Raiding the Garden

Welcome to the 261st Tablescape Thursday!

Pssst, we have a problem.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit


Someone has been raiding the garden!

Garden Tablescape with Bunny and Vegetable Centerpiece 2


The lettuce is gone, the brussel sprouts are missing…

Garden Table Setting with Bunny and Vegetable Centerpiece


And all of the carrots have vanished!


Who could be behind this?

Peter Escapes Mr. McGregor's Garden with His Spoils


Do you think? Could it be?


He’s been a very busy bunny!  His basket is loaded down with carrots and his arms are filled with radishes. He looks pretty happy about it, too!


Mr. McGregor is going to have fit when he finds out!  Let’s not tell him, it will be our little secret.

Garden Party Table Setting Tablescape


Dishware is from Italy and was found in HomeGoods. The words, il mio orto are Italian for “my garden.”

My Garden Dishware Opificio Etico Ceramiche Made in Italy


Two different style salad plates depict olive trees with beautiful Italian villas in the background.

Ceramisia Dishware Made in Ialy Depicting Olive Trees and Italian Villas


I so want to go here one day.

Ceramisia Dishware Made in Italy Depicting Villa in Italy


Now remember, if you see Mr. McGregor, tell him Peter is home fast asleep.

Garden Table Setting with Bunny and Vegetable Centerpiece


Hope your day is filled with lots of whimsical moments, so many you have a smile on your face the whole day! πŸ™‚

Garden Tablescape with Bunny and Vegetable Centerpiece 2


Happy Tablescape Thursday!

You’ll find three more table settings featuring our rascally rabbit below. Click on the titles to view those tables.

A Christmas Table Setting Inspired by Nature

Christmas Table Setting Tablescape with Plaid Dishware and Pierced Chargers


An Easter Spring Celebration:

Easter Spring Tablescape Table Setting


St. Patrick’s Day 

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting Tablescape


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Love the tablescape. Mr Rabbit was sure busy eating all your veggies. Thanks so much for sharing with us Susan.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Just beautiful! I love using natural elements in decorating! And I must have babies on the brain because my first thought was that this would make a perfect centerpiece for a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower!

  3. Susan, Your delightful table put a smile on my face, even if it doesn’t on Mr. McGregor’s! I adore your plates and handsome bunny and veggie centerpiece!

  4. CUTE! and clever! I never think to use veggies as a centerpiece and I should. It is so pretty. Love those new Italian dishes. I need to get to Home Goods more often.

    Great post as always!

  5. You did put a smile on my face. Thanks!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. Susan,
    I love your bunny/vegetable garden tablescape!! What a great idea….thanks for sharing! I especially loved all of the vegetables around the centerpiece and the fun plates with the olive trees and the Italian villas! You are always so inspiring and have so many great ideas!

  7. Susan – What a lovely whimsical start to the day. You are so talented. I love your blog so much and get so inspired by your pictures and writing. If you should be in Pinehurst, NC I would love to take you antique shopping and show you our delightful village where I am sure you would gain even more inspiration for your most delightful blog. Thank you for sharing with us all. Gwen xx

  8. Susan-absolutely delightful. Your creativity shines through in this display!

  9. Adorable Susan! I love to use vegetables on the table and your bunny looks right at home with his arms full of radishes and his basket full of carrots! Love the Italian garden plates!

  10. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    My lips are sealed. πŸ˜‰

  11. Susan,
    I just love your rabbit and how you can put things in his basket! I have a pet rabbit so I tend to like things with rabbits! πŸ™‚ Those carrot tops look so long and healthy! Cute table scape!

  12. Such a fun post, Susan. The table looks so pretty. Those Italian plates are great, and I have wanted some of those chargers forever, but can’t find them at a bargain price, so I won’t buy them. Your pretty rabbit does get around, and it’s always fun to see what he’s up to. Thanks for hosting the linky forever! laurie

    • I think it was Grandinroad that had them for $2 or $2.50 each several months ago. I bought some and mentioned it on Facebook…they were all gone within a few days. Be nice if they offer them again for that price! If I see them again for a great price, I’ll let you know, Laurie.

