Halloween Tablescape with a Ghostly Centerpiece

Welcome to the 58th Tablescape Thursday!

Saturday we took a field trip and toured a most amazing dish room belonging to Bonnie who shares our love for all things dishes. With all that wonderful china, I couldn’t wait to see what Bonnie might have in store for Halloween. She actually put together two tablescapes…a “fun” one and one that will rattle your bones.

Let’s start with the fun one…in Bonnie’s beautiful breakfast room.  What a fun tablecloth! This would be a great tablescape for both young and old…soooo cute!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Love the cute Jack-O’lantern salad plates!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

A ghostly place card…

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Booooo, I believe this is your place…

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Adore the napkin rings!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

He doesn’t look too happy about having to hold up all those candles.  Love the dragonfly chairs!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Even the chandelier gets a touch of fall…beautiful!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

A final glimpse of Bonnie’s fun Halloween tablescape…before we move on to the “scary” tablescape.

Ok, RUN…RUN NOW, if you are a scaredy cat (like me.)  Here, I have an idea, let’s all hold hands…we’ll feel less afraid that way. Ok, you go first…no… you!  Really, I insist. You’re the guest so it’s only right that YOU should go first! I’ll just follow right behind…really, I will.

Halloween Table Setting Decorating


Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Deliciously spooky!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

This is Farnsworth…he will be our butler for the evening. Everyone tells him he has a dazzling smile!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Love the candle holders…they make me feel like I’m entering through the gates of a very spooky cemetery….Mwaaahhhhh!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Come a little closer, dear! Ahhh, he’s talking to YOU!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

My name is Skully and I’m your host for the evening. I have something I need to tell you, so lean a little closer and I’ll whisper it in your ear. GIVE ME A KISS! Ok, so I have a little over-bite…you got a problem with that?

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

I’ve prepared your place right here. Have a seat…NOW!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

I had these plates especially made in my own image…a lovely self-portrait. Do you like them? Of course you do…I’m such a handsome devil!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

You have your own candle light this evening! Notice our lovely flatware…

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Here, let me serve your poison…ahhhh, I mean drink. Never mind the Black Widow…she just dropped down from the chandelier over head for a little sip.

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

She appears to have lots of friends…

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

You seem a bit slow to place your napkin in your lap…ummmm.

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Pssst, over here! Let’s sneak away from the host for a moment to check out Bonnie’s hutch…it looks amazing!

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Click to enlarge for a better view…

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Not too spooky over here…just pure Halloween fun!
Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Well, maybe a little spooky, although she looks more like a good witch than a bad one.

Halloween Table Setting Decorating

So glad you could join me for dinner!
Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Hope Bonnie’s tablescapes made you smile THIS BIG?!
Halloween Table Setting Decorating

Items in first tablescape:
Plates – Marshalls
Chargers – Pier 1
Salads – Lillian Vernon
Flatware – TJ Maxx
Glasses – Macy’s
Napkin rings -Bonnie made 30 years ago
Votive candle holders – Michael’s
Ghost in center – Unknown but very old.
Little ghost placecard holders- Craftmart,many years ago
Tablecloth-TJ Maxx

Items for second tablescape:
Dinner plates-Fiestaware, from Marshalls
Salads-Pottery Barn
Chargers-TJ Maxx
Napkin Rings-Home Goods
Champagne flutes-Macy’s
Candle “Gates”- $2 yard sale find
Runner is just a swatch of fabric from Joann’s

Bonnie, thanks so much for sharing these fabulous tablescapes! They were both so creative and fun!!!

Looking forward to seeing all the tablescapes posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    I am still drooling over that room and these tablescapes are to "die" for!! Mwaaahhhhh haaaaa, haaaaa! 🙂


  2. Susanu've outdone yourself!

    Love your little ghost, he looks pretty friendly. 🙂

    And Hannibal Lector would be right at home at your second table….anyone have a scalp – el?

  3. I love them, both! I think I could like to eat and the first table though! Those skull plates make me feel guilty that I have meat on my bones!!
    She has every detail covered!
    Happy Halloween, Susan..Thanks for sharing those great tables…
    Now, pass the Pilgrim..I mean Turkey.

