That Last Handbag on My Wishlist & Protecting Leather Handles from Discoloration

A while back I shared this photo below on one of my two Instagram accounts. I have two accounts at Instagram: one where I share home/travel/garden related posts and one where I share fashion loves. I’ll link to both of those at the bottom of this post in case you would enjoy following me there.

This was a winter outfit I had put together with a recently purchased scarf. If you look closely, you’ll notice the handles of my handbag are covered. They are covered with little scarves that are often referred to as twillies. Several brands make little “twilly” scarves to wear around the neck, on the wrist or to protect handbag handles from discoloration due to lotion, sweat or skin oils.

Initially, I was completely resistant to putting twillies on the handles of my bag. That all changed the day I came across a thread at the PurseForum. The poster had shared a photo of a golden-brown Hermes bag and the handles were discolored so badly, they were almost black. In the thread, the poster said she had sent the bag off to Hermes to see if they could restore the handles and the answer she got back was that there was nothing they could do short of replacing the handles entirely.

After reading that thread and seeing the photos, I decided I’d rather protect my bag’s handles than deal with that issue down the road, especially since I wear a lot of hand lotion throughout the year. I also live in a very humid area which can lead to sweaty hands, although that’s not normally an issue for me. Even just normal skin oils, over time, can darken the handles of a bag.

Protect Handbag Handles with Hermes Twilly Scarf


You may remember a few months back I shared an update I made for my handbag storage. In that post, I mentioned that I was pretty content with my current handbag collection and that the only handbag still on my wishlist was a Lady Dior. That bag has been on my wishlist for many years.

About a year or so ago I stopped by Dior and they had this bag in, a Lady Dior in a navy, supple-leather, studded design. This photo below was later texted to me via my Dior sales associate. It really doesn’t do the bag justice. It was stunning in person, a rich navy color in a buttery-soft leather.

I loved the studded design but couldn’t decide if I loved it enough to buy it. I left that day without purchasing it but could never get it out of mind. The memory of it haunted me, have you ever had that happen with a bag? By the time I decided I really did like it enough to buy it, it was no longer available—sold out everywhere! Arggg! Story of my life!


A few weeks back, I visited my favorite online site for pre-loved bags and did a search for Lady Dior bags. (You’ll find that site here: New and Pre-loved Bags.)

With Christmas just a few days away, followed by my birthday a few weeks later, I was thinking of finally treating myself to a Lady Dior if I could find one in great shape and a color I liked. I still had hopes of finding one in the studded design I had missed out on the previous year. I was in luck and found this one below. Though not navy, I loved it! It also didn’t hurt that it was 1/2 the cost of the navy one I had seen in the boutique.

When it arrived it was in even better condition than the ad had stated. That’s normal for that site, they always underestimate the condition which I appreciate. Per the authenticity card, it was purchased by its original owner at the Dior on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in 2017. They must have carried it very little because there’s absolutely no corner wear and it still looks new.

Dior Lady Dior Studded Supple Leather Handbag


Those white handles have me a bit worried though, so I’ve decided to cover them with a Dior Twilly. I purchased two in this design below for fall/winter. The design depicts a phoenix rising from the ashes. Love the colors for fall and winter. Once it’s wrapped around the handles, you’ll only see the floral/phoenix/sun design side.

Dior Twilly Scarf


With spring just 3 months away, I went ahead and purchased this one for spring/summer. It’s a new style that just came out and of course, they sold out immediately on the Dior website. My Dior sales associate was able to track two down in another Dior store. I’m sure they’ll be restocked online eventually since it’s a new style for spring.

Have you ever experienced wear or discoloration on the handles of a handbag? If you live in a hot, humid area or wear lotion a lot as I do, you may want to consider purchasing a twilly (or two) to cover the handles of your bag. They can be fun to coordinate with the color of your bag and offer great protection against sweat, dirt and lotion.

Dior Twill Scarf


Places I Shop for Twillies:

When I can’t find a twilly in the color I need in the boutique, one of my favorite places to shop for them is on eBay. You’ll often find them in pairs there which is really helpful for handbags with two handles. (See their current selection here: eBay)

Vestiaire Collective also sells twillies although I’ve never purchased them from there. You’ll find their selection here: Vestiaire Collective.


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  1. Such a great idea, and such beautiful designs! I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for these when I replace my every-day bag in the not too distant future! Thanks for another wonderful post!

  2. I don’t ‘get’ your love for designer handbags, but I know what it’s like to really appreciate something, so I’m happy for you that you found that Dior bag. It does appear to be in great shape! Looks brand new. I like the spring twilly you chose. Congrats on your good buy, Susan.

    • Aww, thanks Pam! I know what you mean, we all have our “thing.” It really does look new, whoever had it before me def took care of it, or rarely wore it. I think it was meant to be, my not getting it when I saw it last year since I was able to buy it for 1/2 the price it would have been in the boutique. I’m a big Fashionphile fan now.