  13. Looks so inviting!! What time is lunch?

  14. What a great table, beginning with your rabbit. He’s fabulous and so versatile! I love the carrots in his back pack…but then he’s so cute with the other options as well. Then let’s go to all the veggies…perfect! They all look so fresh and appetizing…perfect setting for healthy salad! Those plates you picked up are so neat, what a great find. This table is so pretty!
    As always, thanks for hosting his party!

  15. I think this is one of your most creative tablescapes yet! Love the fall colors combined with the surprise use of veggies! And, oh yes, I love the garden dishes. You have every base covered in this one. Love it!

  16. Susan, I’m rushing out the door, but will be back to savor this post. I can see it is adorable, and I want to soak in every detail. ‘-)

  17. Oh, how I hope your bunny is not made into a pie by Mrs. McGregor – lol! This is one of the most adorable posts you have ever done. I love everything about it! Those plates are wonderful and I am such a Beatrix Potter fan that I smiled the entire time I was reading your words. Home run!!!

  18. This post made me smile :). See? I told you.

    And here I thought ‘rascally’ was spelled ‘wascally’. My bad.

    I’m not participating this week but I had to just put my two cents in and tell you what a sweet tablescape that is. I saw those dishes at HomeGoods and they’re lovely!

  19. Susan, the garden bounty is so lush, no wonder Mr. McGregor is going to be upset! I just love the greenery on the carrots. He has been so cute on all three tables – I just love his huge basket so he can carry home his goodies. The plates are wonderful too. Always a treasure at Home Goods! Thanks for hosting your wonderful party! It is always the best.

  20. Susan, I don’t have a table to link, but I am enjoying all the others. I just love your bunny on the table. So very cute and I am sure I could fine tons of ‘scapes’ for him, if he ever hops my way. Are bunnies like him, still available for purchase? Do you know? Thanks.

    • Thanks, Susan! I found himy at the end of summer (August) last year in a store in Marietta, GA called The Whimsical Nest. There phone number is 770-420-9444 in case you want to see if they have any still in stock.

  21. Selma Claire says

    Susan, I want to “shop” your house for my next tea! You have so many wonderful pieces! I bet your storage area is a wonderland of entertaining “foofery”. πŸ™‚ Love “The Porch”!

  22. Susan,
    You are so clever! What a fun tablescapes! Mr. Rabbit has been busy raiding the garden. I love all the garden vegetables around him and the carrot top is great. Such a cute idea! Your grandchild someday will love eating at this table and talking about Peter Rabbit!

  23. Beverly Kennedy says

    Down’ t have a website or a blog yet…toying with the idea!!! I am a new subscriber to your blog and absolutely afore my visits to the porch thus far!!! You are a treasure trove of creativity and your approach to your topics with such warmth and hospitality!!! Have been checking out some of your archived blogs from the past and really having fun!!! Keep up the hard work and enthusiasm. You are an inspiration to me and I am certain countless other women. See you soon for another visit to the porch…I plan to seat for a bit so hope the swing is as comfy as it looks!!! Just love your fantastically inviting porch. See you soon!!! Beverly.. Bebe’!!! The CTBelle

  24. I love rabbits! They are just too cute and love your table setting. Did you ever see the movie about Miss Potter? When she draws the cute bunnies and other adorable animals they jump up off the page and come to life. It is such a sweet movie. The lady was so talented before her time. Thanks for sharing, yes I’am smiling…..

  25. Beverly Kennedy says

    Sorry for the typo and seat should be sit for awhile…I swear there are days when my smartphone has a mind of it’s own. It knows me so well and knows typos and mistakes make me a little crazy!!! Too much of a perfectionist…it is a southern thing!!! After twenty five years in New England I still have that Mississippi southern belle influence. My grandmother ” Mama Lack” was a schoolteacher and I was her number one student!!! Typos are unnforgiveable!!!

