Hooked on IKEA

Ikea isn’t a store, it’s an adventure!  Recently, I mentioned on the BNOTP Facebook page that a friend and I were going shopping at the IKEA store in Atlanta the following day.  I had never been before, despite living only 20 minutes away.  I knew from the comments on Facebook, this was definitely not just another store.

To start with it’s GIGANTIC…like stacking two big box stores on top of each other…only bigger. Way bigger. You need a compass, hiking boots and a sack lunch. A cell phone might be in order too, for when you get lost and need to be rescued.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t prepared to really like IKEA. I knew almost nothing about this store other than the furniture I had seen on other sites just wasn’t quite my cup of tea. But there’s just so much more in IKEA than furniture. And the prices are good. I mean, really good.

I got a little carried away and forgot to take pics of a lot of the things I most liked…like all the baskets and kitchen storage stuff.  But I do have quite a few to share today.

Throughout much of the store they have “rooms” set up to show you how you can live in a small space and live well.  Their current catalog says, “A home doesn’t need to be big, just smart.”  Not sure if that’s their motto, but the whole store seems to be a study on how to live efficiently, as well as comfortably.  If you live in New York City or any large city where apartments are tiny and expensive, IKEA is probably a place you love to shop.  Though I don’t live in a small space, I’m an organization freak, so I was reveling in the way they pack so much living into such a small space.

This picture looks like a collage of three pics, doesn’t it?  It’s not, though.  This is just the way the “room” was designed and sectioned off.

This is one of their most popular light fixtures.  I’ve seen it on quite a few blogs.  It’s called the Maskros Pendant Lamp.  It creates beautiful designs on the ceiling and is amazing to see in person.

Much of what you buy in IKEA needs to be assembled once you get back home, including this light.  But their assembly instructions are the best I’ve ever seen…all pictures and no words.  I didn’t buy this light, but I did buy some thing(s) that needed some serious assembling. I’ll be posting about those real soon.

This was one of the few “rooms” that felt a bit more traditional.

Check out some of these kitchens…a few felt almost futuristic.

This is what I pictured when I thought of Ikea…a bit modern for my taste.  But truly, there’s just so much more.

Lots and lots of dishes.  Actually, there’s just LOTS of everything. Period.  My friend told me they carry the same stuff all year long; it only changes once a year.  Weird, huh?  Wonder if they add in any holiday stuff around Christmas?  Guess I’ll just be forced to go back to see for myself. 😉

I kind of liked this whimsical clock.  It has a very traditional, antique clock shape, and yet it is anything but traditional.  It looks like it should be a clock in the UP house, doesn’t it? lol

I loved this gallery wall!  It reminded me so much of the wall(s) Sherry and John have created at Young House Love, HERE.

This pillow seems to be the IKEA pillow.  It’s called Alvine Flora and you see them all over the store…on both levels.  They had a gazillion of these pillows in the Atlanta store.  Really!  I counted and there were a gazillion.  It’s embroidered on front and has a pretty striped fabric on back with decorative buttons.  Cute!

There are a gazillion minus two, now…because I bought two pillows to use on the porch swing HERE during the summer months.  I still love the now slightly-faded pillows that live on the swing all summer, but I knew I’d need to replace them eventually and the colors were so perfect for the porch.  They have down inserts, are large and were only $19.99 each. Did I mention the prices are really good?  A pillow like this at many stores would have been triple that price.

Check out this bed.  Take a close look at the duvet cover.  Does it remind you of anything?

One more view…

Here’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it.  Remember this scene from the movie, “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin? (I posted a tour of two houses in It’s Complicated, HERE and HERE.)  I don’t think the duvet covers are exactly the same, but they are really close, aren’t they?  Wonder if the one in the movie was just a slightly different version that was available the year the movie was made.

Have you ever been to IKEA? Were you skeptical at first, like me…but then loved it?  What’s your most favorite thing/item you have ever purchased there?  Did you eat the Swedish meatballs on your visit?  They feed you because otherwise you would “fall out” somewhere between the dish towels and the Billy shelves. 😉

Lots of great “Before and Afters” were linked for yesterday’s Met Monday.  Have fun checking them out!

