How to Age, Antique or Distress Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag

Welcome to the 186th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently, I was chatting via e-mail with Nancy,  a talented DIY reader of BNOTP.  Nancy was inspired by a tutorial I posted a while back detailing how I made a wooden flag for Independence Day.

Pottery Barn Knockoff: Make A Painted Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays

I had been inspired by this one in the Pottery Barn catalog.

Pottery Barn Knockoff: Make A Painted Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays


Since I had a big cookout planned for the 4th, the flag was the finishing touch for my patriotic porch decor.  I never got around to “antiquing” or aging my flag.  I know there are lots of techniques and methods for aging furniture or wood pieces and I just couldn’t make up my mind how I wanted to do it.  I was worried I wouldn’t like the result in the end.  So, I just let it be.

Pottery Barn Knockoff: Make A Painted Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays

Since I mentioned in my post I wasn’t sure how I wanted to age it, Nancy was kind of enough to share her technique for aging the flag she made.  Nancy used a Crackle Medium to get the look she wanted.  She purchased it at Hobby Lobby.  I’m sure Michaels would have it, too.

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


Nancy applied it to the slats of the flag prior to assembling the flag.

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


You can’t really see it on the white strips/slats very well, but you can definitely see it on the red.

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


Here’s a closer view…it really does look old, doesn’t it?

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


Here’s how it look on the canton area of the flag.

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


Nancy lightly sanded her flag in places to “age” it.  Edges are good places to sand, where natural wear would occur.

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


Nancy also aged her flag by staining it a bit.  What did she use?

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


Old English!  Remember this stuff?

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


The areas where Nancy had sanded took the stain a bit better.

Antique, Age Furniture or a Crafted Wood Flag


A closer view… amazing how crackling medium and a little old English can give instant character and age to wood.

How to Age, Antique or Distress Wood Furniture, Signs or a Wood Flag


Here’s how Nancy’s flag looked hanging on her back porch. Beautiful!

Pottery Barn Inspired Flag


Nancy, thanks so much for sharing how you antiqued your fabulous flag.  It really turned out beautifully!  You’ll find a detailed tutorial for making your own Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Flag here:  Make a Painted Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays.  To see the porch decorated for the 4th, click here:  Patriotic Porch for the 4th of July.



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  1. I want to copycat,I love this FLAG!…I have and excessive amount of “baccer” sticks that will work for this project…gonna get right to it!!!

  2. The wooden flags look great! I can remember my mom making dust our dining room furniture with Old English, many years ago. Thanks for the memory!

  3. Thanx for hosting Susan! I always loved your flag artwork!

  4. I love it! Ironically enough, I was also inspired by the flag in PB and just painted one this weekend, although on a much larger scale and with chalk paint. 🙂 So I really enjoyed reading this tutorial!

  5. I remember the old english polish well, as my mother made me use it on the wood furniture.
    Thanks for hosting again this week. I am in again with another necklace, as I have not been working on any home projects for a while now.

  6. I love that flag, I may have to make one too. I have been eyeing that flag at PB for a very long time but there is no way I could afford it. This I could afford. :). Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  7. Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  8. I love this flag project, thanks for sharing the tutorial. I haven’t thought about Old English furniture polish in years, good to know there’s an old product out there that can do more than polish furniture. Thanks so much for hosting Susan.

  9. Old English ~ who knew! Love the flag. Thank you for hosting.

  10. Hey! Thanks for hosting, this is my first time linking up to your party. Can’t wait to go through some of these links. I’m your newest follower.

  11. I love the flag! Thanks for hosting!!! XO, Aimee

  12. I like to make flags our of old picket fencing, that way they already have a distressed feel to them. Both the flags you featured look wonderful! Thanks for hosting, Laura

  13. Old English. Yep, have it under my kitchen sink right now. It is invaluable for my antiques. I have also mixed it with paste wax to for antiquing, too. It makes a good colorant. What a pretty flag. Love all your Americana dishes. Have a great week. xxoo

  14. I so love the wooden flag…great tutorial…just love the crackled finish….Thanks for hosting Susan and have a wonderful week!!!

  15. Thanks for hosting your party, Susan! Thanks also for sharing the tips to age wood. I love to use crackling medium…is like magic (unless the weather is humid and then it’s not so magical).

