If Ya Gotta Wear One, It Might As Well Be Pretty

Recently here in Ohio, the Governor made a strong recommendation that everyone wears a mask when shopping. Also, a business/shop (if they wish) can require that you wear a mask when shopping in their store. Regular masks have been impossible to purchase locally and online so I decided to look for something handmade (and hopefully pretty) online. I wanted something as cheerful and springy as possible.

I ordered two masks made in a Lilly Pulitzer style fabric/pattern. I didn’t ask for a particular pattern, but it appears the seamstress will try to accommodate requests if the fabric is still available.

Face Masks, Lilly Pulitzer Style Fabric


They are $11.99 each and feel really well made. I love the feel of the fabric, it’s nice and thick. The backside is lined with a soft, white fabric. Of course, these aren’t meant to be worn in a clinical or hospital setting, they wouldn’t be protective enough for that, but I think they will be fine for my occasional shopping trips where I’m keeping my distance and just want a bit of extra “cute” protection.

These are handmade in America in Texas–like that! I placed my order on April 18th and they arrived on April 30th, so that was a pretty fast turnaround considering they are handmade. They will one day be a souvenir of this weird era we are living in, hopefully, sooner than later!

I was thinking today, they could probably even be worn over a regular, store-bought mask, but not sure since I haven’t tried that. Anyway, I love ’em and they were exactly what I was hoping to find. If you need a pretty mask, these are available here: Lilly Inspired Masks.

You’ll find many more styles available here: Face Masks.

Lilly Pulitzer Style Face Covering Masks


I won’t say “stay safe” because I’ve heard that a million times now and I’m sure you have too. So instead I’ll close with, Happy Spring! I hope you are seeing some beautiful springtime weather!

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  1. I bought mine online from a woman in Florida. It didn’t come with a slit to insert a filter, so I made a slit in the lining with scissors so I could insert a paper towel or a coffee filter. It has worked out well.

    • I didn’t notice it when I ordered these, but today I noticed it says, “with filter” so I wonder if these have a filter inside.

      • They do have an embroidery backing sewn into. It much stronger than a coffee filter. It will hold up during washings.

        • Thanks for that info, Martha–that’s great to know!

          • Linda Burwell says

            I bought mine online. It has a humidity thing on the front outside that’s supposed to keep glasses/sunglasses from fogging up. It doesn’t work very well. I also ordered another over a month ago from another vender and still haven’t received it even after emailing them. I used pay pal so l can put in a complaint if l don’t receive it soon. I do have everything l need to make some now. Let’s hope this will be over soon! Supposedly wearing a mask too much might bother our skin underneath and we don’t need that! I live in Ca. We have lots of new rules regarding the virus right now! Hard to keep up!!

  2. Oh aren’t those darling?! My husband has been doing all the shopping, so I haven’t had to have a real mask yet, but these look perfect. Thanks as always for the great – and stylish – info!

  3. I bought my masks from distanz.com in California. They came very quickly. They come with N95 filters and you can buy replacement filters. They work great. They came very quickly. My order arrived in just over a week. I highly recommend them.

  4. Bobbi Duncan says

    These are sooo pretty. I’ve been making masks for several of our local hospitals since March and I can tell you that the doctors and nurses wearing my plain Jane masks are paling by comparison to how you’ll look wearing these pretty L. P. ones lol! Hugs!

  5. That far is is very pretty. Do those come with a wire for the nose? It’s important they fit close around the bridge of the nose with no gaps. I’ve seen where you can use a paper clip (fold the ends back in a loop so the ends won’t scratch) and use tape to hold in place. I don’t know if tape would work on fabric but it might. Worth a try.

  6. At the grocery store this morning, I noticed several people wearing masks including myself and I thought, “Soon we’ll be coordinating with our clothes I suppose.”
    We’ve had a real spring in South Georgia this year. No falling directly into summer. April has been so beautiful I was sorry to see it go!

  7. I made plenty for family & friends using 2 layers of 100% cotton t-shirts (raided the hubby’s closet & donation bag). Ordered the remaining stock of (any color) bias tape from a quilt shop in NM for the ties. Filters 71% micron particulates & 3% easier to breathe than hospital/N95 masks. Approved pattern & material from a WA hospital.

  8. Shelley says

    Love this!!! I ordered a few from a lady in a nearby neighborhood thru “ next door” which is an online newsletter… not as cute as yours, though!! I live in VA, and everyone out in public is wearing this type- the idea is that each person doesn’t spread their germs- so overall the risk of COVID is lowered.

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    Very cute and springy! My wonderful neighbor made us some, but not as colorful as yours, however I was thankful for her kindness and generosity. My sister sent me a video clip showing how to make no -sew masks using a large square of material with several folds and flips, with rubber bands to go around the ears and so she did it using a large dinner napkin. It turned out just fine, actually pretty creative. I haven’t done it yet as I have the ones from my neighbor and and an unopened box in my medicine chest left over from last year, but will possible do if our governor keeps extending the stay at home shelter date. Today was absolutely beautiful and can you believe it’s MAY! YIPPEE!

