I Took Your Suggestions & This Is What I’ve Purchased So Far

Thanks so, so much for all your great suggestions in the comments yesterday! If you missed yesterday’s post, be sure and check out the comments on that post here: Planning Ahead for Christmas.

In that post, I mentioned how I am extremely prone to catching every cold virus that comes along, even though I try to eat well and take a daily multi-vitamin. There were so many great recommendations in the comments!

Last night I placed a Walmart Grocery order online since I needed to do that anyway after having been away for 10 days. I ordered several of the things you all suggested. They were out of one item but these two below arrived today and I’ve already taken them. I will continue taking them every day and I’m looking forward to seeing how they work this winter.

I was curious about the difference is between Ester-C and regular Vitamin C. I read Ester-C will stay in your system longer and is a bit easier on the tummy, so that’s what I ordered.  The Ester-C I purchased is available here: Ester-C.

Several folks also mentioned Elderberry and Airborne, so I ordered Airborne Elderberry gummies. They are available here: Airborne Elderberry.


I also ordered Emergen-C, another product that was recommended in the comments. Wally World was out of it, so I ordered it again today from Amazon here: Emergen-C. It should be here on Friday. I think I’ll alternate between it and the Ester-C, taking a different one each day.

Note: If you plan on ordering any of these, if you take any kind of prescription meds, you may want to check with your doctor to make sure these won’t cause any problems or interactions. I only take a small dose of Synthroid each morning for Hypothyroidism so I should be fine taking these later in the day with a meal.

Thank you again for your suggestions! I will refer back to the comments in the future and try some of the other suggestions you made, as well. I’m just starting with these for now since they seem to be the most suggested.


Trick-or-Treating This Year

Halloween in my neighborhood this year is going to be a bit different as I’m sure it will be in a lot of neighborhoods. Some neighbors suggested setting up a table with goodies packaged up for the little ones so there will be little to no contact. Others seemed to be inclined toward letting the kids Trick-or-Treat the regular way.

I usually have around 75 Trick-or-Treaters stop by my home each year, so what I’ve always done in the past is to place several pieces of candy in individual bags for giving out. It’s just so much faster to give out the candy that way when a group of 5 arrives all at once. Plus, you get to spend more time interacting/chatting with the kids and less time fiddling around with the candy.

This year I purchased these clear bags below. What I really like about them is they seal off without having to use a twist tie which is so time-consuming. You get a lot of bags for a great price: 300 bags for $10.99 so I’ll have enough for next year and the year after that!


I’ve only filled a few so far but I’m really happy with how this is working. I love how they seal off…so easy! If you are looking for an easy way to give out candy this year, you’ll find these bags here: Halloween Candy Bags with Self Adhesive.

Update: Though a Prime item, looks like these bags are saying in stock on Nov. 2nd. You may want to order them now for next year.


I also picked up a few bags of these. I may staple a bag of chips to each of the little candy bags.


Will the little ones be Trick-or-Treating this year in your neighborhood?

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I also swear by Oil of Oregano. I buy it through Amazon by the manufacturer, Gaia. I take it before I travel. I take it when I’m feeling a bit off. And, knock on wood, I haven’t had the flu in 22 years. There is so much we can do to build our immune system. So disappointed there isn’t a big push for more information on this. I also do a probiotic (they say if your gut is healthy, you are healthy), Vitamin D, Vitamin C too. And of course there is turmeric! Hope you stay really healthy this winter.

  2. You might ask your doctor about the supplements before you start. That is a lot of vitamin C and in some people it can irritate your stomach, bladder or bowels. It also makes for expensive pee :-). I work in health care education but I am not an M.D. or R.D. Besides washing your hands as you do, avoid touching your nose and especially your eyes – they are like two round sponges.
    Those treat bags are a great idea but as I learned last week, most of the Halloween treat bags of any kind are out of stock until November :-(. Here in the Boston area the cities and towns are on again/off again/on again about allowing trick or treating at all. I will probably end up using the ziploc snack sized bags although I really hate adding to the plastic stream.

    • Thanks for warning me about that, Mem! I was going to alternate the Ester-C and the Emergen-C…not take them on the same day. Do you think that will be okay?

      • I would still let your doctor know what you plan to do. I know mine always wants to know about any and all supplements. I have two colleagues who are Registered Dietitians with a PhD in Nutrition and they would caution against too much of any vitamin. Continue to drink plenty of water and maybe ease into the 1000 mg. That is a lot of citric acid.

