Let’s Go Antiquing at A Classy Flea!

I stopped by A Classy Flea today, hadn’t been there in ages. Ready to do a little antiquing?

This would be great for a bit of 4th of July decorating? $42.95


If you would like to make your own flag, check out this tutorial I posted a while back: Make a Wood Flag for 4th of July.

Pottery Barn Knock-off: Make a Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays


A pretty set of dishes, I had never seen this pattern before. It was labeled, “American Atelier Porcelain, Rose Toile” and was $59 for the set.


I was tempted by these cherub vases. I think they would be adorable in a Valentine’s Day table filled with roses. $14.95 each


Adorable Milk Glass Bunny, $16.95


Two Silverplate Candelabras, $78 for the pair


Painted chest, I didn’t see a price on the chest, or else I just missed it.


Antique Oak Dresser, the label called it a “side by side.” $299.95


This chest on chest was already sold so not sure of the price. A piece like this works great in a bedroom for clothing or in a dining room for table linens, napkin rings, etc… Really, it would be beautiful anywhere.


A new, settee with a pretty pagoda design fabric. $358. I could see this piece at the foot of a high, 4-poster bed. It feels perfect for a dressing area or bedroom to me.


They had two of these tall stands. I wonder what they were originally used for, perhaps to hold flowers? One was marked “sold,” not sure if that included both or not. You just never know what you’re going to find in A Classy Flea.


Today I even stumbled across a foosball table. It would be fun for a rec room or basement entertainment space. $225


I’ve listened to several of Peter Mayle’s book on Audible. I like his dry wit, he can be very funny.


I was super tempted by this tall, deer, pillar candle holder. He was reduced down to $12. The little gold spots are actually small jewels/stones. He would make a great table centerpiece or would be pretty on a mantel at Christmastime.


They had a couple of these wonderful, handmade kitchen islands. Each was slightly different in design. I think they would be fabulous in any kitchen. $249


Know someone who loves to fish? These would be great for a lake or beach house.

1960’s Maddock Fish Dishes, 6 plates, 1 platter, $68


I looked at these for a very long time. It was really, really hard to peel myself away from them. I already have Herend, Rothschild Bird plates, so I passed them up. They were just gorgeous, though!


They were labeled, Porcelain Bird Plates from West Germany, $26 for set of six.” Such a great deal!


Remember those hilarious moose mugs I bought before Christmas, the ones that are replicas of those in the movie, A Christmas Vacation? (Moose Mugs are available here: Moose Mugs.)

Clark and Eddie are seen drinking from them in this funny scene in the movie. Tour the house in the movie here: Christmas Vacation House Tour.


Well, I fully intended to set a “Christmas Vacation” table during the month of December, but it never happened. I ended up posting several other tables.

During the time I was thinking about the table setting and what I would use as a centerpiece, I was eyeing the Department 56 “Christmas Vacation House.” I didn’t buy it, but I did buy a Christmas Vacation Lit Cookie Jar that was really cute. I thought I’d use it in the table setting, along with the moose mugs. (Christmas Vacation House Lit Cookie Jar is available here: Christmas Vacation Cookie Jar.)

Then I started eyeing Margo and Todd’s house. πŸ™‚ At one Christmas Vacation Collectible’s website, their house was $109.99. It’s currently sold out. When I was looking around Christmas, it was sold out in most places then, too.


At the actual Department 56 website, the company who makes this house, it was listed at $110.00. I noticed it’s out of stock there, too. I don’t think they had them very long at Christmastime. These houses tend to go quickly around that time of year.

My favorite part about Todd and Margo’s house is the Griswold Christmas tree crashing through the side window on their home. Remember in the movie when Clark goes outside and cuts a tree down in the front yard after their original Christmas tree goes up in flames?



My eyeballs practically fell out of my head in A Classy Flea, today! There it was and for only $10!


It was missing the light that fits in the back, but I have tons of those from all my other Dept. 56 houses. It also had a very small chip in the snow along the base at the front of the house. Do you see it there on the left? I can easily hide that with faux snow when it’s in a centerpiece or on display. For $100 savings, I can deal with a small chip, so I did purchase this cute house.

I guess it will be next Christmas before I can create a Christmas Vacation table setting, something to look forward, too. lol


So, what would have come home with you today?

