Because We Could All Use a Good Laugh Right Now…

This past week has been pretty crazy around here! The madness started last Thursday evening when all at once every single toilet in my home blocked up and would no longer flush. I’ve lived in this house for 30 years and that definitely goes down in history as a first!

I called a plumbing company with excellent Google reviews and two plumbers showed up bright and early the following morning. I guess not having a single working toilet in your home puts you right at the top of their priority list for the day. Three hours and $700+ later, I had three working bathrooms again. The problem? They had no idea other than saying I had a “mystery” blockage. Arggg.

Another issue last week was the storage cabinets I ordered never arriving and being returned by UPS with zero explanation. Umm, I could hardly wait to see what the 3rd problem would be since, as we know, trouble always seems to come in threes.

That third problem arrived this morning when I hopped in my car to run a few errands and it wouldn’t start. It was doing that same weird thing it did back in December when I was visiting family in Ohio, which is basically acting like it had a dead battery and stranding me at Dorothy Lane Market. The next morning when I returned after calling roadside service, it had miraculously cured itself overnight and cranked right up. It has been working fine ever since, that was until this morning.

I called AAA, a service I signed up for a few years ago after so many of you recommended it to me in the comments of this post: How to Get Your Car Out of Mud & A Roadside Service Fail.)


I was so impressed with AAA’s service this morning. Today was the first time I’ve ever used them, despite having the service now for a few years. The service technician arrived at my home in about 15 minutes, diagnosed the issue (dead battery) and was even able to replace the battery on the spot!

If I had called USAA’s Roadside Assistance, which I still have, it would have been a much longer wait based on past history and all they would have been able to do is jump off the car. I would have spent my morning chasing down a new battery instead of running errands. I’m very impressed so far with AAA and I’m so glad I’ve continued to renew my membership each year since so many of you first recommended them.

So after the week I’ve had,  not to mention all the virus worries in the news each day, I figured we could all use a bit of stress relief and a few laughs.

About six months ago I discovered a very funny channel on YouTube called, It’s a Southern Thing. Actually, I think I first heard of them when a friend sent me the link to one of their videos. I’ve been hooked ever since!


The guys at It’s a Southern Thing recently set up a Kickstarter fund to help raise $$$ for a TV pilot they want to create. Not only did all their YouTube fans donate the amount they needed for the pilot, the fund actually generated more than they had even requested. I contributed during that time which means when the pilot is ready, I should receive a digital copy of it via email. I can’t wait to see it because these guys are so funny! I hope it gets picked up and turned into a show!

Below I’ve linked some of my favorite videos from their YouTube channel. It was really hard choosing which ones to share in this post because they are all hysterical! Even if you’re not from the south, I think you’ll find them very funny.

Click the title of any video below to watch, most are quite short. If you enjoy their skits and would like to know whenever they upload a new video, be sure and hit the “Subscribe” button for their channel. I don’t know how they continue to come up with so many funny ideas to make into videos, but they do!

Their videos really don’t need any introduction or explanation but for the one further down about stopping the rain, it helps to know that it has literally rained almost every single day (and sometimes all day!) here in the south for the past several months!

I hope these videos provide a bit of comic relief from all the worries you may have on your mind right now. If you enjoy these videos, you’ll find many more here: It’s a Southern Thing. Pssst: The ones where Matt ranks various foods (Bless Your Rank) are really funny, so check those out if you have the time!

Click any title below to view that video. Enjoy!


The Real Reason People Shop Online

It's a Southern Thing, The Real Reason People Shop Online


If Law & Order: SVU was Southern

It's a Southern Thing, If Law & Order, SVU was Southern


Things Southerners Say in Spring


How to Tell If a Southern Woman is Mad at You

It's a Southern Thing, How to Tell If a Southern Woman is Mad at You


When You Spend the Night at Grandma’s House

It's a Southern Thing, When You Spend the Night at Grandma's House


If Your Parent’s Lies Were True


If Horror Films Really Took Place in the South

It's a Southern Thing, If Horror Films Really Took Place in the South


Southern Humidity is the Worst

It's a Southern Thing, Southern Humidity is the Worst


How to Sleep Like a Southerner


Holiday Planning is Serious Business

It's a Southern Thing, Holiday Planning is Serious Business

The Rain Must Be Stopped

It's a Southern Thing, The Rain Must Be Stopped


If GPS Navigation was Southern


Types of People When They’re Sick

It's a Southern Thing, Types of People When They're Sick


If Your Neighborhood Had Nightly News

It's a Southern Thing, If Your Neighborhood Had Nightly News


Introducing Chick-fil-A Prime


Types of Parents in the School Pick-Up Line

It's a Southern Thing, Types of Parents in the School Pick-up Line


If Alexa was Southern

It's a Southern Thing, If Alexa Was Southern


Types of People Who Stay in Hotels


Is Regifting a Crime

It's a Southern Thing, Is Regifting a Crime


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Love these…was disappointed when I had listened to them all and no more left! Hilarious! Subscribed…I kept thinking oh thats my favorite until I saw thr next. Will be watching them all again…then maybe again!

