Greenwich Home Built In The Style of A Grand European Manor Home

After touring actor/producer/director Ron Howard’s beautiful Greenwich estate a few days ago, I came across another home in Greenwich that was too amazing to not share. This home is located in an area of Greenwich known as Khakum Wood and it has the look and feel of a beautiful European manor home.

If you’re curious where Khakum Wood is, here’s a little map I found at the Greenwich Historical Society’s website where you can read all about the history of Greenwich dating back to 1640. Khakum Wood is directly under the N and the W on the map below.


This estate encompasses over 5 acres which is a tremendous amount of land for an estate in this area.

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


Such a beautiful entrance, really does feel like we’re entering a European estate, doesn’t it?

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


Let’s go in and take the tour!

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


The entry/foyer…are those hydrangeas? I bet that’s a stunning arrangement to view in person!

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate 13


Living room with a beautiful Venetian glass mirror…the interiors of this home are the work of  designer, David Easton.

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate 14


I love a paneled library…

Paneled Library in Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


Great kitchen! Now here’s something that really caught my eye…look at the refrigerator. I’m guessing that’s a Sub-Zero. I’ve always wished Sub-Zero would make a refrigerator with glass doors on both sides, not that I’d be able to afford one! But I always thought if I ever did have the funds to invest in one, I’d love glass doors on both sides like we see here.

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


This is the only style I’ve ever seen. (Photo from Sub-Zero site.) Did they start making them with glass doors on both sides? Anyone know?

Sub Zero


I bet the freezer is in the lower section. I just love the idea of being able to see in through the doors to the lovely pitchers of drinks, dishes, fruits, desserts, etc… inside. Anyone else love the sub-zero glass-door refrigerator/freezers?

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


I think this may be the breakfast room and look at that ceiling! Wish they had given us a better view of that wonderful conservatory/observatory ceiling. You can see it a bit better in the aerial photo of the estate.

You could get your full days dose of vitamin D while having breakfast each morning. Seriously! Wouldn’t this be the most wonderful way to start your day, dining in all this wonderful sunshine!

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


I’ve left out several rooms so this post isn’t a mile long but the dining room was so striking with it blue color scheme, I had to include it in our tour. Notice how the crown molding is either painted gold or maybe even covered in gold leaf…very striking against the blue isn’t it? The table definitely has a European feel with the painted chairs.

Elegant Blue Dining Room Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


An elegant bedroom…this bedroom looks as if it should have a mystery chair, doesn’t it? Long-time readers of BNOTP will remember that post where we puzzled over our mystery chair.  (You can read more about the mystery chair in this older post: The Mystery Chair)

Elegant Blue Bedroom with Upholstered Bed in Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


Beautiful bath! Does the tub remind you of another one we’ve seen. Hint: It was in a movie featuring a darling English cottage, a cottage we’ve toured here on the blog.

Luxury Bath, Khakum Woods 1929 Estate 06


Did you guess the one in this scene from the movie The Holiday?  Don’t they look a lot alike?  (Tour Rosehill Cottage, the English cottage in the movie, The Holiday in this post: The Holiday: Tour Rosehill Cottage )

Bathroom in Rosehill Cottage in  the movie, The Holiday_wm_wm


Love the view of the back of this grand estate! I wish they still put this many windows on the sides and backs of the homes being built today! Just beautiful!

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


Lovely spot from which to enjoy the gardens…

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


Lots of wonderful outdoor rooms for dining and entertaining.

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


But the gardens are my favorite!

Khakum Woods 1929 Estate


Did you have a favorite room? Anyone know if Sub-Zero makes a refrigerator with glass doors on both sides?

You can see more of this beautiful home where I found the pictures for this post HERE.

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  1. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!! And you’re right. It’s unusual for a house to have this much property in Greenwich. It’s so well maintained and pristine, with fabulous old world features.

    I don’t know if sub-zero makes a refrigerator with two glass doors, but I’m not sure I personally would like it. I would rather have a refrigerator that is paneled so it doesn’t look like a refrigerator. That’s just me and my ocd tendencies ;).

    • Oh, you’re so right Doreen! That’s my first choice too…love a hidden refrigerator! I guess if it can’t be hidden, I’ll take the glass doors. 🙂 I love it when all the appliances are hidden behind cabinetry!

  2. This house is gorgeous, but way too big (for me). Does that kitchen have a window anywhere? I would love a refrigerator like that. We could dine outside every night. 🙂

  3. Didn’t Kitty Barthomew have a fridge that was like a island that had glass on both sides. As you are going thru these books I think of the early cable tv people, Christopher Lowell, Lynette Jennings, Kitty Barthomew. Were they ahead of their time? I know I learned a lot from them.

