Historic 1825 Home and Equestrian Farm: Take the Tour


Rarely do I come across a home where I feel I could just move in, not change a thing and be a happy girl.  This beautiful home pretty much met that standard for me.  Okay, one teeny change, I do prefer my screened-in porches on the back of the house, but other than that, I’m totally in love with this beautiful, historic home.  This home is available to purchase and the real estate listing at Sotheby’s actually refers to this property as an “Historic Gentleman’s Farm.” That has such a romantic sound to it, doesn’t it?  The farm sits on almost 66 acres of land and has numerous barns, all fully restored with lots of room for horseys.

1825 Historic Home Equestrian Farm
The entrance to the home is around on the other side of the screened porch.  Look closely and you can see the double screened doors through the screen.  I wonder what the crown looking thingy is in the front yard.  At first I thought it might be a fancy fire hydrant but if you scroll back up to the photo above, it’s kind of in the yard itself.  But since this house is out in the country, maybe it has its on private hydrant.  What do you think?  Update:  Consensus seems to be, it’s a chimney pot, like you see atop homes in England.  Apparently, they make great garden accents. I like that!  Thanks for helping us figure that out in your comments.

1825 Historic Home with Screened Porch_wm
There’s a wonderful porte cochere off one end of the home.  I love those because during a storm you can pull up underneath in your horse-drawn carriage car and stay nice and dry as you’re entering the home.

See that barn looking structure further down the driveway?  I just about had a hissy fit when I saw the inside.  You are going to have a fit, too, especially if you’re a gardener. But first, let’s go inside this beautiful historic home and take a little tour.

Porte Cochere Historic 1825 Home and Farm

Oh, for an entry like this!  Just beautiful!  In this view, we get a little glimpse out the front door to the screened porch.  Love the fox doorknocker.

Beautiful Entry 1825 Historic Home

So many things to like and notice in the kitchen, starting with the large armoire.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a kitchen large enough to hold an armoire for extra storage.  The island is huge, great space for entertaining.  I LOVE that the refrigerator is completely hidden behind paneling.  I also love how they mixed painted cabinetry with stained.  It would be tempting to paint the base of the island the same as the lighter colored cabinets, but it’s beautiful either way.

Kitchen and Family Room of Historic 1825 Home Equestrian Farm

This is the room you see through the doorway in the picture above.  The crown molding in this home is really beautiful!  Rock fireplaces add instant charm to a room.  I love the red paint in this space, makes it feel extra cozy.

Red Library in Historic Home Equestrian Farm

A butler’s pantry!  Love me a butler’s pantry!  Looks like it may double as a bar during parties, too.  Are you ready to move in, yet? 🙂

Butler's Pantry 1825 Historic Home Equestrian Farm

I’m calling this the music room.  The walls are covered with an elegant wallpaper.  Look at the molding around the door and the windows!  Absolutely gorgeous!  It’s true, they really don’t build them like they used to.

Love the large hall tree near the door.  I’ve never seen one quite like that.  It’s perfect there near the door, just grab your hat and umbrella as you head out.

Music Room in Historic 1825 Home Equestrain Farm

A beautiful sunroom!  Almost feels like we should call it a conservatory with the shape of the ceiling, but I guess sunroom is more accurate since the ceiling isn’t glassed. This is just stunning!  I would be tempted to paint it all white or cream, although the wood is beautiful.

Sunroom Conservatory in 1825 Historic Home Farm

Another beautiful room.  I’m not sure if this is part of a bedroom but had to share the beautiful fireplace and the molding.  Sooo pretty!  The heavy moldings are one of the main reasons I love to go on historic home tours so much.

I’m glad to see armoires are still alive and happy in this home.  I love the one I have in my family room and it kind of makes me sad folks are not using them very much anymore.  Maybe they’ll make a comeback in the future.  They really look at home in this house with its high ceilings and nice large rooms.

Living Room in Historic 1825 Home Equestrian Farm

Upstairs landing with pretty arched windows…

Upstairs Landing 1825 Historic Home

The Master Bedroom: I’m guessing the chandelier wasn’t staying so they removed it before listing the home. Can you just imagine how spectacular it must have been!

Master Bedroom in Historic 1825 Home

The Master Bath: Another beautiful space

Updated Master Bath in 1825 Historic Home

Okay, let’s go inside the barn we saw peeking through the porte cochere

Porte Cochere Historic 1825 Home and Farm

Imagine having this as your gardening shed!  I can see it now: We’re standing here potting up some flowers, a couple of doggies stretched out on the floor nearby, a kitty sitting on the potting bench and a horse walks right in through the door.  🙂

Best Potting Shed Ever (1825 Historic Home)

Pretty amazing place!

Historic Farm, A Gentleman's Equestrian Farm

You’ll find more photos of this beautiful historic home and farm at Sotheby’s.

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Historic 1825 Home and Farm

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  1. sigh…I love a good home tour! That butler’s pantry left me breathless…I would love a butler’s pantry but I’m afraid mine would end up as big as a kitchen! Thanks, so gorgeous!

  2. Sandi Lee says

    Love that gardener’s barn!