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  1. Ever - The red house by the lake says

    I loved this post!

    Living in Sweden, I've been to IKEA quite a few times, but I still remember how magical it was before there was a store in the city I lived in.

    Yes, they do carry the same basics pretty much all year, but they do add things during the year and there is a chrismas collection and a summer collection – usually at very good prices.

    Personally, I am a bit sceptical to IKEA right now. I used to love them when they were all about white, clean spaces, but the commercials they've been airing in Sweden has shown overcrowded shelves (albeit in good order), stuff everywhere and a lot of dark colors. I think they've completely lost their trademark.

  2. I love Ikea!! Like you more for the smaller items in the "Marketplace" than the furniture (which is mostly too modern for me too).

    They do add Christmas bits and bobs so be on the look out!!

    S x

  3. There is a IKEA that I stop at when I am on my way to my daughter's. About 25 minutes away. Can't remember exactly my first purchase, but I know it was probably from the kitchen section, because you walk through there first. I usually make a swing through the bottom floor only. Furniture is upstairs in ours. Never have bought food there, but it sure is tempting.

  4. I love Ikea and have quite a lot of furniture from there. When my boyfriend and I moved in together last year we bought quite a lot of things – Malm chest of drawers and bedside tables, lamps, kitchen storage things and…Billy bookcase (which we now just refer to as 'Billy' rather than 'the bookcase'!)

    Their stuff is so cheap and still good quality. Plus, it's very easy to put together.

    I love Ikea!!

  5. Even I luv ikea,…Recently I bought shelves for he pantry

  6. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says

    I love Ikea! Like you I'm obsessed with organization. I just redid my daughter's closet using their system- can't wait to post about it!

  7. Janette - The2Seasons says

    I have that same pillow and have seen it in photos from blogs all over the world. Good news – my pillow is on the wicker sofa in the sun room (with a glass roof), and it hasn't faded one bit.

  8. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    I'm hoping to redo a small "nursery" sized bedroom in our house into a huge storage closet — and I'm thinking IKEA is the place to find what I need to make that happen. I've heard that one will be coming to Hanover County (where I live) in the next couple of years….that timing should be just about perfect!

  9. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    There isnt an one near me so thanks for the tour. I sure would love to have those grey dishes I saw for 19.99 lol..

    this was fun, thanks.

  10. Happy Cottage Quilter says

    I LOVE IKEA!!!! My daughter and I first experienced IKEA when they opened in our area two years ago. I bought two similar pillows, but at that time they were sewn with red threads. Love them. And I recently did a post on my quilting blog about their wire basket organizing system. Great prices compared to the Big Box hardware stores. My post was –


    and –

    What a huge difference these wire baskets made in my closet. I can actually walk in the closet and find something 🙂

    Jocelyn @

  11. Aaah, Ikea! I tend to stay away because I just want to buy buy buy. Problem is I don't have a money tree. Yes, they do bring out a Christmas line later in the year, truly DIVINE stuff. The second Melbourne (Australia) store is opening in 2 weeks and is bigger and going to be better than the existing one! Can't wait.

  12. Okio B Designs says

    I love Ikea! We have one 15 minutes from us and I'm like a kid in a candy store there. Thankfully, my husband is an expert at putting their stuff together.


  13. Days at Buttermilk Cottage says

    I love Ikea, even though I'm more of the traditional syle. The prices are unbeatable and like you I love their storage containers. Did you see the crochet-looking storage containers they have? They are incredibly good looking and so useful. I always want to buy tons of them and give them as gifts, I like them so much!

  14. Our Country Bungalow says

    We visited ikea last year, here in Michigan. It was no small trip as I live over an hour away.
    I thought it would be too modern for my taste, and much of it is, but I came home with plenty of purchases anyway. Bought glass storage jars, spice jars, a good stainless pot that I use all of the time (why can't I find pots for that price anywhere else?) and some linens.
    Lots of great deals.

  15. I would get lost in there, lol! But, I love all the inspiration. I pictured the same things you did when I thought of Ikea but this is much different than I imagined. I'm surprised how much I liked the "futuristic" kitchen as I am pretty traditional. I guess I like a little modern in a kitchen. Oh the things you learn about yourself when decorating!

