Halloween Tablescape with a Crow Tree Centerpiece

Welcome to the 213th Tablescape Thursday!

Last Valentine’s Day I created a little “heart” tree for a Valentine’s Day Tablescape. (Tablescape can be viewed here: Valentine’s Day Tablescape)

Valentine's Day Tablescape with Heart Tree


Ever since, I’ve been itching to try that again.   Recently, I spied this spooky tree in a Pottery Barn catalog.   PB calls it a “Spooky Aspen Branch” and it can be found here where the two photos below were found.


I loved the look of the white branches with the black leaves.


So, I decided to make my own version of the PB “Spooky Aspen Branch” tree.

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


Only mine is filled with squawking crows, too. 😉

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


One of my crows took a nose dive and I didn’t notice it until I had taken a few pics.  Ha!  I fixed him later.



I painted some River Birch branches I found in the yard with white paint and tucked them down inside a vase I found a few months ago in Marshalls.  Update:  I was out shopping and running errands today and two people told me I have paint in my hair.  I really need someone to take care of me…seriously!

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


I’ll create a little tutorial in the next few days, just in case you want to make your own spooky-tree centerpiece.   Update:  You’ll find a detailed tutorial for making this Crow/Raven centerpiece in this post:  Make a Crow or Raven Tree Centerpiece for Halloween

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


You know I’m never going to grow up…you know that, right? 😉

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


I decorated the chair backs with “creepy cloth” and black roses from Dollar Tree.  I also placed one of the creepy cloths across the seats since my brightly striped summer chairs pads aren’t very Halloween-like.

Chair Backs Decorated with Black Roses and Spiders for Halloween


Cost to decorate all 6 chairs was $18, but if you didn’t need the creepy cloth across the seats, it would only be $12 to decorate six chairs: $6 to decorate the six backs + $6 for all six flowers with spiders.

Chair Backs Decorated with Black Roses and Spiders for Halloween Table


Megan, don’t look too close.  There are spiders crawling on the black flowers. Yikes!

Chair Backs Decorated with Black Roses and Spiders for Halloween Table


Ruby Goblets are by Mikasa…

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


The napkin sheaths are made from tulle I purchased and cut up into large squares.  I love how it looks over napkins for a Halloween table setting.  I had some black leaves left over and tucked one under each beaded napkin ring.

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


This whimsical dishware was provided by Noritake.  You may remember seeing it in this tablescape: Light & Airy Summer Dining.  The pattern is called, Combo and the playful pattern was perfect for this fun tablescape.

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


When I attached the crows to the tree this afternoon, the birds in the yard were squawking up a storm!  I mean really squawking!

Crow Tree Centerpiece for Halloween Decorations



I wasn’t sure if it was because they saw all the crows on the porch or if it was due to something else.  They eventually settled down or went away…not sure which.

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


Five of the small crows are from Dollar Tree.  They were the perfect size for this little tree.  I really wanted to call these guys ravens instead of crows for this post.  It just has a more romantic sound to it, doesn’t it?  But after watching THIS video, I know these are definitely crows and not ravens.   Do you know the difference between ravens, crows and blackbirds?  I kind of like ravens now, after watching that video.  They are a lot nicer than crows.

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


Ravens make me think of that Edgar Allan Poe poem, The Raven.  I placed one of the creepy cloths down the center of the table for a table runner.

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


Centerpiece only cost around $10 to make: $5 for the vase and $5 for the crows.  I already had a couple of the larger crows and the spider web stuff from a previous Halloween.  Branches were free from the yard and I used the same white paint I previously used to make the wood flag in this post:  Pottery Barn Knock-off Wood Flag

Oh, almost forgot…the leaves were part of a garland from Michaels.  It was $4.99 originally but I used a 40% off coupon.  So, that makes the centerpiece around $13.  Not too bad for a centerpiece this large.  It would be cute on an entry table or sideboard for a Halloween party.  I think I’ll leave it intact and just store it in the basement for future Halloweens.

Detailed tutorial for making this Crow/Raven centerpiece can be found in this post:  Make a Crow or Raven Tree Centerpiece for Halloween

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


Mercury Glass pumpkins are from Marshalls either last year or the year before.  Can’t remember now.

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


Do you have any favorite childhood memories from a past Halloween?  Halloween was so much fun for me growing up.   I have a lot of great memories from staying out late trick-or treating, not to mention all the candy!

Halloween Tablescape with Crow Tree Centerpiece


Just as it was getting dark outside, I wondered how this table setting would look with different glassware.

Halloween Table Setting with Crow or Raven Centerpiece


I think I like it better with the amber stemware.  Amber glassware was provided by Noritake.

Halloween Table Setting with Crow or Raven Centerpiece


Halloween Table Setting with Crow or Raven Centerpiece


Yep, definitely like the amber better.

Halloween Table Setting with Crow or Raven Centerpiece


The mercury glass pumpkins are so glittery after dark…love that!

