Tour Lauren Bacall’s Manhattan Home in The Dakota

In this day and time when so many stars have over-the-top, lavishly furnished homes, I was so surprised to see how normal and tastefully furnished Lauren Bacall’s home was in The Dakota, located in Manhattan just across from Central Park. Do you recognize that name…The Dakota? Besides being the home of Lauren Bacall for 53 years from 1961 to her death last year (she lived to be almost 90!) it was also the setting for the scary movie, Rosemary’s Baby and sadly where John Lennon was killed in 1980.

Lauren Bacall Dakota Manhattan Home


I was also surprised at how reasonably priced many of the furnishings inside sold for recently. For example, the Black Forest mirror hanging on the right sold for just $1,750, about what you would expect any antique mirror to sell, much less one belonging to a famous screen legend. The deer head above it went for $1,125. The hardwood floors throughout the home are so pretty!

Entrance into Lauren Bacall's New York Home


This is the other side of the entry and it included several paintings of lions, probably collected after her time in Africa with her husband filming, The African Queen.

Foyer in Lauren Bacall's Manhattan Home


I thought this might be a sitting room or small den but it’s actually the library. I noticed most of the walls throughout Lauren Bacall’s home were painted white. I wonder if that was to provide a simple background for all the art she collected.

Lauren Bacall's Library in New York Home


Bacall especially loved collecting paintings of dogs as seen in this collection in the corner of the library.

Dog Art in Lauren Bacall New York Manhattan Home


Lauren Bacall collected all kinds of art, including sculpture. We see more of her collections here in the drawing room. I like this room a lot. Despite being a huge room (29 feet wide) it feels cozy and like a real home, very much like the library. You can just barely see the edge of a grand piano there on the left.

Lauren Bacall's Drawing Room Manhattan Home


The dining room was furnished with an English provincial oak refectory table and a Dutch baroque pine cupboard. Those chairs don’t look very comfortable…maybe they were more comfortable than they appear.

Lauren Bacall's Dining Room


Lauren Bacall had a large collection of Victorian era majolica pottery as seen displayed on a hutch in the corner of the dining room.

Lauren Bacall's New York Manhattan Home 10


This was Bacall’s bedroom, comfortable but modestly furnished.

Lauren Bacall's Master Bedroom


The home has three bedrooms including this one with bold, cheerful wallpaper. I’ll link to the source for these pictures at the end of this post in case you would like to learn more about the paintings and art throughout the home.

Lauren Bacall's New York Manhattan Home, Yellow Bedroom


I like this corner in the 3rd bedroom. Notice the deep window sills and heavy crown molding…what a beautiful building The Dakota is! I can see why Lauren Bacall chose to live here for so long and to never move.

In an article in Vogue she talked about how much she loved having Central Park so close by. I bet she walked her dogs there a lot. Can’t imagine what a place like this would go for today. Bacall purchased it for less than $50,000 in 1961!

Bedroom in Lauren Bacall's New York Manhattan Home


You’ll find many more pictures of Lauren Bacall and her home with additional information about the art she collected here: Lauren Bacall’s New York Home

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  1. Lovely!

  2. Linda Page says

    Susan, what a great tour. You were right in that the drawing room gives the appearance of being warm and cozy in spite of it being 29 feet and large enough to have a grand piano in it. You can tell the room isn’t small because nothing is jammed together but it still looks cozy. I love the corner of the 3rd bedroom. Can’t you imagine spending a rainy afternoon on the chaise, reading a romantic historical book and glancing out the window to watch the rain fall, snuggled up in a comforter with a cat curled at your feet. Calgon, take me away!!!!!

  3. I truly enjoy reading your blog and always loved Lauren Bacall. Most young people probably don’t even know who Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn were, I remember all those great movies and it is very interesting to read about their homes.

    • Thanks, Betty! The movies were all a little before my time but after watching an interview with Lauren Bacall this morning on You Tube, I would love to see some of her movies, especially those she made with the love her life, Humphrey Bogart. Sad that they only had 11 years together before he passed.

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        Susan, I haven’t seen it in years, but I remember when we were young my husband and I watched Key Largo and loved it. It would probably feel ‘slow’ in comparison to the pacing of today’s movies, but you might still enjoy it. She was so young and beautiful in that movie.