  16. I have only been there once. I bought some kitchen brushes with suction cups on the end, so you can stand them up to dry. I use them for dishes, the sink and cleaning vegetables – and they are great! They come in bright colors, too. Also bought some glasses for drinks and juice. I could spend days in Ikea!!

  17. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Kenju…you really could spend days in there. I've been twice now and can't wait to go back. It's definitely addictive.

  18. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Pati…let me know when you post the closet…would love to see it. I bought a bunch of their white wood hangers. My goal is to buy 4 sets (8 to a set) each time I go and eventually I'll have all my clothes on the nice wood hangers. It's forcing me to go through my closet and weed out some stuff, too…so that's good.

  19. laxsupermom says

    I love Ikea, and always try to visit when I'm in a city with one. We live 3 hrs from the closest Ikea. Our latest Atlanta trip was too jam-packed to fit in an Ikea visit, though. Love those pillows! Can't wait to see what else you came home with.

  20. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    Oh I hope you left the sack lunch at home and indulged in the meatballs. 🙂

  21. I love Ikea, but hardly have anything for myself from there! We purchased a desk, chest of drawers, nightstand and a few other things when our son was moving into a house during college. It was much easier to pack "furniture in a box" in our SUV and haul it across country. We assumed the furniture would likely be destined for the dumpster after college days. Wrong. He loved it so much, and it was still in such good shape, we ended up trucking it back home, to his post-college apartment, and now across several states to another rental house while he attends law school. Much of it is a little modern for my taste, but I may have to check out those pillows!

  22. Maryellen Pienta says

    We had a grand time, didn't we? I've been going to IKEA since 1987, when I visited my first one in Nuernberg, Germany. When I moved to Heidelberg, they had IKEA, then Munich. None in Sicily (but there is one now1), but hello IKEA in Atlanta! Life is good. Nice photos and description.

  23. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Maryellen, we did! I can't wait to go back…gotta check it out closer to Christmas.

  24. There is an Ikea store five minutes from my house. Although I prefer a more traditional look in furnishings, I love their kitchen and organizational items. I also buy my curtain hardware there. It's definitely a fun place.

    Join us on Facebook!

  25. I've only been in IKEA stores a couple of times & for very short visits. But now I'm close to one & have a major shopping trip planned for the near future. I've been planning my new craft/sewing room around some IKEA furniture/storage pieces and can't wait to get started. You are totally right, it's an "experience!"
    🙂 CAS

  26. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Ever, that is so interesting to know. Since Ikea is new to me (though not new to Atlanta) I didn't know that about how they once were. Wonder why they are changing…maybe to appeal to a broader audience?

  27. AshTreeCottage says

    Thanks for the lovely tour Susan. We unfortunately do not have an IKEA here, so it's nice to be able to visit one once again.

    Susan and Bentley

  28. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Jan…that's what I'm hearing from folks…that their furniture really holds up. We bought an inexpensive "entertainment center" at Walmart for my son to house his tv/vcr when he went off to college. When he moved to a different apartment after the first year, it completely fell apart during the move. Wish I'd know about Ikea then.

  29. I LOVE Ikea! I purchased the desks, chairs and Billy bookcases for my children's rooms when they were very small. They are now 29 and 30. The Ikea furniture was indestructible… as a matter of fact, my brother now has the white bookcases in his garage for storage (so that makes them 25 years old). I've been buying duvet covers and household items throughout the years. One of my all time favorite items is their fun paper napkins! And I always eat the Swedish meatballs and coffee whenever I am fortunate enough to visit Ikea. The closest Ikea is 3 and half hours away. Most people think Ikea is all about modern styles… but they have plenty of stuff to make "cottage, shabby chic, French and English country loving people" like me very happy! Welcome to the Ikea fan club!

  30. Olive Cooper says

    We went to the Atlanta Ikea in June and loved it. I was prepared to love it because I receive the catalog in the mail and get their e-mails. I bought some kitchen things and a beautiful blue and white striped canvas hammock for about sixty dollars. I agree you can spend all day in there.

