How I Store My Handbags When I’m Not Using Them

Welcome to the 429th Metamorphosis Monday!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! I’ve been visiting with family and we had a lot of fun hiking, egg hunting and brunching. The weather was so beautiful for the hiking and egg hunting, perfect temperature with lots of cool breezes. I’m so excited spring is here, absolutely love this time of year!

If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you probably know I love fashion, especially handbags. There are a few YouTube Fashion/Jewelry Vloggers whose videos I watch from time to time when I’m busy sorting through travel pics or photos I’ve taken for a blog post. Recently one recommended a product for handbag storage that I didn’t know could be purchased online: acid free tissue paper. It has really proved helpful for use in my handbag storage.

In today’s post, I thought I’d share how I store a few of my favorite bags when I’m not using them. Hope this information proves helpful if you are looking for some storage tips for your favorite bags or if you just enjoy fashion, as I do.

The floral bag on the right is a Gucci Flora bag purchased last summer on eBay. It’s perfect for spring-summer and I use it a lot this time of year.


When I’m not using it, I use both acid free tissue paper and air paper to keep it filled out. If you look down inside, you’ll see the air paper on top.


Remove the air paper and you’ll see how I’m using the acid free paper I purchased recently. It works great for getting into the small corners where the air paper can’t reach. So for this bag, a combination of both acid-free paper and air paper works best.


A bag I enjoy carrying during the winter months is a Burberry bag purchased from Harrods online a couple of years ago. It can be carried or worn as a shoulder bag (it came with a detachable shoulder strap) which comes in handy since it’s a fairly large bag.

Tip: I ended up saving around $200 by buying it online at Harrods instead of directly from Burberry online or in the Atlanta store! I checked pricing in both places before I purchased it and was surprised how much less it was at Harrods. I’m not sure exactly how the Euros/Dollars converted to so much less, but I did notice that Harrods raised the shipping cost a good bit right after I purchased the bag.


This bag holds its structure really well so I only need to use the acid-free paper for keeping the bag fluffed out when not in use.


On the right in the back you’ll see a tote bag that I blogged about a while back in this post: Can a Fashion Piece Become a Decorating Accessory?


I purchased this Brahmin Delft Blue bag at 60% off during a big sale in the Atlanta store several years ago. It goes with me on all my car trips, in fact I’m using it this weekend while I visit with family.

When not being used, it has become a decorative piece in the guest room.


I keep it filled out with a fluffy pillow insert that I took from a pillow I’m no longer using. It was the perfect shape and size for this tote bag. The bag is light enough that it would probably work fine with air paper but the pillow works great. So if you have a small pillow insert that you’re not using, you may want to use it for filling out a bag that’s not in use.

One caution: don’t over-stuff a bag which could risk stretching the bag out. You just want to add enough filler/stuffing to help the bag properly maintain its shape.


The bag that I’m most careful about how I store is this vintage Chanel bag I purchased on eBay several years ago. When I decided to buy a Chanel bag, I fell in love with the vintage Chanel bags I was seeing online. Unfortunately, a lot of the bags I was finding had been improperly stored laying on their front or back side, and the quilting had lost a lot its puffiness.

I was thrilled when I found this one because it was obvious its owner had taken great care of it over the years, storing it in an upright position to avoid flattening out the quilting.


I was always a big Princess Diana fan and this was the style Chanel bag she loved to carry.


Tip: Always do your research before buying any handbag online to avoid buying a fake. It’s not a bad idea to have it authenticated by a reputable company, as well. Pay close attention to the seller’s feedback/reputation.

When I’m not using this bag, I store the chain inside the bag so it’s not draped down across the soft leather on the outside where it could eventually leave a permanent imprint.

I keep a piece of acid-free tissue paper (folded several times) on top between the bag and the part of the chain that remains on top during storage.


Inside, the bag is filled out with acid-free paper and the remaining part of the chain rests on top. The chain straps on Chanel bags are quite heavy/substantial so I try to avoid having the chain piled up on the bottom of the bag. It works great having it resting on the tissue paper inside.


I store the bag sitting upright, inside its box on a shelf inside my closet. The top is covered by its dust bag for protection from dust.

Tip: In my reading/research regarding handbag storage, it’s recommended that you store your bags out of direct light, especially sunlight that could cause fading.

I’ve read mixed information regarding if handbags should be kept inside their dust bag full-time. Some folks say yes, other folks say that it’s fine to store them in their dust bags for part of the time, but that they shouldn’t stay in the bag all of the time. I guess they feel the bags need to have time to air out some.

I’ve noticed some new bags come with the little bags of silica gel packets down inside. If you have bags that you store away for long periods of time, you may want to do a bit of research to see if storing them with the silica gel packets would be a good idea, especially if you live in an area that gets really humid and/or you’re not using the A/C very much inside your home.