    • I’m not sure. I miss her show, though! Wish HGTV would start some of those shows back up again…decorating shows and less real estate shows. Love the series they did with Sarah Richardson.

  4. Apparently SubZero does now make at least one model with glass doors on both sides. Have you toured the town house Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse recently built? She has a SubZero model with glass doors on both sides and it’s HUGE. Thanks for taking us on this tour. All the rooms are just wonderful, but the library is my favorite.

    • Ignore my previous comment about SubZeroes and glass doors. I know I’ve seen one but just can’t recall where. I thought it was at Anita’s town house, but it isn’t. 🙁

    • Jeannie, I need to take the tour of her home…I bet it’s wonderful! Umm, well if you remember where you saw it, let me know, I’ll check it out!

  5. The kitchen refrigerator looks like a commercial refrigerator only, and either made by True or Traulsen. Also, it does not look like a built-in and has small free standing legs. One like this would probably be in the $3,000 to $4,000 range.

    • Larry, thanks for the info about True and Traulsen. After I wrote that post, I started wondering if it was a commercial refrigerator. The glass looks like it comes down a lot lower on the door than on the Sub-Zero refrigerators, too. That price is almost doable. I spent around $2500 for the counter-depth one I have now since my kitchen is fairly small. That was around 12-13 years ago and only a couple of manufacturers were making counter-depth refrigerators so they were still expensive. They are a lot more affordable now. Thanks again for the info…will have to check out those other brands!

      • If Larry is right about that fridge then count me in! To replace my current two door Sub Zero would be getting close to $10,000. I thought commercial grade were more expensive.

  6. I tried to ‘reply’ to my above comment twice, but don’t see either of them. Please ignore my previous post on SubZeroes and glass doors. I know I’ve seen one somewhere, and thought it was in Anita’s town house, but I was mistaken.

  7. Linda Page says

    I love the blue and white bedroom. I have decided to make my bedroom in blue and white with just a touch of yellow. Love it!!! If I can’t live in your guest bedroom, I will just make my own right here!!! I don’t think I would like a fridge with glass doors. I would have to keep it way too neat all the time!!! I like kitchen cabinets with glass so the china shows through but not the fridge. I just got a new Samsung french door fridge with freezer on bottom and I am IN LOVE!!!! It is so much bigger than the old fridge and I just love all of the drawers and shelves and door shelving! This house is beyond gorgeous and definitely looks like it belongs in the English countryside. Thanks for sharing.

    • 🙂 Linda, your bedroom is going to be beautiful and I want to see pictures when you’re done. Your refrigerator sounds amazing…makes me wish mine would croak so I’d have a good excuse to buy a new one! 🙂 My ice maker has never worked properly from day 1. The repairman who came out about 6 months after I purchased the refrigerator told me the ice makers were horrible and poorly made in the model I have and he was right! He repaired it with new parts but it still constantly jams up with ice cubes that get stuck in the thing that’s supposed to push them out.

  8. I grew up in that very area and it is NOT unusual for houses in Greenwich to have that much land. Not sure where you are getting your statistics from.

    • I got that info from Sotheby’s. In the listing it says, “Extraordinary 1929 estate gracing a rare five plus acres in the private Khakum Wood Association in the heart of mid-country Greenwich.” You can read the listing here:

      • Hi Susan, I think what prompted Lisa’s statement is that in “backcountry” Greenwich (of which I would consider this area is a part even though Sotheby’s labeled it mid-country) four acre zoning is the norm. So most of the houses have quite large parcels of land. My bet is that 4 acres is the norm and FIVE acres is quite large (hence the Sotheby’s statement). But to someone familiar with the area, it wouldn’t feel much different at all (especially reading it).

  9. I think I would begin and end my summer days in the breakfast room, and just wander through the gardens with rest stops on the patio, in between meals 😉

  10. GORGEOUS!!

  11. Lovely home, too large for me!!! But, I do love the dining room!! As for the fridge, I prefer it to look like the cabinets, don’t want to have the insides in view all the time!!! Its work enough to keep the counters and open shelves neat!!! I do have the model with the freezer on the bottom and love it, what a great feature, will get one like this again.