  3. All I can say is WOW!! This is just my style. I too love all the wonderful moldings. The screened porch is very unusual. I wonder if it was added later?
    Thanks for the tour. Now I have to get back to reality and clean the bathrooms.
    Hugs, Ginger

    • I wonder, too. I’d prefer a beautiful, southern-style porch there or something along the lines of the porch on Gainesway Farms. Then I’d put the screened porch on the back. I bet the views out the back are amazing since it’s on so much land.

  4. Kate Bootz says

    Susan, perhaps the master bedroom chandy was blocking the tv viewing? Assuming there is a tv in armoire?
    Either way, what a gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Linda Page says

    Susan, I can definitely see you living in that house! I love it. That sunroom is marvelous. The entire house just has a warm, relaxed feel about it. I love the flowing mix of old and new furniture and accessories. I love all of the armoires. I would love a room large enough to handle an armoire!!! Great tour as usual.

  6. Wow! Love this place- especially the master bedroom- that really impressed me! I am drooling over the barn and the potting area… I like your vision of the dogs laying about, the kitty up on the bench and a horse meandering in! I like that huge basket that has a trash can setting in it. This little barn would be a hangout area for me!

  7. Breathtaking. I would want to paint the sunroom, too.

  8. gerri hernandez says

    Greetings……… first… i love you blog. Second i love, love the colors that are used in this house, especially the foyer and bathroom. Any ideal what color they used or maybe a similiar one?.

  9. What a beautiful home. Every room is stunning with all its details. That butlers pantry is drool worthy. Would love to have access to that space for sure. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home.


  10. Just breathtaking! I would love to know the paint colors in the rooms. They are so soft and rich looking.

  11. Magnificent. Thank you for always providing such interesting home tours. Like you, I would move in a NY second! I would also like to paint some of the wood…can you hear my hubby screaming in the background? 🙂
    I think the item you thought might be a fancy fire hydrant in the yard may be a Chimney Pot. A neighbor of mine has one that she brought home with her from England. I would love to have an old one and I bet the one in this yard is OLD. Here is a web page about the pots. http://cotswoldreclamation.com/chimney-pots/
    Take care Susan…Vikki in VA

  12. Wow, this place is beautiful and you’re right…the barn is wonderful! I guess if you’re surrounded by that much property, having the porch on the front wouldn’t be too bad! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I agree with you! I could move right in and not change a thing! Love the barn too.

  14. The thing in the front room is a chimney pot — from England — they are charming and a good garden accent.

  15. What a beautiful house!
    Wonder who lived there and why they are selling such a gorgeous place…

  16. ~Susan ~
    Thanks for sharing,what a lovely home!! boy this reminds me so much of a home here in Indiana. The owner was a friend of my mom. Her fireplace in the kitchen was brick, and all the hardwood floors were the wide planks, there was two double(down & up) porches on each side of the home ,( their ac hehee.)I bet for cross breeze!
    Have a super day

  17. This is a stunning home! Love every detail. I love armoires also, and have 4 in my home 🙂

  18. Elaine in Laguna says

    Sigh…So beautiful! Love every room! Love the mix of furnishings. Many folks out here still use armoires as media centers, to hold household items and/or even linens. Thanks for sharing this stunning property, Susan!

  19. Hi, Susan!
    I’m more than ready to move in, yet… but I should buy a ticket for the lottery before, I’m afraid! lol
    I love touring historic homes and this one really is a fantastic one! Every room reflects the full spectrum of my absolutely favorite colors! Its walls as well as its interior! 🙂 The kitchen is a dream and I really love that butler’s pantry cabinets! I wonder what’s their color’s name… Moccacino? Love it!
    Thank you, Susan, for another wonderful home tour!
    (Because of your beautiful posts, I started daydreaming again, lately… ~sigh~ 🙂 )
    ~Hugs to you~

  20. What a gorgeous place…the price isn’t that bad either…well…for those who have it….I think I’d be happy living in the barn…and that crowned pipe…I’m keepin an eye out for something like that to go over my well pipe…would be a great way to cover that ugly PVC pipe stinking up 2’….beautiful day here…A LOT of hard rain last night..hoping it’s just right for weeding now….hope you have a great day…

  21. I absolutely love this house! I could never choose what i love the most, except I am a gardner, so of course the potting barn and the picture you drew make me yearn! I also love the sunroom, and the music room! Well, all of it! The only part I don’t like as much is the screened porch on the front which seems to take away fromt he graciousness of the inside! However, seen from the inside, I can see why they chose to screen it in for bug free cross breeze! As usual, I love your blog! thanks Susan! Helen

  22. Hi, Susan……
    Before I read what you wrote about this tour, I scanned all the photos, wiped the drool off my chin and started looking at each photo and read your comments. We both thought just about the same thing: Gorgeous crown molding, a gardening “shed”!!!!, a place to drive under and unload groceries etc. and not get rained on, a butler’s pantry…oh, my! And trying to imagine what magnificent chandelier was hanging in that bedroom……sigh! Feel like I’ve died and gone to Heaven and this was the mansion of my dreams! LOVE the overhead shot of the property – my dream home for sure!! Thanks so much for sharing! Love & hugs to you & Mr. Max…Callie says Meow Hi too!

