Master Bedroom Flooring Updates & Some Furniture Rearranging

Welcome to the 389th Metamorphosis Monday!

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Recently I shared a mini-disaster I discovered in my master bedroom. While vacuuming that room one day, I lifted up the seagrass rug and discovered it had been deteriorating underneath and the rubber latex backing had welded itself to my hardwood flooring.

Rug left rubber or latex residue stuck to hardwood flooring


I tried various things to remove the stuck-on backing before trying denatured alcohol, which finally worked. Today for Met Monday, I thought I’d let you see how the floors look now.

Klean Strip Denatured Alcohol

Sorry some of the photos are a little dark. The chandelier in this room always freaks out my camera.

As you can tell, I never got around to swapping my winter bedding out for my summer bedding this year. Between traveling this spring, the hardwood flooring addition to the guest room and all the landscaping I did, I was just too busy to worry about it. I may leave it on now since were almost halfway through summer. lol

I still have my boxwood wreath up, I love leaving it up year around. I may eventually put a pretty painting there, if I ever find one I love. In the meantime, I still love the wreath.

Rearranging the Furniture

I’ve also been doing a bit of furniture rearranging in here, which isn’t like me. After the rug debacle, I got the itch to move some things around. I was tired of having a big round table over between the windows and the bedside tables were too matchy, matchy for my taste.

So I took one bedside table downstairs, moved the big round table over beside the bed and moved the secretary that had been at the foot of the bed over between the windows. This room isn’t the way I want it, but I’m not sure I want to buy any new furniture or do much in here since I’m not sure how many more years I’ll be living here. I just don’t want to invest too much in furniture, draperies, etc… that may not work in a future home.

Update: Several folks have asked about the bedding on Facebook and I just noticed it’s back in stock here: Tartan Bedding

Tartan Plaid Bedding for a Master Bedroom


Ignore the tablecloth I have on the round table bedside the bed. I was tired of the sage-green velvet tablecloth that was on it and changed it out for this one I found in A Classy Flea several years ago. Actually, it isn’t that bad with the tartan colors of the bedskirt. I kind of like it.

Plaid Tartan Bedding for the Master Bedroom


Okay, so back to the flooring.

Red Plaid-Tartan Bedding


You may remember from my previous post that the rubber backing of the seagrass rug began to deteriorate (unbeknownst to me) and stuck to the floor in the natural walking path areas around the bed. Here’s how it looks on the left side of the bed now.

Hardwood Floors After Cleaning Rug Latex Backing Damage Off Floor


Here’s the area at the foot of the bed.

Wood Flooring After Cleaning Seagrass Rug Backing Residue Away


And here’s how the floor looks on the right side of the bed.

Hardwood Floors After Cleaning Rubber Backing of Rug Off Flooor


The denatured alcohol did the trick of removing the stuck-on rug backing that was left behind after the removal of the seagrass rug, and it didn’t damage the wood flooring. There are a few shadows where the backing was stuck, but I’m hoping those will fade out with time, at least that’s what my hardwood flooring company thinks they will do. We’ll see. Hate to use a cliché, but only time will tell. lol

Hardwood flooring after removal of seagrass rug withl atex rubber backing


If you missed the post where I shared more information about this issue and the process I found to remove the stuck-on backing, you’ll find it here: How a Seagrass Rug Ruined My Hardwood Flooring

Red Plaid-Tartan Bedding


Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Thank goodness for denatured alcohol! I’m glad to know of this trick, just in case any of our rug pads stick to the floor. We have so much humidity here that I wouldn’t be at all surprised. Your boxwood wreath is definitely timeless and looks great in every season. Thanks for hosting the party, and have a good week, Susan!

    • Thanks, Julie! I finally took down the boxwood wreath in the kitchen bay window when a friend asked why it was still up. lol I just love them and love using them year around.

  2. Sorry about your floor Susan! Good tip about the denatured alcohol.

  3. Susan, thanks for hosting!

  4. What a great solution, I must get some denatured alcohol! I am happy to know that you are human after all Susan and still have your winter bedding out πŸ™‚ You are a busy one! Thanks for the party today-

  5. I shouldn’t tell this, but I seldom look under my rugs. I’d better go check them. Your floors look beautiful. Thanks for the hint and remedy.