  4. Allison Shops says

    What a great table! Everything is so spooktacular!

    (Please delete #11, as I linked the wrong post on AtticMag. #14 is the correct link. TIA).

  5. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says

    Such frightfully delightful tablescapes! Hey, I had trouble posting with Mr. Linky tonight (probably me) and accidentally posted twice. Can you remove the first one?

    Thanks again for hosting Tablescape Thursday!


  6. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Thanks to Bonnie,Susan! These tables are fabulous!

  7. tales from an oc cottage says

    WOW! Could those be more fun???!!!

    m ^..^

  8. Hi Susan,
    That Bonnie definitely knows how to create a mood and carry through on a theme. Nicely done.

    Thanks, as always, for hosting. It's good to be back! 😉


  9. Great tables! And do I want that chandelier or what?? How about a hint where we can get one of those??

  10. How creative! You both have such a wonderful talent for creating vignettes, down the the smallest detail.
    The hutch is delightful & makes me want to completely redo mine now. LOL

    Wonderful job on both tables!!!

  11. Oh my goodness Susan. This is a serious Halloween collection. Look at all the stuff on that Baker's Rack/hutch!!
    Two great tables for inspiration!!

  12. Nancy @ La Chambre Rose says

    I just love the dining room. What a sophisticated Halloween setting! The other is too cute!

  13. Julie Harward says

    Thank you for this fabulous tour! I loved the first table the most..don't know if I could eat on the scary one! Loved the tablecloth as well as the dishes in the first one too. All..so very cute! Come say hi 😀

  14. black eyed susans kitchen says

    Wow!!! Amazing tables and two of them. I am in awe. I am also drooling over the black and white…and now I have to go back and look at them all over again. You are sooo talented!
    ♥, Susan

  15. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Wow, both tablescapes are just unreal. The first one looks a little less scary and really cute. The one with the skeletons is amazing. Her dining room is decorated so beautifully. I love that pineapple chandelier. Everything is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  16. Yellow Rose Arbor says

    Wow! Really neat Halloween TTs! Yes, I'm a scaredy cat!!

    I want her dining room chairs!!!


  17. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Susan, where did you find this wonderful person? Bonnie is an incredible tablescaper. Between the two of you, your blog just gets more and more impressive. I really enjoyed both tablescapes, and I'm just way too impressed with her china and her decor! Everything she does is great! laurie

  18. Oh to be so creative…there are so many talented people around, like yourself, Susan, and Bonnie and all the other amazing tablescapers who join you each week. It is so kind of you to share your ideas with us all and to allow us to post our creations too.
    Best wishes, NM.

  19. Mari at Once Upon a Plate says

    Wow, wow, wow!

    Fabulously spooky ~ you've done it again Susan! Brava!!! xo

  20. Popping back in for a second (and third) look, so I can take in all the details.

    Susan, regarding the individual beef wellington recipe, they are not hard at all. I make up the mushroom/cheese paste one day ahead, sear the steaks & get them wrapped in the puff pastry the morning of a party, refrigerate & then just bring them to room temp. prior to baking & serving. It makes it easy to serve a large group this way. I hope you try them.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my table. I look up to you & have learned sooo much from you blogging.
    ♥ Rettabug

  21. The Tablescaper says

    Such great fun! It is a super holiday!!!

    You're so lucky to have Bonnie so close so you can take road trips, but honestly, Saturday's was the best.

    Did I read it right? She made the black cat napkin rings 30 years ago?!?!

    It's great to have fellow dish-a-holics to share with.

    Happy Halloween.

    – The Tablescaper

  22. Susan, I love the first one with the pumpkin plates and the little white ghost. The tablecloth is darling and the chandelier is beautiful.


  23. Susan, I love the first one with the pumpkin plates and the little white ghost. The tablecloth is darling and the chandelier is beautiful.


  24. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Hi Susan~ ~This is so much fun. I loved them both but specially the sideboard filled with halloween goodies and statues.