    • I’ve never had one with the freezer on the bottom but I think that’s what I’ll get next time, too. I wonder if folks like the French Door style? I used to have a Kenmore for a gazillion years and it had the door inside the door. It was way ahead of its time…bought it back in like 1981. I loved that refrigerator. It was a beast…huge! But we used the door on front all the time to access stuff we regularly used.

  12. Way way waaaaay beyond wow.

    Incredible home, oh thank you so much for sharing this, Susan. To chance to dream!

  13. Robin Consani says

    The refrigerator is a Traulsen, very common for food service. You will notice the logo on the top left matches theirs.

  14. Hi…..the grounds are the doors too…hate to say it tho…I didn’t care for much of the inside..that kitchen isn’t very European to me…too many cabinets..guess I like the more simple looks in Europe..honestly…I like your kitchen better….

  15. I love the two postings you’ve done of the gorgeous Greenwich homes because they bring back happy memories of growing up in Greenwich. Not in a mansion, but in a nice colonial in a little Italian-American neighborhood that was originally settled many years ago by the stone masons and other talented immigrants who built the beautiful older homes and mansions. I haven’t been back to Greenwich in many years, so thanks for the tour and I enjoyed seeing the map as well.

  16. Another beautiful house Susan. It is more along the lines of French than British, especially the bedroom and bathroom. My own master bedroom is yellow with Blue Toile bed linens along with cream, love those combination of colours. I would not be able to get out of that bath!!!!
    The sunroom of that house is *splendiferous* and the gardens are so beautiful.

  17. What an absolute gem! That dining room wallpaper! The master bedroom. I’m ready to move RIGHT in.

  18. I too loved Sarah Richardson’s programs and have to agree about way too many real estate shows. I loved the way she mixed fabrics and loved her sidekick, Tommy!

  19. I can’t get over those pots of Angel Wing Begonias on either side of the front door. Stunning! My favorite room is that master bath. So beautiful. Thanks for a truly “drool worthy” post! Vikki in VA

  20. Ann PAULEY says

    Gorgeous and definitely over the top.
    Notice there is no shabby chic in that
    David Easton is one superb decorator.
    I always wondered how grace of Monaco’s
    French chalet was decorated. Any way
    Of finding out?

  21. Linda Page says

    Just doing a second look through. I always see things that I missed the first time. I like the little chair with the wood back in the library. I wish it was turned around. It looks unusual. I have always been leery of furniture, especially couches and large chairs, that have little thin legs on casters. They look like they would break if anyone over 100 pounds Sat in them. Oh, update….I got the Mary Engelbreit Home Sweet Home book in the mail today. It is definitely eye candy!!! I love it. Thanks for telling us about it.

  22. jane @ felsham hall says

    Hi Susan,

    What a place! You’d definitely have to have staff to keep it up! I love the French look of the exterior, but the colors and furnishings of the foyer and living room seem so drab and unwelcoming to me! Luckily, the dining room is full of color and inviting. My favorite areas are the conservatory, the library and the dining room. They all have so much character! And the grounds and gardens are exquisite.

    Like you, I believe I’d like to have a glass door refrigerator. My last refrigerator was a French Door style with the freezer on the bottom and I love that style. It was definitely the best I’ve ever had. When we sold that house we left it for the new owners and kept the fridge that was in our new house, but it’s a side by side and no match for the other. If you ever try that style, I feel sure you’d like it.

    Thanks for the tour!

    • Do you know if they make the French Door style with the freezer on the bottom in a counter depth size? I absolutely have to have counter depth for my kitchen, just too tight otherwise.

      • jane @ Felsham Hall says

        I honestly don’t know. Come to think of it, refrigerators have become so huge these days, I can’t even remember when I last saw a counter depth fridge. I thought they stopped making them altogether. I’m glad you asked that though because it makes me think there’s hope!

        • I’m pretty sure they are making them more than ever. When I bought mine, only two companies were making them: Kitchenaid and GE AND they were at least $1,000 more than all the other side by side refrigerators. I bought mine at Home Depot Expo during a sale and it still costs a fortune…that was in 2001. I’ve been seeing ads for them recently by other manufacturers so I’m pretty sure they have almost become a “normal” thing, are more readily available and I think the price has come way down as a result. I hope they never quit making them, my kitchen really works best with that size refrigerator.

  23. Denise Lamb says

    it might have been two of the same refrigerators put side
    by side and got one that opened to the left and one to the

    Not a fan of glass doors. I would have to clean and organize
    it all day long.

    I love my french door fridge with the two freezer drawers.

    I had a side by side and had to get rid of it as there wasn not
    enough room on the freezer side for a family of six.


