The Happiest Tablescape Ever: A Sunny Limoncello Celebration

Welcome to the 400th Tablescape Thursday! Wow, can you believe this is our 400th Tablescape Thursday! Tablescape Thursday has been going on now for almost 8 years and I love it today as much as I did that very first week back in August, 2008.

Thanks so much to each and every talented dearheart who has participated over the past eight years by either linking their tablescape to the party or by sharing photos of your beautiful table with me, so I could share them here on the blog. I’m looking forward to many, many more years of tablescaping with you! We’re just getting started! πŸ™‚

Recently, Gina, a reader of BNOTP, shared some photos of a delightful table she created for her family. When I saw it, it took me back to my travels through Italy where the shop windows were often filled with beautiful lemon dishware and decorative treasures. The shop window pictured below was one I shopped in while during my visit to Isle of Capri.

2015-10-21 13.15.40-2_wm


Inside the shop was even more lemon-covered dishware. It was absolute torture seeing all this beautiful dishware because I knew I couldn’t really buy any. It would have been very difficult to get it all back home. I’m really wishing now I had bought one of those lemon covered plates I saw in the shop window, but by the time we reached Capri, I had already purchased a large platter to bring home.

10-21-15, Isle of Capri 593_wm


Gina’s table transported me right back to Italy with its fabulous lemon dishware!

Lemon Themed Table with Lemon Plates, Sunflower Centerpiece, Sunflower Napkin Rings & Limoncello


Oooh, I see Gina has the Limoncello out and ready for our visit.

Sunshine Lemon Table Setting with Pier 1 Lemon Dishware


I had my first sip of limoncello in a restaurant in Sorrento. It was part of a mixed drink so it wasn’t very strong. I had it again in Positano and whew-wee! Limoncello is definitely meant for sipping slowly!

A lot of folks in Italy make their own from scratch. The family we visited during our home-hosted meal made their own and shared a little glass with each of us. It’s good, just really strong!

Limoncello for a Lemon-themed Tablescape


Is this not the most cheerful, welcoming table!

Limoncello Tablescape with Lemon Dinnerware and Sunflower Accents


I love the sunflower centerpiece, so perfect for this sunshine-filled table. Gina found her sunflower napkin rings in Pier 1 this year.

Sunflower Centerpiece for Limoncello Table Setting with Lemon Dishware


Gina found her lemon dishware in Pier 1 and I absolutely love it! Sooo pretty!

Lemon Themed Dishware, Pier 1


The cute, lemon-shaped plates are also from Pier 1. Notice the darling “bee” place cards at each setting.

Lemon Plates for Lemon Themed Table


This table is perfection, even down to the beaded sunflower runner!

Limoncello Tablescape Centerpiece


Gina, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful table setting for our 400th Tablescape Thursday. It’s absolutely wonderful and would be perfect for any springtime or summer gathering! Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Lemon Themed Table with Lemon Plates, Sunflower Centerpiece, Sunflower Napkin Rings & Limoncello


Resources for this table:

Lemon Plates and lemon shaped plates: Pier 1
Rattan Chargers: World Market
Sunflower Napkin Rings: Pier 1, a few years ago
Napkins: Ebay Store, Shangri-la-di-da
Sunflower bouquet: Hobby Lobby
Glassware: Vintage Fostoria Argus and Libby Gibralter
Flatware: Dark Bamboo, Horchow
Metal Pedestal Centerpiece: Pier 1 last year
Glass Hurricanes: Antique store
Beaded Table runner: Kohl’s
Small pierced green votive lanterns: Home Goods
Placemats & Ceramic Braided Bread Basket: Home Goods
Lemon Votive holders used as place card holders: Yankee Candle, Vintage
Limoncello Cordial glasses: Home Goods

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  1. Thanks for sharing Gina’s gorgeous and sunny table Susan! I love the lemon dinnerware and all the the sunflower accents on the table!

  2. First of all, a YUGE congratulations on your 400th Tablescape Thursday – wow is right! Gorgeous tablescape shared here from Gina! Those stores in Italy – oh my – I know what you mean by the feeling of not being able to purchase for all the traveling constraints. What a shame.
    Thanks for continuing to be a favorite place to visit in blogland. Joining in the party is always fun.