  25. Susan, you have definitely found a soul mate in Bonnie. You two are amazing! What a delight it would be to dine at either of these tables. Love the little black cat napkin rings, the ghost accessories on the table, and all the fun Halloween items on the hutch. Such fun to see how others decorate for this holiday.
    Thank you for sharing Bonnie's creative ideas.

  26. Wow! Bonnie is something! She is so very talented. I am so glad she allowed you to share this with us. Hope to see more!

  27. carolinajewel says

    Bonnie's tables are wonderful. I love that she captures both sides of Halloween – the Fun and the Spooky! 😀 Jewel

  28. Susan, wow fantastic!

  29. Joanne Kennedy says

    Great tablescapes and wonderful photos. I really need to learn how to take better table pictures.


  30. Wow, this table is so spooky, but so wonderful! Skully is a nice touch :).

  31. OMG, that second tablescape is very scary. I wonder if I can eat with that setting being a scary cat? LOL! It is spooktacular for sure! Very creative!..Christine

  32. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    Well, after seeing the dish room I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how over-the-top wonderful the table settings are. I want to know more about Bonnie…I have visions of a woman spending 24/7 setting and "un-setting" tables. I am in awe. Thanks Susan for hosting such a fun event…I love this!


  33. nannykim at spindle cottage says

    Love the first one, especially the ghosties!! BUT the second one—too creeeeeeeeepy!!

  34. Bonnie has outdone herself yet again! I'm so glad you could share her Halloween tablescapes with us, Susan. I can't tell which I like best. I love them both!

  35. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    HOW FUN IS THIS! I think I'll stick with the first table and leave the second one for those who are brave at heart!

  36. Bonnilynne says

    Hi all,
    Jan, the chandeliers were purchased at Lamps Plus in Sunnyvale, CA., In 2001.
    Thanks again for all of your fun comments that make me smile and make my day! And hugs to you, dear Susan for hosting my tables!
    Happy Halloween!

  37. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Every post you show of Bonnie's home gets better and better, Susan! I can't decide if I love her or hate her! : ) These tablescapes are both adorable for Halloween and I think she set them up in the perfect rooms too ~ the more fun one in the kitchen and the more dramatic one in the dining room. Love all the candle holders, too.

  38. Debbie Pearson says

    These are to "die for" table settings 🙂 I just love how festive both of them turned out.

  39. Sharing with Sherri says

    Very spook-tacular tablescapes!!

    Bonnie's dish room is a real dream…..sigh.

    Happy Halloweeen!

  40. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    those are so fun! I wish I had room to have more than one set of dishes, these tablescapes are always so pretty!

  41. Suzann @ The Olive Cottage says

    Love these!!! Such great ideas.

  42. food with style says

    it is great fun to see you have such creative and obsessed friends like yourself! and all the rest of us too huh…

  43. Hi Susan, What a wonderful table Bonnie sets… Love the little black cat napkin rings… Love it all… My 15 year old just popped her head in and told me to tell you that she loves both tables…Thank you both…

  44. Dining Delight says

    Susan, I'm so glad you "discovered" Bonnie! Where was she hiding for all the early TT's? What fabulous Halloween 'scapes! Every tiny detail is themed and she puts them altogether in such a unique and personal way, you'd think she created each piece herself! I'm in awe, she is a true Dish Diva with her Dish Room and tremendous 'scapes!


  45. fiberdoodles says

    Oh I just this! All of it!!

  46. Two absolutely delightful and spooktacular tables!!! what fun!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  47. Sherri@lavenderfields says

    Beautiful fun, and spooky tables Susan! You have some great people to be friends with. Very creative! Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying this site since I jumped on board! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween Weekend : )

  48. Maria Killam says

    Wow that orange tablecloth is so festive as is everything else! Thanks for such a seasonally perfect tablescape!

  49. Karen at Nittany Inspirations says

    The formal table is a little creepy, but then I guess that's the whole point. I like the close up of the witch.

  50. Fifi Flowers says

    FAB Halloween tables!!! Love the pumpkin plates!!! I like CUTE Halloween not scary!