  31. Michele Smith says

    I've never been and have been pretty skeptical myself, thinking its a bit modern for my tastes.
    I would check it out if there was one closer…3 hours away..

  32. We just got an Ikea here in Denver. I was able to get in before the grand opening thanks to a friend that works there. I LOVED it! More so for the accessories than for the furniture. I can't wait to go back once the crowds die down. BTW, I just became your 5,300 follower!!


  33. I have been visiting Ikea for years. It is great stuff for children's rooms and for those with not much money. Now I never see the room settings just go straight to the Marketplace.

    It is a great price for everyday china and storage. Love their candles, plants and Christmas items. When the children go back to school I will go again, it gets too much when they are on their Summer Holiday sometimes it seems as though it is a family outing to have the breakfast there!!

    Great post, lovely cushions. I look forward to seeing what else you bought and if you have much different in your stores to us here in the UK.

    Regards, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  34. Hartwood Roses says

    People are shocked when they find out how much Ikea stuff is here in our old house. With a little bit of accessorizing, it's pretty easy to work most of their stuff into a traditional decorating scheme. Our office library looks like we have custom built-in shelves lining two of the walls … nope, they're Billy bookshelves, in brown black, with extensions on top to take them to 9 feet. My sewing room wall unit is two 4 x 4 cubby units screwed together to fill the wall. I could go on and on.

  35. Ikea's Swedish meatballs rock. I always stock up on frozen meatballs, gravy mix and the linden berry jelly when I go, or when anyone I know is going. But it's fun to eat them there too, when the line isn't too long. I recently bought a bunch of gifts for my niece who was getting married (including a coffee table and end tables for cheap, cheap, cheap!) She now thinks she is the favorite!

  36. Im soooo bummed, we really really need an ikea here 🙁

  37. The first time I went to IKEA was on a visit to my friend in Seattle. We were there for 9 hours!! We had to eat 2 meals there in the cafeteria. No one can believe that anyone would spend so long in a store, but my friend and I were both Housing majors at OSU and everything interested us–we're detail people =)

    Another time a group of friends from Portland went together to the Renton (Seattle)store for Christmas decor. It was a blast. We loaded up on balls for trees, red votive holders, Swedish candelabras, wrapping paper, etc.

    I get candles, vases, tea lights, and LOTS of picture frames there. And bed sheets that I use for Quilt backings and banners and table covers –only 1.99 each! Last Christmas I bought red pillowcases for all the beds =)

    PS I want to tell you that last weekend we watched all the movies you have discussed lately: It's Complicated, Something's Got to Give, and also As Good as it Gets (because I got it mixed up with Something!) I don't know how you catch all the details in the settings. I never did see the Nantucket table in the movie. All I noticed was the blue and white striped rug which really bugged me because the stripes were "off" down the center line. (If it had been in thirds, it would have not been so jarring to me). I did love the fab kitchen in Complicated, and I didn't know why she was doing it over…

  38. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hollace…9 HOURS!!! Wow! You rock! lol I don't think I could last that long. I think we were there about 2-3. There is so much to see that I'm sure we didn't see everything. After awhile, you hit the saturation point. lol
    Those movies did get sort of mixed in my head, too. I was a little disturbed when I found out the striped rug they cut up to make it fit the living room in "Something's Gotta Give" was an antique dhurrie rug! 🙁 And they didn't even come close to matching up the stripes. I don't know who would have wanted it after that.

  39. Susan, I too love Ikea. Not for the furniture but all the smaller items.
    Our nearest one is in Vancouver five hours away, but last time we were down there, I bought the black rod system which holds baskets or buckets. I chose to small galvanized buckets on the rod to hang over my laundry room sink. I keep sponges etc in there, it is so cute. I hung an old metal sign on the one hook about laundry.
    My daughter is going this weekend and has instructions to bring back a certain picture we saw there, which we could get in our car.
    I also bought their cute ice tray shapes.
    I wish we had an Ikea 20 minutes away.

  40. I lived overseas for many years. All my friends/coworkers joined our company at the same time. So we'd have Ikea "Trips"…it was a challenge (and a fun one) to see what everyone picked out to decorate their flats with–and all our choices made for unique flats..

