you for hosting!

  20. Just went over to see your fountain – that is the cutest thing Susan – what a fantastic job you did – maybe he could sit out there longer now !!!
    Thanks so much for the party – hope you have a great Easter

  21. Susan, you did a great job, now Froggie can a Wooing Go!!! He is all dressed up for the local *hop*!!!!!
    We do not plant annuals until after May 21st, my fingers are itching to get at it, especially my window boxes.
    I think hubby has circled that date as the day I spend money!! 🙂

  22. Susan, he turned out so cute! What a fun project, and how neat that it is featured on the True Value Hdwre site. I love his bright dots. Thanks for hosting.

  23. Froggy turned out adorable. Great tutorial!

  24. I always seem to have a couple of garden things that need some TLC. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  25. Thanks so much for the party!!


  26. Oh I like how he turned out! The little dotted belly is my favorite part! I’m glad you found a way to save the pot. I’ve heard of Bondo for car repairs but didn’t know they had an all purpose formula like this. I start buying annuals at the store in mid May but have to keep them stored in the garage during the nighttime for a while. We’ve been known to have a frost even into early June but it’s brief so I have to keep my eye on the weather forecast.

    • Liz, I was so surprised, too…just had heard of it for cars in the past. I can think of so many things that could be repaired now that in the past I would have just tossed.

  27. Great save with Froggy Susan!

    In our area Mother’s Day is the beginning of the planting season. Can’t wait!

  28. Froggy couldn’t be cuter! Well done! I live so far down in the South we wait 24 hours after Easter and its okay to plant. That said we are prone to tornadoes instead of frost this time of year.

    • Yikes, us too, Jan. In fact, we had a big ole storm a few nights ago and it sounded very tornado like, but the tornado sirens didn’t go off so I didn’t head for the basement. We had such a great spring/summer last year. I don’t think I had to go to the basement even once last year. I hope this year is the same for both of us!

  29. In Ky I have heard to wait until after the first of May to plant flowers, etc. without fear of frost. Derby is the first Sat. in May…so folks like to have their yards, etc. look great for guests. It is always a toss up for safe planting. I had some trouble with my linkups today…but the message said that you could approve later. Not sure what I goofed on…I had three and one posted, but the other two were being contrary! 🙂
    Have a great week! Sheila

    • Sheila, I’m not sure why InLinkz did that, either…your link was just fine. Thanks for letting me know! I would love to be a fly on the wall sometime for Derby…how fun would that be! Since my son lives so close to Kentucky, I bought him a Derby tie this year made by Vineyard Vines. They have the cutest Derby ties! 🙂

  30. Mr Froggy turned out GREAT! He is very handsome now. Love his pink tongue and polka dot front! Too cute. Thanks for the party, I have visited alot of links today!

  31. “Mr Froggy” must make you smile every time you pass by…ribbitt!! Our garden shop says…May 15th!!! I’m sneaking some in a little earlier though…franki

  32. It will be quite a while yet before we can plant anything. Love how your colorful froggy fountain turned out Susan. You did a great job fixing it up. As always, thanks so much for hosting and hope that your week is a good one.

  33. Merri Jo Schaubroeck says

    Oh, your groggy is adorable! What a great job you did, Susan. I would recommend one more step to insure his finish is protected– Rustoleum NeverWet. I have used it on several outdoor items(both metal & wood) with fabulous results! I live in NW IL, zone 5, so our true date is May 30. I always put my container tomatoes & annuals in before Mothers Day & carefully watch the forecast. In the event of frost, I haul everything (by wagon) into my “halfway house” garage & back out for daytime. It’s a crazy lot of work, but I am the envy of all when I pick tomatoes before 4th of July!

  34. Hi Susan, I LOVE how you repaired and painted your froggy fountain!! It turned out beautiful!! The sage green is a MUCH nicer color for the frog and bowl, and I love the colors you added to the frog. 😀 Just darling. Will you be able to leave him out all through the summer now?

    Thank you for hosting Met Monday and have a great week!



  35. Susan,
    Froggy is the cutest frog ever! So glad you were able to restore him. He’s a fun addition to your lovely porch.
    I’m in Northwest Arkansas and usually don’t plant annuals until Mother’s Day. We have had so much rain some Springtimes that I’ve had plants die. I buy ahead or my selection is limited and protect them when necessary. Tax day, ugh!, is normally the last chance of freezing temps.
    Looking forward to seeing what you plant this year.

  36. SharonFromMichigan says

    Susan – Your frog makeover came out great! If his pond starts to show signs of rusting again, you can always spray the inside with Flex Seal. It’s a spray on rubber like product that won’t let any water through. We’re going to replace our garage service door this weekend because the bottom half has rusted from years of snow, salt, and rain and I’m planning on spraying the bottom half of the door and the door frame with clear Flex Seal and then paint over it. As far as being safe to plant flowers, the only live flowers that will survive outside in Michigan before Memorial Day would be hearty pansies. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful gardens this year.

  37. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan – great job, well done! What a “hoppy” little frog. Love his new look! I agree with the others, hope you can leave him out a little more now. Sharon from Michigan is correct for Michiganders, as I live on the “thumb” and I never plant before Memorial Day – too much chance of a hard frost. I do put pots on the covered front porch and still bring them in if a frost is predicted. We hope to redo a metal and wooden bench this summer. Eager to get started on it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. He looks so much happier now! Don’t you just love how paint can make something old, look brand new again? Love the colored dots on his tummy!!

  39. Catalynn says

    Hi Susan,
    I wanted to view how you fixed your Mr Froggy fountain because I have a similar rust holes problem with a metal garden statue but when I try clicking on the “True Value” link in your post it doesn’t take me to anything.
    I’m wondering if I can see how you fixed your fountain somewhere else?
    I think I remember you saying that you used a paste or something to fill the holes and then you sanded it smooth but I don’t recall the name of the product or how you applied it etc.
    Thanks in advance for any help
    Hope you’re enjoying all this lovely spring weather.

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