  10. Oh, I am so sorry you had to pay for those! I have made over 100 of those same kind to give away. If you need more, please don’t pay for them + shipping. I will make some and send them to you!

  11. I love the mask …I have not been out of our apartment since the 13 th.of March.Not even out in the hall. We live in Senior Housing 48 apartments and we have been on total lockdown since then. My husband goes out once a week to get fresh items. He is 80 years old so he goes at the early time 7 a.m. He try’s to keep the 6 foot distance but it’s very hard with other people pushing in.The other day a man pushed in with no mask and almost knocked him down. Some people are so rude.MY daughter is a personal shopper for one of the big food stores here and the stories she tells me about how rude the shoppers and the online shoppers as well.They blame the clerks for being out of an item. Please ware your mask and stay safe !

  12. How colorful and making the best of a bad situation. I am curious if it says the fabric is prewashed. Some new fabric has a distinctive smell that I couldn’t tolerate.

  13. Those are very cute and stylish. I have made over 50 masks to donate to our local Hospice agency, to be distributed to nursing homes. I’ve also given them to family, friends, and neighbors. It is my small contribution, and I’ve enjoyed making them. I put a wire in the nose area, as well as hospital grade filters. I think we will be wearing them for quite a while.

  14. Franki Parde says

    How is everyone sterilizing after each wearing…a washing machine hardly does that…I wondered about “ironing”…however, if it has a filter that doesn’t work…a conundrum…Lysol…which is never in stock…*sigh* EAT CHOCOLATE!! franki

    • The ones I purchased are washable and I would think washing them would be enough to clean them. I don’t think germs could survive a hot water wash with detergent.

      • That is correct – the COVID-19 virus has a lipid or “fatty” outer layer that can be removed/dissolved with soap and water making the virus ineffective/inactive. Thus the reason people are encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizer only if they can’t wash their hands right away. Dr. Sanjay Gupta and others have explained it for us in these simpler terms.

  15. Dawne Marie says

    Very pretty! I ordered five from Johnny Was. Haven’t received yet. Johnny Was contributes one for every one purchased to a healthcare worker. 25$ for five.

  16. Brenda Lawrence says

    Your right Susan, we have to wear them so they might as well be pretty. We are required to wear them if we go into a store too here in PA. As a matter of fact, the store can be fined if you don’t have one on and they let you in. I will have to check them out myself although I doubt I will go out unless absolutely necessary-still need one or two though. Happy Spring to you as well-like you I’m getting tired of the take care stuff too. Hugs, Brenda

  17. I’ve already made about 3 dozen masks for family and friends (different style) with a flexible wire over the nose bridge between the layers for a better fit, and an opening for a filter if you want to add. BTW I am not selling or taking orders!… I really want to get back to quilting. Side note: 95% of people wear masks (and gloves) while shopping at my grocery store in Palm Beach County Fl, it’s the older people who weren’t wearing them! We have one-way aisles, but of course, not everyone was complying. And in my humble opinion, there is no reason for couples to grocery shop together! Minimize risk people. Only one of you NEEDS to go. If you both want to get out of the house, go for a walk in the fresh air! (off my soapbox now!…sorry)

    • I’ve made 26-27 masks, given to family and friends, and 6 scrub caps for May RN daughter. It’s a drop in the bucket but I do what I can. My mother-in-law has made over 100 masks which have been given to local doctors’ office staff and our hospital. I like the LP fabric, you’ll be quite stylish in your masks.

  18. Claudette flanigan says

    Very pretty! It is mandatory to wear them here in Connecticut. I have made the same exact pattern using a variety of fabrics for family and friends. Have also donated about 20 to a local hospital for pregnant women to wear in the waiting rooms on their doctor visits. Unfortunately there is a major shortage of 1/4 inch elastic. I have an order in but wont be here until June. Then I will start making them again to give out to family and friends.

  19. Hi, Susan! Of course we can count on you to find the prettiest face masks! I ordered 2 of them and hope they fit better than some of the others I have ordered. At least I will be going out in style!

  20. Faith Ann says

    I adore Lilly Pulitzer style fabric. Thank you for letting us know about these. I just ordered four !!! If you have to wear masks, they might as well be beautiful! I mentioned to the etsy seller that I saw them on your blog.

  21. Susan, first things first. Glad to know you are keeping well and spending time with your son, dil and the grandchildren. Re masks, those are so pretty! During the course of the past several weeks I’ve been making two styles and offering them to whom ever expresses a desire for them and needless to say I’ve last count as to how many I’ve donated as our regulations are somewhat strict where I live. All said; currently the biggest challenge is finding the proper fabric/lining so I’ve even taken to stalking online fabric websites ….lol! In closing ….. stay safe and with warm hugs from Canada -Brenda-
    Footnote: The masks that I am making do include and wire so when pinched will conform to nose shape, a pocket for insertion of an optional filter plus adjustable ear loops and/or which can be strung in one continuous run and/or doubled tied. One is fashioned after the ‘contour’ Olson Mask and the other is similar to a standard clinical ‘pleated’ one.

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