    • I used to vacuum under the edge of this one about every third time I vacuumed in there, so I was shocked when it suddenly fell apart. Yeah, definitely check, better to know now. If you don’t have a felt pad or something like that under yours Laurie, you may want to add one because when these rubber back rugs go, they go quickly. πŸ™

  6. Thanks for hosting Susan! Isn’t it crazy what low quality rugs and pads can do to our floors!? Glad you figured out a solution. Looks great now. πŸ™‚

  7. Glad that the denatured alcohol did the trick!….the floors look great!…Thanks for hosting and have a great week Susan!

  8. Thanks for the floor tip. So glad to read you found a solution! Thanks also for hosting this morning. Take care!

  9. Susan, I had the same thing happen with my seagrass rug!

  10. Your floors look wonderful. Love your new bedroom arrangement. Thanks for the tip on the denatured alcohol.
    I had a mess with some picture frames a few years back. The felt/cork (?) pads on the back to prevent nicks or mars on the walls began to disintegrate and started melting down my walls. Four pictures were like that in two different rooms. It wouldn’t come off, so I had to repaint. In all my years I’ve never had that happen. I wonder if the denatured alcohol would have worked without removing the paint?

    • Thanks, Anne! It’s like we have little gremlins living in our home, wreaking havoc when we aren’t looking!
      I’m not sure if denatured alcohol would be a good choice since it’s pretty strong, but I wonder if Magic Eraser would have worked. It really is magic! You can see how it worked on my walls in this older post:
      I just used Magic Eraser again in the guest room when the dresser with a large attached mirror was moved out for hardwood floor installation. The mirror had left big, ugly brown streaks on the wall where it has been leaning, and I thought I was going to have to repaint. Magic Eraser took them all off.

  11. Glad the floors have healed!

  12. rattlebridge farm says

    I’ll have to remember this. Your floors are so pretty. Thank you for hosting the party!

  13. Mary Anne Looby says

    Totally off topic, but glad your floors are better. Got a quick peek at the chair in your bedroom. Fruit and dragonflys, oh my. It looks charming. Is the fabric original, or have you had it redone?

  14. Susan @ Ash Tree Cottage says

    I was about to purchase a seagrass rug to place under my farmhouse table in the breakfast room, but thought better about it after I heard about your problem. Thanks for the tip about the denatured alcohol. Now I won’t be worried about my hardwoods. I just joined Instagram a couple of weeks ago and am following you there now too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • Susan, I would still put one of the felt type pads under it because it’s a pain when this happens. Also, the residue leaves little shadowy spots on the floor, even after it’s removed.
      My rug was fine for years, this seemed to happen almost overnight. I often lifted the rug to vacuum under the edge and it was fine for years, then suddenly it wasn’t.

      So, if you do plan to put a rug there, put something like a felt pad underneath, nothing rubbery that can deteriorate and do this. Rugs scare me after this.

      Also, if your room gets a lot of sun, the floor will fade out a lot more where it gets the light and you’ll have a “permanent” rug on your floor in a few years, even after you remove the real rug. So keep you blinds/shutters or whatever tilted so the sun doesn’t shine directly on the floor. I didn’t have any issue with that since I always keep the shutter louvers slightly tilted upward. But I’ve seen that in a lot of homes, flooring faded in a weird way due to a rug. Hope these tips help. πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for the tip! Now I can order the seagrass rug I want for my breakfast room. I joined Instagram recently and am following you there too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. Susan, thank you for hosting us for Met Monday. It’s hard to tell what all we’ll find if we lift our rugs, lol. I do know I have a rubber backed area rug on carpet that has aged its ugly self right into my off-white carpet. I’m just pretending it’s not really there until I’m ready to get it all switched out (soon, I hope).

  17. I am filing this tip away for sure! Hardwood floors are on my to-do list in the near future and I am planning to have a small area rug on top. Thanks for hosting! Hugs…Debbie

  18. Chrystal says

    Looks better. Thanks for the denatured alcohol tip.
    BTW, I was wondering about your upstairs bathroom redo. Did you finish and what vanity did you get. Did I miss a post on that?

    • Thanks, Chrystal! Well, when the sink/cabinet I wanted wasn’t available, I ended up doing the hardwood flooring in the guest room and landscaping the front yard instead. I need to start saving again for the bath renovation. Can’t I just win the lottery and do it all now! πŸ˜‰

  19. Hooray for denatured alcohol and thanks for the tip Susan! I’m sharing my new red Luciana outdoor bench that I purchased when I saw yours! Thanks for turning me onto it πŸ™‚

  20. Glad the floors are better….LOVE the chandelier over your bed! Dreamy!

  21. claudette flanigan says

    Thanks, Susan, for telling us about this product. Your floors are beautiful and so happy all that gunky stuff came off. I pinned a picture of the product itself to my “cleaning” board on Pinterest.

