It Was Worth the Hunt, Love This Christmas Tree!

Thanks again for all your suggestions on where to look for a great Christmas tree. Over the past week, I have visited Home Depot, Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby, Old Time Pottery and a semi-local place (it was an hour away) called M.C. Twinklins.

In the end, the tree that stole my heart was the GE Canadian Just Cut Tree with Easy Light Technology. The Easy Light Technology is the new technology where each section of the tree lights up as it slides into the section beneath it. So there’s just one cord to plug in. It worked beautifully as I put this tree together last night.

GE Canadian Just Cut Pre-lit Easy Light Christmas Tree


This tree doesn’t have a remote, but that wasn’t a problem because I’m using the remote control that I’ve been using for several years and it works great. You can read more about it in this post: Lighting the Christmas Tree Via Remote.

Canadian Fir Christmas Tree


Update: I came across this cute remote that’s designed to use with a Christmas tree: Christmas Tree Remote.  I loved it’s Christmas tree shape and it’s working great for my tree!

Christmas Tree Remote in Christmas Tree Shape


I wanted to share some photos of the tree during the daytime. I also brought a large light into the room so you could get a better view. This is the way to truly judge how a tree really looks, seeing it completely naked with no ornamentation at all.

A few facts: This tree is 7.5 feet high, has 4,963 “feel-real” branch tips and 1,000 lights. It has more branch tips than any tree I saw during my search and more lights than most of the trees I saw. It’s available in a 9 ft height, as well. (Both sizes are available here: Canadian Christmas Tree.)

Doesn’t it look real in this photo! One thing I never really liked about the tree I had been using in this room for so many years, was how uniform it looked. It always looked a bit too perfect/fake. I love how this tree has branches in each of the clusters that extend out further from the tree, just like on a real tree. I think that’s one of the reasons it looks so real!

Realistic GE Canadian Just Cut Tree with Easy Light System


The lighting is done so well, it was super easy to fluff out. Instead of the lighting covering the ends of the branches like a big spider web holding the branches in tight together where they couldn’t be spread out, the lighting is the same as it’s been on other trees I’ve had in the past where it runs separately out each little branch. So you can spread out the branches however you wish with ease. Love that!

The lighting was the biggest issue I had with the Balsam Hill tree I purchased a couple of weeks ago and ultimately returned. On that tree, I was unable to spread out the branches very far at all because the lighting was strung on the ends of the branches like a giant spider web holding them all tightly together. It was a truly a nightmare and made the branches impossible to spread apart. Thankfully, that’s not a problem with this tree.

Realistic Canadian Fir Tree, GE


Here’s a close-up showing how the lighting has been strung. See how each branch gets its own lighting strand? In this photo, notice how realistic the needles/branches look. Another thing I really like about this tree is how the “realistic” looking branches go further back into the tree, so when standing back at a normal distance, you hardly notice the traditional looking branches in the background unless you are really trying to look for them.

GE Canadian Fir Tree with Easy Light System, Very Realistic


A view of the lighting while lit up…

GE Canadian Fir Tree, Most Re


Another important feature that I love about this tree is that it’s absolutely covered in lights. As mentioned, it has 1,000 lights and they are super bright! One of the reasons I chose this tree over others I saw in Home Depot was because it had the brightest lights out of all the trees on display. I didn’t really realize how bright they were until I got the tree home in my own living room and assembled it. They are stunningly bright and I love that!

Realistic GE Canadian Fir Tree, 1,000 Lights, 4,963 Branch Tips


One more thing I love about this tree is how deep the lights go back into the tree. That’s very hard to show in a photo since a photo isn’t 3-D, so I highlighted just a few of the ones that are actually way back inside the tree. There are so many lights on this tree, I could have highlighted many more in this photo. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome the lighting is on this tree!

Realistic GE Canadian With Many Lights, Even Deep in Tree


Here’s how it looks with all the lights off in the room. Gorgeous! I’m in love with this tree! Can’t wait to decorate it!

Realistic GE Canadian Fir Tree with Easy Light System, Very Realistic


Perhaps the most surprising part is the price: $349! When I was shopping for a tree this year, I was prepared to spend $750-$800 to get a really beautiful tree. I can’t believe GE makes a tree this nice for that price, and it even includes the easy connect technology.

And just so you know, this is not a sponsored post. I paid in full for my tree at Home Depot, minus my military discount and I’ve never communicated in any way with GE.