  23. Margo Kuhn says

    Susan, I am with you on this one. I am so in love with that butler’s pantry, among other things. Wow! I will have to look at it further when I get a few minutes.

  24. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    This house is an excellent example of the elegant melding of ‘old and new.’ I too love older homes, but I know I wouldn’t want to have to deal with older kitchens and baths. This is a very beautiful place, Susan. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    *goes to check out website …*

  25. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    I’m still looking at the website but I had to rush back to say, this is another BARGAIN house! Apparently New York (outside the city anyway) is a cheap place to buy beautiful properties! All that land AND that house for just $925,000 asking?? Great deal. Also, did you notice the broker’s office is in Lake Placid? Haha, I thought immediately of that movie. Hope there aren’t any giant crocodiles near by. :op

  26. Sharon from Michigan says

    Ooooh, what a beautiful home! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I love love love the sunroom. I wonder if they have screens for the windows? I could see myself lounging in there reading a book or just plain napping with my trusty border collie Molly at my side (that would be until she saw a squirrel or bunny outside). LOL – lunch break is over and it’s back to work.

  27. Patricia Kruebbe says

    It’s rare that I see a house that I love totally, including colors, furnishings, style, but this one fills the bill 100%. That is one gorgeous yet comfortable house. Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to pass on to my friends and relatives who will enjoy it as much as I did.

  28. wow!!!! i love this!!!! soooooo cute!

  29. Loved the home tour, the molding and fireplaces were beautiful, as is the whole home. I adore the Butler’s Pantry, and the garden was wonderful in the air view. The barn was just wonderful. Loved the armoires! I have very few closets in my 100 plus home, I have armoires in each bedroom and one in the famiy room.

  30. This house beats that HDTV house. Just gorgeous. I am in love.

  31. This house beats that HDTV house. Just gorgeous. I am in love.

  32. Peggy Thal says

    Gorgeous home!! Loved everything about it. Just know it would be too much work and the hard New York winters. Been there and done that. Love the beautiful butler’s pantry. I have one but really like that one more. The inside looks very much like the Plantation homes here in Virginia from the 1800’s, except for the huge kitchen. Fun tour! My one real favorite was the Porte cochere . Remember the one in Father of the Bride and always thought it was a great design. Another fun home to visit. Thanks Susan!

  33. Iwould feel so happy and lucky to live in a home like this:)

  34. Susan, I could settle into this property just fine. The interior is lovely, and it has a screened in porch, a sun room, and a butler’s pantry. Wow! The grounds are lovely too. Looks like a great buy!

  35. What an incredible home, Susan! Wow! The moulding, the rooms, the garden barn…..I adore it all! I can’t even imagine what it would be like living in a historic home like that! Thanks for sharing another wonderfully inspiring home tour!!! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  36. You had me at Hello! I could just move into this place as well. Just a few changes like the ones that you said, but wow, what a beautiful place. I would never leave…even to buy groceries!

  37. I could absolutely move in!! I’d even settle for the barn! Thanks for sharing this beautiful home. I kinda like the screened porch on the front, although I would never have thought of putting it there, but it is charming!

  38. What a beautiful home! And so much land too (I peeked at the link as well), but did I miss the dining room?

  39. Love how the feminine is mixed with masculine in this home. So beautiful. Wish it were closer. Susan

    • Love the armoires. Nothing is more elegant than a beautiful rich wood armoire. Even in a small home an armoire really makes an elegant statement. I even have my tv in one. This is truly a home that has evolved over time. What a treasure.

      • Ruth, you are so right. I have my TV hidden away in one, too. Even though the TV is one of the flat, skinny ones, I still love keeping it hidden from view sometimes.

  40. That was an amazing house tour. I love the “garden shed”!

  41. Hi Susan, lovely home tour. I have one of those great old chimney pots that I bought at a bed-n-breakfast that was going out of business. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what it was at the time. I was in the process of building a home and would loved to have put it atop my chimney. I live in Texas and the chimney pot has a star on it. I’ve been an Antiques dealer for 28 years, and the item in the “music room”, is actually a hall tree. Please keep the tours coming, they are wonderful. Praying for your kitty cat.

    • Thanks, Irene. Appreciate that. Oh my gosh, you’re right. I’ve never seen one shaped like that but I see the umbrella stand at the bottom now. I’ll change that in the post. Where did you end using your chimney pot in your home?

  42. Oh my, this property is only 20 miles from my house. I hope I can talk my husband into moving Susan ;o) We could move right in, and he wouldn’t have to do any renovations!

  43. Thanks Susan for showing us such a pretty home and barn, I think I could move into the barn! I have two armoires, one in the guest bedroom (aka Grandchildrens bedroom when they ”sleep over” ) and a painted one on my screened in porch. I got a chimney pot many years ago and it is in my back yard, mine is flat on top and sometimes I place a potted fern in it. Very pretty. Have a great week. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Linda

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