A Beautiful Island Home Exudes Romance & Charm

You know when you’re driving down a street and you see a beautiful entrance, do you ever wonder what’s on the other side? With an entrance this romantic and lovely, could the house be just as enchanting? The answer is, yes! Absolutely, yes!

Today we have the rare treat of entering through the gates for a tour of this  historic 1910, island home, a home surrounded by beautiful trees draped in romantic Spanish moss.

Historic Savannah Island Home Available For Purchase


If we were visiting waterside, this would be our view.

Historic Savannah Island Home Available For Purchase


Porches! Look at all those wonderful porches! I’m in love already and we haven’t even gotten inside!

Beautiful Island Home with Double Porches


Have you ever seen one of these? It’s called a joggling or jostling board. They date all the way back to 1804 and are great for additional seating on porches, especially for parties. If you google, you’ll find a lot of history and info about joggling boards.

Southern Porch Overlooking Water in Savannah, Georgia


Notice anything about the swing at the end of the porch?

Southern Porch Overlooking Water in Savannah, Georgia


I like how it’s facing outward to take advantage of the view…such a great idea!

Let’s go inside, can’t wait to share the inside of this wonderful home!

Southern Porch Overlooking Water in Savannah, Georgia


I adore the entry…love the warm mix of the wood floors and furnishings, especially how they look against the white color of the walls. The home has seen some restoration/renovation over the years and I’m wondering if once upon a time, this was an exterior wall? Love the texture/interest it adds to the entry.

Entry with Bamboo Hall Tree


An elegant living room…

Elegant Living Room in Historic Southern Island Savannah Home 3


Love an old fireplace with an overmantel.

Elegant Living Room in Historic Southern Island Savannah Home 2


The living room and dining room are elegant and more formal than the other rooms in the home.

Elegant Dining Room, Savannah Island Home


This home has so much personality, nothing cookie-cutter about it. Love that!

Elegant Dining Room, Savannah Island Home


A pretty white kitchen…

White Kitchen, Subway Tiles, Granite Counters


I like how the kitchen is centrally located and easily accessed from almost any room. It truly feels like the heart of the home, doesn’t it?

White Kitchen, Subway Tiles, Granite Counters


I’m guessing this is a den or TV room. I love the grass cloth on the walls. If I had a small cozy den or study in my home, I’d love to use grass cloth on the walls to make it that much cozier. The texture of grass cloth really works well for an island home, doesn’t it?

Den with Grasscloth Walls, Savannah Island Home


So glad they did not paint over the beautiful walls in the library. This shows that you can leave paneled walls unpainted in a room, but by painting or incorporating painted cabinetry and trim, the room will still feel bright and cheerful. Because the paneling isn’t too dark, I think it makes a wonderful contrast. If the walls were a dark stain, I don’t think I’d like painted cabinetry. This totally works! This is what I really love about home tours, you get so many ideas and learn so much!

Library in Historic Island Home


Another view of this room…I love the fireplace tucked into the angled corner. Did you notice the one in the den was in a similar location? I wonder if the den and library are on opposite sides of the home since they appear to mirror each other in shape/size.

Paneled Library for an Island Home


I’m not sure where this room is in the home, perhaps a hearth room or keeping room off the kitchen. I love how it’s furnished and I love that the TV is hidden away. I’m still one of those folks who prefers to have TV completely hidden when not in use, if possible.

Beautiful Decor for An Island Home


Beautiful bedroom! I see a porch!

Beautiful Bedroom in Celery Green


Imagine waking up and walking out of your bedroom onto this porch in the morning, starting your day with this view. I bet the sounds of the birds waking up in the morning must just be amazing here!

Southern Porch Overlooking Water in Savannah, Georgia 2


I’m thinking this may be the bath for this bedroom.

Beautiful Bath for Savannah Island Home


Beautiful view looking up into the trees, while you relax in a nice hot bath.

Beautiful Bath for Savannah Island Home


Notice how all the bedrooms have porches…love that!

BedRoom in Yellow with a Balcony Porch


Back downstairs, we head outside via the screened-in porch.

Southern Screened Porch, Savannah Home


This view would work, don’t cha think? 🙂

Brick Fire Pit for an Island Home


I couldn’t include all the photos I found of this wonderful home because the post would be way too long, but there’s another whole lower level that includes several more rooms, including a billiard room. You’ll find many more pictures of this beautiful home here: Beautiful Savannah Island Home Available For Purchase

Beautiful Island Home with Double Porches


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  1. Be still my beating heart. I’m in love. xo Laura

  2. So beautiful – i LOVE the library!!! that is so beautiful – it all is. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kathy Hammett says

    Out of the goodness of my heart, I have decided to housesit for this family. I given it a lot of thought. It’s a sacrifice, on my part, but I am a believer in paying it forward.