GE Pre-lit Just Cut Canadian Christmas Tree


I’m super happy with this tree and would gladly recommend it to anyone. You can read more about this tree here: Just Cut Canadian One Plug Tree.

By the way, I googled to see what type of Canadian tree it could be, and it looks like a tree I saw online called a Canadian Fir tree, so I think that’s the tree this one was modeled after, but that’s just a guess. One of these days I’m going to visit Canada, it’s on the bucket list!

Update: After I took these photos and created the post, the next morning I found three full branches that I never even fluffed out. This tree is so full, even after you have fluffed and fluffed, you’ll find more branches to fluff out. I’ve very pleased with how this tree looks!

Beautiful, Realistic GE Canadian Tree, Easy Light System


Here’s how this tree looked when decorated. See and read more about this tree in this post: Christmas Decorating & Gift Wrapping Idea and in this post after adding more ornaments and a tree topper: Making Progress.

Living Room, Judges Paneling, Christmas Tree


Update on December 2020: This beautiful tree is still going strong! Here’s an updated photo from this year.


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  1. That’s a beauty! Can the lights be dimmed if you wanted to? Can’t wait to see it decorated.

    • I’m not sure, I didn’t see anything about that in the info that came with the tree and it’s not listed under the FAQ section in the assembly instructions. The phone number that’s listed for customer support is 1-877-398-7337, I bet they would know if it could be plugged into a dimmer type mechanism.

      • Susan, just in case you and the lady who asked the question about the lights being able to dim. You can buy I believe on Amazon and item that looks like a Christmas ornament / a Christmas tree that when you touch it there are three different levels of lighting plus turning the tree off. I have an old one that I’ve been using now for about 10 years and every Christmas I hang it on the tree and it works perfectly. Just an FYI for you ladies who might want to dim the level of lighting on some evenings.

      • I looked on the Home Depot web site Q/A for the tree and it says it is not recommended or made to use with a dimmer. I forget the exact wording of the answer.

  2. That’s a beautiful tree. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You found a truly perfect tree at an amazing price! Thanks again for doing all the legwork!

  4. This is truly a gorgeous tree! It’s so much lovelier than the one you purchased for twice the price from Balsam Hill. This is on my list for a possible replacement tree next year. I see it’s really wide at the base, so a large space will be required. BTW, did your review ever appear on the Balsam Hill site? Christmas at your house is going to be so pretty this year! Show us some pictures after you get it all decorated.

  5. What a most beautiful tree!…I do love the bright lights and the way they are installed in the tree…I used to think, the taller the better, but as I get older, going up and down the ladder to trim a tree was getting more difficult…I love the 7 1/2 foot trees..So happy that you found the perfect tree for you!!

    • Thanks, Shirley! I wish I had the ceiling height for a 9 foot tree, they just look so regal, but alas, my ceilings are only 8 ft tall. You’re right though about them being easier to decorate…good point! I may buy a taller one sometime for the screened porch, it could handle a 9-10 foot tree since the ceiling is 12 feet at the spot where I’d love to place a tree.

  6. So excited for you with this new tree! I’ve been waiting to see when you were going to do a post about a new Christmas tree. And I knew you’d do your homework, so I won’t have to! 1,000 lights is amazing! My old 7.5′ tree had 1,500 lights & I never came across another tree with that many, so 1,000 is a good number for me! So once again, thank you Susan!!

  7. Michele (Finch Rest) says

    Thank you, Susan. We’ve been thinking it’s time to replace – and you sold me on this one for sure – appreciate the pain you went through to bring us to this happy point. Well done. They should compensate you!

    • Thanks, Michele! I’ve always heard good things about the GE trees. It was kinda funny, when I first took it out of the box and started putting it up, I came across a branch that was wound around and around one of the lighting cords deep in the tree near the trunk. I thought it was really odd and a fluke, and unwound it off the cord.
      Then I came across another one, and another one, and realized they had designed the tree that way, so as the lighting runs from one long branch over to the next long branch, they hid the lighting cord by winding a branch around it. These cords were all deep in the tree near the trunk. But it really impressed me that whoever designed this tree, really put some thought into it, to the point that they even tried to camouflage the lighting cords that are deep inside the tree that run from branch to branch.