  16. Thanks to Nancy for this helpful tutorial. The flag looks amazing!…Christine

  17. Darn, linky is giving me problems again and won’t let me link up.

    • Pinky, did you get linked up? Just check to make sure your link is to the .net address and doesn’t have the old blogspot address in it. Let me know if you are able to link up.

  18. I love the flag tutorial! Thanks so much for hosting this party each week! Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Blessings, Nici

  19. THANKS so much for hosting — and love the tutorial. I can’t believe I never thought of using Old English for some color/stain. Love it. Have a fabulous week!! Hugs.

  20. Hello, Susan!
    Great day! I LOVE posts about American flags! 😀 So, of course, I looove Nancy’s “antiqued” wooden flag, she truly did a great job… but now (you can call me crazy!), just because I’m a “very fast” decider… I still love your “bright” one, too! LOL Maybe that’s because they both look great or… because I love every American flag! I don’t know! All I know is: now I want a wooden American flag, too! 🙂 (It’s your fault! LOL)

  21. Very timely information on the flag, my 16-y-o daughter is going to work on something similar for me this week (maybe I’ll be able to post about it next Monday). For this week, I linked about the old window I’ve decorated for our breakfast room – thanks for hostessing. Hugs ~ Mary

  22. I have to tell ya, I like the flag both ways!! Your porch is always so stunning!!

  23. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tutorial! I love your patriotic porch and the flag is awesome! Thanks for hosting! It’s always a fun party!

  24. Susan,
    I love your flag project so much. I think I would enjoy that all year, it is so lovely. Thank you as always for hosting!

    Hugs, Tanya 🙂

  25. Thanks for sharing the info about the crackling medium. About 20 years ago I crackled things with a kit. I have some Old English under the sink right now so it’s good to know that I can use that to “age” things, too. Like I’ve said many times, I always learn so many things from you!

  26. Good to know about the Old English – thanks! Love the flag!

  27. I’m visiting from Thanks for hosting!

  28. Hi Susan, First I love the flag and the wedding photos!. I spent 45 mins linking this am, no luck. Retd from work tried apx 1 hour..still not linking. I,m bummed. Dianna

    • Hi Dianna,
      I just checked and the link is for the old blog address. Just change it to and InLinkz will let you link up. It may seem like the old link works but that’s because it takes you to the old blog and the old blog is set up to reroute folks back to the new one. But InLinkz won’t work for that old blog address. You should be all set once you change the link. 🙂

  29. Great flags…both of them! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  30. Nancy’s flag turned out perfect. Thank you for sharing and hosting. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  31. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Love your porch very season! Those flags are perfect for showing your U.S.A. team spirit for the olympics!

  32. Thanks so much for hosting this great party! Life to the full to you!

  33. Hi Susan: I love the crackling finish on the wooden flag, and Old English–who knew?? I will have to remember that for future use! Thank you for hosting the party today, and I hope you have a super week!

  34. I love reading BNOTP. It gives me clues as to why Jane is moving in a certain direction in her latest projects. The latest is an interest in aqua.

  35. Hi Susan,
    Love both flags….
    Using the crackle medium and the stain gives a fantastic aged look , but I like your new,crisp and fresh look too. Two different decor styles..both lovely.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  36. Love the flag, want to try this out with our Canadian flag! Thanks for hosting this fabulous link party 🙂

  37. Beautiful flag, Susan! And thanks so much for that tutorial. What a difference it makes. And so easy.

  38. Thanks for hosting. The flag is perfect!

  39. Nancy Bednar says

    thanks, everyone, for your nice comments. I’ve been an antiquer for a long time and Old English Scratch Cover is an antique dealers secret – that and tung oil. The next time you visit a booth with fine furniture and get a sniff of something pleasant (and see no scratches) betcha this is what you’re smelling. Thanks, Susan, for your lovely inspiration. Here’s to a creative and beautiful day all!

  40. I love your flag and your porch! It is so awesome! I barely made it to link up! Being back in school is really slowing me down. LOL Thank you so much for hosting another great party! 🙂

  41. WOW What a WONDERFUL PLACE!! You do AWESOME decorating I have a sundeck by the beach in So CA that’s a blank slate if you ever need a place to play!!! LOL!! Just beautiful I will visit often to see what is happening next. Thank for sharing your beautiful home.. Jude 9 AKA, Judy, Mom Nana, Grandma and now GiGi

  42. Is the crackle medium before or after the paint is applied?

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