Halloween Table Setting with Crow or Raven Centerpiece


You’ll find a detailed tutorial showing how I made this crow-tree centerpiece here: Make a Crow Tree Centerpiece for Halloween

Crow Tree Centerpiece for Halloween Decorations


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. I love it… the amber glasses do look better, but then I am not a fan of red glasses.


  2. Susan, what a great tablescape! I was thinking that I really liked the red glasses until I saw the table with the amber ones. They are so pretty as well as those mercury glass pumpkins! Thanks for hosting. I finally did another tablescape so I linked up this week!

  3. Oh how magical Susan! Love it. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Awesome table. Love your take on the branches.

    – The Tablescaper

  5. Love your table and how it changes in the light. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Susan, your Halloween tablescape is amazing! You never miss a single detail! Awesome!

  7. Reminiscent of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”! Absolutely love this one, Susan.

  8. Love your centerpiece. I spotted those branches at PB , too. Great great inspiration. The blood red glasses are perfect! Love this table.. xo marlis

  9. Bunny Jean says

    Hi Susan! Your centerpiece sets the stage for the whole tablescape. Love the Crows, and I also enjoyed watching the video. I knew Ravens were bigger but never noticed the other differences. Thanks for hosting this fun party!
    xo Bunny Jean

  10. Oh Susan,
    I’m glad you’re never going to grow up! 🙂
    Your today’s tablescape is… (eerily) beautiful!
    I love your idea to make the chair backs and even the chair pads look more Halloween-like… I didn’t know even black flowers (and black leaves) can look so pretty…
    Susan, I remember that “Combo” and I agree, those amber glasses actually look better (in this case), but one question: did you paint that vase? I love it!
    ~Hugs to you~
    P.S. Susan, I looove those “napkin-sized” windows in the first photo of that PB catalog, too! So cute! lol

    • Cecilia, just remembered your question…sorry so late in answering. No, I didn’t paint it, but I bet that would be pretty easy to duplicate. I found it at Marshalls on sale for $4.99.

  11. Hi dear Susan,
    Wow!!! your copycat is more beautiful §;-) truly…

    I am still in my R&R in South East Asia so, for me Halloween is far from my itirenary. Right now, I just arrived in The Philippines and enjoying the tropical weather, humid & cloudy but it’s better than dark, rainy, windy & cold, where I am living in Stockholm, LoL*
    Hope you have a great w/end.

    Greetings from the island of Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines.

  12. Susan:

    This is one your best! I love all the creativity and wonderful ideas. How fun draping the chairs in the black fabric! It was great your able to find all the accessories at the Dollar Tree. Ours usually has nothing. Good job! ( I am sorry, but I might have to steal some of your ideas for my house!)

  13. Hi Susan,

    Beautiful centerpiece you made. You are so clever! I like the amber stemware better too.. along with the cute mercury glass pumpkins, they give the tablescape such a nice glow.


  14. Oh I love your Knock off tree, the ravens add a nice touch! Thanks for sharing and for the party!

  15. Look at you….how clever and creative!!! Love this table and love the red stemware!!! You have been very busy…..all your special touches are so wonderful!!!

  16. I adore that table, Susan! What a terrific job you did, recreating that centerpiece vase…. in fact I like yours much better! And I love the way you did the chairs with those spider-web shawls and spidery roses. *shiver* Thanks so much for the Crow / Raven tutorial. (I always learn something when I visit you!)

  17. Susan, what a spectacular centerpiece. I love that its tall enough so your guests can still talk and see each other.

  18. Dear Susan, this should be in a magazine! Positively inspiring, wonderful, amazing and so creative. Thanks for hosting the party. It’s one of my favorite parties to link to.

  19. I love your tree! I love the amber glass too. So pretty in the evening. Thanks Susan!

  20. I love it with the amber glasses. I can’t wait for the tutorial. Thanks!

  21. Susan, your Halloween table looks great! I love the mercury glass pumpkins you found. The china works well with the theme too and I also like the amber glassware better. Thanks for hosting! Pamela

  22. Hi Susan, This would be a fun table to sit at on Halloween, with all the guests dressed as witches! I think the amber are more halloweeny, in the typical orange/black style, but those red ones are very striking too! Linda

  23. I like your tree so much more and I love the red accent with the glasses. Thanks for hosting!

  24. Love your crow tree. I would copy cat it, but I only have one crow right now. That wouldn’t make much of a statement now would it? Thanks for the fun party!!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. Your centerpiece looks great. I saw the recent Pottery Barn display and your display is a great knockoff. I like the larger leaves and the crows. I still remember your Elegant Halloween Tablescape with the crow and mercury glass pumpkins from last year. It is one of my all time favorite tablescapes! Thanks for the link to the video. I enjoyed it. Check out bhg.com/poe for a Halloween party featuring ravens. After viewing this party I was actually wondering what the difference was between a crow and a raven. Now I know!

  26. That is really fun! What a cool tree! Your mercury glass pumpkins are perfect!

  27. I love your Halloween table with that tree, it’s awesome and so are the chairs with the creepy mesh around them, lol..The centerpiece is fabulous !! Susan, I hate to bother you again, but my computer was stolen at the airport, so I got a new one a week ago and I did link up to your party last week, but this week again, I just can’t!! I did what you instructed me last time, to mention I was participating in BNOTP and your buttom, but to no avail. Here I was with a post inspired in your lovely fall mantel! Thank you in advance. Have a great weekend.