  8. Does this tree come in other sizes, Susan? I like a smaller tree for the space we have. But love this tree. Very balanced and just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

    • I only see it in the 7.5 and 9 ft size on the Home Depot website, so not sure if they carry it in another size. I would just call and ask for the artificial tree department and see if they know. I was so focused on the 7.5 trees, I didn’t notice if they had it in a smaller size.

  9. Bonnie Schulte says

    Oh Wow, the tree is truly Amazing..It really does look real..Beautiful!

  10. Beautiful tree! It looks so real and full. Can’t wait to see it decorated. This year I searched all around and in my price range I bought a tree at Walmart for about $200 total. I’m really impressed with’s snapped together easily and the lights came on when plugged in. It has snow, pine cones and red berries on it.It looks so pretty not decorated. So I’m happy with my purchase also.

    • Oh, that sounds so pretty, Chris! My kitchen tree is a bit like that. It has pine cones and I just love how those look! I bet with the snow and berries, it is gorgeous!

  11. I use a timer on my tree. It’s a lot of fun for me when the lights come on even though I am the one that sets the time. I only have to plug it in once. Several of my other Christmas lights are on timers too they are wonderful time savers. Thanks for shopping at the Home Depot that is where I work.

  12. That is exactly the tree I was looking at, but settled on this other one instead. It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I will love it. Saw it at Michaels for $900+ (NO!), Home Depot had it for $500+ (still too much), but I got it on with delivery for $369.

  13. Rose Mary Lee says


  14. So glad you have found Mr. Right! You will likely have this for a long time. Can’t wait to see it decorated. What was it like, the moment you pulled it out of the box and realized the hunt was over?

    • Well, it took me a couple of days to get up the nerve to open the box. I was so worried I’d be disappointed and was dreading having to go start the hunt again. Thankfully, it’s even prettier inside a house in regular lighting than it was under the fluorescent lights in Home Depot. I put it together at night and fluffed it all out. The real moment of truth was the next morning when I came down and saw it in daylight. I was one happy woman when it looked as beautiful during the day as it had the night before! 🙂

  15. Susan, this is a gorgeous tree! Like you, I love the lighting. I’m curious about the size at the base. I currently have a slim tree because of small space here, but would love to add a larger tree if I can make it work. You are fortunate to have a large room for your tree. Love the look of your living room. I’m going to stop by Home Depot this weekend and look at trees. That’s where I bought the one we have, and it has been great. Same kind of lighting system!

    • Thanks so much, Sarah! I just looked again at the tag that was on the tree (I had taken a photo of it in the store) and it says that it’s 62 inches at the base. I hope the lighting system lasts for many years, that would be great! It sure was easy to put up!
      GE Just Cut Canadian Tree

  16. That is a beautiful tree, and I love how many lights it has! Can’t wait to see it decorated!

  17. Yay- you found a beauty! What a great price and with all the bells and whistles! You did well!!

    • Thanks so much, Liz! I’m really excited to have found this one, now I just need to get in gear and get it decorated. I want to put up my wreaths, too…maybe I’ll start on both at the same time and trade off between the two. lol Do you have your tree up and decorated, yet? I feel like I’m behind!

  18. Your search for the perfect tree was a success. Your description of the tree was so helpful for us. I have looked each year but always disappointed. I will look again. FYI, we have been going to Canada for years. The wilderness and trees are magic. Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Are ya gonna toss a coupla strings of colored lights on the tree?

    • I read in the FAQ somewhere, I think in the literature that came with it, that the only way you can add additional lighting is by stringing it separately and plugging it in to an outlet. I think I also read that they don’t recommend adding lighting, it seemed to imply that they were worried about folks adding lighting that would be really not and damage the tree. With as many lights as it has, I think I’m going to stay with the all white. One thing that occurred to me recently as I was shopping for a tree was that all white lighting doesn’t fight the colorful ornaments, let’s them really shine, where colorful lights may compete a bit with the ornaments. Not sure how true that is, just something that crossed my mind while I was out tree shopping. I love colored lights, though…but I think I like the really big, fat ones like we had on trees when I was growing up. Those were so pretty!

      • Regality (aka The Quing) says

        The first tree I remember as a wee one had lights like this on it––star-christmas-lights-christmas-fun.jpg I remember being gloriously overwhelmed looking up at it.

  20. Yay! I’m so happy you found a beautiful tree! It looks great. I really like the unevenness of branches! What a great feature. Now get those ornaments out!

    We went to Canada this summer; Niagara Falls and Toronto. The weather was great! We were under a bit of a time crunch and didn’t get to see everything, and I’d like to get Montreal.