  51. I love it! Especially love the commentary! Very well done 🙂

  52. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Look at this spooktacular home! WOW! Thanks for sharing this with us, Susan.

    While I know you've probably got a jillion visits to make, if there is ANY way, I really, reaaaaaalllly want you to drop by and see what I've been doing with bulap bags. You simply will not believe it.

    At some point if I can ever get big pictures on my blog, I am going to join you again for Tablescape Thursday.


    Sheila 🙂

  53. Really Rainey says

    Be still my heart… that was almost too much eye candy for me to take it… I'm still drooling.. and a little scared… Yes.. that fun kind of scared… Oh Bonnie! Your my hero! You got Halloween Down Hon!

    Spirits soar… Halloween is knocking at your door!
    ~Really Rainey~

  54. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    I LOVE Bonnie's tablescapes! SERIOUSLY!

    Hmmm, now I really need to find that flatware – never mind that I have no room left to store – I just really, really need it! ☺

  55. Love both tablescapes…I want to be Bonnie. I adore the bony had candleholders. Your commentary is always so creative and witty. Happy Halloween!

  56. What great Halloween tables — fun and spooky! Kids would adore both! Such perfect touches!

  57. SonnyInSavannah says

    Beautiful table in your lovely home. Your blog is always a joy to view.
    This is my first time participating . Thanks so much for giving us a place to show our tablescapes.

  58. OK, between Bonnie and your tablescape I am feeling a little lame about my offering. Just kidding, I'm happy to be included in your weekly event.

  59. Very elaborate tablescapes I am wowed!
    Thanks for hosting,

  60. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Susan, thought I'd join the party today, since I actually set the table last week. Ha! Not something I do a lot of, so I had to take pics. 🙂

  61. C R E A T I V E………
    I would put my ladies in the kitchen nook table and the guys in the dinning room. Can you just heard the conversation from the guy tablescape.,,,,,,,,lol

  62. Brenda @Cozy Little House says

    Susan, this is absolutely spooktacular! I smiled all the way through gazing in awe at each photo! This one "has a way with tables," for sure. Enjoyed it so much!

  63. 2 magnificent tables…that Bonnie has all the right stuff for a great and impressive scape!! Please tell her thanks !!
    hugs, bj

  64. Hello sweet Susan – okay, Bonnie just blows me away with her creativity! I thought her dish room was fab-o, but these Halloween tables are incredible! My fave is the spooky one. Although, I don't know that I'd like to sit facing Skully while I eat. He looks like an untrustworthy fellow. Thank you for sharing Bonnie's table scapes with us!


  65. Wow, those are creative!


  66. Life on Bonnie Lane says

    Halloween tablescapes have got to be the most fun of all! Love the ones you have here! It's hard to believe, but that second one, despite being scary, is actually elegant too with the blacks and silvers.

    Of course, I also did a Halloween tablescape too this week.


  67. meandering pearl says

    Hello!i love this post, its definitely a treat to look at!!!

    i joined in today but Halloween is not huge in Australia so i didnt have a halloween table setting 🙁

    hope you have a lovely halloween!!!
    loveliest wishes

  68. WhineNRoses says

    The tablescapes are amazing!!!
    Such creativity in each setting!!!

  69. 9405018--Pat says

    Wow! what a wonderful tablescapes! love the flatware….Pat H

  70. The Fajdich Times says

    Your tables are beautiful! You are very creative:)

  71. WOW WOW! Love it. Love it all! So spooky and awesome! I love the entire cabinet of decorations! So neat and cute! Wish I was having Halloween dinner at your house!

    All the best,

  72. Wow that is a fun tour, cute and scary but I love both!!
    And I am still in Awwww over Bonnie's dish pantry, amazing and giving me some good ideas for when I org. the storage in our new laundry/craft/storage room.
    Thanks very fun to see it all!
    Linda Q

  73. Merri Cvetan says

    I love what Bonnie did to her chandelier! Very festive and will work through Thanksgiving!