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  1. Susan, I think I would have caved and brought home the bird plates. I can envision a Spring table with cherry blossom branches with a bird’s nest nestled among them gracefully going down the center of the table. From there I would experiment- perhaps a little bird figure at each place setting, or a small nest, or place cards featuring the birds on the plates, and ribbon tied napkins with a cherry blossom sprig tucked in. Such fun to imagine. MM

  2. Oh, what a fabulous day you had! I haven’t been antiquing since forever (love the name A Classy Flea!) and will absolutely have to get back to it. I fell in love with the chest on chest but willingly gave it up in favour of that wonderful deer candle holder. I can just picture him standing majestically on my white mantle. Thanks for letting us tag along, Susan. That was fun!

  3. “My eyeballs practically fell out of my head”

    hahahahaaaa..Susan…that’s what I love about your posts… you always make me giggle with your expressions… tooo funny!
    I loved the chest on chest and the deer candelabra @ $12 was a steal.
    Really enjoy the trips to Classy Flea with you… can’t wait for next time. πŸ™‚

    • lol I was so shocked to see it there, but it was the price that had me bug -eyed! Ha! Thanks, Catalynn! They’ll be getting in a lot more as it gets closer to spring, so I’ll have to go back again in a couple of months. πŸ™‚

  4. Susan, the tall stands with galvanized buckets are for flowers, probably used in a store. I would have bought them in a heartbeat.
    You didn’t tell us-what did you buy ? Please say you didn’t walk out empty handed. Thanks for taking us along.

  5. Susan, I think of you every time I go in Classy Flea. If I see something that I think you would probably be interested in, I say to my husband, “Susan would probably love this!” I love Classy Flea! They always have such wonderful bargains!

  6. Lucky you! Can’t believe that price for the house. We also have Dept. 56 Snow Village items. We didn’t get them out last Christmas, and I missed seeing them.

  7. Bernadette Gibson says

    Is there any way I can contact the Classy Flea and order the Rose toile? I have been looking for that for years! Please let me know.
    Wish I lived near the Classy Flea. But then again, I would probably go broke in just a week.:)

    • Sure…here’s their contact info: http://www.aclassyflea.com/directions.htm
      Their phone number is on the right on that page: 770-579-2555.
      They open at 10:00 AM EST. Sometimes after I post about a trip there, things that I posted about sell the next day, I’m guessing to local folks who follow my blog. So, you may want to call them first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully the seller in that booth is one that is willing to ship. Good luck, Bernadette.

      • Bernadette M Gibson says

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I can’t believe I have been able to purchase this set of dishes!! I just love them. Can’t thank you enough for your blog. I have all my friends and relatives setting beautiful tables. My mother alwasy showed how to set tables, but you have helped to take it to the next level. My stepdaughter never set a table in her live. Shes always ate in front of the TV. She has been to my house many times now and I think “we” have rubbed off on her. She goes out of her ways now to set beautiful and interesting tables, complete with lights. Thank you, Susan for making peoples’ lives more beautiful.
        Hugs to you and many thanks.
        Bernadette from Asheville NC

        • That’s awesome! I know how good it feels to finally find something for which you’ve been searching. So glad you were able to get those Bernadette! Awww, love that about your stepdaughter. It is contagious! πŸ™‚ Thank you for those kind words, Bernadette–much appreciated! β™₯

  8. What a wonderful store, Susan! I would have definitely claimed the chest on chest and the darling bird plates! Thanks for the fun post! Makes me want to go antiquing really soon…….Rosie

  9. You’ve inspired me to go out and hit the brocantes this afternoon. And the pillow on the settee has me wanting some fringe for some pillows I’m making. Thank you for the ideas!

  10. Judith Lillard says

    I love the chest on chest and the oak dresser, although the original beveled glass mirror has been replaced. The fish platter and plates are for serving fish, so you wouldn’t have to live near the beach; they would work anywhere!

  11. Susan, I would have bought so many things for sure. Since I have a thing for dishware, the American Atelier toile dishes and the bird plates would have definitely come home with me! It looks like a great place to shop’

    • It is! I would probably buy something every week if I went that often. While I was in there, a heard a young man tell one of the folks working there that he and his wife had recently bought their first home and had mostly furnished it with things they have found at ACF. I know I’ve have several pieces of furniture in my home from there, so I know exactly what he meant. You could fully furnish a home there over the space of a year or so if you went often enough.

  12. Laura Hess says

    Do they ship ?