  3. Susan and Gina, thank you for sharing this beautiful (and yes happy) table. I can almost feel the sunshine when I look at these images. The dishes are wonderful and I love the Sunflower napkin rings and centerpiece.

  4. Linda Page says

    This is the cutest tablescape!! I love the lemon designs! It is hard to resist running straight to Pier1 for some lemon dishes. This is such a bright and cheery tablescape. Brings a big smile to my face. Wonderful table setting. Great job, Gina!!

  5. Lemon Love Susan! I don’t know how you resisted temptation in that Capri shop, wowza! Gina’s table is perfection, she thought of everything, including the bees- this post has reminded me to dig out my lemon plates for summer!
    Thanks for the table top fun today

  6. Such a cheerful tablescape–especially like the lemon-shaped plates–thanks for sharing, Gina. Susan, congratulations on the big 400!!! You probably never imagined this milestone when you started.

  7. Patricia says

    This lemon theme make for such a bright and happy table. I was in Sur la Table this week admiring their lemon dishes and linens; many of which are on sale and oh so tempting. My daughter loves sunflowers and so I am hopingKohls still has that beaded sunflower runner. I think I will build a summer into fall tablescape using that runner. Thank you for bringing back memories of Capri!

  8. Hi Susan,
    Have been traveling vicariously with you and enjoying our trips for sure. Limoncello is easy to make. Made my latest batch last summer. Of course you must use Organic Lemons. I keep checking for them at Whole Foods trying to find the ones that are most fragrent. So far I haven’t found them this year. They are pricey about $1.00/ lemon, but they make the best Limoncello. Every time I am in the store, I stop to sniff the lemons. Who needs to stop for the roses?
    Happy 400th,

  9. Cindy Hutchins says

    You don’t have to travel to Italy to purchase Italian ceramics/pottery! I had the pleasure of visiting Santa Barbara, California, and came across the Italian Pottery Outlet. The pictures you posted reminded me of my morning scouring aisle after aisle of the most wonderful and beautiful pottery. You may purchase on line at Happy shopping.

  10. Her table was perfection! I think I have some of those lemon dishes stashed away from Pier 1! I’m saving mine for summer which will be here before we know it!
    When my parents traveled to Europe (late 70’s) my mom paid to ship the things home that she bought rather than trying to carry it. Now I have the Murano Ruby red glass decanter serving set she bought.

  11. WOW!!! 400!!! That is amazing and a big thank you to you for continuing this wonderful party! You are the hostess with the mostest! Loved this sunny, happy table too!

  12. Happy 400th Susan! That’s quite an accomplishment! Beautiful table for sure!

  13. Oh, Susan, I love this table! So many things to look at and admire. A perfect way for summer to begin! I’m going to go back to the beginning of this post and drool a bit more over that store in Capri. Sigh… Also, congratulations on your outstanding milestone of 400 Tablescape Thursdays! Honestly, Susan, your blog was the very first one I ever looked at while pondering ” tablescaping” . I “googled”, and there you were! You were my inspiration to begin a hobby that has brought me so much joy and led to many “blogging friendships”. Thank you for all you do. Know how appreciated your creativity, humor, talent and constancy are. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  14. Congrats on your 400th TT!! I have loved linking up to this wonderful party for many years now and it is the reason I started a blog. Thank you so much for creating and hosting it! This lemon themed tablescape is so fun and cheery, it is the perfect one for your milestone blog post! I love everything about it and am now contemplating a trip to Pier 1…. oh the pitfalls of tablescaping! πŸ™‚

  15. Susan, I’m impressed that this is the 400th Tablescape Thursday. I haven’t linked to all of them, but I have a pretty good track record. Met Monday and Tablescape Thursday were my first ever blog parties to participate in. In fact, you were the encourager and inspiration for my blog!
    Gina’s table is as fresh as a glass of lemonade. All the details add layers of charm. Thanks for sharing it. Seeing your photos of the shop windows in Italy take me back to our own vacation in Italy. I wanted to ship back crates of dishes, but of course we didn’t.
    Congratulations on the success of Tablescape Thursday!