  21. Love your tree choice! , now plan your next trip to Beautiful British Columbia? You will see. lots of these fir trees everywhere.

  22. Love ! Love ! Love !

  23. Kathleen Lazarski says

    Truly beautiful. Well done. I guess it goes without saying that the lights are LED. Getting in the mood to get mine out of its box!

  24. That was a MOST enlightening post!! Your tree is spectacular…really, really looks great!! Job well done!! Now…enJOY! franki

  25. Quebec is wonderful! We’ve been to Canada several times and in different places but Quebec is my favorite. We took a cruise from Boston to Montreal which was wonderful. We taken a train from Toronto to Seattle and that was nice too. You’ll love every minute of a trip there.

  26. I love it too. Beautiful! My worst problem with our 3 year old tree is its SO heavy!!!! How did you manage with this?

  27. I love it too. Beautiful! My worst problem with our 3 year old tree is its SO heavy!!!! How did you manage with this?

  28. I bought the exact same tree about 2 weeks ago. Our 9 foot slim tree died last year and we decided to go a little smaller. I basically chose this one for the same reasons you gave and it looked great in the store. Can’t wait to put it up the day after Thanksgiving.

  29. Stunning! I love your beautiful tree and the price is fantastic! Job well done, now sit back and enjoy it with a nice warm beverage and a candle burning. ; )

  30. Amazing tree Susan. I see they are LED lights.. I love how many lights it has.. can you tell me if they are “warm” looking? I’ve seen LEDs that are blueish, and thats not what I’m looking for. In the pictures, they look warm, not cold and blue… You’ve peaked my interest, off to Home Depot tomorrow. Last year out “prelit tree” decided it would rebel… Thanks so much for sharing!

    • They don’t look bluish at all. Ugh, I would have hated that. I didn’t even know that was a problem with trees, that’s good to know! I noticed tonight when I was looking at the photos I took inside the store, at the very bottom of the tag that hangs on the tree, it says, “Warm White Lights.” Now I understand why they put that on the tag.

  31. Yahoo, Susan!! You couldn’t have made a better choice! I’m happy to read that the LED lights are warm. I think that is the wave of the future in lighting and I’m not really a fan, but it looks like they are greatly improved now. I’m glad because I don’t think our “permanent” tree will last past this year, and we’ll be on the same hunt as you next year. I say “permanent” because when we went to a pricey nursery to get our first tree and asked where the “artificial trees” were, this saleslady who looked liked she worked in a high end department store, looked at me and said, “We don’t have artificial trees here, but we do have PERMANENT trees here!” I’ve never made the same misnomer again!! Absolutely can’t wait to see your tree all decorated!!

  32. Good for you!!! Job well done!! What a gorgeous tree, and I love that it has a ton of lights!!! Great price too, you deserve this after all you’ve been through…..and, my goodness, aren’t you exhausted by now???

    Can’t wait to see it all dressed up…..Cleo

  33. It is a beautiful tree! Way too big for my place, but perfect in your room.

  34. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches…So happy for you that you found such a beauty and at such a great price! Ha ha to Balsam Fir. Lol. Susan, excited to hear that you want to go to Canada! I can see it, (Ontario, Canada) from our downtown area, we share the International Blue Water Bridge. You will love Toronto, great places to see. We saw the Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages theater- it was wonderful. Let me know if you go through Ontario and we could do lunch!

  35. Great choice and good price. It is very life like. I hope you love it for many years to come

  36. Oh Susan!
    It’s gorgeous!! You know, it’s looks 12ft tall it’s so fluffy and the lights…you did great!

    I have a Balsam which I purchased last year and totally agree with you. The branches are sparse and sure not fluffy. Now my King of Christmas Prince flocked tree is beautiful but it came with bottom broken branches. They told me to keep it instead of sending back with a full credit. 2016, tge year of misfit trees.

    I went out and purchased a flocked Pencil tree at Michaels 2 weeks ago for the entry and just LOVE it!!

    Looking forward seeing ur new baby all decked out

  37. One thing I know…..if you find it perfect than it will be perfect! Happy for you!

  38. i loved visiting your place my friend!
    i can feel the thrill of coming Christmas through your wonderful post.
    glad you found your beautiful tree ,with splending lights .
    best wishes for you and family dear!