  13. Linda Page says

    The Classy Flea and Duprey’s are the best antique/resale stores! If I lived near them all the time, I would be broke. Love the bird plates! Also the chest on chest. Such a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.

    • lol Yup, I have to force myself to not visit too often! Remember when we picked up the lamp at Dupre’s from the lamp repair shop that’s inside? Well, I dropped off another light there yesterday that’s not working correctly and I forced myself to leave without shopping. It wasn’t easy! πŸ™‚

  14. I know exactly how that house wound up selling for so cheap! Someone’s “kids” didn’t know the value when they decided to dispose of it! I’ve actually used this post and linked you on my own blog today. This is a perfect reminder of what I’ve been saying for a couple of years now—our kids don’t want our stuff! I love your blog and always look forward to your posts.

    • Thanks, Barbara! I know it happens, sometimes they probably don’t know the value of something. Maybe since this piece had a small chip, they figured it wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to sell it on eBay.

  15. Ugh! Wish I lived closer, that flower stand is a really good one. It would be great for holding silk flowers for my flower business. I’ve seen them used as planters as well; filled with red geraniums.

    Run back and get the other one!

    I always love a trip to Classy Flea!

    • Oh, Mary…I can see how you could totally use those with your business! They had two…they were exactly alike. One was marked sold but I’m not sure if that meant they both were or not.

  16. I love the fact that I’ve been there and can picture the aisles. You scored big on the house. I would’ve bought the milk glass bunny and, more than likely, those bird plates. Just.can’t.resist.

    • I really wanted him, he was sooo cute! He would be cute holding guest soaps in a bath. I was regretting not getting the bird plates this morning, they were so pretty!

  17. What wonderful finds! You were lucky to find the Christmas Vacation house. I would like the deer candleholder. I also like the bird plates. I wish the Classy Flea was closer to us.

  18. Don’t you just love a bargain!! Wish this store was in Illinois but then good thing it’s not. I’d be broke.

  19. I just love these field trips! But please call ASAP and have them save the deer candleabra for you. What an item! It would look so good in your den, year round. Please adopt him. So I guess that says what item I would have bought πŸ™‚

  20. The bunny would have definitely come home with me. Enjoyed the tour of the Classy Flea; wish we had one here! Thanks for taking us along!

  21. Valerie Reynolds says

    I have heard about the Classy Flea, so it was wonderful to see some pics from it! And, by the way, I LOVE that you noted the prices on things! I always wonder what the price is on pieces other bloggers show from their shopping trips!

  22. Wish I could do a “walk through!” Love the items! Makes me want to go look at the place I love to knock around at!! Feel like shopping for a few new valentine pieces!

    • It was so gorgeous here yesterday (and again today) so I couldn’t resist getting out for a bit. I hope we aren’t paying for this amazing weather come April. Just watch it be freezing in April!

  23. What fun you must have had. Had I been there I would have bought the Rose Toile Set of dishes – they are so beautiful. I would have been tempted to buy the antique side by side oak dresser. So enjoy your postings!

  24. I visited A Classy Flea last year after reading about it in your blog, what a fun place it is! I’d spend much $$ there if I lived closer. Now that my brother no longer lives in Marietta, I don’t get down there as often, so I really enjoyed your “tour” in this post. I’m so glad you found the house you’d wanted, and that small chip in the snow will be easy to cover up. Will look forward to seeing it next Christmas!

    • Thanks, Joy! Yup, that’s the thing about visiting there, you may not finding anything one week, but then find tons of stuff a week later. I would be on Hoarders Anonymous if I went every week, wouldn’t be able to resist all the great finds! πŸ™‚

  25. The toile dishes would have been my choice. Looks to be six complete place settings. There is always ‘Christmas in July’ for a fun tablescape without having to wait most of a year to use the new house. Nice to be in the right place at the right time to snap up a treasure. I agree about kids not wanting their parents’ stuff. Or perhaps it was someone wanting to ‘simplify’ or ‘declutter’. Either way, their loss is your gain. And what a bargain for you.

  26. I would definitely have come home with the milk glass bunny! I love bunnies…I have at least 1 type of bunny in every room of my house. So happy for you that you found your “Todd and Margot’s House”. And at such a bargain! What fun browsing around A Classy Flea. Such fun for you! I love antique shops. Thank you for inviting us readers into your beautiful world.