    • lol I do that anyway…always tidying it up or wiping off a shelf. I remember my MIL asked me one day many years ago, how I kept my refrigerator so clean and organized. I just can’t stand to see it looking messy. Now other things around here like dusting get done when company is coming. lol But the fridge is always pretty neat, at least. I know what you mean about not enough room. My freezer is tiny in my side-by -side, too. It’s a counter depth and there definitely isn’t much freezer space. If a large family lived here, they would need probably want a separate freezer in the laundry room. So, the refrigerators with the freezer drawers hold a lot more? That’s good to know! I wonder if any of them are counter depth which is what my little kitchen has to have.

    • Denise Lamb says

      I do wipe things down each day, plus things get
      moved when my husband and daughter look for
      things. I try to keep like things together in
      plastic bins that I picked up at Bed Bath n Beyond.

      Just need to get a few more so my daughter can store
      all her favorite things in one spot.

      We do have a small freezer in the closet room in the attic.
      No garage, or basement in our Levitt homes here on Lonf
      Island. Even the laundry room is upstairs.

      Love your blog. Don’t get a chance to post a reply every day.


  24. Karen who blogs at “The Art of Doing Stuff” has an all glass fridge. It is all fridge you have to have a separate freezer. They don’t put all those windows in any more Susan because houses are so close together you become a voyeur to your neighbors. LOL

    • LOL That’s true about the windows! They really are close together these days. I was noticing some of the refrigerators online with glass on both sides didn’t appear to have a freezer. I guess folks are having freezer drawers installed in their islands now in some of the larger kitchens. Thanks Carla!

  25. ALL the windows were necessary for VENTILATION and LIGHT! In my part of the country, a home positioned to get the north-south breeze was/is desirable. With the invention of “central” heat and air, fewer windows began to be the mode, and it was a cheaper house to build(and people in general began being sicker, just sayin…) “Those old windows leak”, was a phrase I heard commonly in my childhood – the 50s – because so many people were living in homes built decades earlier. (American ingenuity: storm windows!) I recall my mother longing for a new home because we had so many windows to wash in our 2 story house. My grandmother was slightly concerned when as young marrieds in the mid ’70s, we bought a home facing east-west. She asked me how I was going to get fresh air on the beds everyday…is that the reason we all loved to go to Grandma’s, those wonderful smelling beds and linens? Crazy about her, and we all remember her comfy beds and smell of the linens. Perhaps a glimpse of heaven in that. Back to the future, now we all want lots of light and the window companies are doing well. We just put in new double-hungs so we can lower the top at night for that awesome fresh air. My fave day this fall will be that first night we can smell the crisp coolness.

    • I so agree, Kath. I can’t have the windows open in my home for two reasons: Sound of cars going down the street…I’m a light sleeper and I took all the screens off since I don’t like the look of them on my home. If I could live out away from cars/traffic, I’d leave the screens on the back of the house, at least in my bedroom, to enjoy the breezes without the bugs. What makes me sad is to see everyone in my neighborhood replacing their true divided light windows with new windows that have plastic snap-on dividers. I know it’s more energy efficient but I love the look of a true divided light window. I know you can still buy them that way and with insulated glass, but they are super expensive. So, since my utility bills are so low, I’m keeping my old windows…next homeowner can change them out if they so choose. I love that about the sheets, I’ve always heard sheets off the line that have been hanging in the sunshine are wonderful to sleep on. The homeowners associations would have a fit if we hung sheets on a clothes line these days!

      • I’m with you. The windows we replaced are on the back of our house, so the only screens I have are there. If they could just invent a screen that doesn’t “gray” the light, wouldn’t we all just be dancing??! In my old neighborhood, everyone had their clothesline behind the garages which of course were detached, since we had the windows open and didn’t want the car smell in the house…catch 22, right? Regarding the homeowners assoc…..I wonder if the days ahead will change that, as energy needs are growing so quickly…living simpler and all that, we may, or our daughters may be using clotheslines again. My kids already are using foldable dry racks as they don’t like what the dryer does to some of their knits and the cuddly baby clothes. Love your BNOTP.

        • I so agree…I don’t like that grayish look on the front of the house and how it blocks the light. I do the same thing…hang almost all my clothes up to dry. About the only thing that goes in the dryer are socks, sheets, and towels. Dryer fades clothes so badly. That would be kind of cool…a return to clothes on the line in backyards. 🙂

  26. I could “do” Grand. (a bit behind on e-mail notifications)

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