  28. merle turner says

    It reminds me of The Birds too, very dramatic and a bit spooky

  29. Nice original idea, Susan. Love what you did to the chairs…Christine

  30. Michelle @ Sweet Something Design says

    Love the table Susan…the amber glasses look great. I have’nt joined in a while, thank you so much for hosting.

  31. Susan, I had to laugh reading about your painted hair! That sounds too much like things that happen to me! Every time you do such an outstanding tablescape, and I think she will never top this one…well, you just keep doing it over and over. Love this one. It’s outstanding…but then they all are. Thanks!

  32. Many thanks dear Susan!! Here I am, I’m so excited! Hope you like my copy cat mantel, although it’s not as pretty as yours. Have a great weekend, lovely lady.

  33. Susan, Please don’t ever grow up! I love the centerpiece you created and the draping on the back of the chairs. I how that can totally transform the whole table. Thanks for sharing and for hosting. Dianne

  34. Susan, this definitely makes me think of the movie The Birds. LOL This is great! I found some black crows at $Store that are inspiring me to do something. Just don’t know what it will be yet. Thanks for hosting………Sarah

  35. Susan I love love love your tablescape. And I am so looking forward to your tutorial. I have to laugh about the paint in the hair….I so identify. It looks like I’m in good company!! 🙂 N.

  36. Mary from Virginia says

    LOVE the red glasses-they look terrific! The flatware is perfect too. You really are creative! Thanks for the price break down too, so helpful. Looking forward to the tutorial.

  37. Love your table…really creepy in an elegant way! And as far as I’m concerned, if you don’t grow up, that’s great for all of us that follow along on your journey…we’ll all stay young! 😉

  38. I like your interpretation! I, too, saw this PB spread and did a table for my class last week using this as inspiration. I love it when we can pull from ideas we see and make them our own! I’ll admit, though, that I thought the black leaves on the branch in the PB photo were bats! I think bats would work, too. The nose-dived crow just looks natural to me….kinda like he was tipsy from all the cider he has stolen! 🙂 I would have completely freaked out if suddenly a bunch of REAL birds started a ruckus!!! I have seen Alfred Hitchock’s “The Birds” way too many times to not take that seriously! 😉 I like the switch up you made on the stemware towards the end, too. Have a great weekend, and you might want to wear a football helmet when you walk outside…I think those birds may be gunnin’ for you! 🙂

    • Alycia, it was freaky! I had been attaching the birds for about 5 minutes…had 3 or 4 on the tree and suddenly, ALL THIS SQUAWKING! I don’t know if it had anything to do with me and that tree, but it went on for about 10 minutes. I was really glad there was screening on the porch, just in case. lol Then it just stopped. The same thing happened when I decorated the table with all the crows over near the windows on the porch for Met Monday! Coincidence? Ummm, not sure.

  39. Very very cool and clever! I thought the red glasses were an unexpected eerie touch, but the amber glasses were so gorgeous at night…and loved the black on the chairs!

  40. Oh my goodness… LOVE your crow tree centerpiece, and would LOVE to make one myself, but I’m afraid my cat would get into it. I fear all it would take is my leaving the house for one errand, and my crows would be found in bits and pieces all over the floor when I got home!.. Love all the “creepy cloth” though! I will keep an eye open for that now!…. ((Hugs)) and Have a great Columbus Day Weekend!

  41. I love your table!!!!

  42. What an incredible table, Susan! I loooooove the centerpiece and your attention to detail! Just a fantastic job!

  43. Jessie Arnold says

    I think this is simply marvelous I adore it all you did an amazing job… funny story I had a dream the other night and it was about creating a centerpiece just like this, i was telling my friends about my idea and started to create it except mine was going to have bats and ghosts hanging off the branches so i googled halloween centerpiece decorations for some additional things to add to my table, and saw your blog pics, and now I changed my mind went to the dollar tree last night got the ravens and leaves and are going to begin spay painting it all, how did you attach the leaves and birds??? So now my story is I had a dream about this idea but apparently you had the same dream way earlier lol!!

    • Jessie, that is too funny! I like your idea, too! Well, I got lucky on the leaves. The garland I bought at Michaels, when you pull the leaves off, there are little holes where it slid onto the garland, so I just slid those onto the nubs on my tree branches. I’ll write the tutorial…try to do that this weekend and post it in the next few days, maybe for Met Monday if I can get it ready by then.

  44. What a fabulous fun table! The crows are the perfect touch. Love the mercury glass pumpkins. They do look great at night. Thanks for so many wonderful ideas.

  45. I adore your Halloween tablescape; saw the black cloth @ the DT the other day but passed it by: no imagination here. But now that I’ve SEEN it….
    Thanks for hosting this fabulous party; most of my Saturday has been spent studying many of your creative guests’ creations!

  46. Thanks for hosting Susan, love the table! You branches look great!

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