Going On Safari: 3 Beautiful Cottages

Do you ever have something on your mind, then everywhere you turn the universe conspires to surround you with it? As you know, I’ve had travel on my mind a lot this year. Recently, I was thinking again about amazing Giraffe Manor and how I’d love to visit it one day.

Giraffe Manor, The Safari Collection


While searching for some additional information, I came across this delightful video on YouTube where two friends visited the manor. While there, they videotaped many of their experiences with the giraffes and other animals who live on the property. (See the video here: A Visit to Giraffe Manor)

Giraffe at Giraffe Manor


Watching that video got me all fired up again, dreaming of one day visiting the manor and seeing the giraffes in person. I noticed underneath the video it mentioned their visit to Giraffe Manor was part of a safari they were on. It didn’t sound as if they stayed in the manor overnight, but may have just visited for the day.

Beautiful Giraffe Manor


I went to bed that night dreaming of “going on safari” and visiting Giraffe Manor. Today, as fate would have it, I came across four beautiful guest cottages for lease in California and ironically, one of the houses was decorated with beautiful African art and safari-animal pictures. Is the universe trying to tell me something here? 😉

This beautiful property is for lease. I’m not sure if it’s the whole property that’s for lease or just the four guest houses.

Cottages for Lease


I’m sharing a few pictures from three of the four guest cottages and I’ll link to the website at the end of this post so you can check them all out in more detail.

All the cottages have wonderful fireplaces. Love that large coffee table and fabulous rock fireplace.

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 12


The cottages are all cheerful and bright with lots of natural light streaming in. You can see another one of the cottages there in the distance.

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 06


The landscaping is absolutely gorgeous! I think I’d be happy living in the garden. 🙂

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 10


Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 14


White walls make a great background for all the wonderful art throughout the homes.

Dining Room in Guest House


Love this cozy seating area. I’m pretty sure this is where you’d find me most evenings.

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 11


Are you noticing all the wonderful art and photographs? I wonder if the owners took a safari and came back inspired to decorate the cottages with lots of art and decorative pieces reminiscent of their travels.

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 09


There’s something so calming and relaxing about a room decorated in shades of khaki, brown and green.

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 07


The bathroom is what I think of as rustic elegance.

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 03


Love all the light-filled rooms!

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 05


This cottage had a second living room.

Beautiful Home With African Safari Art & Decor 08


Cottage 2:

The next two cottages are much more colorful. This one was decorated with red accents and red linens.

Black 4-poster Bed for Guest Room


Black 4 Poster Bed


At first I thought this was the same bedroom, then I realized the quilt was different.

4 Poster Bed Painted Black


If staying in this cottage, you could shower here, or….

Beautiful Bath


…take a bath outdoors! Would  you be brave enough to bathe here? I might…in my bathing suit! 🙂

Outdoor Bathtube with Stone Fireplace


Cottage 3:

I love the beds in this cottage!  This bedroom is decorated in shades of green.

Green Bedroom


The star pendant is beautiful! I would love to see one of these star pendants lit up at night. The shadows it would create on the ceiling and walls must be so pretty! Have you ever seen one in the evening?

Green 4 Poster Bed


This bedroom is decorated in shades of blue and also has a fabulous star pendant. I’ve seen these pendants in several places including Pottery Barn here: Star Pendant

Blue 4-Poster Bed


Another beautiful bathroom with a view of the outdoors. The cottages really do bring the outside in with all their wonderful windows and French doors.

Shower With a View


I’ll leave you with a few images of the surrounding gardens.

Garden Oasis


Beautiful Pool and Gardens


There’s even a special place for moonlight dining.

Dining Outdoors



Dining Outdoor Under the Trees and Stars



Outdoor fireplace


See more of these wonderful cottages where these pictures were found, here: Malibu California Guest Cottages

Outdoor Entertaining Area


Tour Giraffe Manor here: Giraffe Manor

Breakfast Room Giraffe Manor

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  1. Oh Susan, yes! I do believe the universe is telling you something, but I think you know that ;). The heart speaks and the stars listen.

    The cottages are wonderful, as are the grounds, but what really set my heart ablaze were the pictures of the giraffes. My goodness, they are such beautiful, other worldly creatures, and have long been my favorite. Yes, I do believe a safari is in your future!!

    • They really are amazing creatures! I would love it! I was surprised that some of the tours didn’t look any more expensive than a trip to Europe.

  2. So much good stuff in one post: Awesome photos of giraffes, cottages with so much light and coziness, and gardens! You must go there, if only for your followers 😉

  3. Nancy of Lake Stevens says

    Ah Susan, I do believe you have been struck with wanderlust. And half the fun is in the wishing and planning. I am only going from WA to FL in Oct. to see the grandchildren (it’s been 2 years) but I am avidly following all of your travel hints and happily planning this trip. This is my Italy trip!

    Thanks for all the tips. They are really helpful.

  4. So pretty! I love the “cozy seating area”! And i would take a bath in that out door tub! And i’m a fluffy 64 yr old grandma! Dont stop having adventures! And bathing outdoors would be a lovely adventure!

    • lol I love your spirit of adventure, Sarita!

      • Thank you susan….i think i’m still 18….but my body reminds me otherwise! I’m not as mobile as i used to be but Love adventure when i do get out….i also have enjoyed your blog for few years…

  5. Linda Page says

    OMG, Susan…..the video is fantastic. I am so glad that you found it and shared. I want a giraffe for my backyard!!! I think a safari is right up your alley!!

    • lol I know…it’s gets better and better the longer you watch it. I loved it! It had me googling for the Safari company they used after I watched it. 🙂

    • Linda, did you notice how they don’t try to eat off the plates of the visitors but only ate from the plates with their food? I was amazed at that!

  6. All of those cottages are lovely! I like how they all have so much light shining in and how they all have wonderful views of the beautiful grounds.

  7. Susan, my husband and I did a luxury tented safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya and it was a highlight of our life! I HIGHLY recommend it. They are safe, and the animals were unbelievable. We were there for the wildebeest migration and it was UNBELIEVABLE…..something we didn’t even realize we would get in on. DEFINITELY GO!

  8. How would anyone not want to set a place setting for the giraffe.

    I love all of the cottages. Just to be in nature at peace would be relaxing.

  9. I say if you can afford it, go for it!

  10. Marlene Stephenson says

    Any of these cottages would be just great but,once there could you leave? I just think there would be wonderful memories to store away. So if you go let us know and we all will meet there next time. lol

  11. bobbi duncan says

    Can you believe those amazing animals..so big, yet so gentle. I have never been on a safari. I’ve been to wildlife preserves here in the us (kind of like a safari), but wouldn’t it be something to go on a real one. I feel there will be many adventures ahead for you, and I can’t wait to see all the photos.

  12. They are amazing animals, and I kept looking at their tongues in the video! I was expecting the tours to cost more. If you go, I can’t to hear all about it.

  13. Love this post! Beautiful!

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