Get Ready for Holiday Entertaining & Dining, Everything Is On Sale!

Yesterday I ran a quick errand and while I was out, I stopped by Williams-Sonoma to see what was new for the holiday season. Oh my gosh, if you are in need of Autumn, Thanksgiving or Christmas dishware, they have some of the cutest patterns in that I’ve seen in a long time!

I went online to see if I could find any good coupons and I noticed they are having a 20% off any item sale along with free shipping when you use the code UPICK. It looks like this is the last day of the sale so that’s why I’m posting this today.

I also noticed a lot of the holiday dishware is currently on sale already. So I guess you get the 20% off in addition to the sale! I just hope the eBay sellers aren’t buying it all up now that it’s on sale. That seems to happen with the popular holiday items each year. They vanish from the stores only to reappear for double or triple the original price on eBay.

Plymouth Pumpkin China for Thanksgiving and Fall at Williams Sonoma


Loved this fall pumpkin dishware! This would be cute for a Halloween or Thanksgiving table setting.

Williams Sonoma Fall Bontanical Dishware China


It’s already on sale, 30% off and is available here: Botanical Pumpkin Dishware

Fall Sale, Williams Sonoma


Sets such a beautiful table! What a gorgeous table for fall!

Pumpkin Thanksgiving China Dishware


Fell hard for this darling Christmas pattern of Santa flying through the air on Christmas Eve.

Christmas China


Here’s the way they used it in a table at my local Williams-Sonoma.

Twas the Night Before Christmas Dishware, Williams Sonoma


So cute!

Christmas Dishes With Santa and his Sleigh


It’s offered with a variety of plates. I love this pattern so much! It’s available here: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas china

I was seriously drooling over the red stemware they used in that setting. It would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day, too. I’ve always loved this style glassware with the beautiful design etched into the glass. It’s available here: Etched Glassware for Christmas

Red Stemware for Christmas and Valentine's Day


I picked these up several times while shopping. Anything with deer on them always gets me! They are a nice salad or dessert size. They would work well for appetizer plates for a party, too. They are available here: Holiday Plates

Snowy Christmas Dishware with Deer


It looks like they come in several patterns.  Here’s the link for the Santa plates: Santa Plates and the link for the darling red house with Santa flying overhead: Red House

Vintage Holiday Dishware, Williams Sonoma


They had a really sweet table set for children using non-breakable dishware.

Children's Christmas Dishware


I loved the Santa flatware holders. They have a pocket on the back to hold the flatware. These are the cutest flatware holders I’ve seen. I like them even more than the stocking ones that Pottery Barn had in years past. I couldn’t find them online…guess they aren’t available online, yet. Update: Found these cute flatware holders at PB Kids here: Santa Utensil Holder

Santa Flatware Holder


As I was about to leave the store, I spotted this table.

Turkey Dishware for Thanksgiving from Williams Sonoma


It was set with this adorable dishware, again perfect for Autumn, Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving China, Plymouth Pumpkin, Williams Sonoma


The platters in this pattern were gorgeous!

Thanksgiving Plymouth Pumpkin Plates, Williams Sonoma


It also came with a fat Mr. Turkey. lol I love this!

Thanksgiving China, Plymouth Turkey, Williams Sonoma


I noticed they also have the turkey plates in a more colorful version and all of this pattern is on sale! So I guess you get the sale price, plus 20% a set of plates and free shipping. I love the colors! You’ll find all these here: Plymouth Turkey

Turkey Plates


I also love this Heritage Turkey dinnerware from Pottery Barn. Did you know Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn are owned by the same company? The Heritage Turkey pattern is available here: Heritage Turkey

Heritage Turkey Dishware from Pottery Barn


While in Williams-Sonoma, I saw these heavy, iron cookbook holders and was thinking what a great Christmas gift they would make.

Cookbook Stand


It comes in white too. They are available here: Cookbook Holder

Cookbook Stand Gift for Christmas or Bridal Gift


If you love the tartan dishware you’ve seen me use so often in Christmas tablescapes, they have brought it back! (Tablescape can be viewed here: A Cozy Woodland Setting)

Christmas Tablescape with Plaid Dinner Plates and Deer Salad Plates


I love tartan for Christmas or really any time during the winter season. (See this tablescape here: Dashing Through The Snow)

Christmas Table Scape Table Setting with Sleigh Place Cards


It must have been a big seller last year since they brought it back. They don’t often do that. I have 8 place settings but I think I’ll add another 4 place settings to my collection this year. (See this tablescape here: Christmas Table Setting with Tartan Plates and Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Christmas Table Setting


You’ll find it available here: Tartan Dishware The tartan salad plates are available here: Tartan Salad Plates

Tartan Dishware from Williams Sonoma


Just found this photo at the WS site…look how cute the tartan is combined with the deer plates ! Love it!

