In the Garden: Daffodils and Pansies

Welcome to the 271st Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your weekend? Hope it was a nice one! It’s been raining here so it was a good weekend to stay inside and gets some things done around here. I just spent it cleaning and clearing out some drawers. Exciting stuff! Ha!

For this Met Monday, I thought I’d share how the bulbs are looking now. Remember this picture from a post a while back?

Plant Daffodils in Container for Spring Blooms


These daffodil bulbs sat in the garage a bit longer than they should have but I was hoping they would still come up for me once planted.

Plant Daffodils in Container for Spring Blooms 4


I decided to plant them in a pot so I could pull them out easily and plant them somewhere in the yard later on. In the photo below, I had just placed them around the pot to gauge how many would fit.

Plant Daffodils in Container for Spring Blooms 5


Fast-forward to today, they are just starting to bloom now. I don’t see any white ones with orange centers yet. Ummm, hope the bag wasn’t lying and there are some in there.

Daffodils in Bloom, Container Gardening


The other pot of daffodils is coming up in a strange way. Some are way ahead of others and some haven’t made their appearance at all, yet. Keeping my fingers crossed they do come up.

Container Gardening, Daffodils for Spring


The pansies I placed in the bed in front of the house survived the ice storm we had, you know, the one that paralyzed Atlanta for several days. Pansies are so hardy.



Remember this area around the gas lantern  from this past summer? Right after the yard was sodded last summer, I added some Lantana to dress it up a bit.

Lantana Planted Around Gas Lantern


I hadn’t planned on putting anything around it for winter but I had some pansies left over so I placed them here. I also planted a few daffodils around the lantern. Wish I had planted them all at the same time, because I would have placed the daffodils on the inside closer to the pole and the pansies around the outer area. The pansies will have to come out once the heat of summer arrives anyway since they don’t tend to do well with our summer temps.

As you can see, my grass is still very dormant. I’m starting to get a little worried since the zoysia yards around me are turning really green. I think my neighbors all have Emerald Zoysia. Mine is Zeon Zoysia. I Googled trying to find info about when Zeon greens up and if it’s just slower to get going than the other Zoysias, but I couldn’t really find anything comparing green-up times. I hope the ice we had this past winter didn’t damage it. Even though the lawn went in kind of late in the summer, it did get well established before winter, so hopefully it will green up soon.

Daffodils and Pansies Around Gas Lantern


I’ll give you an update on the lawn and if it does come back. I’m planning on getting back out there and getting some shrubs in soon. Fall would have been the better time for that but I was pretty burned out with landscaping after all the sodding and tree removal that took place this past summer. If you missed all those posts, you’ll find them here:  In The Garden.  Just scroll down on that page and you’ll see all the post links for the sodding preparation and the sodding itself.

Looking forward to all the Before and Afters linked for this Met Monday!

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  1. Good morning, Susan. Your daffs & pansies look nice. We always plant pansies in fall, and they usually winter over through spring (summer’s also too hot for them in our area). Mine have always done well, but this winter was way too mean, and they’re struggling to perk up through all the matting that the snow & ice caused. My daffs are doing fine but, like yours, many have delayed opening. Just a weird winter to spring, with timing all off for the first flowering trees, shrubs & flowers – seems they’re all blooming, but all simultaneously here, and much later than normal. Sure hope your grass comes in ok – what a disappoint that would be if not, after all that expense and effort! There’s always a lesson to learn or pitfall to avoid when landscaping, it seems. Have a great week, and thanks for hosting us all again.
    Rita C at Panoply

    • Thanks, Rita! I planted those last fall, too…can’t believe they made through the ice. I think I lost a few but most amazingly survived. Hope your pansies perk up for you. I called the company where my grass came from and they said that Zeon is slower to green up and doesn’t normally green up until end of April, beginning of May. That made me feel better. Would be an expensive investment gone if it didn’t come back!

  2. Susan, thanks for hosting! Your flowers look so springy. Nothing much is looking like spring yet here in central Illinois. Hopefully soon though!

  3. Our daffodils are just starting to pop up. Finally spring is here! Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Pansies are such little champs, aren’t they? 🙂 I love their little spirit and beautiful colors.