    I read something one day that said that 90% of the babies conceived in Europe were done so on an Ikea mattress…:) *laugh*

    Gotta love some Ikea! 🙂

  41. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Kris, that's hilarious! So, now we can blame Ikea for the population boom. 😉 The mattresses we saw were those foam type that conform to the shape of your body. Not sure if I would like that type…would take some getting used to.

  42. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Kath, thanks so much for being a follower! Welcome and I hope you visit often!

  43. Susan,
    We were in Atlanta for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl game, and my sister-in-law took us to the Ikea store. It was my first trip. I bought a few small things. The tea towels are the best. They are thin and dry fast. Would love to go back soon.

  44. I live in Norway and so IKEA is our next door neighbor. Yes they are smart without being very expensive. They have such practical solutions for everything ans sometimes amazing how much can be stored in a small space. No wonder the owner is in the top 5 richest individuals in the world and this store is a boon to students when starting their grad studies and to the beginner families

  45. Went to Ikea for the first time about two months ago. It was a two and a half hour drive, but well worth the time. I loved it. Like a lot of your readers I expected to find only "modern" style stuff, but that was not the case. Of course we had to eat the meatballs…LOL. My friend insisted we go up and down EVERY aisle…which took over three hours. On the way out we bought their cinnamon buns and I thought I died and went to heaven. Yummo…the best ever. Enjoy your post and read it every week. Thanks. Robin B.

  46. I have been to Ikea. I would like to go again. It did make me feel claustrophobic as it had no windows and it was like a maze in a warehouse!

  47. Ikea sells a frother for $2.99. It makes your morning cup of coffee into a latte that equals any coffee shop. You warm milk in the microwave for 15 seconds, froth it with your Ikea frother and to your coffee, stir and you are in heaven. I just bought 10 of them for gifting possibilities!

  48. Jadehollow says

    Susan .. I had a few people leave me messages on my blog congratulating me on winning the Scavenger Hunt you had posted a week or so ago.. I did not receive a message or an email from you confirming this nor could I find a post pertaining to the winner. Could you please contact me with the correct information as to if I won .. Thank You Debbie aka Jadehollow.

  49. susan, I enjoyed this post. Though i've heard a great deal about this store I haven't been to one.

    Missing out,

  50. I love going to IKEA — it's always an adventure! Recently bought a cabinet for stamping supplies. Love the directions — they are all in pictures — much easier to understand — Sandy in VA

  51. Hi Susan…I cannot believe you had never been to IKEA….it is our "Happy Place"….this is where me and Joyce go to misbehave….just ask Rose. last time we were there Joyce wound up all the kitchen timers then walked away….Yes, we're like bad high school kids…I have their red bedroom painted furniture in my new guest room…You do have to assemble the stuff but it's made very very well…I also have two of the pillows you bought….but you failed to mention their 50 cent hot dogs that are a must before you leave….I always get two on my way out even after eating the meatballs….It's a great place!!

  52. We don't have an Ikea store here in Arkansas, so when we visited our son in LA this May, we went to Ikea. I got the embroidered pillows and the pictures don't do them justice! I love them and am getting a kick seeing them all over blogland!

    Debbie V.

  53. Black Bears and Bulldogs says

    I love, love, love Ikea! We drive 5 hours to Atlanta, spend the night in a hotel and then hit the store early the next morning, purchase and drive home. I think and talk about Ikea all year because they have the most amazing and inexpensive organizational "stuff". Lunch is always a treat and so are all the things we carry home with us and put together. The duvet covers are the most inexpensive you will ever find and they wash wonderfully. I could go on and on – but I won't. I love Ikea!

  54. This is my first time to BNOTP. My sister mentioned to me that we both had IKEA posts in our blogs today. I found your experience to be much more positive than mine. Please check out my blog and you will see what I mean.

    Looking forward to reading your other posts. I love before and afters, too. That's why I became a home stager!

  55. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Sue, I can just see you guys doing that! lol Wish I had been there. We need to schedule a time to all go together.

  56. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Black Bears…it would definitely be worth the drive…at least once a year. 🙂 I was stunned at how inexpensive the duvet covers were, too. I wondered how they washed…thanks for sharing that.