  39. What a beauty Susan, I can’t believe how full it is with all the lights for the price! If I was in the market for another tree you would have me dashing out to Home Depot. Happy decorating to you!

  40. Susan, that is one gorgeous tree! We already have one that is still hanging in there that I love but will keep this in mind when we get ready for a new one. Can”t wait to see it decorated…….

  41. Barbara Zuleski says

    Wow, Simply Perfect! What a fantastic tree so happy you found some thing that will make your Christmas Merry and Bright… What fun you will have decorating it…. When will your start decking the halls?

  42. Did Balsam Hill ever contact you? I was aways led to believe they were the best! I ordered some garland from them last year. It was pretty but not as full as it looked in the picture. For the amount they charge they need to up their quality.

  43. That is a gorgeous tree. Just a tad too tall and wide at base for me, but I really like it. Like you, I prefer the realistic-looking branches, the many lights, and the fact that they’re deep in the tree. Smart choice! Just curious…are the pieces heavy? The specs don’t say what the weight is. My tree I let go 2 yrs ago was weighty in its sections, but was much like yours (but only 6′).

  44. Thanks for sharing both your “failure” and success in finding a tree, it’s a fairly big investment and something likely to have for a long time. For the last three yeas I’ve been eyeing 7 1/2 foot pencil or slim trees to replace one I have next to the grand piano in my living room. It’s the tree all the breakable, fragile and vintage ornaments go on. My family room tree is always a fresh one – my adult sons insist on it! It holds their handmade ornaments, and other less fragile ones. Boy I hope the tree u found comes in a slim version! I’m on the hunt. I was thinking of one from Gardin Road or Frontgate, but now I’m nervous after your experience

  45. Absolutely gorgeous. I know it will be stunning when you decorate it. I am looking forward to seeing it.

  46. Wow! You did great! Clark Griswold would be proud!!!

  47. I’m new to your blog..and I so enjoy reading your posts!! Your tree is stunning…and love Canadian fir (real or faux). But I’m Canadian…born & raise on the east coast of Canada…so might be a bit biased. lol! And visiting should definitely be on your bucket list!

  48. Susan, this is a beautiful tree and reasonably priced! We took a train over western Canada through the Rockies….Lake Louise, Banff, etc. One of the best trips ever!

  49. Great post and GORGEOUS tree ! So glad you found one you love ! We just moved from our house to an apartment…still have over 9 foot ceilings and going to use our 10 year old tree one more time until we see how it looks and what kind we need…but it is NOT realistic looking and this one is tempting me to get one now. Have fun decorating and thank you for all your great posts!

  50. Susan, I have been following your dilemma with your tree with amusement but also feeling your frustration. Congratulations on finding a beautiful tree. I had to go on a hunt this year and expected it to be long and arduous because I too love a real looking tree..not too perfect. My first stop was Home Depot..only one left in the store. Not exactly like yours but has many of the same qualities. Love your blog!

  51. Thank you!! I’m selfish and waited for you to do all the work!! You are the best. Just ordered mine online with free shipping. Nearest HD is 60 miles. Really, really wanted the bigger one. I am remodeling an older home that has 10′ ceilings so it could have took it but budget wouldn’t!! Next year! The more trees, the merrier!

  52. Trisha Belle says

    This tree is amazing!!! I would be so tempted to send a picture to the previous company and pull a Pretty Woman moment!!!!!! I love your post and I would love to have your talent. I so admire someone that takes such pride in their house to make it a HOME!!! Well done gal.

  53. Now THIS tree I would love to have too!
    Boy was that Balsam Hill tree a shockeroo after all the hype!

  54. Hi and Thank You for the research! Our ‘permanent’ tree is dying! 2 years ago I cut out all the lights and replaced them with new ones and it was a PAIN – literally! It still doesn’t look right and has ‘holes’ (missing branches) which I camouflage with my bigger ornaments – time for a new one! This tree looks terrifically full and natural as you said. ON the HD web site, pictures of the 9′ tree looks skinnier than the 7.5′ tree – yours looks so full and hearty – was there a 9′ example on display and did it look to have the same fullness? The only drawback I could see w/o seeing the tree in person is that replacement bulbs are not available in stores, you have to buy them from GE (the tree does come w/a few replacements it said). BTW – the HD website has a lot of questions posted with good answers for those who need more info… thanks again for the trial and error research – I really appreciate it!