  3. Susan, there is some talk among the medical community that it may not be good to take elderberry during this pandemic. I would advise you to look it up. I read about it most recently in a newsletter from a large hospital system we have here. I have seen talk about it other places.

  4. Be sure to drink plenty of water while taking the emergen-c..it will make your urinary tract mad! I had to reduce my intake of it to twice a week.
    Hope it helps

  5. Betty Lindgren says

    Susan…thank you for the info. And glad others in the medical field have given us some advice. It takes us all working together.

  6. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    I’ve never taken any of these products so I’m interested in hearing how they work for you Susan. I’ve also read what other’s had to say as I’m completely ignorant to these types of products. I’m also going to investigate about the oil of oregano as I’ve never heard about that. So interesting! Hope something works for you Susan. Hugs, Brenda

  7. I hope those work for you Susan! Love your Halloween gift bags. It should be interesting this year to see how the Trick or Treating goes. I know groups in our neighborhood have planned out how to do it safely, and even sent out a packet to us with ideas and cute little signs to let them know if we’re participating or not. So great of them to plan ahead and help the rest of us! Take care over there, and see you for Tablescape Thursday!

  8. Frances Wang says

    Look up L Lysine often used to speed cold sore healing but taken by a doctor who recommended it to me for immune health.
    A stress B complex really helps me. I have used Ester C for years as it’s supposed to be easier on the stomach. there is new research coming out for vitamin K. Vitamin D is a must. I’m fair and always need it as I do not get in sun enough year round. A is good for eye health and tissue health/repair in general.
    Now, just flushing out the nose daily or using saline nasal washer to flush out irritants and germs is a simple thing to do. Also gargling as far back as comfortable for as long as u can manually flushes stuff out. Many types of products available. Cleaning tongue with a tongue cleaner/scraper is another simple but easy way to keep the mouth and throat area cleaner. I always soak my tooth brush and tongue scraper in a little alcohol based mouth wash. A few minutes is enough. I change my pillow case a few times a week. I like silk cases. They dry really quickly if washed by hand so it’s easy to do often. I also use one hand towel for hands only and one for my face.
    I’ve gone back to my nursing days Dial bar soap for my hands.
    The Vermont Country Store has elderberry concentrate. I haven’t tried it. I’m curious if it works. Let us know. Vitamins E might be good to look up.
    Watercress and sweet potatoes as well as other fruits and veggies are full full of vitamins. I eat lots of homemade vegetable soup full of fresh organic veggies, onions, garlic and turmeric and pepper. Lots of fruit and berries go into almond based smoothies.
    May we all stay safe this winter.
    always check with pharmacist or your physician re: your supplements and prescription and over the counter medicines for interactions for safety.

  9. A friend thought she had a bad cold and ended up with COVID. Be careful and take care.

  10. Bernadette M Gibson says

    I use EmergengC all the time. I love the rasberry and I order it on Amazon. I take one packet every day and I mix it with a can of diet ginger ale. Hevenly.

  11. Linda Nixon says

    I am thinking some years ago a school teacher invented (?) Airborne. Do you remember that?

    • I think so too, based on the teacher being exposed to so many “vectors” in her classroom. Originally Airborne made claims they couldn’t support with data so they had to back off. People do love it though – when I fly I usually see at least one person mixing it in their bottled water. Is it real? Is it psychological? Or a combination of both?

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Those treat bags are really cute. We live out in the country and all the kids have grown up so our doorbell is silent and no more screams of “Trick or Treat, “, lol. Many of the churches were doing Trunk or Treat and the kids flocked to those. Glad you purchased the Ester C and the Emergen-C. I take the Ester C everyday and only the Emergen C if I feel like I need a little boost or have been out around a lot of people. Don’t forget about considering Zinc. It really works. Hope you are feeling better Susan!

  13. I use Zicam – Zinc was recommended early on for Covid. It is amazing. It was all gone right at the beginning, but stores have it now.

  14. I”ve started taking a daily culturelle probiotic. I think it really helps just in general – not just for stomach sensitivity. I’m surprised noone has mentioned it- gut health is very important and facinating to read about microbiome being linked to your digestive health, cognition , mood, nutrition and immune system. I agree with others that you should research water soluable vitamins ( if you take too much you just waste it- your body excretes) and start slowly

  15. Susan – My husband is prone to bronchitis and colds due to childhood asthma. He uses Zicam which is zinc and it really does nip them in the bud if he catches it in time. It is homeopathic and truly helpful.

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