  74. OM gosh – that was so creative and exciting! LOVED this post!

  75. Simply Spooktacular!!

  76. Lori (All That Splatters) says

    Scary!! And clever! ;D So much to look at – amazing –

  77. Cass @ That Old House says

    Bonnie is a goddess. That is all.

  78. You are sooooo funny. . . it's nice to smile and laugh in the middle of a busy day. . . and these tablescapes are wonderful!

  79. Hi Susan…

    Ohhh my…your friend Bonnie has certainly "outdone" herself on both of these fabulous Halloween tablescapes! You'll have to thank her for me…for sharing these awesome tables! The first "fun" Halloween tablescape is my favorite…I just like keeping Halloween fun and light! I just love how she decorated her hutch…it's gorgeous!!!

    Such fun and what a treat!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  80. What I liked about Bonnie's tablescapes was the fact you really could sit down and eat at her tables. They were not overly done and crowded yet done to perfection. She basically used solid dinnerware on patterned table cloths so that there was no clash of design. The accessories were extremely well planned. I say SIMPLY FABULOUS!

  81. I was just at PB today buying a wedding gift and saw her Skull plates! Hope she got them on sale! They are amazing! I LOVE the first table but the second SPOOKY one is genius! THanks so much for convincing her to share with us! XO, Pinky

  82. I am honored that you are "following" me. THANKS!

  83. Hi Susan..Happy Halloween!! I loved her Happy table…the ghost candle holder is adorable….stop by to see my newest post on shopping up in Jefferson yesterday…Have you ever been to Real Deals…your kind of place…See you on Wednesday!!

  84. Love the orange & black tablecloth, as well as the pumpkin salad plates. Farnsworth is too cool. Did she say where she found him? I might have missed it. Also like the ceramic skeleton, candleholders & the witch. Cool house. Please ask her to show us what she does at Christmas!

  85. aka mom, grandma or aj says

    Susan i LOVE your blog! your tablescapes are fabulous.


  86. hi.. just dropping by here… have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

  87. Wow–doesn't it look great in your home and hers–loved the tour!

  88. Andi's English Attic says

    That, m'dear, was a very clever piece of blogging. After the fun, orange, spooky security of the first scape, scrolling down to the second really did give me a jolt. Oh wow! I loved them both for their different atmospheres, but I think the second one wins for sheer imagination and drama. xx

  89. Wow they are both awesome, love the chandelier decorations in number two and the tablecloth in number one.

  90. I think I'm afraid to eat at your house!!!! Especially at night.

  91. Cottage Rose says

    Hello Susan;;; Wow what two very different and Fun Halloween table scape's… Bonnie did an amazing job on them… my she sure is a talented lady… I so love them both….


  92. Susan,I'm confused whose tablescapes these are. I am thinking they are Bonnie's, and some people seem to think they are yours. Whoever created this really set the mood and while there is such creativity in both, don't think I could sit down and enjoy a meal at either table. Thanks to you and Bonnie for sharing this with us.

  93. chandelier says

    Those are such great tablescapes.

  94. santamaker says

    The kitchen tablescape is so cute, but OH MY GOODNESS…the dining room was SPECTACULAR !!! The haunted house at Disney could take lessons!

  95. WOW!!!!!!! This is one incredible post I will save forever! The table decorations and decor are amazing, I like every picture and adore the big hutch! How cool to see they were done by someone named Bonnie… that's my name too! I cant wait to check out the others on the list too! And your other Halloween posts too! Incredible!!!!

  96. These tablescapes just keep getting better and better! I enjoy seeing all the different ideas every week.

  97. Nancy @ La Chambre Rose says

    Oh, is she so lucky! What a gorgeous space. And, I saw the "Dreams Do Come True". Love it and am so happy for her to have such a wonderful space.

  98. This is one of the coolest Halloween tablescapes I've seen. Thanks for the inspiration.

  99. I need those pumkin plates. I have a set of 4 and hoping my store would have them again this year, but they went to orange and black so I bought 2 as I needed two more. Different color and different design so not so sure I am happy that I purchased them.

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