    • Leslie, I noticed that, too–but I’m thinking that it may be the same size, but just looks skinnier in the photo because it’s taller. But I’m not positive. The reason I was thinking it might be the same size is because the instructions that came with my tree, also showed how to assemble the 9 foot tree, and it appeared that the only difference was there’s another section that fits in between the levels/sections. Here’s a photo of that in the instructions…see what I mean.

      Tree Assembly Info. Canadian Tree from Home Depot

      • Good to know and thanks again! I am loving this on-line Christmas Tree self-help forum you’ve created! 🙂 I’ll be in civilization T’giving weekend ( I live 1 1/4 hrs from a HD) so I’m dragging my husband over to check out the trees and getting ours up and decorated this weekend ~ can’t wait! I love this time of year and I’m always so bummed that all the planning and putting together has to come down so quickly! Last year we left our tree up until almost the end of January – we love the effect of the white lights at night!

  55. Marlene Stephenson says

    Wow, who would have thought to find this quality of tree but, it does look real and is a beauty.

  56. So glad you were able to find the “perfect tree” at such a great price. The tree I got at Lowe’s is just about the same and we love it! This year will be the third year and keeping my fingers crossed that when it is up it will be as perfect as the first year. Fingers crossed. Once you get the ornaments on your tree it will become very special. Happy decorating!!!!

  57. Very beautiful tree at a reasonable price. Love it!

  58. Juanita in OH says

    Your tree takes my breath away, it is so awesome! You know how it is said, “every thing happens for a reason”, I believe it was for you to find this amazing beauty and share it with others. This is reasonably priced and more obtainable by so many. Thanks for sharing and for another special gift. I forgot to mention how phenomenal the remote control you discovered is, I’ll have to jump on that right away. Again TFS.

  59. A beautiful tree! Doesn’t it put a jingle your step when you find the perfect item at this time of the year?

  60. Debbie Holman says

    I found this to be very funny and thought I’d share… I saw the 12 days of Christmas plates and thought shoot! I love these but I LOVE my plates from last year and bought a bunch at that time. Then I thought I can’t wait to see what Susan does with these plates! Lo and behold, you did the post today.
    At Home Depot, I saw that tree and thought I bet this was what you are looking for because if I used an artificial tree, this would be the one! Great minds think alike or probably, you’re just rubbing off on me!

  61. Susan, now we’re talking. It’s beautiful and can’t wait to see it decorated. But it’s so beautiful it doesn’t need any decorations.

  62. Rhonda Storey says

    Wow Susan! I LOVE that tree!! My Bethlehem Lights Christmas tree (7.5’), has the same instant-on technology, and I really like that too. My hubby REALLY likes it! Lol! Your tree is one of the prettiest trees I have seen, and I can’t get over 1,000 lights!!!! Can’t wait to see it all decorated!

  63. I use a real tree here in the Pacific Northwest,( You know the smell etc) but this tree you bought is beautiful. I didn’t like the one you had and returned either and was glad you featured it. Now I will go look into this tree because it is so realistic and pretty. Thanks Susan!

    • I love real trees and had one forever until about 10-12 years ago, when I finally decided to go with an artificial tree. If I had “staff” lol to help me, I would have one real tree in my living room (and staff to keep it watered! 🙂 ) and an artificial tree in every room of my home.

      I do love the smell, but I definitely don’t miss the expense of buying a tree every year, the task of getting it home and into the stand, worrying about keeping it watered, worrying about not getting water on the hardwood flooring/carpet, worrying about it drying out and catching fire (a friend of mine’s home burned down when their tree caught fire) and worrying about how I’m going to get it to the recycle station after Christmas since the garbage collectors here do not pick up Christmas trees.

      Erika, one thing I like to do that helps get that awesome tree smell is I take a couple of large garbage bags to either Home Depot or the church near me that sells Christmas trees, and I ask for their clippings…the part they cut off before putting the tree on their customers vehicle. They would normally just dispose of it or burn it. The church guys love it because it’s less for them to have to burn/get rid of. I use that to decorate my mantel so I get all that great smell that we love so much. And it lasts for quite a while…like 2-3 weeks before it goes away.

  64. I went to look at this tree at our local Home Depot. Very realistic from a distance but not so much when you are near it. The branches are molded plastic and it looks like a “rubber” tree. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway pretty from across the room. Love your blog!