Holiday Dishware


Also, they now have the tartan pattern available in chargers! I’m ordering some of those for this year. The tartan chargers are available here: Tartan Chargers

Pottery Barn Red Tartan Chargers


Happy Holidays! The holiday season is upon us and I’m loving it! I’m off to decorate my front door for the Trick or Treaters who will be calling soon!

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  1. OH!!..or Ho, ho,ho!! SO many pretties!! Luv the tartan!! We made that “Christmas tree” napkin last year using one solid napkin and one plaid. It makes the “sweetest” tree!! franki

  2. The Plymouth Turkey dinnerware looks like it would be comparable to the Spode Woodland pattern making the WS dinnerware a great “look for less”. Thanks for this post it was fun looking at all the holiday themed things. I want them all hehe!

  3. Just a quick note to thank you for letting me know about this fantastic sale. As we were returning home last night from my mother’s 90th bday party, our arms laden with the left-overs, my wrought iron cookbook holder collapsed with a bang for the MILLIONTH time. I don’t think this holder will do that, EVER. And free shipping, too?! I am a happy old lady this Sunday afternoon, thanks to you. <3

    • Alicia, so glad this post came at a good time for you. I am very tempted to order one of those for myself. They were good and heavy so I don’t think it will budge.

  4. I enjoyed your post so much, it’s truly tempting me to make an online order. I wish so much I had a WS close to me. My last walk through in one of the Atlanta WS’s was in July. I am now having withdrawal. Loved, loved, loved your post.

  5. ALL so pretty. Thanks for giving us the tour, but glad I don’t have room for any more dishes, or I’d be sooo tempted.

  6. Those. copper. chargers. but at $70 each and knowing they will tarnish dare I?

  7. Susan, those plates with the deer in the snowy scene are adorable. I’m tempted seeing how cute they look with the tartan, but it’s crazy for me to bring more holiday dishes home when I gave so many away last spring in the big purge. They are perfect with the tartan plates though.
    Have you seen the new Juliska Forest pattern? I’m crazy about it, but again, how many fall dishes can one possibly use?
    Thanks for sharing this post. It has me thinking holidays! ‘-)

  8. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Ohh … some very gorgeous dishes there! Thanks for sharing. I was thinking how pretty that Twas the Night Before Christmas dinnerware would look with your Tartan table cloths (well, bed skirt, lol) Thanks for the heads up. Now, should you be resting? πŸ˜‰

  9. I love the tartan for the holidays and have the dinner plates – bought from Pottery Barn some years ago. I like to pair them with some nicely sized salad Christmas Garland plates I bought many years ago from Fitz & Floyd and had been also wanting the Williams – Sonoma Botanical Christmas Wreath, (which WS had discontinued) shown in their photo with the tartan dinner plate and finally found them on eBay at a very reasonalbe price…Received them just a few days ago after having to find an in-between recipient, as the seller didn’t ship to Hawai’i…A friend in California said she would be glad to receive and ship to me… They are gorgeous and can’t wait to use them!

  10. I have so much holiday dinnerware that I absolutely am not allowed to purchase any more, BUT did you know that Williams-Sonoma has charger plates in the red plaid pattern this year? I couldn’t resist those as I think they will look so cute as a base for other patterns I have like Briard Hunt and Royal Doulton Holiday Ribbon. W-S also has plain red charger plates on offer.

    • Oh my gosh, Chloe…I hadn’t realized that! I just ordered 8, thanks for mentioning it! I’ve been wanting some plaid/tartan chargers for years! You’re so right…they should go with lots of different patterns. They will look great underneath all the Better Homes and Garden patterns I’ve collected the last few years, as well as my Lenox Holiday. I love your Briard Hunt and Royal Douton Holiday Ribbon. They will be fabulous under those patterns!

      • Susan, I can’t wait to see the tablescapes you will design using the plaid chargers! I think they will add a new dimension to the BH&G patterns and to Lenox Holiday…one of my long-time favorites.