You’ll find the acid free tissue paper that I use for storing my handbags here: Acid Free Tissue Paper.

I almost always have plenty of air paper on hand since so many things ship with it these days, but if you need to purchase some for your bag storage, you’ll find it here: Air Paper.

What’s your favorite way for storing your handbags when they are not being used? Please share…always love your suggestions!


Update: Here are a couple more ideas for storing your handbags:

You can order these pillows HERE and they will handmake them any size you need for handbag storage.


Thanks to Linda for sharing about these handbag shapers that come in various styles to fit all size handbags. They are available here: Handbag Shapers.

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  1. Love your purses! One day I hope to have a Chanel purse and suit! Hope you had a wonderful Easter Susan. Thanks for hosting! Have a great week!

    • Thanks! Shirley, check out some of the jackets that you’ll find at Zara online. I purchased one there that looks so much like a Chanel jacket and it was really affordable.

  2. bobbi duncan says

    Hi there. Great tips for storing handbags. I am really careful storing my things as well–want them to last a long time after investing so much $. I had to chuckle as we have the same black Chanel bag. It is one of my favorites, and a great size for me. Glad you got to be with your family over Easter. Know that was fun. Hugs!

  3. Hi, Susan! I have enjoyed your Metamorphosis Mondays for several years and through these link parties I found so many other wonderful blogs to follow. This is my first time joining. I hope I have maintained the quality I have become accustomed to finding here. Loved this particular post as I just spent one day last week working on my own handbag storage. Thank you for hosting!

  4. Congratulations on a job well done for storing your bags. They will never appear crushed, and should not only last much longer, but retain that “new” look. Do you also use trees for your shoes? They do wonders for mine. I dislike that curled-up-toe or creased-across-the-instep look that shoes can get when not properly stored.

    • I don’t but I should definitely look for those. I hadn’t realized they would help with the toes and creases…good to know! Cynthia, where do you typically buy those? Wonder if I can find them on Amazon…will have to check.

  5. This is a little off topic but I just returned driving a friend to the airport. She had a travel on purse. She stated that she got it in the travel section at Target. There are 2 styles and limited to navy and black. She also mentioned that have other travel on products. Also they go on sale! Just wanted to share this with you and your readers. I thought I had all the travel items I needed so really haven’t been looking but guess I need to go to Target too!

    • Barbara, make sure they have the RFID credit card slots, are slash proof and have the shoulder strap that can’t be cut off. Those are all really important. It’s also good if they have the little hook/latches so they can’t be unzipped without you noticing. If they are the Travelon brand, they probably do have that. I love their bags! I’ll have to look for those next time I’m in Target.

  6. Hi Susan, thanks for sharing your purse storage tips. I also love purses and have collected a nice collection over the years. In fact, when I had a closet system installed, cubbies were installed to house most of my bags. I do still keep the purses in their storage bags. Recently, I discovered a product called Innies Quilted Purse Shapers (from the Container Store). They do a great job keeping my purses from flopping over and are a lot easier than tissue storage. They come in three sizes. I found the large one is for very large purses or totes, the medium size fits most of my Coach bags and the small size is perfect for smaller cross body bags, evening purses, clutches, etc. You might want to check them out, especially for bags you carry frequently–easier to pull out the shaper and not have tissue paper all over the floor of your closet! Enjoy your blog so very much!

  7. I so enjoy your tips on everything under the sun. You teach, not preach.

  8. Love the bag used as decor in the guest room, an excellent idea! you could even throw in some silk flowers once in awhile 🙂 I store bags in one guest room large closet where I put shelves in half the closet. I have a weakness for Kate Spade bags and have collected quite a few. Good advice for acid free paper, need to order some, have been a little careless using plain paper.

  9. Love your bags…especially the Burberry…I guess you could say I have a little pocketbook envy 🙂

  10. Wow Susan, I never even thought about storing purses properly! I have a corner in my closet where I hang them…you are so professional! Thanks for the tips and the party!

  11. I have always stuffed my handbags with tissue or what ever else, when I put them in my closet to store until I want to carry them again. All my bags and purses for the most part look brand new (other than normal wear on the bottom of a purse or bag). I can not tress enough to take care of your purses and bags this way….you will get years and years of extra use out of them.