  5. Your flowers look so pretty. I just love the daffodils. Thanks for hosting again. Have a super week.

  6. Susan, your daffodils and pansies are so pretty. Next year I’ll have to remember to plant some bulbs in pots because I really like that look! Thanks for hosting!

  7. Love the flowers! They are beautiful, and just show spring happiness. Thanks for hosting this great party!

    Shannon ~

  8. I love your pretty flowers, Susan! I can never think ahead far enough to plant daffodils! lol Have a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  9. Thanks for hosting Susan! It is raining like crazy here in the mountains:-)

  10. yes, the rain last night was such a welcome sight to cut down the yellow pollen…Pollen or not, just love this time of the year!

  11. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Thank so much for hosting, Susan. Your daffodils are pansies are beautiful!
    Have a great week,

  12. I like the idea of planting bulbs in a pot – i don’t know why this seems like a new dawning to me! But it does! Since our spring is so late here – I could have started flowers much earlier in the pots. Thanks so much for hosting. Here is to having an enjoyable yet productive week!

  13. Looking pretty, Susan. I hope you get some white with orange daffs. We have some and I love them. I would normally agree with you about planting the daffs on the inside and the pansies on the outside around the lamp post. But, I love the way it looks to see the purple peeking through the stems of the daffs. laurie

    • Thanks, Laurie…me too! They probably put one in the whole bag of 90. lol You know, they are cute peeking through. They looked fine in person, just dawned on me when I looked at the picture that normally I place taller flowers toward the back. But they were planted at different times, with the pansies going in last fall…so worked out a little differently this time.

  14. rattlebridge farm says

    Your spring flowers are beautiful, Susan. My pansies took a beating this winter, and I thought they were gone for good (the kale didn’t survive), but they bounced back. Out of 100 daffodils, about 2 dozen made it (though I prolly did something wrong). I can’t wait to see your garden projects this year!

    • Wow, I bet those 2 dozen that made it are good and hardy! I wonder if a vole or chipmunk got to the other bulbs. Thanks, Michael! Starting to plan again now. 🙂

  15. Your flowers look amazing! I wish I had any green in my thumb…but plants just seem to die in my care. Sigh. Thanks for hosting!

  16. Cee Pluse says

    Isn’t spring in Georgia beautiful? Our daffodils have been up for a while, the forsythia and wild cherries have already bloomed, and the redbuds, dogwoods, azaleas, Carolina jessamine, and wisteria are starting. Some sweet neighborhood children have been leaving little flower bouquets picked along the roadside in our driveway gate some evenings lately — so cute!

    I just read an article about Zoysia grass that said even different strains of the same variety (Emerald) can differ by as much as four weeks when it comes to greening up, so there is a good chance that your Zeon is just a naturally late-greening variety:

    I’m going to wait a little longer before I start filling my planter pots — the weather here in Georgia has been so unusual this year that I just don’t trust it. At least we’ve gotten plenty of moisture. I sure hope the drought is considered officially over! Happy gardening!

    • Thanks so much for that link! When I had googled before, I ended up on Walter’s site but not that page so I missed that. That made me feel better! This afternoon I decided to call the place in Cartersville where my sod came from last summer. They confirmed it greens up a lot later, closer to the end of April. Are you tired of this rain, Cee? It’s like a blooming flood the last few days and is coming down in buckets outside right now as I type this! Oh, that is so sweet about the bouquets…just love that! What dearhearts to do that! 🙂

  17. I LOVE the daffodils! Thanks for hosting! Life to the full! Melissa

  18. I love your beautiful daffodils Susan! And to me your grass looks fantastic! We still have snow melting although it’s just about all gone. Hurray!
    And the robins have returned.
    Thanks for hostessing too,

  19. Hi, Susan,
    Love your pansies and daffodils: aren’t they the happiest of flowers? One can’t help but smile when they start popping up their heads! Have a good week! Rosie

  20. I just love those little pansies’ faces…make me smile! Your yard looks so….springie!!” franki

  21. Hi Susan, love that those little pansies are so hardy and cheerful! Sure hope your grass behaves! thank you for hosting. BTW, I’m looking through your archives of movie set homes. Fun!! thank you for all your work here.

  22. What pretty flowers! Great colors, and very much appreciated on this rainy Monday.

  23. I never cease to be amazed at the hardiness of pansies. Seems like they’ll spring back from anything! Thank you for hosting and I hope you have a great week.

