“It’s Complicated” Movie House Now Available for Purchase

The  movie, It’s Complicated was released in December 2009 and even today many of us remember the wonderful interiors Nancy Meyers created for the movie.

As is so often the case with movie houses, the exterior was the only actual part of the home that made it into the movie.  All the interior scenes were filmed on set in New York.

Movie House in It's Complicated_wm

The home, located at 714 West Potrero Road, Thousand Oaks, CA is actually available to purchase now.

House in It's Complicated now for sale_wm

As you can see, the exterior still looks very much the same as it did in the movie.

It's Complicated Movie House for Sale_wm

It has a great front porch…

Back of Home in Movie, It's Complicated_wm

Let’s go inside and take the tour.

House from It's Complicated For Sale_wm

As you can see, the living room doesn’t look anything like the one in the movie.

Tour the Home in the Movie, It's Complicated_wm


Living Room in House in Movie, It's Complicated_wm

Here’s the living room from the movie…very different. They kept the concept of the open beam ceiling but lofted it for the movie.

Living Room in It's Complicated Movie

The dining room in the real home…

It's Complicated Movie House is for Sale_wm

…and here’s the dining area in the movie.

Remember that kitchen we loved in the movie?  Glance over to the far left…see the rolling cart?

Kitchen in the Movie, It's Complicated

In the movie, Jane (played by Meryl Streep) has a baking station/center set up with flour, sugar, etc… You can see it there behind her.

Kitchen in It's Complicated

I loved that idea so much, I copy-cat’d it and put a mini-version in my own kitchen as seen in this post: Creating a Baking Station ala It’s Complicated 

Baking Station in Kitchen

Here’s the kitchen in the real house…very different, isn’t it?

Kitchen It's complicated Movie

Before I looked back at my old post where we toured the movie house, and reminded myself the interior shots were filmed on a sound stage, I was struggling trying to figure out how this could be the kitchen in the movie. I had myself convinced the door and window we see at the end of the kitchen in the photo above, must be the door and window we see behind Jane (below) in the movie.

Kitchen in It's Complicated

I guess when they created the kitchen in the sound stage, they tried to incorporate some features from the real house. It makes sense that the windows would need to look the same since the real ones are viewable in the movie.

Movie, It's Complicated, Kitchen_wm

Here’s a hallway/breezeway from the real house.

Hall Breezeway in Movie, It's Complicated_wm

It really reminded me of this hallway in the movie. The floor is very similar.

Breezeway in Movie, It's Complicated

The real house has at least 4 bedrooms…I guessing this is the master bedroom.

Master Bedroom in It's Complicated Movie House_wm

You can see in the movie, the master bedroom has an open beam ceiling.

It's Complicated Movie House Bedroom

Maybe they took their inspiration for the master bedroom ceiling from this bedroom in the real home.

It's Complicated Movie House Bedroom_wm

A courtyard off the real home…

Courtyard in the Movie, It's Complicated_wm

Remember this pool scene from the movie? Notice how the grass goes right up to the edge of the pool? They must have added that for the movie.

It's Complicated Movie House Pool with Grass

In real life, it’s surrounded by stone. I love the look of the grass right up to the pool but I guess folks don’t do that because it would be pretty impractical for mowing, wouldn’t it?

It's Complicated Movie House for Sale, the Pool_wm

Here’s a view of the back yard in the real estate listing where additional pictures of this home can be found, HERE.

Pool in Movie, It's Complicated_wm

You’ll find a full tour of the home as seen in the movie here: Tour the Home in the Movie It’s Complicated.

It's Complicated with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin

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  1. I adore this movie house – I will admit to watching this movie repeatedly, for that very reason! I want the movie version of the house! 😉

  2. One of my favorite movies ever!! I watch it often while baking/cooking, and would love to have that kitchen.

  3. Except for the master bedroom, I like the movie house so much better. I do not like the beamed ceilings. All I can think about is the dust collecting on them. When someone walks around in the upstairs of the house I can just imagine little wisps of dust and debris being dislodged and raining down on me from above. Some wallboard please!

    • Susan Thorne says

      Ellicia…Not to worry about the beamed ceiling in the bedroom. I live in a log home and the downstairs bedroom is beamed & the ceiling is the underside of the loft above it. I never have a problem and I am fanatical about dust! LOL It’s really cozy! Love it!

  4. Peggy Thal says

    Fun movie and interesting home. Like the look of the grass to the pool but it would be a hassle. First problem our dog( surprises), little bees and just the mess going in the pool on mowing day. Cute baking station!

  5. Thanks for sharing! One of my favorite movie houses too.

  6. Wow! What a gorgeous home! I love the ceilings! $9,900,000.00? Well, I guess I won’t be buying this one but it sure is beautiful to look at! Hugs, Leena

  7. I love this movie and the house. Thanks for sharing.

  8. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    10 million dollars?!!! Are they crazy? Actually, I used to live right by Thousand Oaks in a town called Oxnard. I lived at the beach. That’s where I met my husband; he was the ‘boy next door.’ Haha. Memories. Things were expensive at the beach back in those days (or so I thought, now they seem down right cheap!) But this house comes with 56 acres, so suddenly that 10 million doesn’t sound so bad, lol. But Susan, remember those beautiful houses you found in New York for just under a million. In fact, wasn’t the McKenzie Childs house one of them? And they had extensive acreage, if I remember correctly. Of course, New York doesn’t have that ‘dream weather.’

    Anyway, I don’t know how you mange to keep up on these things, but I’m glad you do. That was a fun tour. 😀

  9. I LOVE this house and this movie. Have you ever been to Joan’s on Third in LA? It’s just like the bakery in this movie. I have always wanted to open a place like that in Orange County…so cool!
    Thanks so much for sharing the inside of this house.
    Ashley Sparks

  10. It sure has been fun to read this post and see the comparison photos. I loved the house in the movie and it’s fun to learn more about it! I went and looked at the real estate page, too! So interesting! Hugs!

  11. I love how you are so smart as to keep us all up on all the latest houses in movies . I enjoy this so much. It amazes me how you find all this out
    thanks for your time and effort


  12. I loved that movie and the warm kitchen!!! The real life one is nice, but just does not have the charm. You don’t see the grass up to the pool side here in the US but lots of European pools have that feature. Thanks for the treat of a tour 🙂

  13. Michelle Hill says


    This was a true favourite. I went with my husband to see this movie and he loved it too. Great memories… And again the house is romantic and the movie itself is a classic with the lead actors… Love them all. I actually wen tout and bought this movie as soon as it came out. Just so I had it to watch on those cozy afternoons. I must enjoy the same things in a great movie… I really do fall in love with a movie if they develope the characters right and the characters surroundings… I love romantic comedies. Thanks again for posting great movie houses! Michelle

  14. Eva-Marie says

    I love ALL Nancy Myers sets. The Holiday had an English cottage and a Bev Hills house and even with the dichotomy I wanted both, but that South Hampton house in “Something’s gotta give” is my all time fave!

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