  12. Cynthia Raines says

    Hi Susan, glad you were able to spend time with family on Easter. I’m sure they enjoyed hearing about your latest adventure. I appreciate your tips on the proper storage of purses . I don’t have any “expensive purses”, but the ones I do have, I do either hang or let them stand on my top shelf and that helps even the TJ Max versions. (lol). Wanted to let you know last Thursday I had my own version of a weird eye experience. We were at a potluck dinner at our church and all of a sudden I experienced a “flash” in the far corner of my right eye. It happened so fast I thought I imagined it and then it happened again. At first I thought it was someone taking a picture and I just caught the flash from the camera, but it wasn’t that. Immediately following the flash, I experienced black dots floating. Not sure what was going on, I sat there thinking about it and remembered your experience. Actually, in doing that I remained calm. I mentioned it to my husband but continued to stay until the end and even helped prepare the sanctuary for our Good Friday service the next day. However, driving home I experienced 2 more flashes. Once I arrived home, I called my sister-in-law who has been an Ophthalmologist Tech for 30 years. She kept me calm but explained I needed to see an Ophthalmologist immediately in the a.m., that I was having a medical emergency. I ended up seeing 2 specialists and had to have laser treatment. I found out the jell like fluid called the Vitreous was pulling away from the inner part of my eye and in my case as it pulled away it caught a bit of the Retina, resulting in a torn Retina and so the laser procedure repaired it. I will tell you it all happened so fast and I was shocked that it even happened at all as I did not hit my head, or even have a headache. When I asked the doctor why it happened he said it is quite common and due to age. (wow – I just turned 60 and don’t even feel old! ha) He commended me for coming in immediately, stating had I not had it checked out, it could have become much worse, actually causing the Retina to become detached which would have required surgery and / or possible blindness. I am so thankful I can see. So just wanted to share with you and the other sweet people who read your blog that if at ANY time you notice ANYTHING different with your vision it is best to get it checked out asap. Thanks for letting me share. Happy Spring!

    • How scary, Cynthia! I’m so glad you got that checked out right away. I’ll remember this in case I ever experience anything similar. So not fair that just getting older these weird things start happening to us. Right? lol Like you, I do not at all feel my age, 60 is still so young! So glad you got that taken care of right away. Thanks for sharing that story, I’ll definitely keep that in mind if I ever experience anything like that and I’m sure it will help others who experience something similar. So glad you are okay now!

    • To Cynthia and Susan, I have to comment about Cynthia’s brush with a torn retina! Several years ago, when I was about 60, I had an episode of increased floaters in my left eye. Since I knew it was time for an eye exam anyway, I saw my eye doctor, who told me, like you, the vitreous was slowly breaking away from the retina in that eye. I got a new prescription and glasses and all was well until a month later when I stood up from a chair one morning and suddenly saw black jelly fish like tendrils flooding my left eye! I had to see a retina specialist of course (by now I could see nothing with this eye), who told me the vitreous suddenly finished breaking loose and tore the retina in a horseshoe shape. Like Cynthia, I had laser surgery to fix it, and can see pretty good out of the eye now, save I still have some gel like floaters still there, plus am getting a cataract in the same eye. But I feel lucky to be able to see at all out of it. So yes, all of your readers should know not to fool around if anything similar happens to them. My doctor never warned me that the vitreous could break away completely suddenly and tear the retina, but the specialist said I was fortunate the retina didn’t detach. Just words to the wise! Glad your episode turned out okay, Cynthia, they can work wonders with lasers these days!

  13. Wonderful tips and sources. I am going to order the acid free tissue paper and some extra dust jackets for my bag. I also use old pillow cases to cover my bags in a pinch.

  14. Jill from Southern NH says

    Finally-a use for all that air paper that I would otherwise have to pop before discarding. Great idea! Just like foam pool noodles from Dollar Tree can be cut to hide inside tall boots to keep them from flopping over…they stand right up. Susan, I’ve been trying to find the best way to keep my in-season purses and totes easily accessible-was using large willow baskets on the overhead shelf but that conceals them from view, and it’s too high for short little me! Thinking of getting clear or wire shelf dividers for our wire grid style closet system to separate my handbags. Do you have any tricks for keeping your current season bags organized?

    • That’s a great idea for pool noodles…never would have thought of that!
      Well, one of the coolest ways I’ve seen some of the fashion bloggers store their handbags is on an Expedit from Ikea. They are super inexpensive. If I had the space for one in my closet, I’d be so tempted to buy one. I personally like the idea of having the bags out where you can see them, as long as they are inside a closet away from sunlight and dirt/dust. I think we would use more of our bags if they weren’t hidden away in dust bags, at least I know I would. Jill, check out this video to see bags stored on an Expedit:
      Skip over to around the 6 minute mark to see the Expedit.

  15. I am thankful that Cynthia shared her story. I will keep that in mind. I had heard that seeing flashes like that was something bad but didn’t remember what it was.

  16. Susan, you share the best tips and the air paper and the pillows are fabulous ideas that I would never have thought of or looked for. Have a wonderful trip!

  17. Susan…When you have grown tired of any of these purses (especially the blue & white Brahmin) please notify me. I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse. LOL Vikki in VA

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