  24. All my daffodils bloomed so pretty then we had the snow we never got this winter, and of course it smooshed them. I need to do like you and a friend of mine, put them in pots so I can move them to safety if a Spring snow is going to do them damage. (which we normally get a good snowfall around Easter). I usually plant violas in the Fall and they do great and are very full and sweet smelling during the Springtime. Pansy’s don’t seem to do as well in my planters, though some have seeded themselves in the ground below the planters and those are doing fabulous. Go figure!
    Have a great sunshiny week! ….Pamela

  25. I love the front of your home! and I’m sure the GARDEN GODS will not let your grass fall to the wayside! Have faith! but to be on the safe side maybe give the landscaper who put it in a call……see what the expert has to say!
    I adore pansies they have such a cute little face don’t they? 🙂
    Have a wonderful day….

    • lol I hope so too, Lois! I called the sod farm where it came from last summer and they told me Zeon is slower, usually doesn’t green up until the end of April. That made me feel better! Pansies do have the sweetest faces…just love them!

  26. I love your flowers. So pretty for spring. We are still waiting on ours here, but something I always look forward to!

  27. What curb appeal!!!
    We’re still looking at the remnants of snow here – but it’s fast disappearing – can’t wait 🙂
    Thanks for the party !

  28. I am so happy to see things blooming again. I think we are all more than ready for spring after the long winter we all had.

  29. Oh how I long to see my pansies, tulips and daffodils in bloom…we still have snow on the ground over here. Thanks Susan for hosting the party and have a great week!

  30. I love your flowers! Pansies don’t last too long here, but I wish they did. It gets too hot too fast! Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  31. The flowers are lovely. I especially love the adorable path. The flowers compliment it so perfectly!

  32. Your daffodils and pansies just make me smile. I do believe Spring has arrived.

  33. Susan,

    Your daffodils look amazing! I just love springtime and seeing all the new blooms come alive. Thank you for sharing it with us and for hosting.

  34. Hi Susan. Your daffodils and pansies are looking great. Just waiting for some Spring arrivals here in the Chicago area. Thanks so much for hosting.

  35. Daffodils are my favorite thing about spring, I must remember to plant a big pot full for next year! How do you keep the squirrels from taking your bulbs? Your daffs are so pretty with the purple pansies! Thanks for hosting~

  36. Bulbs don’t do so well in Houston, but I plant them every year in Maine. By the time I get there, however, most of the blooms have gone. I guess I need to go a little earlier to enjoy the fruits of y labor.

  37. Love your daffodils and pansies! So fresh and pretty. Can’t wait til we get some blooming around here. It’s warming up and tonight we’re getting some April Showers!

  38. Susan, I am experiencing some issues with access to your site. When the intro page shows and there is the link to read more of your post, when I click on that it tales me to a page for Lumosity. If I close that page I am then able to see your whole posting. Very odd, I tried several times to make sure I hadn’t accidentally hit the wrong link. In addition, today there are no links to the Met Monday posts, and I know there must have been posts done by your regular followers. I wonder if any other readers are having these problems. Marie

    • Marie, thanks for letting me know about the links. I corrected a typo in the post and when I saved it, for some reason the script disappeared. That happens sometimes…I just added it back so the links are back now. Thanks for letting me know since I didn’t realize it did that. I’m not sure why you’re getting a Lumosity ad. When I clicked on “Continue Reading” it pulled up the post for me…I didn’t get an ad. I hope that doesn’t happen again.

  39. Hi…… doesn’t seem that long ago you were sharing the yard remodel…now the plantings are looking Great in the new landscape…can’t wait to see how it looks in 3-4 weeks all filled in…really BeautiFul…

  40. Your daffodils are beautiful as is all your yard. The trouble with daffodils where I live, North Central Florida is the cold weather brings them up out of the ground and they’re looking good. Then, it’s hot for a few days and they wilt. This goes on all the month of Feb. & March and they never get a chance to bloom. I believe out of 50-75 blubs I planted I maybe had a dozen blooms. Next year I’m doing what you did, planting them in a big pot that I can move in from the heat. Thanks for sharing as always, Kathy

  41. It’s that time again! Your gardens look lovely!

  42. Love seeing your daffodils! Amazing the pansies survived the ICE!!! I am antsy to get home and DO something!!!!!!

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