    • Thanks, Mary! Really, you didn’t think so? Sorry you didn’t like it. I really love mine, just finished decorating it this evening. For me, it definitely looks very realistic up close. When I first put it up, I couldn’t get over how real it looked, even sitting in the wingback chair right beside it. In the store, it had a odd lime-green cast at some angles, but I decided that was probably the fluorescent lighting over head since it only appeared that way at certain angles. Once I put it up in my living room, the color is perfect so that was the lighting in the store that gave it the odd color, I think.
      What really surprised me when I was out shopping for a tree, was how unrealistic some of the trees looked in a specialty Christmas store I went in that sold nothing but Christmas trees…and the prices were 3 times as much.

  65. Not to worry. The tree does look very realistic. I’m just having trouble getting my mind around an all plastic tree. I know the poly trees didn’t look like a real tree but the good ones reminded me of the old feather trees. I’m just very picky. My working life was spent as a retail manager. For several of those years I was the home manager for Dillards. I began setup for Trim A Home in the stockroom in Sept. We would work for weeks setting up and fluffing the trees, and stringing 1200-2500 lights on them depending on their size. When we brought them to the floor we decorated them with heirloom quality ornaments from around the world. They were the most gorgeous trees! Of course those days are long gone. I, like you, decorate for the holidays. People that visit often ask me where I got such beautiful decorations. They were a labor of love for many years. I’m sure in time I will embrace the new trees as they are very realistic looking. I love your blog. I often read part of a post to my husband and he laughs and says there is someone just like you…..who loves her house.

  66. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Beautiful ending to your tree search. My husband is insisting on ‘real’ but I may take him shopping and take a look at this one!

  67. The tree is on sale today at HD for $279.20.

    • We just bought it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Very thick and natural-looking.

      Thank you, Susan, for telling us about it.

      • So glad you like, Anne…I love mine, too. I’m super tempted to buy the same tree in the 9 ft size for my bedroom. I don’t think I’ll find another one that I like near as well.

  68. Just purchased this tree and the lights do not work. Not a happy camper. The tree is gorgeous. So, Home Depot is holding the last one for me to pick up tomorrow.

    • They have them available online, too. Glad your local store still has one. You may want to double check to make sure it’s not the outlet that’s not working, just in case.

      • Susan,

        We just bought the same tree and put it up tonight. It is beautiful and looks so realistic. The only issue I have is that I have a lighted star I put on the top but there is no plug at the top of the tree for a star or angel :/. Unless I am not seeing it.

        • Yeah, I remember reading somewhere in the FAQ’s that you can’t add a lit topper because of the way all the sections connect, the way the lighting is done. I don’t think you can add a lit topper to any of the trees that have that type of connection where the pole/sections slide into each other with only one plug coming out to be plugged into an outlet. I don’t really mind though, because the tree itself is so beautiful.

          • I really love the trees where all the wiring is in the pole and there’s only one plug. I bought one this year from Lowe’s, the slim Montana Spruce in 7.5 ft, and love it. It came with a separate wire near the top for an illuminated topper, which I’m not using because the tree is actually a few inches too tall for my 7’2″ ceilings. Instead, I’ve bent the top branch down and used a ribbon topper to disguise that. My tree has LED lighting in the form of “micro-dots,” which are just about invisible when the lights aren’t on. I hope the electrical features keep working, because I LOVE this tree.

  69. I bought this same one in 9 ft, 1,150 lights. It is indeed absolutely gorgeous! The only thing I don’t like about it is that the lights are not blinking!!!! Do you know if there are ways to make the lights blinking? Thanks

    • Yeah, these lights aren’t the blinking kind. You would have to buy a tree with that specific feature. You may be able to add them, but check the FAQ in the info that came with the tree. Seems like there are certain lights they recommend not adding to the tree.

  70. I bought this tree at Home Depot based on your great review and it was on sale for $80.00 off the original price on Black Friday. Thank you so much. I absolutely love it.

  71. That is a beautiful tree! I can’t believe the price for it either. Glad you were successful with the hunt. You made a great choice.

  72. Sabrina Miller says

    Hello, I came across your page while searching for the tree we just bought, the GE Canadian Fresh Cut. While we love the tree, as it looks very realistic, but the lights are a little overwhelming for us. We have the 9′. We were searching to see if there was a way to dim them slightly or to buy the same tree with standard lights. I was ready to purchase a Balsam Hill tree tonight because we’ve searched high and low and are just ready to bite the bullet so we can get our tree up. I saw you had a bad experience with Balsam Hill. Can you please share your experience? We own a historic home in VA.
    Thanks so much for any insight you can provide!