  57. I live in the Atlanta area and have been to IKEA several times – should always allow hours to check everything out! And yes they do carry some Christmas items during the holidays. If you went this past weekend (Aug. 20-21) it was busier than normal because kids were checking in at GA Tech so parents & kids were at IDEA shopping for their rooms! I know, I was there because I had forgotten about that!

  58. Love Ikea! I have the sofa and loveseat in the ektorp. it is totally traditional. I have them in my family room in white cotton. the slipcovers cost $49.00 for the sofa. I always have an extra pair on hand when I am washing the dirty set because they cannot go in the dryer. I have bleached them many times, no problem at all. Blueberries and strawberries won't come out unless u bleach them. The quality for the insane cheap price of furniture is amazing. The seat cushions are foam and then layered with down. There is a piece of board between the layers and there is no sagging when you sit. I love them!!!

  59. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Anon, thanks for the info on the sofas…great to know!

  60. Susan!
    I go to IKEA Atlanta a lot. We were there just this past weekend for the
    "Crayfish Festival". It was an all-you-can-eat buffet of Swedish food. Yummy! But crowded. Our family did something very strange – we celebrated three August birthdays at IKEA that night. I have it on our family blog: http://the-snooze.blogspot.com/2011/08/bithdays-celebrated-at-ikea.html
    Sometime you need to come to my house and see my IKEA stuff. We have an IKEA mattress in our guest room: would you like to spend the night? 🙂

  61. Ikea.. oh my.. I love that store. Having grown up in Europe and having had Ikea be a part of my whole life.. I was astonished that they didn't have them here at all when I migrated across the big pond. Then they kind enough to put them in only a few places (drats!!), so I drove 2 hours across LA the last time I was there. I love IKea, did I say that? Yep.. still do.. i didn't see this in LA but in Europe they have the best little place inside to get food and drink and the food was always delicious.. always.. can't wait to see what you are putting together!

  62. BailiwickStudio says

    I discovered that if you see something you like but don't pick it up, then when you're downstairs ready to check out and decide you have to have it after all, it's really, really hard to find it again. The trip back upstairs will easily add an extra half hour (at least) to your Ikea experience as you search all those nooks and crannies trying to remember where you saw the darn thing. But I still love Ikea! ::Jill

  63. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Jill, that is soooo true! I think they have a little map of something you can carry with you…seems like I saw something like that. If they do, you could mark where it was on the map, I guess. Better to just get it and put it in your buggy to be on the safe side…then discard it at the register if you change your mind. I didn't get a buggy at first and had to retrace my steps back to go get one. I almost got lost. I told my friend later that I forgot to drop bread crumbs along the way and almost got lost. lol

  64. I have never been to Ikea. The closest one to me is in downtown Seattle. I really dislike driving in Seattle, so no Ikea for me. I did get a catalogue in the mail. My hubby liked a couple of book cases.

  65. Never been to Ikea, but living in a 5th wheel, it might be a good place to visit for organizational things for small spaces.

    I like the red and cream room (2nd room photo). It speaks to me.

    The round light with the "sprays" on the ends reminds me of a fountain that I saw somewhere. Trying to remember where…

    Like you, I always thought of Ikea as kind of swedish modern. Guess I have misjudged. I should take a second look.

  66. I wish I lived near an Ikea!! I have been loving losts of their things, but the shipping is….OUCH!!!

  67. Cottage and Broome says

    Ikea is great until you have to put some of their furniture together. I love some of the accessories, wonderful for inexpensive decorating. Laura

  68. Living in Iowa we don't have an IKEA; the closest one is in Minneapolis (about 200+ miles away) Thank you SO much for posting pictures! I have always wanted to go there, and now I feel I have a small idea what it is like. I want to go even more now though!

  69. heritagestitchery says

    Mary ~ I tried Ikea for the
    "frother" you mentioned and
    they could not come up with
    one…was yours called a
    "frother" when you bought it? Could you comment with
    more info…The item sounds
    great and I wish to buy a
    few…or anybody else who
    may know what Ikea call it..
    Many thanks.

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