  11. Oh Susan! So many choices and not enough of space for them. Thanks for sharing your store tour, all the table settings are beautiful!

  12. Susan, I have those botannical pumpkin salad plates that I purchased from W-S about 3 years ago. I love them! I use them with white dishes, gold, and the persimmon color from Pottery Barn. Sometimes I use them as my appetizer plates when my supper club comes to visit. I’m with you on eBay sellers. I see the plates from HomeGoods that sell 4/$7.99 selling on eBay for $50 or more. I do get free enterprise, but I hate to miss out on my bargains for people swooping in and clearing the store out for resale. Sigh.
    I was so excited to see the 20% off till I got to the W-S site and saw it was only 20% of one item. Of course, I NEVER just buy one item. LOL! A deal is a deal, though. I think the Night Before Christmas salad plates may be what floats my boat today. My boat needs to take on water, I’ll tell you!
    Susan, I’m impressed that you were able to go shopping yesterday after just returning from Italy and dealing with all that water in your laundry room! Just call you Wonder Woman! =)

    • lol I had to return a pair of pants I purchased at Talbots (last minute shopping for the Italy trip) and WS is in the same shopping center. It was calling my name saying, “Susssssaaaan, Come see all the new pretties we have in for the holidays.” I could hear it plain as day! πŸ˜‰
      Yeah, if you have to buy each individual plate like I had to do with the chargers today, it’s not as good a deal. But if you’re buying something that comes in a set…like a set of 4 salad plates, then it’s a good deal. I’m afraid to not buy the tartan chargers right now though because I bet those will sell out since they are new this year. I’ve been looking for plaid chargers forever so can’t miss out on those!
      Yep, I hate it when I see that business on eBay. Somehow the eBay sellers know what items are going to be big hits. I think they buy them early on and just sit on them waiting for them to sell out, then offer them at hugely inflated prices on eBay. I’ve kicked myself a time or two for not buying something when I first saw it at WS or PB, like the huge turkey they had one year. I passed it up, even after it went on sale. Then I decided I wanted it, and it was too late. An ebay seller was selling it for triple the price online. I waited and was shocked that WS brought Mr. Turkey back again the next year. You never know if they will do that, though. I bought it the second year and didn’t even wait to see if it would go on sale. It sold out again so I was glad I didn’t wait. It’s one of my favorite pieces to decorate and use in a table for Thanksgiving.

    • Martha, I should add, I don’t have anything against eBay sellers, I’ve sold things I no longer wanted on there myself. But it does bother me when they buy up stuff greatly depleting the supplies in the stores and then offer it at triple the price on eBay when the stores no longer have any left. I remember the great Lilly Pulitzer/Target debacle:

      • Susan, I totally understand! We used to sell on eBay, too, till the fees got steep and it became much more seller-unfriendly. However, I still enjoy buying there. It used to be that it was a bargain place to shop, but like you, I see dishware from all my stores for at least 3X the price. And if the items came from HomeGoods, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, etc., the markup is sometimes as much as 6X. Too much! I, too, purchased the W-S tartan chargers this weekend, along with salad plates in the “Twas the Night Before Christmas” pattern. I could set tables for every house on my cove! I told my husband we need to build another garage and split ours down the middle – one side for a dish storage room for me and the other as a place to store our seasonal bins that currently reside in the attic. We’re getting a little old to drag all that down. Hmmm……wonder how much that would all cost? =)

        • Jane Franks says

          Boy, I know what you mean, Martha, about dragging down all the seasonal bins from the attic. I wonder, too, how long I’ll be doing this!! My husband was injured a few years ago, and can no longer go to the attic. So far, so good!! The extra storage room on level ground sounds like a great idea!

  13. I fell in love with the Tartan dishes but they were a bit out of my price range, soooo I went to Michaels, picked up some chargers (on sale), then to Joannes where I found the perfect Tartan plaid (also on sale). I then decoupaged the fabric to the chargers! Also made napkins and a runner out of the plaid. All for less than one plate!

  14. Jane Franks says

    Susan, I just love everything you show us! It’s like window shopping without leaving my office!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. One of the best blogs i know!!