  27. GO BACK…NOW…and buy that dear “Deer Candelabra!!!” Susan!!! franki

  28. I would have definitely purchased the deer candelabra and most likely would have had to rent a U-Haul truck or similar as I cannot believe the fantastic and reasonable pricing! As for crossing the border, I may have encountered a problem when declaring all the merchandise … ºÛº. Thank you for the tour Susan. -Brenda-
    P.S.: The little chip on Todd & Margo’s house is a quick fix. Just purchase some no bake clay to fill it in but ensure you paint the chipped portion first to enable it to blend in and apply some matching coloured acrylic paint and top off with a clear high gloss finish. (i.e.: Modge Podge or similar.)

  29. What a yummy shop. I love the bird plates and bunny. And………….

  30. Hi Susan, Oh, my…sure wish I lived closer to this wonderful shop. πŸ™‚ I live in West Virginia. Any chance they ship out of state? Love the bird plates, the bunny milk glass container, and the tall deer pillar candle holder. Love, love, love! I’ll pay for shipping!!!

  31. bobbi duncan says

    I love your tours of A classy Flea…they always seem to have great merchandise at such reasonable prices. I just adore chest on chests and high-boys. It would be difficult to leave the bird plates and deer behind, for sure. I’m so glad you got that Dept. 56 house, and what a bargain!! I get soooo excited when I find super deals on items I’m interested in. That little chip won’t even be noticed with some faux snow. My sil just bought that house, the Christmas vacation house, and Eddies motorhome this past Xmas and we really enjoyed seeing her adorable village over the holidays. We were tempted to purchase them,too, but we have so many Dicken’s buildings and accessories that we already can’t find enough flat surfaces on which to place them that we thought better of getting another set…plus, I thought it was nice if we had our theme and let Michele have hers. Will be looking forward to your Xmas table setting using your new find. Hugs, as always.

  32. Susan, if the chip in the house bothers you. You could take it to a glass and mirror shop and they could probably get rid of the chip with their equipment. You were so fortunate to find such a bargain. I wouldn’t have been able to leave without at least one of the cherubs.

  33. It is always fun to explore and happen upon treasures. I just do not have the room for them all!

  34. Oh my goodness, what a treat this was for you to take us on your trip to the Classy Flea! I would have definitely wanted to purchase the Rose Toile dishes, the bird plates, and the deer candelabra. I would have been tempted by the settee; that was so, so cute and would have fit at the bottom of our bed so nicely!
    I’m happy for you finding the house and look forward to seeing your tablescape featuring it next year! I enjoy your blog so much; I look forward to each and every post!

  35. Vicki Entze says

    I loved the bird plates. I have my grandmothers secretary. It sits between my living and dining room. I leave the doors open and use the shelves to display pretties. The top and middle shelves have grooves for plates so I swap my plates out by season. Those birds would have been perfect for summer.. too bad I don’t live near you. I loved the house you bought.

  36. The deer! The deer! However, if he did not sit out year long how hard would he be to store? Storage is always a worry and also, now at my age, will I remember where I put something?!

  37. Sandy Endle says

    So envious of your Dept. 56 House. What a bargain!

  38. Do a Christmas in July table setting using your new house and moose mugs. Those bird plates were beautiful.

  39. Cyndi Raines says

    If I EVER make it to Georgia, the Classy Flea will be on the “go see” list along with the Gone With the Wind Museum. Each time you visit, we see what a lovely shop it is and such bargains. I liked the deer very much, but not the gold insets, which is unusual for me as I usually love bling. The bird plates were lovely. I really liked the old fashioned dresser with the side by side. Congrats on your great find! What fun! I know you will have the perfect table scape for it this year! haha.

  40. Susan Jones says

    Oh my goodness those dishes with the roses on them would have had to come home with me! They would be so beautiful for a Valentine tablescape! I love seeing your tours of this place. I live near Athens and haven’t made it over that way yet as badly as I would like to get there.

  41. Hi Susan, looks to me you made yourself a real find at the classy flea. I like all the pieces you saw including the deer and the plates. I am a fish person so the fish plates look really nice but so are the porcelain bird plates. Some of those do cost a lot if you shop online so this is quite a catch for $26. There are a few flea marts close to my home. I do venture to search for solutions for the garden and I’ve never regretted them. Thanks for the educational journey. I enjoyed the pictures a lot! Well taken and truly candid.

  42. Josh Harker says

    You wanna sell the Todd and Margo house?? Only piece I’m missing and can’t find one

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