  16. Wasn’t the pottery in Italy just a sight to behold…everyone else was exclaiming about this, that and everything (which is was!) but I was “over the top” with the pottery. I, too, purchased a tray that I just love. Three months in Italy is sounding “just about right” at the moment…. *sigh* franki

  17. Congratulations on number 400, Susan! The featured tablescape is very pretty. I really like the lemon-shaped plates. Thanks for telling us where we can find them.

  18. Elizabeth says

    Oh My! Your 400th Tablescape Thursday! Congrats and you picked the perfect table for this very special occasion. Exquisite detail and style, all so bright, colorful and cheerful. This makes me look forward to summer, with flowers and of course, naps on the porch πŸ™‚ Thanks Gina for such a lovely Tablescape.

  19. Your tablescapes for Summer are so inspiring Susan and so happy, colorful and with lots of great details, as usual.
    I have lemon plates and sunflower plates. Thanks, love it!
    Thank you for hosting once more. Congrats on the 400th. Tablescape Party, amazing!
    I am proud to be here for the celeb too.

  20. Susan, congratulations on your 400th tablescape Thursday.
    Love the table and that shop in Capri. So many dishes, so little money.
    Don’t you just want to buy all of them ?
    World Market sells a non-alcoholic limoncello soda.

    • I know, it was torture everywhere we went…seeing all the great dishware. Thanks, I’ll look for it the next time I’m near a WM.

  21. Susan, this table is just a ray of sunshine! Yellow is such a cheery color and goes with so much. I love how you use it in your tablescapes. With regard to those dishes in Italy, is it possible to ship them back to the states? I am going to Italy in October and would love to have some sent back for me. I so look forward to your Thursday tablescapes.

  22. Cyndi Raines says

    Congratulations Susan on 400!! Wow – that’s a lot of work and a lot of inspiration, but oh, how we enjoy the view! The lemon shaped plates are my favorite! I love lemons! Lemon meringue pie, lemon-aid, lemon bar squares, and now the plates! haha. Today is a vacation day for me with weather in the 70’s and so I’ll finish up the painting of the trellis. It looks like I’ll get it done before the Robins start building. Have a great Friday!!

  23. Susan I love your table it is beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend ladies and thanks so much Susan for another party!

  24. This is a really cheerful and pretty table, Gina did a beautiful job.

    The lemon dishware and sunflowers took me back to our vacations in Positano and Capri. I really want to go back to both places again!!

    Congratulations on your 400th Tablescape Thursday. I love all your posts, but Thursdays are always my favorite day at BNOTP. :0)

  25. Susan, 400 is quite a milestone! I remember your blog was the first I found on blogland and I fell in love. Didn’t know there were others that had similar interests to mine. Thanks for all the years of enjoyment and learning. I’ve learned so much from you. Congratulations.
    Gina’s table is delightful with so many elements to draw you in and entertain your senses.
    I enjoyed the lemon pottery in Italy also but didn’t buy anything. Glad you did.
    Not sure if I am supposed to put https now on my website url or the usual http://. Heard Google changed that. I am still having to fill in all my info below and I’m in the Chrome browser.It doesn’t automatically pop up.

    • Thanks so much, Bonnie! πŸ™‚
      Ummm, wonder why it’s making you fill it in. Bonnie, check this out:
      I’m thinking that you may have Chrome set where it clears out all your cookies each time you leave a website or close out your browser, so maybe the BNOTP website doesn’t know it’s you when you return. Do you have this problem on any other sites? I’ve only had a couple of folks tell me that it’s making them type all their info in.
      When I visit sites, a lot of times I can just click in the box and it autofills the info. Let me know if the info at that page about managing cookies helps.

  26. What a beautiful bright and cheery tablescape! I love yellow and I love lemons, so it makes me happy!
    Thank you for eight years and 400 tablescapes, it has been wonderful fun for all of us! And, thank you for continuing to host, here’s to 500!!


  27. I had problems posting a comment, then it told me I had already posted the same comment. But I don’t see it anywhere??

    Anyway, thanks so much for the last 8 years/400 tablescapes! It’s been so much fun! Here’s to 500!!

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