  2. The one with lies parents told was the best. Including the comments with more true lies, lol.

  3. Lorraine MacKenzie says

    Susan, your “potty” issue! Oh my, that was horrible. A basic refinement we all depend on. Glad you resolved that issue! On this same line of thinking: I just heard on the radio that the shelves are being emptied of toilet paper due to the virus. Never gave that a thought!!

    And, here in WNY State, we have always used AAA, great coverage. Membership also provides numerous discounts other discounts. Great value.

    • You are not kidding! I hope that never happens again!
      Yup, I was shopping in Publix late last night around 9:00 and thankfully they had some TP left, but not much. I think people are trying to prepare in case they want to stay in their home for a month without leaving. This is def some strange times we’re living in!
      Very glad I have AAA now!

  4. Franki Parde says

    You are really something…thanks for making lemonade out of lemons…meet the material, solve the situation and laugh lots!! You are really something!! franki

  5. Donna Nance says

    Sure hope your string of misfortunes is finished! We have had AAA for years and wouldn’t be without the membership. They have replaced batteries on our vehicles, right in our driveway. One of the batteries was faulty and it was cheerfully replaced. Will take some time this morning to watch the videos. We could all use a good laugh now.

  6. I watched two of the videos. Omg sooo funny. I had to pause the humidity one because I was laughing so hard. I subscribed to the channel. I figure it’ll help prepare me for my move from NY to south Florida next year.

    • Thanks for the laugh, Susan. These were so funny! If Alexa was Southern reminded me of a recent problem with my 4 years old grandson. He asks Alexa to play songs and if it’s not included in Prime, it asks if you want to subscribe. My son has caught him saying “yes!” . Then my account is getting charged. I can see in the history what he tells Alexa and it’s pretty funny. I too am a fan of Tucker Budzyn. Instagram seems to have more content than YouTube for him. On Youtube, have you seen Jeanne Robertson is Southern and refers to her husband as Left Brain? You’re right – we definitely need some humor right now. Great post! Thank you for giving us a lift today.

      • That is too funny! I’ll check out Tucker, that sounds really cute!
        No, I have seen her Instagram feed, I’ll look for it. I know, we def need something to smile about right now with all the scary news each day.

    • Ha, ha! I love that one, too! Yes, you’ll be all ready for that crazy humidity, Diane!

  7. Those videos are so funny! I loved the one about grandma’s house. They didn’t care for her stuff, but they loved her breakfast! You might enjoy the Tucker Budzyn videos on Youtube. It’s about an adorable golden retriever and his Mom, Linda. My granddaughter and I just love them!

  8. Carol Lupiani says

    Hi Susan,
    I enjoy your blog very much. We do need some humor in our lives now. The issue with the “blockage” reminded me of my friend who had water coming up in her shower when she used her washer. The plumber determined that her pipes were clogged from “flushable” wipes. Guess what, they’re not! They are not made to disintegrate like toilet tissue. I stopped using them when I heard this. Just a thought.

    • I’ve never trusted flushable wipes. I read somewhere a long time ago that they shouldn’t be flushed. I just changed TP. I was buying Charmin which is pretty thick, which is why I loved it. But I googled and it’s one of the ones that can sometimes lead to a blockage. Angel Soft was supposed to be better but they didn’t have any in the store when I was there last night, so I bought another kind…forgotten the name now. I hope that blockage never happens again!

  9. Brenda Lawrence says

    Wow, our weeks have been almost parallel Susan! I didn’t have any packages sent back and I only have one bathroom and all was good with it. But….my kitchen sink decided to all of a sudden stop up. Then my friend and I went to Sam’s club, came back and her car wouldn’t start back up…..yep, the battery. You are right in that it always comes in three’s. Why that is, is beyond me. I haven’t gotten my third one yet, but know it will come. Those video’s were so funny, so true for southerner’s too. I enjoyed them so thank you for sharing them. I’ve not been a “southerner” for a long time, but I will have my southern roots in me. Hugs, Brenda

  10. Here in SW Ohio we love Dorothy Lane Market! It’s hard to find a nice market in this area.

  11. Sorry for your plumbing problem. Here in the Quingdom, roots from the large trees on the property invade the sewer line at least once a year and I have to call my handydandy roto guy. I’ve gotten used to it. The worst time was a holiday when the whole family was gathered to celebrate.

  12. Donna Zoltanski says

    Love your positive attitude even under tough situations. We’ve had AAA for many years and also had a battery installed in our driveway. Can’t beat convenience. I subscribed to its a southern thing too. Love the south! Have a good day.

  13. Susan, thanks for the videos!! So funny!!
    I thought of something re: your car. Rick keeps his cars until it gets too expensive to fix them, so we’ve had a few older ones. One had a similar problem to what you’re describing with the battery. Have them check the alternator at the repair shop if they haven’t already.
    Stay well, Marlene

  14. Hi, Sounds like your main line had the clog. Did they “rod” the pipe from your basement out to the street? We rod our main line twice a year mainly to prevent roots from clogging pipes. Also, remind guests to not put anything other than TP in the toilet.

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