  4. What a stunning apartment. The height of the ceilings and space in the rooms are what took me. How lovely to live opposite Central Park. Such a romantic spot.
    In older movies, one often saw these New York apartments and I was fascinated by them. They have a certain sense of history.
    Thank you Susan, even though it is the norm to tour these grand houses, it was something different today, very interesting, probably with a host of stars communing with Bogie and Bacall over the years. I wonder who will live in it now?

  5. Correction, I just read that Lauren bought this apartment after Bogart died.

  6. How wonderful she lived there so long, and til her 90s! Looks like it may be a Central Park view outside her bedroom. Knowing the smallness of today’s apartments/condos, it is hard to imagine how large the old style ones were.

  7. Ms Bacall raised her children in this apartment; her son Stephen was 8 and daughter Leslie (named for Leslie Howard) was 5 when Bogart died in 1957. They would have been pre-teens in 1961 when she bought this apartment.

    She married actor Jason Robards in 1961 and their son Sam was born that same year. This was very much a family home. Their neighbors at that time included Judy Holliday and Boris Karloff.

  8. How warm and old fashion this house is. Remember in those days stars didn’t make millions on just one movie like stars make now. So really, she probably never touched the décor since the early 60’s.
    I love how big and the tall ceilings are. Lovely.
    Thanks Susan.
    I love this kind of posts you share with us every so often.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    I like the old movies better and LB had such a deep sexy voice. Her apartment was nice and homey with some amazing pieces of art.

  10. This Valentine’s Day my hubby surprised me with a dinner/cruise on the original (refurbished) “African Queen” in Key Largo! It was truly magical…especially listening to the “heart beat” of that (over 100 year old) Sisson Steam Engine and when “Capt. Mike” pulled that whistle…I almost lost it. Under a million stars…it was a movie in itself. RIP Lauren, Bogie, Kathryn, etc. franki

  11. STUNNING apartment!!

  12. Not what I would have expected of her, I thought it would be more stylishly fashionable. However, Lauren was 89 years old so it was suitable for her stage of life.

  13. That was an enlightening tour. She was obviously not a pretentious individual. Her home feels a bit like a museum. I wonder if her method of decorating was just to create a cozy environment since a lot of celebreties have to fight for privacy and end up being shut-in a bit. If she did indeed collect things on her trips then she surrounded herself with them and they probably became the subject of conversation with friends. She was born in NY and always lived there… 🙂

    • Liz, In the interview I watched on YouTube where she was being interviewed by Charlie Rose, she sounded like a pretty no-nonsense kind of person, so the decor in the home seemed to fit her. Can’t say I agree with her political views but I liked her logical way of looking at life. She also came across as very humble in that interview.

  14. I love Lauren Bacall, and the Dakota is just full of ‘oohs and awes’. $50k in the 60’s was still a fat stack-o-cash. I think the average home price in the 60s was around 12K. You can’t get a car for that today!

  15. What a treat-thank you for sharing with us. My husband and I both always appreciated LB’s work and her beauty – one of a kind! I spotted one thing I would enjoy using and that’s the chaise [close] beside the bed in one bedroom-

  16. Charlotte says

    That sounds like a fantastic cruise! I hate to burst your bubble though…the boat, the African Queen, was in the movie by the same name: The African Queen, starring Humphrey Bogart & Katherine Hepburn. Lauren Bacall was in the movie, “Key Largo” with Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall was a class act. Thanks for sharing her home with us.

  17. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I noticed the majolica umbrella stand in the entry BEFORE we saw the majolica collection in the dining room. I liked the decor, with all the art and antiques and keepsakes. It was a statement of who she was. Thank you for the opportunity to view it. I loved it!

  18. Her home makes me think that she would have lots of very interesting stories to tell about her collections. Last night there was an HBO documentary on about Frank Sinatra she was married to him for a short time.

  19. What a wonderful tour…….I always loved her, she had so much drama and mystery about her. Her home reflects her interests and filled with memories of the places she visited and people she met. Yes, she strikes me as a no nonsense kinda gal and down to earth. Love that!! Thanks for the tour….

  20. Oh my…don’t get me wrong – I love the idea of a great building and a condo lifestyle that lives large, but I look at all LB’s collections and hope mine don’t end up looking like that. Or maybe that’s what not moving in years does to you. A little editing can go a long way. Even the ‘stuff’ that makes me happy sometimes feels a little stuffy. Maybe my husband has just started influencing me a bit….shhh, don’t tell him!

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