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Oy. Sitting around that fire pit on a dusky evening going into a starry night. *sigh*

    Add that one to Meagn’s list of BNOTP members united vacation spots. 😉

  5. I must have stared for 20 minutes, lost in the entry, thinking: if we plank our entry walls, turn our stairs 3 times, bump out into the neighbor condo…! We do come close though–we have similar plant and, no that’s about it:) Maybe can find straw hats. So welcoming. We are under tornado watch right now, so going back to view entry again… Thanks for sharing, Susan.

    • Mia, I did the same thing…just kept staring at it wondering what exactly it was about the entry that had me in love! It’s hard to put your finger on it but you just love it!

  6. Charlotte says

    I think the Den & Library are next to each other and the corner fireplaces back up to each other. If you look through the doorway of the Library you can see the pink chair that is in front of the Den fireplace. This house is so cozy, really makes you want to move right in.

  7. Mary from Virginia says

    My niece lives in Savannah, and her home backs up to one of the rivers.

    This home is magnificent. I would get lost if I lived there! I checked out the rest of the pictures. The basement is a whole other house! Thank you for the fun and lovely tour!

  8. Gorgeous home, just gorgeous. $4.9 million price tag–yikes. That reminds me: Powerball drawing is tonight, last time I checked, the jackpot was $257 million. One can always dream :0).

  9. Susan, this is lovely! I could spend hours in that porch swing. When the Quimper Club meet in Savannah, we had the privilege of visiting a plantation home much like this one that was still in the original family. It was a treat of a lifetime. I can’t imagine living in such a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  10. Where IS the fainting couch?? This just took my breath away…absolutely gorgeous and done to period! Looking forward to the next floor!!! franki

  11. Oh, MY…almost 5 million….she faints again…………….franki

  12. Another winner Susan, glad you sneaked into this one!! 🙂 I noticed a couple of transom windows, I have a thing for those. Lovely, lovely views and many porches, one could go from one to another all day long.
    Loved the formal dining room, so elegant.

  13. Oh, Susan, you have made my day: I will be lost in the image of this home for hours!! I LOVE the bedrooms leading onto the porches and the master bath as well. Everything in this home says, “Welcome…stay a while…”
    The furnishings and decorations are perfect. Wow….many thanks for sharing. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  14. Susan…this home is beautiful! Someone knew what they were doing when they were renovating (I really think that wall opposite the entry was an exterior). And the decor, this home should be in Traditional Home! The kitchen is traditional but has an updated feel. And I love grass cloth. We have it in our loft at our lakehouse, it “came with” the house and sadly, it is ready to be taken down, just too much wear and tear over the years. Maybe we will just replace it with new stuff! And I like the paneling…as long as it isn’t the paneling from the 70’s, I like it!!


    • I love grass cloth, too. Oh Jane, I would do that…replace it with some beautiful grass cloth, I know you’ll love it if you do! I so agree about that fake 70’s paneling, that was some bad stuff!

  15. Truly very Southern! Just love it! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Seldom I see a house that I absolutely love everything about, but this one is it. This is absolutely beautiful and decorated in such good taste. It’s so elegant and cozy all at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Susan,

    What a gorgeous home! I love the entry with the hats on the bamboo rack. I bet that was an exterior wall! We just moved into a new house and the back porch and side of the house was all framed in with lots of windows. We have the same wood siding. I hate the color that it is now but I love the look!


  18. What a gorgeous home! I love every inch of it and look at the books too. I just love seeing books in practically every room! If I got lost in this home, please don’t come and find me, I’d prefer to stay lost. Lovely porches, bedrooms, just lovely all of it!

  19. Thanks for this wonderful tour of this magnificent island home…I love that is has so many beautiful porches….Each room is just exquisite…I can just imagine sitting on that swing enjoying the beautiful breeze coming off the water! Bliss!

  20. Beautiful in every aspect and totally agree with Shirley …… such bliss! -Brenda-

  21. Thanks for sharing yet another magnificent house Susan! I LOVE the bedroom with the celery green walls. Have you or any of your readers used a similar paint color? I’d love some recommendations for a beautiful light green like that! Love the green and white quilt too. Did you notice the dog on the porch in the picture with the jostling board? What a fun property for a dog!

  22. Renee Cook says

    I like this very much! When I think about my style preference, some adjectives include fresh, clean and cozy, and this home has that feel to me. Its warm and welcoming, while being light and airy. Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Lord have mercy that is one gorgeous house!!! I could move right in and never leave…well except perhaps for groceries. 🙂

  24. Ah, I just found your site from Hooked on Houses. This property is so amazing, thanks for sharing. I love the antiques and the double porches…. gasp!

  25. Good morning, Susan
    I’m so glad to check the additional details and see this is ALMOST a $5,000,000 house. I’m sure the land value and location adds to that price.
    Gorgeous ~~~~ beautiful ideas! Blessings from Garden City, SC, Sheila

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