  15. Susan, I totally understand. We used to sell on eBay, too, till the fees got so steep and it became seller-unfriendly. I still buy there and enjoy it. I just have problems with people swooping in and taking things away from some who very much need those bargains financially. I just enjoy the good prices and as much dishware as I buy, I need some breaks! Ha! Speaking of those stores, I need to visit HomeGoods and Marshalls soon. Maybe I should wait till we get paid next. =)

  16. Susan, those plaid chargers were made for you!!!

  17. Linda Page says

    That deer Christmas plate is so darling. I am a sucker for deer, too!!! There are so many beautiful holiday dishes that it would be very hard to just choose one pattern! Maybe we all should get several patterns and start serving our meals in courses and on different patterned china like you had in Italy! Ok, now how much would it cost to add on a butler’s pantry to hold all of my dishes!?!?!?

  18. It is so wonderful of you to take us on these virtual shopping trips! I love browsing through all the items you’ve highlighted in the store and hearing about the sales. So much to drool over for sure! Thanks for all your efforts!

  19. I drool in Williams Sonoma too! …a new Pottery barn is coming to Lexington Ky according to chatter. And I am so excited! Need to start saving my pennies now. ha. West Elm is also in the WS, & Pottery Barn group. Go to Pottery Barn website and usually there is a list across the header with all of the sister businesses. Sheila

  20. I need a bigger house!! I’m going to check out some of these links. I have so much now, but can’t resist new ideas!

  21. In your picture of the Santa flatware holders there are some red and green Thanksgiving plates with “Thankful for family” at the top. You indicate it is a kids table with non breakable dishes. I’ve searched the site for these but can not locate. Do you remember where you found them at? I’d love to find these for the children’s table this year. The theme for my Thanksgiving this year is “We are thankful for you”. Loved this post. I want several of everything! Thanks.

    • Virginia, I couldn’t find it on their website either so I called my local store where I had seen it and he said that this line is actually from their Pottery Barn Kids store. They had an associate come over and create that in their store just to show what’s available for children for the holidays. Cool idea! I looked on the PB Kids site and found it all here:
      It makes me wish I had little children again. I need to move closer to my grandson! πŸ™‚

  22. My daughter is getting (at her request) some sets of the Plymouth Pumpkin plates for a Christmas present. It is going to be hard to give them up! China pattern addiction is hereditary!

  23. I love, love, love this stuff….all of it. I have been collecting transferware dishes and in 2001 my husband bought me the entire set of WS Green Kent dishes….made by Wedgewood and made in England. I am sad the potteries in England have gone by the wayside and goods are now being made in China. They feel different to me. Not as smooth. Alas, the good stuff is really going high on ebay

    I will deck my table with a few turkey plates my daughters gifted me with a few years back and truly appreciate what I have. Such artistry! I do like that Santa in the Sleigh but love that Christmas tree!

    • Mardell, I am too! When I read about Spode closing their doors, that made me sad. And I think Waterford is being made in China or somewhere else now.

  24. Susan and company, don’t get discouraged if you see something you like and it’s not available in that store or online. Ask them to see if another store in the region, district or all stores have them. We get calls every day for that. For instance the halloween witch plates are out online, but if you have them call another store you may be able to get them.

    And Susan now you have me changing up my idea with those Snowman plates I showed you. Instead of the deer I will use the snowman plates, because I would never have thought of using the black heritage plates mixed in. The red ones are on sale and I wanted to snag those because I could use them all winter through Valentines and possibly through St Patrick’s Day. You are going to make me put my paychecks right back into the store. LOL

  25. Thanks so much, Julie…those are adorable! Would be sooo cute in a safari-themed tablescape!

  26. Thank you, thank you Susan for this post…I think those turkey plates are gorgeous! Off to WS to wreak a bit of havoc on the old pocketbook….lol. πŸ™‚

  27. Hi, don’t know if you have a Cracker Barrel near you, but they have lovely “Woodland” style dishes too. They had beautiful red cardinal dishes, but I can’t find them for you. While looking for the cardinal dishes, I found these dishes that I thought you’d like. Here is the link.

    • They always have the cutest things in their gift store. I’ve even found cute outfits for my grandson in their. Thanks for the link, Sandy…I’ll have to stop in and see what goodies they have in for the holidays. I love shopping their candies for stocking fillers, especially their candy canes and candy sticks!

  28. Love the way you give us the idea to mix and match the place settings. It looks so inviting and less ridged to mix it up a bit. Thank you for your ideas! Beautiful red wine glasses. I will have to keep my eye out for those.

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