    • lol I’m the same way…always kills me when I find a typo hours later in a post, or some place where I said it’s and I meant its. πŸ™‚

      • (psssssst….Susan, you might want to change the word mil for mio above the first photo of the salad dishes – il mil orto should be il mio orto. Mil is Spanish for thousand – mille in Italian. Mio is my or mine.

        Sorry…I wasn’t going to say anything until I saw your comment above…

        Love the tablescape’s edible garden theme!

  26. How cute! What a bountiful table. The bunny has been busy for sure and he won’t get hungry for a while. Love your tablescape as usual, Susan…Christine

  27. I think this is maybe the most inventive tablescape you have ever done. I love the carrots with the long feathery green tops. They look like they would feel like velvet. I don’t think I have ever seen veggies displayed so beautifully! You should design for Martha Stewart’s Living magazine as your work is comparable to what is in that magazine. Outstanding!! I wish I had a fourth of your talent!

  28. Oh dear Susan, I’m amAzed at this gorgeous table with the cutest dishes and that adorable big Mr. Rabbit!!! The carrots are so cute and this table is beautifully whimsy! I eat so much veggies and it sure looks like it’s for me, plus the dishes, too Darling! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome party! Big hugs,

  29. Way too cute! I must be hungry — I want to eat the centerpiece! (Just remembered I skipped dinner last night…)

  30. Susan,
    Cute post..I like the way you used mr rabbit in the fall….and not just for Easter…..
    Thanks for hosting TT.

  31. Rosie Moreno says

    Hi, Susan,
    What a happy way to start the day: an early morning visit to your bunny table!! Thank you for the treat. All I could think of is that you are really getting into “Grandma Mode”! Beatrix Potter is a must-have author for grand-kids. You’re going to have sooo much fun. Your table today reflects that!!

  32. Susan, I love those plates! Traveling through Italy is on my bucket list, and I have visions of villas, vineyards, rolling hills of lush green…. Those salad plates just take you there through imagination. I love your clever tale of Peter Rabbit. Beautiful veggies. Everything you do is top-notch! <3

  33. Ahhh…. so cute- what a fun idea! Love the carrots in the rabbits basket and all the veges around it! Those dishes are great- I love things with Italian countryside accents. I think I have one plate that may be like those that I hung as an accent in my kitchen.
    You really pulled the rabbit out of the hat with this one!! πŸ™‚
    Hugs, Liz

  34. HELP!!!!!!!!!! My church does a table setting each year and for the last two years I have had an idea…this year my mind is blank. I was thinking of using old china dishes that sort of match (same colors and designs) but don’t have a clue for the middle of the table. I was thinking of calling it a VICTORIAN TABLE..I have the lace table cloth, but can not think beyond that.
    ANY ANY ANY suggestions would be so appreciated. I always love your imagination, and would enjoy hearing your ideas.
    Thanks, you a such a breath of fresh air..

  35. Susan, Are you sure this rabbit’s name isn’t Forrest Gump? He seems to be everywhere. I just adore this table and it is making me smile and I know it will last all day. Loving the dishes and you will enjoy Italy. You can even ship your pottery and dish ware purchases home.
    Just visiting today I have been busy with dishwasher and dryer repairs this week. I will post about how easy they were.
    I will enjoying your partygoers tables this week.

  36. You are quick as a rabbit-NO quicker I think. How in the world you get so much done!! I am so impressed-the rabbit is fabulous and such a good boy not to eat the veggies!!

  37. Love that clever rabbit!!! He is so very versatile!!! And those plates are wonderful, how did I miss those at the store??? The table is adorable!!

  38. HA, SUSAN!
    Let’s meet in Florence, Tuscany, some day! Tons of “bellissimi giardini e ville” there! πŸ˜‰
    Or in Rome! Lots of history there, and – of course – beautiful villas, too!
    (Do you own a passport?)
    P.S. Love those plates! πŸ˜‰ Oh, and Mr. Rabbit, too!

