How I Store Hermes Twilly and Dior Mitzah Scarves, Visible Storage for Easy Access

I’m busy working on a table for tomorrow’s Tablescape Thursday, but I’m taking a quick break to share a little storage idea I recently came up with for storing small scarves like my Hermes Twillys and Dior Mitzah scarves.

Hermes Twilly & Dior Mitzah Scarves, Storage Display Tips and Ideas


In case you’re not familiar with these little scarves, they are fun to collect because they can be used in a lot of different ways. One way that’s quite popular is to use them to protect the handles of a handbag as shown in this photo below.

Protect Handbag Handles with Hermes Twilly Scarf


Here’s one more example of how a Dior Mitzah can be used to protect the handles of a bag from oils/sweat/lotion from the hands. These little scarves can also be used as a hair tie/decoration or even worn around the wrist or the neck.

Lady Dior Studded Bag with beige Le Phoenix de Christian Dior Silk Mitzah Scarf


This wee scarf is a Hermes “Nano” scarf called the Zebra Pegasus Nano scarf. It’s smaller than their Twilly and is perfect when you want to add a little punch of color to a bag. Hermes colors are always so rich and intense!

Hermes Zebra Pegasus Nano Scarf


Whenever I purchase one of these small scarves, they always come rolled up inside a container like these below. Hermes sometimes produces the heart-shaped containers around Valentine’s Day. The little boxes they come in are really cute but they aren’t very practical for actually storing the scarves since you can’t see which scarf is in which container. It can be time-consuming opening up each container when you’re looking for a particular scarf, or you just can’t remember what color scarves you have in your collection.

A while back, I attached a little label to the bottom of each of my containers that shows the name of the scarf inside, but that’s still not super helpful when I’m dressing and want to choose a scarf to match/go with an outfit or bag that I’m wearing that day.

Hermes Twilly & Dior Mitzah Scarves, Storage Display Tips and Ideas


Ideally, I think I’d like to have them hanging inside the little cabinet where I store my bags, but that’s just not practical since I don’t have the space or system for that. So I came up with this idea below instead. After measuring the width of my twilly scarves, I purchased this 12-compartment, clear storage box.

Hermes Twilly and Dior Mitzah Storage Ideas


This system is working out well because I can actually see the pattern/colors of each scarf. I have exactly 12 scarves right now, counting my tiny nano scarf. (Some are currently on bags, thus the empty spots below.) I don’t have plans to buy any more scarves at the moment, so this box was the perfect size for my current collection. (Storage box below is available here: Clear Storage Box.)

Storage for Hermes Twilly and Dior Mitzah Scarf


I ordered this slightly larger box at the same time I ordered the one above, just in case the first one didn’t work for my scarves. It has 15 compartments and actually cost a little less, though it’s bigger. You’ll find it available here: 15-Compartment Storage Box.

As mentioned, I ordered both at the same time but the 12-compartment one came first. I think I’ll keep both since I like the smaller one for now. I’ll find another use for the 15-compartment one when it arrives tomorrow.

Of course, these storage boxes could be used to store a lot of things like jewelry, crafts supplies, beads, sewing accessories, etc… I’m really pleased how it’s working for my small Twilly/Mitzah collection–no more guessing what I have in my collection and which box it’s in!


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    This little compartment clear box is perfect for those scarfs you have Susan! They look so pretty in there and I love that you can see exactly what you have, the colors, etc…These types of boxes come in handy for so many things and help keep us organized. Hugs, Brenda

  2. Excellent idea Susan! I have the same trouble with my scarves. I have a lot of larger ones, but this concept has inspired me to find a similar (dust-free) way to store them! Thanks for another fabulous tip!

  3. Susan, you always find a solution. That one seems, ideal. I have similar boxes that I use and they are very handy. Glad you found a system you are happy with.

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    Great idea Susan! Thank you for also saying you do stuff your purses with tissue paper to help them hold their shape. My purses aren’t designer, but I still want to keep them looking as nice as possible and I think this is a handy tip. Thanks.

  5. One question I have always wanted to ask: When you wrap your beautiful silk scarves around your handbag handle, how to you clean them afterwards? Thanks, Susan.

    P.S. I love the boxes and containers! They are almost as wonderful as the scarves!

    • I love those little boxes, too…they are so cute! Some people have them dry cleaned but I wash mine by hand with Laundress Delicate Wash. You can see it here: . I once ordered a pair of twillies “preloved” and when they arrived, they looked dirty which hadn’t been disclosed in the eBay ad. I washed them in that delicate wash and they came out looking great! I eventually ended up selling them to Fashionphile because the colors didn’t work out for my bag as I had hoped.

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