  22. Thanks so much for the party!!

  23. Susan, you are one busy lady. When do you rest? I am afraid that I am like you. I am now downsizing my garden because within the next couple years we want to move to something smaller and the nephew that will move here doesn’t want to work with the flowers.

    My husband spilled Dr. Pepper on the car carpet (I usually don’t let anyone drink anything but water, but he had such a hard day at the doctor I did). Anyway I called my friend at the dealership and he didn’t think I could get it out, so I Googled it and there is a product you can order, but a suggestion was dish detergent and water in a spray bottle and work from the outside in and after it is well blotted spray with diluted white vinegar and water. I had to do it twice, but my carpet looks good and in a few weeks I may do the entire carpet to get it all nice and clean. Nice to know something so inexpensive can work.

    My project now is to remove duct tape from a metal lantern that I use outside and the man in the paint department recommended professional Goo Gone and I used steel wool and it has cleaned it down to the metal. Was not as hard as I thought it was going to be and I won’t put duct tape on it again and set it out in the sun.

    Maybe you can find time to sit on that beautiful porch.

    • Thanks, Carol! So glad the Dr. Pepper came out. I’ve been know to spill a whole Coke in my car when I turned a corner. πŸ™ I just ordered some Goo Gone to use for getting stickers off bottles I use on my bottle tree. Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard good things about it. I have the same issue with a lantern in my front yard I used masking tape on. I think I need to completely repaint that lantern…good fall project. πŸ™‚

  24. I’m so glad the rubber came off those gorgeous floors. That had to be a sickening moment when you found that mess. Thanks for hosting. Your winter bedding is gorgeous. One of my favorite looks.

  25. Even if for a short time, change to your summer bedding, it must stay warm there til late in the year, and then how fun to change over to the cozy tartan when it turns cold. Also, I leave my boxwood wreath in the dining room up year round. It’s unadorned and just feels like another botanical.

  26. Fabulous features, as always! Thanks for the party!
    And I’m so glad you were able to save your flooring! Oh, my! – Amy @

  27. Glad you found a solution for your pretty floors, Susan. As always, thanks for hosting.

  28. Love the tartan bedding but didn’t see the bed skirt listed. Did you buy it at Williams-Sonoma or make it from a duvet?

  29. Susan, what is the piece of furniture in your bedroom that has the fruit and what looks like dragonflies on it? I see just a glimpse of it and it looks very cute!

  30. I had a large seagrass rug on wood floors in the family room for 4 years until it started wearing and soiling on top. It had rubber backing. Before I placed it, I sewed together some twin size flat sheets, then gorilla taped them to the edges of the rug, covering the rubber back. Didnt need rubber back to keep rug in place since large, heavy and under furniture. Four years later, when removed, floors were good as when rug was placed, and discovered crumbling backing was contained by the sheets on the back. Dont know if would work for a longer time frame, but was perfect solution for me, and sheets are cheap, even cheaper at Goodwill or thrift stores.

  31. Susan, I, too, am so glad all that gunk came off your floor! I have certainly filed away the denatured alcohol tip. I also forget to use my magic erasers at times. I bought one of the chalk pens and did some fall decor on a little chalkboard on a stand I love. Don’t you know it wouldn’t come off! I was sick, and had decided to repaint the board with chalkboard paint. I had the presence of mind (now, where did that come from? LOL!) to google it and saw the suggestion of using the magic eraser. It worked great! I continue to write on my board and erase with the magic eraser.
    You mentioned moving in the future; are you going to search out your yellow cottage? Will you stay in your area or head north to be by those grandbabies? I know it will be hard to leave your beautiful house. I know you will build on a screened porch wherever you go!

  32. Susan, I have a question about vacuums. I just installed new hardwoods in my kitchen and I need a vacuum without a beater brush and one that’s not too expensive. What kind of vacuum do you use on your wood floors? Thank you

  33. I love that bedding! Perfect for christmas

  34. hi i would love to know the color of the walls in this room. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Linda, It’s an older Duron color called Sugar Cookie. Duron was bought out by Sherwin Williams but don’t get them to mix up the color because when I tried that a few years ago, it was awful and looked nothing like it. I used to go to my local Home Depot to get it mixed up, they had the old Duron Fan Deck that showed the color on the fan deck, but now they have gotten rid of it, or at least that’s what I was told the last time I was in there.

      But, I found another way to get the color…check out this post:

      Hopefully, the company I mention in that post is still in business and still providing samples and/or paint for those older colors we still love.

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