    • Cecilia, when I saw that dishware, I knew I had to treat myself to it since I’m obsessed with visiting there one day but not sure if I’ll ever make it. I do have a passport. I just got it a few months ago on the miracle chance I get to travel one day. πŸ™‚

      Thanks! XO

  39. Wow, that is one beautiful and inviting Fall tablescape. I love the carrots in the rabbit’s basket – adorable. Don’t get me started on those plates from Italy!

  40. WOW! This is one of the best you have ever done! I read many lovely table setting blogs, but I have to say Susan that you are in a league all your own. Truly, you are the standard that others aspire to, thank you so much for sharing your unbelievable talent!

  41. Love your table with Peter Rabbit, you come up with some cute ideas. You said you wanted to go to Italy, I was there for two weeks in June of this year and loved it. It’s a beautiful place. You should pack your bags and go. Thanks for posting, I always look forward to yours.

  42. Hi,
    This is really for my part as I can’t upload your logo, Susan. It keeps saying : “Server Rejected”.

    Do someone have this kind of problem? This happened to me since Monday which I supposed to link in your MET meme.

    Kindly advise, ladies, thanks?

    Best regards,
    /CC girl from DΒ΄Box

  43. Hi…….I absolutely LOVE that bunny.!! bunnies are one of my favorites..even if they ate all 60 tomato sprouts I planted last yr..I had started all my veggie plants from seed..I wasn’t able to work up a garden this spring after smashing my foot…I also LOVE that dinnerware…I hope to get to Italy for a culinary vaca with Flavours Holidays…once there I’m hoping to find an apt to rent for a yr..if that comes to fruition you are more then Welcome to visit..I’ll keep ya posted…in the mean time I’ll have as much pasta as I can.

  44. This has got to be one of my favorites!!! Absolutely love that rabbit!! You are soooooo TALENTED!!!

  45. Opppsss! *typo: I meant “pain” in my part (first sentence)

    D…N, sorry! I am just desperated coz I couldn’t link to any memes at all.

    /CC girl

    • CC are you saying you can’t link up? Just make sure you have a link back to the party in your post. Also, InLinkz told me that their system is compatible with the “dynamic” themes at Blogger…I think that’s what they are called. Do you have one of those?

  46. So cute! I love the plates. Thanks for hosting~Jennifer

  47. This is BEYOND AWESOME! For a moment- I was in England clapping with joy at the stealth rabbit & those gorgeous veggies!!

  48. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    So wonderful! Lush, fun, bright, cheery and in lovely taste. Not overdone, just perfect. LOVE it.

  49. Those plates are wonderful! As always, you have used them perfectly. I love all of your tables that feature Mr. Rabbit…

  50. Love the display of fresh veggies!

  51. SUSAN!! I LOVE Peter Rabbit….so much that I did my son’s (he’s 7 now) nursery (though we didn’t know his gender…it was gender neutral) completely in a Peter Rabbit theme. I LOVE you garden rabbit statuary centerpiece!!! This beautiful tablescape makes me nostalgic!!!


  52. Susan, I’m dying to go to Italy, too! I taught Latin to elementary students for a few years so I must go to Rome! And of course, I want to see the countryside as well. If I had seen those dishes at HomeGoods, they would have been in my buggy, too! I LOVE this table setting!

  53. Another outrageous tablescape. You really have the magic touch. This is one of my favorites!

  54. I love this table. 1) More uses for my rabbit and 2) more reason to buy our farmer’s market salad plates! I get so excited when you give me ideas for multiple uses of an item. The rabbit is all about spring. So he will work perfectly with the tartan salad plates for St. Patrick’s Day, the bunny plates for Easter and a welcome to spring farmer’s market bounty table like yours! Yay!

  55. Where did you get your bunny statue from? He’s so cute?

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