      • I believe you said it was originally sold on Rodeo Drive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some super-rich Hollywood type had owned it and barely used it. And you got it for 1/2 price! What a bargain!

  3. Beautiful…but a white purse (with a fall twilly) after labor day? Oh my: 😉

    • lol It’s not really white, it’s a cream/off white color, so more of a winter white. I’m not really sure how much it will get worn in fall/winter since I kinda live in black or blue denim jeggings for much of the winter, although I do like how it looks with the cream-colored winter vest I wear this time of year. I have a feeling it will be worn a lot more in the spring and summer when I wear so many shifts/dresses.

  4. My original Louis Vuitton was a Speedy I bought in the mid 80s. I couldn’t wait for the handles to turn dark, LoL! I did not like it looking so new. I do think I would use a twilly on a Dior bag just because they are such a nice personal touch (and BTW, I love the winter white color you chose!) In general though, I like to see age on precious things, it tells me they were used and enjoyed.

    • I so agree! I don’t like the look of new vachetta leather on an LV bag, either. I much prefer it after it has turned a honey or warm brown.
      Mary, you would not have liked the handles on the bag I saw online. They were so dark, they looked black. They looked very dirty, not aged. Frankly, I would not have wanted to touch them, they were that bad. It must have been years of sweat, lotion, skin-0ils, etc… built up to make them look that bad…bad enough the owner of the bag had reached out to Hermes for help. To replace the handles on a Hermes bag is very expensive and then the bag is no longer in its original shape, so that put the fear in me. Just don’t want to ever have to deal with that.
      I so agree with using our loved pieces and not saving them. We should enjoy them to the fullest every day. 🙂

  5. Sue Klingseis says

    How do you attach the twillies to the bag?

  6. As beautiful as the navy one is, I think I like the white bag even more (if that is possible). Hope you enjoy it in good health for many years to come!

  7. Hi Susan, I have been following your blog for ages. I remember you mentioning an insert purse organizer. I just purchased a Dooney and Bourke handbag (I know, can’t compare to your designer handbags!) and would love to know the name of the organizer you purchased.

    Thanks so much!

    • I love Dooney and Bourke bags, I just purchased their “Georgia” bag last year for my daughter-in-law and she loves it! I think they make gorgeous bags and the quality is excellent!
      The organizer I purchased for my Hermes Birkin and really like came from an Etsy shop called Jenny Krafts here: .
      I’ve also purchased from Sooni and liked their insert, that’s the one that I’m currently using in my Hermes Evelyne bag.

      I just purchased one for my Lady Dior bag here: .
      I’ve never bought an organizer from them before but it was the only shop I found that makes one for the Lady Dior. They have good reviews so hopefully I will like it once it arrives.

      I’ve heard good things about Zoomoni via YouTube and Instagram, but haven’t ordered from them yet. Here’s their website: . Hope that helps.

      By the way, whenever I order an organizer/insert, if there are pockets I’m not using, I often remove them with a seam ripper. I don’t like having pockets taking up space in my bag if I’m not using them. Some organizers just have too many pockets for me, especially the ones that are on the exterior of the organizer. They can add unnecessary bulk. They are usually easy to remove

  8. I would love to try and find a navy bag like that. Would you mind telling me the original cost, so I can tell if I am getting a good “marked down” price? Does the purse have a model name? Does Dior ever re-release a popular seller? Thank you.

    • It’s been a while since I was in Dior and saw the bag, but as I recall, it was around $5,200-5,400 I think. I paid $2,775 for my bag.
      Normally, the seasonal/limited edition bags (like my studded bag) cost more than the standard Lady Dior bags that they carry year around. The regular Lady Dior bags are $4,500. The bags are all made by hand so a lot of work goes into them as seen in this video.

      When you’re Googling and searching for the bag, the best search term I found is “Lady Dior Studded Supple Leather Bag.”
      I was never able to find it again in navy, which I thought was really odd. You can usually find it in black and occasionally in white, but I’ve never seen another navy one like the one I saw in the Dior Boutique in Saks in Atlanta. They must not have made very many of them in that color. The navy was beautiful with the gold studs!

    • Oh, forgot to answer your other question: I asked my Sales Associate that very question yesterday (if Dior ever brings back a previous limited edition or seasonal style) and she said, no. That’s kinda what I thought since I’ve never seen the same “limited edition” style come back.
      Also, when you’re shopping pre-loved, read the fine print regarding returns, etc… I won’t buy a pre-loved bag, or any bag, from an online store or seller who will not let you return the bag if it’s not what you expected or just don’t like it once it arrives. It’s too much $$$ to take a chance on getting a bag that isn’t what you thought it would be. That’s why I only shop at the place I linked to in this post. They have a 30-day return policy for any reason…it could be that you just didn’t like the bag.

  9. I love the houndstooth scarf in the first photo! Could you give some information as to the brand? Thanks!

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