    • Hi Sabrina, I love all the lights on the Canadian Fresh Cut, it does have a lot. I’m not aware of any way to dim them. You may want to call the customer service number in the info that came with the tree to see if that can be done. Maybe there’s a dimmer you can buy to plug it into, but I definitely would not do that without talking with their cust. serv. department first to make sure it won’t damage the lights.
      You can read about my experience with the BH tree I purchased in this post:
      I don’t think I’ll ever buy another tree that I can’t first see in person after my experience with the BH tree.

  73. Gorgeous tree, Susan! When we lived in SC and our children were growing up, we always went to a tree farm to cut our tree. When we moved to NC (the land of Christmas tree farms) we bought our first artificial pre-lit tree…go figure. That tree has already lasted 22 years; stayed up for the past 8 years. I like to say Jan > June ‘Tree still up, haven’t had time to take it down with it’s 500 ornaments.” July > Dec “Our tree is already up.” No idea what brand it is and we have had periodic problems with lights going out.

  74. Your tree is beautiful! I have been looking for a tree on-line all day long, that is all I have done today. I have a question about the tree you chose? How strong are the branches? Do you think they will accommodate some heavier ornaments here and there on the tree.
    I am looking for a 6.5′ tree, scaling down from a 7′ tree that I have and don’t want it any wider than 49″-50″ as mine is 56″ now. I will call GE to see if this tree comes any smaller. Thanks

  75. Diane Beasley says

    I tried to order your tree last year and it was sold out. I found the new version s couple of months ago and ordered it. I put it up today. I love it. With a two year old granddaughter I’m liking the multicolored option. Thank you for your great suggestion.

  76. I have 2 if these trees and absolutely love them. Now I want another and cant find them!

  77. Clifford R Benward says

    What replacement bulbs do I need to purchase for my 7.5 GE Canadian Just Cut Pre-iluminado Artificial Tree? There were no additional bulbs in the box as the instructions indicated there were suppose to be.

    • I don’t know, you may want to check with G.E. and see what they recommend. I’m surprised they didn’t write that on the instructions. I would call GE and ask them.

  78. Your tree looks amazing! I came across your blog because, I too have had problems with Balsam Hill. Thank you for this recommendation, I will definitely look into this tree. Happy holidays!

  79. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the Balsam Hill Trees. i just received 2 of them and every issue you described is evident on both of them.
    I am shocked at how poorly they are made. I read so many glowing reviews before I purchased them.

    • I know, same here. I was shocked how poorly it was designed–found it impossible to spread out the branches to fill out the tree due to how the lighting was strung.

  80. Davina Pennington says

    I wish I had read your review about the BH tree before I bought mine last year. I wasn’t totally thrilled with everything, but it was so easy to set up with 3 sections and one plug. I loved not dealing with the light hassle – until this year! UGH – major sections of the lights went out after my tree was all up and decorated. Now that I’ve put my Christmas stuff away (earlier than normal because the tree looked so bad), I’ve been replacing lead bulbs and fuses trying to get it to work. Some of the lights came back on but major sections just wont. I’m hoping they’ll refund me. Please let me know how this one has held up. Thank you.

    • Sorry about your tree, Davina. I know how frustrating that can be. Mine has held up fine but unfortunately, it’s no longer available. They only showed it available on the Home Depot website for a couple of years. Most of the trees you find available in Lowes and Home Depot now all have the one plug technology that you’re talking about, so you don’t have to buy BH to get that. I would wait until next year and start looking right after Halloween has passed. Trees seem to sell out faster and faster every year, so I would start looking in early November or as soon as they start appearing in the stores.

  81. Sherene Joseph says

    Where exactly does one buy this tree? Cannot find them on Home Depot or Amazon.

  82. I’m not really expecting a response, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here. I’m off-season, bargain shopping for a new tree and was leaning towards a BH. Now I know better. I string my own lights, I’m very picky about them, so that wouldn’t have been an issue for me like yours was. The issue for me is BH not posting your negative review. All manufacturers get them, it’s unavoidable. I as a potential customer expect to see some bad reviews and, yes, some may prevent me from making a purchase but not all, some just prevent me from being disappointed in a purchase. So hiding them and not taking the criticism constructively is bad form on their part, and a mistake. One that has cost them my business.

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